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moethedogWe're down 2. We need some Seager magic. If not, it's like the Brazilians down 5 at half to the Germans. Tacoma is starting Bonilla at 1st, Romero in RF and Xavier Avery in LF. Almost sounds better doesn't it? :) OK, I jest. Kelly singles in his 1st AB tonight. Up to the moment July #'s = .444-.531-.704. Good thing we've got Endy and Ackley! OK, I jest.6 min ago
SABR MattYay. More Smoak. I. Can. Hardly. Contain. My. Excitement.41 min 58 sec ago
phxterryDan - With the M's surplus in the pen right now, I don't know why the Pencil wouldn't write TW's name on the line up card at least once more anyway.1 hour 50 min ago
DaddyOI know that kind of talk is GM speak, but it chaps my hide. It assumes most people are idiots. How would co-workers feel if, after years of failing to recruit the necessary talent, I came to a department I managed that was underachieving because the staff wasn't up to the challenge and said, "How can we get better today?" If I was the troops, I'd retort: "Do your JOB, fella!"1 hour 51 min ago
bsrDaddyO - spot on. M's are not as good as they look sometimes, and not as bad as they look other times. It's a young, inconsistent team. Not enough frontline talent and also not enough depth. I hope there is enough "flexibility" to add some talent at a non-prohibitive cost, and make a run at the playoffs this year. As Billy Beane said, nobody wants to deal with Felix in a playoff game. Then get busy in the offseason and storm the league next year.1 hour 53 min ago
DaddyOGotta love this quote from Jack Z in the Seattle Times: “We’ve got to get better,” general manager Jack Zduriencik said earlier this week. “We’re not satisfied. Every day I walk in the locker room, look our manager in the eyes and ask, ‘How do we get better?’ ” . Uh, I got an idea. It just came to me. How about acquiring better players and doing a better job of developing the one's you already have?1 hour 54 min ago
bsrBilly Beane commented in an interview someone here shared the other day, that 23 of the 25 players on the A's roster were acquired by trade. What a genius that guy is. I mean, I know it's torture to compare our GM to the best GM in the game but...jeez. Still waiting for Z's first good trade. And Beane's traded for just about the entire best team in baseball.2 hours 5 min ago
DaddyODon't worry okdan, if the M's win 2 out of 3 from Oakland we'll all be back on the Hope train.2 hours 10 min ago
okdanHere's some info Doc will like: *** Tom Wilhelmsen won’t be available to pitch today after making the start yesterday. McClendon said he liked Wilhelmsen’s potential as a starter earlier this week. It’s something they will address in the offseason. “I think it would awfully hard to build him this year, but certainly going into spring training, I think it’s something we’ll probably entertain,” McClendon said. “Why not? He’s 94-97 with real good sink. He’s got a cutter, curveball, slider and a changeup. He’s a power guy. He’s got a power arm and he’s flourished in the long role. He’s mature enough to handle it.”2 hours 26 min ago
okdanI'm just as sick of this offense as anyone.. But man the shouts are just getting depressing! C'mon guys!2 hours 29 min ago
DaddyO"Smoak" bomb just doesn't have the same connotation it was meant to have. Now it just refers to his career outcome.2 hours 40 min ago
moethedogSigh. Sigh. Sigh. Not Ty?3 hours 8 min ago
phxterryM's are rolling out Murderer's Row tonight: 1) 3 OFer's with OPS below the Devil's Line of .666: Endy, Ackley, and Jones 2) DH LoDog .644 3) 1B Smoak .643 ...... Wow, what production from the traditional power positions -- Lincoln and GMZ must be proud to roll out such a fearsome lineup. No wonder SABR MATT is not going to watch. I may avert my eyes also, and send the women and children to shelter, when the M's are up.3 hours 27 min ago
phxterryYay, our offensive woes are cured: the Smoakamotive is on the tracks, headed for Seattle. I personally can't wait for the train to get to the station.3 hours 52 min ago
DaddyOI can't help but think that Seattle is a .500 or a little better team. When they're winning, we're sensitized to the possibilities of contending, to the point where we even fantasized about catching the A's and almost assumed we would pass the Angels. When they're losing, we're back to bitching about what a sad sack franchise this is. It's a pretty schizophrenic existence. But that's what a .500 team is, for every stretch of good play you get an equal and opposite stretch of bad play. One 3-game losing streak doesn't mean anything. But in the context of a season in which we've had multiple long losing streaks, and our only consistencies are good pitching and the alternation between brief flashes of good offense and longer runs of pathetic offense, you can't help but conclude that unless and until Jack makes significant moves, this is team marginally better than .500.4 hours 16 min ago
mojicianNOOOOOOOOOOOOO!@#. Condor to DL, Smoak recalled.4 hours 20 min ago
SpectatorI think the first couple of years, Blengino was telling Z the only way to succeed in Safeco was with LH or SH high-OBP guys and defense -- thus Figgins, Smoak, etc. Once Blengino lost favor, Z tried to overcompensate with Montero, Morse, Hart, none of whom has worked out yet. But with pitching and the prospect pipeline, they've done well. Every team has an Ackley that flops despite high expectations.5 hours 28 min ago
IcebreakerXCan someone remind me why the Pirates were so awful for so long? I need case studies on the losing franchise effect, hah.5 hours 29 min ago
IcebreakerXTanaka's on the DL with a partially torn UCL... My bet? The 5 man rotation schedule. I would hesitate to blame his splitter or his pitch sequence or whatever. However, with that in mind, one thing we have to give kudos to the M's is their pretty good handling of pitching. I might just have bad memory, but I can't remember the last TJ surgery for any of our frontline prospects that make it to the MLB. Shoulders and other weird stuff, yes, but TJ...?5 hours 32 min ago
phxterrySpec - appreciate your level-headedness; I'm so frustrated watching Endy, Ackley, and Hart at the plate that I can't see straight and can't think objectively. Go M's5 hours 49 min ago