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MtGrizzly@GeoffBakerTIMES: So, in 13 months, #Mariners replaced entire starting lineup except Seager and one of Ackley/Saunders -- the other now reduced to a 4th OF.2 min 41 sec ago
moethedogAnd evidently Rios is still afloat. Pull him in and this becomes a big day for the M's.1 hour 10 min ago
rick82Bat: I love what Kivlehan is doing in AA, and he's half a year below the average age for a position player in the league, so that is becoming less of an issue. Not sure it's an issue at all. Now, Romero blasted that league in about the same amount of PAs that Patrick is now at, so it remains to be seen. But you can't help but be encouraged, and to dream a bit on him.1 hour 12 min ago
moethedogBat: some teams take a ripping AA bat like Kivlehan and give him a ticket to the bigs. It happens. I'm not quite in on that, mind you. But could he do any worse than Morrison or Hart right now? Hardly! The only guy clearly better in a;ll of AA this year is http://www.baseball-reference.com/minors/player.cgi?id=bryant001kri. Nats' farmhand Michael Taylor is having a great year. Mookie Betts was, too. But he got the AAA call then the MLB call. Kivlehan to Tacoma would not hurt my feelings.1 hour 14 min ago
moethedogbeni: Read my Bob Barker post. You and I agree almost completely...except I gave the M's a "C" rather than the "B-." Great minds think alike....or ignorance has company. Take your pick! :)1 hour 26 min ago
Bat571I notice that Kivlehan is separating himself from Deej after DJ had the wrist issue. I think we will see him in Tacoma soon and then see how he does v. AAA pitching - but he's certainly shelling AA and spitting out the husks.1 hour 31 min ago
benihanaMy verdict of M's trade deadline: B-. They made three mid-season acquisitions, all of which I felt they improved the roster without sacrificing any future value. They upgraded the OF, both defensively and offensively. They upgraded DH. The whiffed on 1b and they whiffed on power bats, but none of those got traded anyway. I'd grade them higher if they would have made these moves 2 weeks ago. Thy still desperately need to sign one (or both) of the Cuban's (I prefer Tomas over Castillo -younger, corner OF, more power). And they desperately need to figure out 1b - maybe we see Deej, Choi and Kivlehan battling it out in Tacoma for the rest of the season in a winner takes all grudge match... maybe. The M's are better, still probably not good enough to take the WC, still need more to really compete next year...1 hour 56 min ago
SeattleNative57Looking forward to tonite and C. Young continuing to defy the laws of regression versus Indians and McCallister's almost 6.00ERA. Praying for baseball Gods to allow Ms offense to flourish. Please, please, please.2 hours 6 min ago
SABR MattTomas would also be sweet...when does he become available?2 hours 15 min ago
SABR MattI think Castillo can still be added and they will still look...because he is more of a RFer anyway.2 hours 16 min ago
Bat571And there's Castillo (whom I think Jackson checks) and Tomas out there ... In January, the big blogs were saying the Ms would be lucky to get to .500, while many of us were hopefully predicting 84-88 wins, but no playoffs and that 2015 would be the year to start competing. Well, we were righter than the big blogs, Matt, so that's something. And I really believe Tomas will have an impact like Abreu in terms of power, if the Ms can snag him.2 hours 18 min ago
SeattleNative57This deadline had action and us involved right to the very end. Well played, well played.2 hours 20 min ago
MtGrizzlyI can't remember a deadline this active in a long time.2 hours 23 min ago
moethedogI should have a thread up in just a bit. It should have popped up but it says it's to be reviewed. Anyway, it's on the way. My first read. What would Bob Barker say? Look for it at your local book store!2 hours 23 min ago
Bat571And Kemp and Cliff Lee will clear waivers (and maybe Rios as well), so the Ms still have some chances to fix things if Denorfia doesn't contribute and Morales remains in his funk.2 hours 24 min ago
Bat571Still think JackZ should have tried to send Hart back to the Brewers to play 1B for them, if only for the roster spot. Maybe Hart will clear waivers on Saturday and that's what they do ?2 hours 26 min ago
SABR Mattprobably relieved he wasn't traded and hoping he'll get called up at some point.2 hours 28 min ago
Bat571Wonder how Walker feels about now.2 hours 29 min ago
SABR MattOr we have LoMo at first base, Taylor and Miller at SS, and Hart can go pound sand.2 hours 30 min ago
SeattleNative57Really, is it such a bad idea to jettison Hart and send Miller down? For tonite, at least, no worse than if either stayed.2 hours 30 min ago