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Gordon GrossI stopped watching this game in the 8th - soooo glad I did.10 hours 39 min ago
Bat571Felix might be arrested for murder of Rodney and Miller, but any jury would consider it justifiable.11 hours 24 min ago
SABR Matttomorrow's headlines - Felix hits DL with dead arm, Iwakuma's rehab goes horribly wrong when he trips in the weight room and breaks his arm, Roenis Elias is kidnapped by Cuban Nationals and brought back to the island for questioning. Justin Smoak swings too hard in BP and herniates a disc in his back and Robinson Cano is so unbelievably calm and cool about everything that he forgets where he is and is pelted by a 98 mph fastball in tomorrow's game.11 hours 37 min ago
Tacoma RainSo Sanchez is now on the DL as well... What is going on with our pitchers... Is it our coaching staff???11 hours 58 min ago
MtGrizzly@RyanDivish: Felix said he and McClendon had been discussing his fatigue level going into the eighth. Admitted he was tiring.12 hours 24 min ago
rick82So, if we had Brendan Ryan, we win. Ouch12 hours 43 min ago
SABR MattMiller should ride the pine tomorrow. I hate this game.12 hours 53 min ago
OBFBrad miller gave that away in the 9th.... 2 errors and a free run :(12 hours 59 min ago
OBFBrad NEEDS a day off!!!13 hours 54 sec ago
moethedogLoMo wouldn't really be the guy in the way, Spec. Mostly it is Smoak and Hart, since there is some desire to play them a bunch. Franklin has established his value with the glove already. His real value, trade-wise anyway, will be established with the bat. Morrison was a very cheap acquire, an upside with almost no cost. If you turned down a Capps for Morrison trade you would be silly. But he's mostly a hybrid-OBP type of guy, not a masher. More than anybody else we have, I'm done with Saunders. If he can't be a CF, then he doesn't bring much. He OPS'ed .751 vR last year, at that rate he's a marginal platoon guy. If we were willing to let Ackley play CF 25 times a year, there would really be no need for Saunders.14 hours 9 min ago
SpectatorFranklin and LoMo was not a fit. Franklin instead of LoMo is a fit. They probably wouldn't have acquired LoMo if they knew they'd get Cano. Nick is a waste as DH-RF-utility, but it's better than the alternative. Not sure what they do with LoMo when he gets healthy though.14 hours 27 min ago
SpectatorRE: Victor Sanchez. They don't always say with minor league injuries and sometimes they just use "imaginary" injuries to open a roster spot. The Jackson blog still lists Sanchez as slated to start Friday, so obviously something changed. If I can find anything out, I'll let folks know.14 hours 35 min ago
moethedogTriple........15 hours 14 min ago
mojicianLet us take a moment of silence for the hated Angels. In addition to the Arson Squad blowing two leads to the Orcs two nights in a row, rising young star and leadoff man Cole Calhoun just twisted his ankle and is out 4-6 weeks per mlbtraderumors. Feel bad for such a promising and talented team and hope the Mariners never suffer a similar fate. . . . . . . . .. . .. . . .Okay, I'm over it.15 hours 32 min ago
SABR Mattwell that is way...way better than I feared for Walker. Unless it's impinged because of swelling underneath.15 hours 49 min ago
rick82Bob Dutton reports its Walker's shoulder Z is talking about.15 hours 54 min ago
JDDubA start for JJ in center would be fun! I have nothing against Almonte. Looks like he's run into a bit of bad luck. Hitting the ball hard every time I turn the tv on. Enough AB's to go around for everyone until somebody grabs hold of a position.16 hours 5 min ago
moethedogLooks like he's just up until Sunday, when we will need another starter. Bet'cha he's up to get a start in CF, though.16 hours 21 min ago
JDDubYes JJ! Love it! Love that guy!16 hours 40 min ago
moethedogWell, if Franklin and Jones replace the DL'ed Beavan and Morrison that still leaves us a move to make: We're a pitcher short and an OF over the limit. Almonte back to Tacoma? Possible. Good ness knows he's not lit anything on fire this year (and he shouldn't be leading off). But it is still early. Saunders swapped out in trade? Possible. Romero demoted? Less likely, I think, as he brings a RH bat. Jones has played 9 games in CF and 2 in RF for Tacoma: A hint? Interesting stuff.16 hours 42 min ago