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TaroJust give him 4 years guaranteed with lower AAV while hes on the ledge. 4/$50 seems fair. He could be worth another qualifying offer at the end of that deal. :-)1 min 11 sec ago
SABR Matthe keeps saying he wants it guaranteed. If he really must have it guaranteed...I'd do it...but if you can sell him on "but you'll trigger this no problem dude...seriously...it's easy...we're just covering our butts in case you have something completely catastrophic happen...so if you get 400 PA in 2017, 2018 is triggered...cool?" then I'd start with that.19 min 31 sec ago
moethedog500 PA's in year 3. How's that.29 min 58 sec ago
SABR MattSounds like Cabrera is leaning hard in our direction and just checking to make sure no one else wants to play.37 min 29 sec ago
SABR Mattagreed...if Cabrera is now "seeking 4" instead of "seeking 5" that means we're winning. Sounds like no one is offering four right now. All we have to do is give him a 4th year vest with an easy lid.38 min 1 sec ago
TaroThank you Cano. Seems like a matter of time. :-)38 min 8 sec ago
benihanaRojas reporting the M's have offered Melky a 3 year deal and he's looking for a 4? I agree with Colin O'Keefe that this sounds like a leak from Melky's camp saying "going... going...?" - Melky at 3 years would be a coup, heck 'give in' and give him a vested fourth year with 500 plate appearances in year 3.43 min 21 sec ago
SABR MattThis is why you get your air craft carriers in first...so they can sell your club to other good players. :)2 hours 5 min ago
MtGrizzly@RyanDivish: Cano said he's spoken briefly to Melky Cabrera about signing with the Mariners. And told him how much he and Cruz could help the team2 hours 11 min ago
Bat571Add Medina to the deal for their bullpen?3 hours 26 min ago
Bat571Washington still needs a 2B and some bullpen help. Still have dreams of getting Fister back, and thoughts of how nice Souza would fit on the 2015 club. If the Nats really want to dump Desmond, maybe there's still a deal in there? Fister, Desmond and Souza (both ML guys on one year deals left) for Ackley, Marte, Ramirez, and Guerrero +? (Guerrero as their Werth replacement in 2017?) Wonder what it would really take? I wouldn't do Paxton or Walker, but maybe Happ along with the others? If Melky and the Ms can meet at 4 years at Cruz-type pay, it would be nice.3 hours 35 min ago
moethedogI'm in on that whole scenario. Find me that CF/RF/1B type of guy now to go along with. BTW, if Bloomie isn't locked in at utility/25th/play everywhere guy, we could have used one of those guys. Actually could be our own Romero, if he sees 2B and 3B time in ST. Even with Miller as McClemore we still need another guy who has an IF's glove.3 hours 53 min ago
SABR Mattagreed Bat...was just talking about 20155 hours 52 sec ago
Bat571I want Miller to do a Yount - move to CF when Jackson leaves (supersub 'til then to get reps) and win some GG out there, while hitting the way he's showed he can.5 hours 17 min ago
SABR MattI want Miller as supersub...SS/3B/2B/OF.5 hours 46 min ago
moethedogMuch of our OF speculation is dependent on Miller's role in '15 and beyond. It seems the M's think his footwork issues are serious enough to mean he must move off of SS, at least as a primary position. I can live with that as a transition to OF should be of no real challenge to him. So he goes to the OF. In '15 that would likely mean that he's the 4th OF and a BU SS. Lots of starts available as such, especially if he comes out of the OF blocks with some CF skills. If that is the Miller role, then Seth Smith/Rasmus talk is unneeded. But we still need that RH OF bat. Actually I would prefer we get a Smith/Rasmus guy AND Souza, still keeping Miller as an OF. It's Ackley I worry about. But whoever we get needs CF skills. Souza is going to be good. Kivlehan, too. Add miller to that group and you have a nice OF going forward.8 hours 56 sec ago
SABR Mattdon't really care about defense as a value floor. If you don't hit, I don't want you.8 hours 34 min ago
okdanIf I remember right, Taro called his shot on Seth Smith several years ago, hoping the M's would target him. Looking at Souza, is he a similar kind of player? Perhaps that type of player template has a higher degree of working out. Certainly Souza's defense provides a nice floor of value in case his bat doesn't play as well.9 hours 20 min ago