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phxterryMoe - right now the M's, IMO, have to hang on to Ackley and hope he hits like he did the second half of 2013 -- because the team has too many other offensive black holes for which solutions are needed: DH, SS (Miller is lost again), RF, CF (JJ can't buy a hit right now), 1B. Is it possible for Hart to "stub his toe" and go on the 15-day DL and then a rehab assignment in Tacoma?56 sec ago
phxterryPost-ASB, Ackley, in 21 PAs, has a team leading OPS of 1.143, without any walks. Ackley is doing what he needs to do to improve his batting line - swinging early in the count at pitches in the zone. I know, I know - the usual Ackley SSS tease. However, I'm sure that Billy Beane would love to acquire either Ackley or Franklin when their values are depressed. With his improved defense & his ability to play 2nd base, Ackley represents an intriguing value play for other GMs.37 min 38 sec ago
moethedogrick, herre's the rub on Ackley: We've seen this before. He hits like the 2nd pick in the draft for a bit. But do the M's bet that that bit is for 60 games? In the midst of a WC chase? His last month's production is .323-.364-.419. We will keep him around to see what he continues to bring, I'm sure. Sigh. I wish I was really confident. I hope I'm wrong. But that means that Chavez has to be...must be...expendable, eventually. If we make a move Romero will be the first to head out. But if Saunders gets healthy or we call up Kelly or Montero...then we have to be willing to dump Chavez and Hart.38 min 3 sec ago
moethedogAs I just posted, Montero is our red-headed stepchild. All his faults have become huge and egregious in the eyes of the M's brain trust. Conversely, his one great skill, beating the stuffing out of lefties, has been minimized and is nearly scoffed at. Corey Hart, on the other hand, is a great clubhouse guy (I imagine) who can't field (like Montero) and swings like a rusty gate. Gotta have more of those when you're in the midst of a WC chase, don't you? If we're in on McGehee, then platoon him with Montero at DH. Let's get something out of that position.44 min 29 sec ago
rick82Benihana, Jesus hit a home run late in the second game in the Tacoma night air off a right hander. Check, check, check. What next? Anyone have the post game shower jerk report?53 min 7 sec ago
rick82Someone let me know if Beane makes any move to acquire Dustin Ackley. That would be telling.1 hour 6 min ago
SABR Mattdon't hold your breath. I have no better than 30% odds on the Mariners adding anything of import.1 hour 21 min ago
okdanNine days (including today) until the trade deadline. Have to think dominoes might start falling soon.2 hours 11 min ago
benihanaMontero with another Tacoma HR. 2/5 with a walk over the double header. That .400/.500/.800 line today lowers his HOME totals since being sent down. How many old man flails of Hart must we suffer?9 hours 45 min ago
rick82Erasmo was optioned tonight.10 hours 56 min ago
Tacoma RainSo who goes down so Taijuan can pitch tomorrow???11 hours 1 min ago
rick82Man, where is Russell Branyan when you need him. Can anyone on this team play first? Or DH, for heaven's sake?11 hours 24 min ago
phxterryVery nice start by E-Ram: 7 innings and 2 runs; one of which should be un-earned as JJ played a single into a triple. 10 K's and 2 BB's. That is the E-Ram from 2012; hope he is back to stay. Wish the M's had some offensive punch and could score some runs now and then.11 hours 48 min ago
Tacoma RainCan someone prove to me that Corey Hart is not injured...12 hours 4 min ago
moethedogAnd if we're really chasing Casey McGehee above others (unless he's our complete fallback position) then it indicates how scattered we've been in trying to find a bat to help. It would be nice to assume he learned a bunch in Japan last year. And it might be realistic to assume his .370 BABIP (.398 vR) is unsustainable for very long. Take your pick. We need a 3B/2B/1B LHB exactly why?12 hours 11 min ago
moethedogphx, The M's are frustrated that a potential trading partner is trying to get the best of them? Really? Then it is a comment on the wacky attitude of the FO. That's the Rays' school every team in a trade, just like it is the M's job. If we're really that frustrated about such a trade it indicate how anal we've become about that move to the exclusion of others. The Rays job is not to "give" the M's anything. And we're frustrated?12 hours 35 min ago
SABR MattMal...that's a skill McGehee actually owns. He also has a good batting eye. He's not a huge power hitter, but he would be a nice lead-off option in Seattle. He would be used in RF.13 hours 13 min ago
malcontentI don't really understand the interest in McGehee; he plays 3rd and 2nd, and hasn't shown even the limited power he used to have, relying on a .370 BABiP to get a decent batting line. Am I missing something?13 hours 41 min ago
Bat571Since the Marlins have a CRUMMY infield situation and like Latin players -- Noriega and Almonte with Tenbrink (who could step in at 3b immediately) for McGehee? Would Leutge or Bawcom be of interest in their bullpen if they trade guys from there? I know, we'd probably have to include someone like Sanchez, Diaz, Marte, or Erasmo to get their attention -- and they'd probably want Franklin in any case.14 hours 52 sec ago
phxterryBSR - Good catch yesterday about M's sources whining to Peter Gammons that the Rays have been stringing the M's along in trade talks, with no intention of completing a a major trade before 7/29 - 7/31. And they won't make any major trade before the deadline unless they have lost all hope of contending in 2014. Heck, if the Rays win 6 out of their next 8, they might be buyers at the deadline. IMO, the normally tight-lipped M's FO leaked that info to Gammons to ensure the Rays and the rest of MLB knew how angry they were at being played by the Rays. Mission accomplished for the Rays - the leading team for the second WC spot did not upgrade in early-to-mid July while the Rays were playing red-hot baseball and closing the gap.14 hours 20 min ago