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SABR Mattwell this is a dog of a game. Mariners playing like the bad news bears again.3 hours 13 min ago
mojicianFollowing Pax on Gameday: He can't control his curve ball, his first hit in the third was from a changeup that was both hanged and tubed, the Phillies aren't swinging at any of his off speed, and Pax's pitch count is at 59 at the end of the third. The fast ball is located at both sides of the plate and velocity is topping out at 96. This start has one run five n' dive written all over it. What's wrong with that? Puzzling Pax is still better than most teams' number two starter. We haven't seen enough of the Bartender in a while anyway.4 hours 6 min ago
SABR MattPhilly is considered by many in the game to be the dumbest organization, from top to bottom, in all of baseball. Lots of folks heavily criticize their manager for not using his brain, for picking favorites, for ruining quality starts, etc. And of course, we all know what people think of Ruben Amaro.7 hours 33 min ago
moethedogWas checking out the Southern League batting leaders to get an idea of how Kivlehan rates in that league (very well, thank you) and the year that Cubbies farm hand Kris Bryant is having jumps out at you. He's the #2 pick in the draft from '13. Between AA and AAA this year (40% of his PA's at AAA) he's .333-.441-.678 with 34 2B's and 40 HR's. He does K in 27% of his PA's but he walks in 14% of them, too. One scouting report gives his extrodinary power with the most explosive rotation sine Stanton. Plays 3B with a plus arm and quick reactions, so you can add him to Addison Russel + Javier Baez and the Cubs may have a heck of an IF pretty soon.7 hours 58 min ago
moethedogMinor league report: Romero is pretty amazingly hot! In his current 12-game hitting streak he is 26-53 with 4 2B's/2 3B's/4 HR's. In his last 21 games he has had 8 3-hit games and 5 more 2 hit games. His K rate is dropping. AAA #'s for the year: .371-.405-.716.... Nice! And with Blash in AA, Kivlehan played CF last night. Don't you get the idea that the M's are really high on him? Oh, Deej whacks two more homers as Bat pointed out.8 hours 10 min ago
OBFHaving watched Chris Taylor for a while... Brad Miller is not a very good defensive SS... :( Hopefully he refinds his bat...20 hours 19 min ago
OBFHe had looked... uncomfortable... that whole inning, doing more stretches than even usual... :/ Including some weird box squaty things... hopefully just a cramp or something...20 hours 23 min ago
MtGrizzlyI hope Iwakuma didn't hurt anything on that last play20 hours 44 min ago
OBFMean while Detroit storms back from down four to tie it up... :( :( :( come on Rays!20 hours 56 min ago
OBFWhy'd they leave Burnett in so long? He did a nice job getting them into the 8th only giving up 3 runs, but then they made him pitch the eighth (or most of it ) while already over 100 pitches (ended at 125) and he gave up two more runs, which against tonight's Kuma seems like an insurmountable lead... I am not complaining... just wonderin' ;)20 hours 57 min ago
OBFWhat's with all the steals tonight?21 hours 10 min ago
Bat571Tyler O'Neill with another HR tonight. Talk about doing penance - that's 3 this week and 7 since returning.21 hours 11 min ago
OBFKuma is just MOWIN' em down tonight! 10 k's now... Also Zunino needs some sort of award... I have lost track of how many borderline or plain old balls that he has gotten called strikes on tonight...21 hours 15 min ago
Bat571Blash with a HR, Deej with 2 HRs, Kivlehan 2-4, Lara 1-3. Brewers former #1 pick Jed Bradley lasted 3.2 IP. Again, that lineup must be fun to face....not!21 hours 46 min ago
merksJim Callis @jimcallisMLB · 6h New @MLBPipeline Perspective: Who's baseball's best corner OF prospect? I say it's Alex Jackson. @Mariners Which is nice. Also DJ Peterson with 2 HR's tonight giving him a total of 28 on the year.22 hours 23 min ago
OBFGlad to see Ackley proving his little mini slump was just that... mini :) single and 2 doubles yesterday a walk (SB and run) and a double already today :)22 hours 33 min ago
Bat571Wouldn't surprise me to see the M's DFA Bawcom and Leutge as soon as the post-season roster line passes - they won't be as valuable to teams who can't use them in the post-season, but, who knows, relievers are always in-season.23 hours 35 min ago
Bat571Absolutely right, TR. The 2011 draft signees not on the 40-man are the main part of the Rule 5 draft pool this year if they were >19 at the time of signing. Hicks is part of that class, as is CSmith and Paolini. Marlette was <19, so he has 1 more year. Of the 2010 draft <19s, Littlewood and Landazuri are in there. Kelly was a 2009 draftee who will need to be protected, as well, while Blash slipped through last year as a 2010 pick. The IFAs I'm more fuzzy about - but those signed in 2010 would be the cadre. As to who drops off at the end of the season, I count Hart, Morales, Denorfia, Chavez, Beimel and Young as guys who don't have 2015 contracts - though some of those guys will likely re-sign as soon as the R5 draft is over. But to me, Hicks and Kelly seem like automatics for the September run, as they fill positions of need right now.23 hours 39 min ago
Bat571Jabari Blash playing RF for Jackson tonight, batting 5th between Kivlehan and Lara. AA pitchers must really enjoy facing Jackson - Landry-TySmith-Deej-Kivlehan-Blash-Lara-2 of Pizzano/Paolini/Hebert-and then Marlette. Interesting lineup to pitch through ;-) !23 hours 56 min ago
Tacoma RainCorrect on Bloomquist. The BIG question is who do the Mariners HAVE to put on the 40 man to protect them from the December rule 5 draft... because you can not use the 60 day DL for that draft.1 day 2 min ago