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OBFThis Offense is feast of famine... M's Runs this year: 10, 8, 8, 2, 3, 3, 5, 0, 6, 1, 0, 7, 0 Six games with lots of runs (5+), Five games with few runs (0-2), only 2 games with an average/medium amount of runs (3 or 4)... and interestingly it doesn't seem to actually have that much to do with starting pitcher handedness...5 min 7 sec ago
OBFOptimist Outlook: “I am sure Taijuan just slept awkwardly last night and he woke up a bit stiff, and all will be fine tomorrow” :) Pessimist Perspective: “Well Dr. Andrews… prep the table” :(9 min 48 sec ago
rick82Lol. It was certainly....disturbing, Mojician. I think Doc is trying to get some women into the site.1 hour 27 min ago
MtGrizzlyWhat a putrid offensive showing.1 hour 28 min ago
mojicianThis loss is Doc's fault. How are the Mariners expected to be tough when ChipenDale pics are being posted at SSI?1 hour 44 min ago
rick82But if we aren't going to score runs, doesn't matter who we pitch. Groan.1 hour 53 min ago
Bat571Young is going to get more innings than anyone imagined.2 hours 14 min ago
Bat571Hope they can get Maurer stretched out as depth.2 hours 15 min ago
Bat571Makes Elias all the more valuable with the ~older but less mileage arm. But then that was supposed to be Paxton's advantage, too.2 hours 17 min ago
rick82Groan. The big three is pulling a hat trick. It's getting like you need to pencil in 3-4 minor league seasons, and then two more for your Tommy John or shoulder surgery, before you can start your major league career.2 hours 22 min ago
Bat571Drayer already has an article up. Cross your fingers -- and toes! It would be horrible if this is serious. Even if he's young, It's a heck of a time to come up injuried, just as his time was here.3 hours 27 min ago
mojicianSo, Y'all remember when McClendon criticized Erasmo in spring training for serving up a meatball, and said "Prince Fielder isn't going to miss that pitch". Beaven just served up that same pitch to Fielder.3 hours 32 min ago
mojicianTaijuan Walker with "shoulder soreness"? This is like that time that Dan Hultzen was held out just as a precaution.3 hours 34 min ago
Bat571kidding 'bout what?3 hours 37 min ago
mojicianYou're kidding right?3 hours 52 min ago
Bat571MC chat room already full! Nice addition for the community. Thanks, Lonnie, even if I can't get in!3 hours 53 min ago
Bat571SO Close and maybe so far :-p4 hours 2 min ago
Bat571Oh, Poop is right!4 hours 3 min ago
Bat571If one can have Jackie Robinson Day wishes -- I hope tonight is the night ROBINSON Cano breaks out big time and I hope Taijuan Walker pitches amazingly well and inspires kids of all races to work hard to achieve their dreams. His is SO close!4 hours 4 min ago
OBFOh Poop! From Shannon's Twitter, "Taijuan Walker has been scratched from his start in Tacoma. Has stiffness in shoulder and could not get loose. #Mariners." Good grief, you sure it wasn't us who was cursed, Mojician???4 hours 4 min ago