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rick82You really have to squint to see it. It mostly seems that way because we've watched so many warning track balls by Smoak that it's indelibly marked into our brains. But Smoak has crushed a lot of pitches into the seats as well. Let's face it, we're talking about two identical players. Flip a coin. But I guess we knew that going into the season, didn't we?1 hour 12 min ago
IcebreakerXRegarding LoMo vs. Smoak, I prefer the former only because he seems to drive the ball. All Smoak can do is hit a lazy can of corn. And it's those giant Costco sized cans that are pretty much impossible not to catch unless it hits you in the face.1 hour 56 min ago
IcebreakerXAll of the option rules are basically off the deck if there's any sort of injury involved, but the M's are clearly using the All Star break to cobble together whatever they feel will give them the best advantage. However, I'm kind of baffled at the fact that the M's are also shredding any kind of offense (Buck, Gillespie, Romero, Montero, Franklin... duh, okay, yeah, whatever... But still...) for pitching. You'd think there'd be diminishing returns... Ha.2 hours 32 sec ago
rick82Interesting: Mike Zunino this season has a higher line drive rate (19.2 to 18.9) and a higher fly ball rate (46.7 to 45.4) than Mike Trout. But then, so does Jonny Gomes, Brandon Moss, and Jed Lowrie. Still, you gotta love Zunino's upside. He's only a year older than Trout, btw.2 hours 34 min ago
rick82Logan Morrison is really no improvement over Smoak. It's just been hope over reality. It's like driving through Kansas and Nebraska. After 8 hours, you are simply grateful for a change of scenery.3 hours 34 min ago
Tacoma RainI think we can blame the lack of the offense on.... The CURSE of John Buck!!!4 hours 30 min ago
okdanAnd to pile on the WC competition luck, Vargas is out 3-4 weeks after an emergency appendectomy, and Gordon is getting an MRI on his wrist because "he can't swing". Meanwhile out SP is starting to implode, and we can't figure out how to score a run against the Twins...4 hours 39 min ago
moethedogAdam Lind now on the DL for Toronto. We're getting gifts, man. Encarnacion, Tanaka, Lind....Now let's make a move and take advantage of them.5 hours 13 min ago
SpectatorBeane said that the Angels and M's on his heels are " two of the better teams in all of the game" and that's why he had to make the prospects-for-2-starters deal. Interesting.5 hours 18 min ago
SpectatorMcClendon was making noises like Wilhelmsen's spot start might not be his last. Like they think Taijuan has more work to do or they're concerned bout Elias. After tonight, it may be that they're concerned about Elias.5 hours 40 min ago
SABR MattElias is done. He needs to be in the bullpen or in AAA pitching limited innings the rest of the year.6 hours 17 min ago
SABR MattPierzynski is a lousy teammate. Everyone who's spent any time around him seems to come to the same conclusion. He would ruin the clubhouse here I fear. And...he's a bad fit when we're looking for a guy who hurts lefties and gets on base. He does neither.8 hours 52 min ago
rick82In case it escaped notice, Ichiro is on a tear right now, and having an Ibanez-like renaissance season. He's hitting .303 with a .356 OBP. More importantly, his next hit will be number 2800 as a major leaguer.9 hours 23 min ago he the anti-Buck? They guy nobody wants around the clubhouse?10 hours 3 min ago
Tacoma RainRed Sox DFA'd veteran AJ Pierzynski today... he would be a better DH than Chavez or Hart, and he could fill in at 1B or C if need be.10 hours 10 min ago
csiemsMariners are finally taking SSI's advice and starting Wilhelmsen on Thursday.10 hours 24 min ago
MtGrizzly@JeffPassan: Scouts had Todd Coffey at 94-96 last night in AAA. With 1.29 ERA in 15 games, should find himself in a big league bullpen sooner than later.10 hours 33 min ago
phxterryRain - I suspect that, with Elias, they are concerned about innings and just want him to rest. But he could rest in Tacoma as well as Seattle.11 hours 3 min ago
phxterryLine-up out for today - The Pencil has written in Endy, with his .277 OBP, as lead-off and a hot Saunders, with a .325 OBP, in 7th position. GMZ needs to remove the Endy toy from the Pencil's toy chest.11 hours 9 min ago
Tacoma RainWhy don't they send Elias down to Tacoma as well, and bring up Luetge for another lefty in the pen???11 hours 20 min ago