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Tacoma RainUnfortunately, I agree with you GLS... I think the main way Jack is going to get a weapon or two is via trades. I will not be surprised to see Jackson, all the relievers including Maurer and Smith, and all the RH power guys in the minors be used as bait.42 min ago
GLSI think the Mariners definitely need another weapon or two. I don't see them rolling the dice on Tomas. It simply doesn't strike me as consistent with how they do business. Assuming Stanton isn't available, I would explore a trade for Wil Myers.57 min 4 sec ago
Tacoma RainIf the M's could get Tomas for something like 4 years $70M with an option year or two... I for one would be happy.1 hour 56 min ago
Tacoma RainI hope we are both wrong Matt, and some how the budget goes up to $130M...2 hours 19 min ago
SABR Mattit is exceedingly frustrating to know before such a pivotal off-season that your management has no interest in spending now that they fielded a competitive club.2 hours 37 min ago
Tacoma RainNo way Mariner management spends the money or years it will take to sign V-Mart2 hours 50 min ago
mojicianSo, how about V-Mart?3 hours 15 min ago
SABR Mattnice to see the Seahawks bouncing back today with a crisp effort3 hours 46 min ago
SABR Mattgood move for player development in Seattle.3 hours 46 min ago
Tacoma RainIn case any one missed it... The Mariner's High A affiliate is moving from High Desert to Bakersfield. Bakersfield is still a hitter's park, but not nearly as extreme.3 hours 59 min ago
rick82just glad to get out of Houston. Rather be anyplace else.4 hours 46 min ago
SABR Mattmust win game and we played like absolute dung again - we don't deserve to be here.5 hours 7 min ago
SABR Mattbottom is must win...then we need to win the Blue Jays' series outright and then we need to take probably 2 of 3 from Anaheim to have a chance to win.8 hours 36 min ago
moethedogWhat with the teams we are chasing losing both last night, our dismal performance may be one of the M's biggest regular-season losses ever. Not panicking, mind you, but moving ahead of KC and even with the Orcs would have been pretty large. Denorfia is hitting .129 over the last 28 days. He's made his living vL, but is only hitting .222 vs. lefties this year and slugging .285, w/ no homers. I'm not sure I play him anymore. Hart had two singles, I would still never play him. To get him in to the lineup you have to move Morales to 1B, which is a defensive dent in the armor AND then you have to move LoMo to the OF, which hurts even more. I would rather we play Smoak right now, over Hart. And did Ackley need to rest his ankles....the night after hitting two homers?11 hours 48 min ago
IcebreakerXDaddyO: The oddity isn't just NY media though... Deadspin had an interesting angle on the Gatorade commercial, pointing out that the commercial basically paid for itself by having the entire sports journalism machine essentially peddle A COMMERCIAL to 3 million views on YouTube by decreeing it 'gave the chills', etc. Meanwhile, Jeter basically says it was 30 minutes of ho-hum commercial filming in the Bronx (in other words, he was paid to do it). If this were A-Rod, they'd point out the cynicism all day long! Anyways, I simply don't understand this level of worship considering Jeter. Marketing, yes it is all.... But I even respect Griffey more for just ditching the M's when he was a bag of suck. THAT was 'My Way'.14 hours 28 min ago
DaddyONew Yorkers and the media based there worship themselves and their local heroes above those of other locales. They SEEM to honestly think everybody in the country ought to be indoctrinated in their point of view. Jeter is their biggest hero. Everyone else in the country is just background scenery for their stage play.21 hours 57 min ago
IcebreakerXmojican: Haha!22 hours 9 min ago
mojicianYou are right about the Jeter thing. Other players don't have season long retirement drama, even players above Jeter's caliber. Will Ichiro have elaborate tribute seasons? Did Vlad Guerrero, Randy Johnson, Manny Ramirez or Pedro Martinez? What's the big draw?22 hours 12 min ago
mojicianJust kidding about that.22 hours 27 min ago
mojicianOh no Icebreaker: Three things you can't talk about at SSI: 1. Whether Kuma is better than Felix, 2. Derek Jeter, 3. That time Doc predicted the 49ers would beat the Hawks at C-Link.23 hours 3 min ago