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MtGrizzly@ProspectInsider: Re: last tweet -- That strongly suggests his 'hot streak' has been fed very much by the munchies ALB, ELP, SLC, RENO offer. #hitterparadise51 min 9 sec ago
MtGrizzly@ProspectInsider: In his last 23 HOME gms, Jesus Montero is batting .259/.340/.395. That dates back to late May, covering his entire 'hot streak.'52 min 7 sec ago
drmWhen Montero starts hitting at home, then they can bring him up. He's hitting like .240ish at home.4 hours 28 min ago
bsrDontrelle Willis and Carlos Zambrano are both available, and they are both lifetime much better hitters than our DH's.5 hours 50 min ago
bsrrick you are on to something with our DH woes. Can we even fathom the fact that our collective DH this year is hitting 195/272/292 with 8 HR? Even in 2010, we managed a 194/269/340 with 21 HR. Guys - you realize there are EIGHT PITCHERS in the NL with >10 PA's who are hitting better than our DH's. I just...I just don't understand.5 hours 56 min ago
mojicianRoyals lose, Jays lose, Indians lose, Yankees lose, Angels lose. Orioles win. There's a whole lotta losin' going on.8 hours 10 min ago
Tacoma RainSmoak down - Erasmo up... lots of pitchers in bullpen for Wednesday8 hours 24 min ago
drmMaybe for Ramirez? Isn't he pitching tomorrow?8 hours 25 min ago
okdanSomething's afoot - as Smoak was just optioned to Tacoma. Montero or Taylor on the way up?8 hours 31 min ago
rick82Ackley is a plus WAR player. He sucks as a hitter, but he is not the problem. The problem is negative WAR at DH and 1B. As a left fielder, he is among the best in the majors defensively.8 hours 45 min ago
bsrNice win. 5 run explosion! Need to take care of business and sweep the Mets, and win the Baltimore series too. More hitters please, thanks.8 hours 46 min ago
Bat571Montero in Tacoma up to the 7th inning 2-3 with a 2B and a HR. If he is now getting used to the rhythm of DHing, it could be nice. Now he just needs to send "I'm sorry" cards to Lloyd and his teammates and get back in the family.9 hours 10 min ago
bsrHmmm can Van Slyke teach base stealing and bunting too? He was 80% SB for his career.9 hours 38 min ago
bsrJeez and Ackley gets a hit, but gets punched out by 5 feet trying to steal. Could the Mariners be any worse at stealing bases? Before tonight they were #25 in MLB in CS%, 67%. That is with JJ being 18 of 19. Take him out and they are last by a good margin at 57%. Is that talent or coaching? Can't bunt, can't steal a base...I'm pointing at coaching.9 hours 45 min ago
OBFwhy do we try stealing so many bases at weird times? Was it a missed hit and run, because Ackley was out by a mile...9 hours 54 min ago
OBFSheesh... when Zunino gets a hold of one it REALLY flies, but when he misses... he looks.... baaaaaadddd. Two straight meh curves well low (almost bounced the second one) two wildly bad swings...9 hours 55 min ago
OBFW-O-W That Ackley catch was AMAZING! if only he learned and adjusted at the plate as well and as quickly as he does to new defensive positions :) Seriously that one rivals Ichi's Spidy catch! And fantastic camera work to boot! And then a hit to lead off the next inning! Maybe Ack Attack is turning it around! Woot!9 hours 57 min ago
SABR MattAckley owes that one to Van Slyke - that is one heck of an OF coach...he's totally changed the way Ackley moves in the OF - made improvements to Saunders and Jones too this year. Great...great catch - one he couldn't have made in April. Leone is worrying me a bit...getting drilled a lot more often.9 hours 58 min ago
bsrAmazing catch by Ackley! I'd been thinking he's looking at lot smoother out there.10 hours 16 sec ago
bsrCurious, that news item from Gammons about Zobrist and the M's. It is attributed directly to "Mariners sources". I am not a frequent enough MLBTR reader to remember for certain, but I can't recall many if any of these rumors coming directly from M's sources in the past. They are always tight lipped, in my recollection. Seems like public whining / laying the CYA groundwork for inability to swing a big deal? Or am I just reading too much into it. Thoughts?10 hours 1 min ago