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Bat571Whether that change of scenery brings him to Seattle is another issue, but it appears he now realizes he's not in championship form, he's serious about getting there but is having trouble doing so because he's having to do new things as well as those he's comfortable with. He's insecure about his abilities because he's not comfortable with his role - and he says stupid things about it. I'm not sure that a country boy from Oklahoma who's seen the Hollywood lights will ever get himself grounded again. But IF he did ....6 min 55 sec ago
Bat571Reading all the stuff from the LA Times about Kemp for the last week + I'm struck by a couple of things: 1) Kemp is very frustrated by his struggles, knows he's not in shape for an MLB season, and is trying to figure out where he fits. 2) He still thinks he is a high-level contributor, but is limited by his lack of preparation during the last off-season. 3) He doesn't like LF - he was drafted and came up as a RF, moved to CF when Andruw Jones went down, and has "comfort level" issues in LF. His comments after playing RF in Puig's absence sound like he doesn't have the same issues there. 4) In LA, where every utterance gets in the papers, he's fighting a losing battle for positive PR - he, like every top athlete, thinks he can be a champion if he's "set free", but being set free means playing poor baseball as he makes up for the lack of off-season preparation. He needs a change of scenery -- and it looks like he now realizes it.13 min 42 sec ago
rick82I'd rather have Saunders than Kemp in right at this point, and I'm not certain which one is less injury prone. I do know which is more affordable :-)2 hours 38 min ago
drmI actually really worry about the rumors that he was terrible off the field. It's the main reason I want to wait. I want nothing to mess with our chemistry. This team seems really close and I worry that a guy who doesn't work hard, will mess with the chemistry. I got the impression teammates were not impressed.2 hours 38 min ago
tjmSome interesting info on the outfield trade candidate front: LA Times piece today on Matt Kemp says he hates playing left field, doesn't play it very well, and is below average in center. He really only sees himself as a right fielder, which limits his value to a team like the M's, I'd think.2 hours 40 min ago
rick82Seems prudent, drm, but seriously, what does Montero have to prove? The guy will mash lefties falling out of bed, even if his kid's been crying all night. We have some important games coming up and we could really use a lefty masher on our bench for them. Move Hart to first and dh Montero against lefties. If Hart is coming back, that should scare a few left handers.2 hours 42 min ago
rick82The AME (Ackley Mirage Effect) is here: .802 OPS over the past 14 days ("wind aided" by a four day layoff), 1.056 over the past week. Here's something interesting, his "Late and Close" batting average is .283. So, another week of this, and Dustin could become a very valuable chip as well. Or, will Moe's nightmare come true and will we decide Dustin is "fixed"? Stay tuned!2 hours 48 min ago
drmLet's see Montero do it another week at home, then I'll be ready to bring him up. That will be a month of time in AAA.2 hours 50 min ago
rick82Something about Zunino: his numbers are less than impressive, but you know what? Those are very, as Doc would say, "hard rbi's". Mike doesn't pad his numbers in meaningless games. It seems every home run, every RBI, has an important role in a victory. I think WAR understates his real value, and not just behind the plate.2 hours 55 min ago
rick82Now, let's see Franklin get hot, and get a bidding war of sorts going, so at least we can bury these "throw in Maurer and you have a deal" demands.3 hours 4 min ago
rick82I had suspected recent games were better than the overall home numbers suggested, benihana, but I didn't realize they were that good. That is significant. Thanks for doing the legwork. Hart better have a good week if he wants to keep is job. And if he does, I would strongly consider a LoMo/Hart first base platoon sharing DH duties with Montero.3 hours 8 min ago
OBFIt's like the Mariners as a franchise are allergic to good DH's... Ever since Edgar left our DHs have been terrible... call it the Edgar curse I guess...3 hours 11 min ago
Gordon GrossAnother year, another liner to the face for our top hitting prospect. Alex Jackson lost a ball in the lights and left the game after it tagged him in the head. hours 21 min ago
benihana*7/17 2 hr, 1 2b, 3 BB, 4 k - 6 games. Cherry picking stats is cherry picking stats - but performance since last call-up seems more relevant to me.3 hours 23 min ago
benihanaSince Montero was sent back down to AAA (June 28th) he's batting .411/.588/.824 at HOME! In TACOMA!4 hours 10 min ago
rick82I thought Hart looked better last night as well.4 hours 57 min ago
rick82Last night in Tacoma he hit a homer and a double. We'll have to monitor it, but I suspect a lot of it simply coincides with road games. Maybe he's getting better rest away from the crying baby :-)4 hours 58 min ago
MtGrizzly@ProspectInsider: Re: last tweet -- That strongly suggests his 'hot streak' has been fed very much by the munchies ALB, ELP, SLC, RENO offer. #hitterparadise6 hours 35 min ago
MtGrizzly@ProspectInsider: In his last 23 HOME gms, Jesus Montero is batting .259/.340/.395. That dates back to late May, covering his entire 'hot streak.'6 hours 36 min ago
drmWhen Montero starts hitting at home, then they can bring him up. He's hitting like .240ish at home.10 hours 13 min ago