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SABR MattPaxton will almost certainly be back on Saturday...and to show you what I think of him, before it was even certain that he would come back, I jammed him right into my starting line-up in fantasy for this week. :)9 min 44 sec ago
phxterryFrom the "Glass Half - Empty Dept.": Last night LoDog kept up the M's continuous string of making an out on the base paths every game. From the "Glass Half-Full Dept.": It wasn't Fat Ichiro , infamous base clogger, who ran into the out because he didn't get on base in 5 PA's. So far he is 1-15 as a Mariner, which is very un-Ichiro like.22 min 37 sec ago
rick82I hope Hart figures it out and plays some right field here and there. I like to pretend it's Jay Buhner out there.35 min 21 sec ago
rick82Wow, Morales is struggling. This is bad. I don't remember so many K's in a single game, against inferior opponents, no less.38 min ago
MtGrizzlyDrayer: • LHP James Paxton is with the team and will throw a bullpen session Wednesday. While a Saturday starter has yet to be named, it most likely will be Paxton if the bullpen session goes well.2 hours 32 min ago
IcebreakerXStill need to catch up, but if the Kemp-as-backup rumors are still around, I wonder if Plan A is actually Tulo?3 hours 44 min ago
Merrillific...and that comment may have come at the same time as the Buck DFA, as well, I can't recall. That seemed to take some wind out of their sails. Anyway, IF Hart pulls out of whatever is going on / gets his timing back, AND LoMo....AND Ackley keeps it up...AND Hart can play in RF 3-4 times a week with LoMo playin' the other days... THEN (presuming Morales pulls his head out, which I doubt anyone doubts will happen), THEN... why we'd have a complete team for the first time since 2002-3... Hart with a double today/last night, playing RF... hmmm. Mirage? Hope by heat prostration?? Time will tell...3 hours 58 min ago
MerrillificAgreed about Lloyd being the most fun, Mojician. Don't get me wrong, I love the guy.4 hours 2 min ago
rick82Ackley played some very good defense tonight as well. He's rated the #2 defensive left fielder in baseball over at Fangraphs.9 hours 6 min ago
Bat571Gordon Edes now says Cardinals. Dodgers, Pirates, BlueJays, Orioles, and Athletics are in on Lester. Others saying BlueJays/Orioles offers would have to be clearly better than others for Boston to trade in the division. How Oakland can compete with Pirates, Dodgers, or Cardinals on the prospect front (or the M's) is beyond me. Interesting. But this sounds like M's are out of it, never were in it, or are stealthily in the weeds on it. I'm betting they're closer to in it than the A's or the AL East teams, but that Boston is trying to get a St. Louis - Pittsburgh bidding war going and are ignoring the others for the most part.9 hours 8 min ago
bsrWasn't me who said that. Really we think that? I thought it was a pretty comical and lighthearted (and honest) comment. I mean...our lineup is by far the worst in the league, like they don't know it? If anything I'd see them wanting to prove the guy wrong for ragging on them. “I don’t know how we’re doing it. We’re just so offensively challenged. Other teams have a shotgun. We’ve got a BB gun. So we shoot them between the eyes, and try to get the hell out of town before they know what hit them.”9 hours 12 min ago
mojicianLloyd is possibly the most fun Mariner. You may be right that his BB gun comment deflated the team.9 hours 29 min ago
bsrSome interesting flavor on Ackley's hitting struggles in this Drayer piece. Both McC and Ackley say he puts too much pressure on himself and tries to do too much, especially when he's been slotted at the top of the lineup (do we still have to argue with the stat crowd about whether lineup position matters to player performance?). Supposedly he is making progress toward maturing and feeling more comfortable staying within himself. That would be wonderful. I have to say I really like Lloyd and his no nonsense honesty in interviews. Seems to relate well to the players too. ( hours 37 min ago
rick82Name the bat(s) you'd take, straight up.10 hours 44 min ago
SABR MattStill think Walker is wildly inconsistent mechanically. Would gladly trade him for a worthwhile bat.10 hours 48 min ago
rick82Walker had a good number of swinging K's tonight. Gave up a couple homers. Of course, when Montero hits homers in Salt Lake, people say it don't count, so, take it either way, but be consistent.10 hours 55 min ago
SABR MattI just wish the Mariners would get something done somewhere10 hours 56 min ago
Bat571Rosenthal says Cardinals, Pirates, Dodgers still in it, but per Peter Abraham of the Globe, Boston still hasn't received a proposal they like. Squeezing the lemons.11 hours 11 min ago
SABR MattCardinals and Dodgers also still in the mix...11 hours 15 min ago
SABR MattBOOOOOOOOO11 hours 17 min ago