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rick82Regarding the replay use: I don't like not having an answer right away. It's one of the charms of baseball that you don't wait around to find out what you just watched is going to count or not. I hate that about football: TOUCHDOWN!!! (look to see if there are any flags). But I'm getting conditioned and you may as well take the time to get the play right. There are fewer useless yelling at the ump episodes. I don't mind watching them, but they are pretty useless if you can't get a call overturned. It just becomes therapy.54 min 20 sec ago
moethedogI've thought the same thing rick. But I imagine in a small sample (55 games or so) he's no better of a bet than Morrison or Smoak or Choi, for that matter. MLBTR headline: Padres Could Trade Chris Denorfia “Soon”. We're listed as one of the teams that might be in. OK, I encouraged chasing Denorfia last winter. He's a 3 positional OF who has a career OPS of .810 vs. LHP (not a masher, though). But this year it is .644. He's not hitting RHP, either. He's WAY better than Hart ini my book (because he can play CF), but I'm sure hoping he's not our preferred COF signing. He would cost only about $700K, but then he's a FA. I hope he's not our current Plan A. He would have been great to get in March. Not right now...unless we're getting two guys. He is ranked by B-R as the #1623 hitter of all time, 3 spots ahead of Brendan Ryan. He's got that going for him.1 hour 30 min ago
rick82I wonder if we could get Mike Carp back for cheap. I'd like to see him at first base. Lifetime OPS+ of 115.1 hour 42 min ago
DaddyOI know the subject de jour is the trade deadline, but...Is anyone else impressed with how well MLB's expansion of replay reviews has gone? I must say it looks like MLB got it right having a remote umpire executing the review and the ruling, then relaying the decision to the local umps, who simply implement it. I'm sure a few more reviewable play types will be added over time, but the what has been implemented has IMO gone almost without a hitch. There is no sense that the game is being delayed unduly. You don't foster a "Kill The Umpire" rage in the stands. The ruling themselves have been almost unimpeachable. The "not enough evidence to overrule" option has been judiciously used. I like it. A lot. Clear mistakes are being overturned, and the game isn't being "messed with" too much.2 hours 1 min ago
GrumpyPlan A is probably stand pat and hope the kids break out. *ducks*5 hours 33 min ago
GLSIcebreaker makes a good point. I wonder what Plan A is?11 hours 32 min ago
bsrIn his last 10 starts, Felix has gone 7 IP / 1 R three times, and gotten a no decision all three times. He's also gone 7 IP / 0 R and 8 / 2, and gotten no decisions. Plus an 8 / 1 game that he lost. That's 6 out of the last 10 starts he dominated, and the hitters blew it for him. Can you imagine the amount of mental and emotional strength he has, to have this happen to him again and again and again, season after season after season after season...and still keep going out there and doing his thing every time? Amazing.11 hours 46 min ago
bsrYep, M's team OPS is 669. Btw, opponents are OPS'ing 684 against Max Scherzer, and 658 against Yu Darvish. Both with similar slash lines to the M's. So basically, the M's lineup (even with 2 of the best hitters in the league), turns all opposing pitchers into a mix of Darvish and Scherzer. No wonder it seems like so many random schlubs have their best games of the season against us! :)12 hours 3 min ago
SABR MattMariners have been running themselves into a ton of outs to kill that OPS differential.13 hours 48 min ago
DaddyOSince the All-Star break, the M's are no looking like a successful small ball team.Too bad. They have the pitching. Despite the prospect of a more seasoned and healthy duo of Paxton/Walker, you can NEVER count on next season's pitching being as good as this one. You've got make hay when you can.14 hours 7 min ago
rick82Prior to today, M's team OPS was .669, opposing teams .639.14 hours 32 min ago
IcebreakerXIf Kemp is a backup, who is gonna be your Plan A?! GIANCARLO STANTON?! Gotta make it happy thoughts at the least, eh?16 hours 30 min ago
DaddyOFunny, rick82, but while I was fast forwarding through most of the game today I mused to myself: "If the M's are .500 with the best pitching staff in the league, then it stands to reason that all other teams in aggregate are making the M's offense look like the M's pitchers make other offenses look.16 hours 57 min ago
rick82Three straight days of out-hitting the O's. Not much to show for it.18 hours 37 min ago
SABR MattRios talks heating up...four teams with interest - Mariners, Reds, Giants, and Yankees.18 hours 40 min ago
rick82Hart, that is, but Morrison too.18 hours 43 min ago
rick82Britton never bothered throwing him a strike. K'd him easily.18 hours 44 min ago
moethedogAnd when did Morrison morph into Smoak?18 hours 52 min ago
moethedogI didn't see Hart's first AB, the single, but the rest of them have been pretty dismal. At least with Romero I feel he might hit one over the fence. With Hart I feel like he might hit one close to the warning track.18 hours 53 min ago
moethedogI thought the same thing, Matt....How can the most expensive guy they can buy be their "backup" plan? That's like saying, "I think I'll buy a Buick...but the Jaguar is my backup plan!"18 hours 56 min ago