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GLSThis is the greatest day of Tyler Olsen's life.18 hours 24 min ago
GLSThe positive test was for stanozolol, so I guess there isn't much hope that it was just tainted supplements or something like that.18 hours 26 min ago
Tacoma RainPer MLB Trade Rumors, the Mariners can keep, and will keep Rollins through the suspension.18 hours 37 min ago
Tacoma RainNow Erasmo and Safeco Joe come back into the discussion, though I really hope it is a short discussion18 hours 46 min ago
mojicianNah. The Mariners have issued a statement that they are going to keep him, since he doesn't get paid for restricted list time. He will stay in Peoria like Danny Hultzen.19 hours 13 min ago
SABR Mattwhoops. guessing we'll waive him now. LOL19 hours 18 min ago
mojicianDavid Rollins suspended 80 games for PEDs. And his name will be Tyler Olson, and he will finally pay off those Gonzaga student loans.19 hours 20 min ago
MtGrizzlyIf Happ has a good first half, I'll bet he gets dealt.20 hours 57 min ago
SABR MattPossibly. I projected Felix to take the ball 34 times, Iwakuma 30, Happ 29, Paxton 27, Walker 24 and Elias 18 times.20 hours 58 min ago
Bat571Actually, Matt, I expect Happ to be a guy who'll go through a dead arm period, too, and do a 15-day stint with rehab. Elias will probably get a start for everyone but Felix.21 hours 7 min ago
SABR MattElias will be up for at least 2/3 of the year stealing starts from just about everyone except Happ and Felix22 hours 20 min ago
Gordon GrossThe concern with them is really September and October. Neither guy has thrown a ton of innings - how are they gonna handle 200? I'm guessing there are gonna be innings walls, and that somebody like Elias (or a deadline trade for an arm) might be a huge deal for us to try to save the kids and get them into postseason with their stuff intact. Bumgarner jumped from the minors to the pros and threw 220+ innings that year, IIRC. But we're gonna do something other than let the kids just air it out all year as starters, I'm guessing.22 hours 59 min ago
rick82Last night I saw Michael Carp trying to make the Nationals (doesn't look good right now, but who knows). Dude has a beard that would make Ack envious. I thought maybe it was General Longstreet switching over from the Confederate Army.23 hours 14 min ago
SABR MattNot that I expect Pax and Walker to be perfect every time...but I see no reason why I should expect either of them to be anything but stars, starting immediately, other than the injury risk.23 hours 19 min ago
Gordon GrossIf Paxton and Walker come out swinging like Cain and Bumgarner, and Felix and Kuma are Felix and Kuma, and the pen is even close to last year's... yeeeeeeeshhhh1 day 43 min ago
Gordon GrossAlso, sorta funny story: Iwakuma picked up a full-time beat reporter (Sam Onada) for stories back to Japan thanks to Yu Darvish's injury. From another Schoenfield article: "Onada admits that Darvish is more popular in Japan. 'He's more dynamic,' he said. 'Iwakuma is a good pitcher, but Darvish has more pitches and a better fastball,' a combination the fans love. Still, a job is a job. A couple of the other reporters also will leave the Darvish beat to cover Iwakuma..." Let's hope Kuma is in vintage form and our vying for the pennant keeps the good folks in Japan entertained.1 day 44 min ago
SABR MattI have really good feelings about what's coming in 2015...I feel like we might be the first AL team to run a team ERA under 2.50 in the DH era. :D (only slightly exaggerating)1 day 45 min ago
Gordon GrossHe carried us to the playoffs, and to those playoff victories. Can't believe he didn't win the MVP that season. With Junior out with a broken wrist? He did all the heavy lifting. It was a crime. He didn't even finish SECOND that year - he was behind both Mo Vaughn (East Coast Bias joke there) and Albert Belle (more understandable for Belle to be in the convo that year). Randy and Jay stole votes from Edgar that year, I guess - which is weird since Buhner was 200 OPS points short of Gar. Just hard to give credit to the Little Guy, I guess. Also the curse of the DH, since no DH has EVER won MVP. I do love how winning an MVP gets you HOF votes, but because no one will make a DH the MVP, no DH can get those bonus votes. 95 was some kinda season, though. I'd like to have another one worth writing home about this year.1 day 51 min ago
SABR MattNope...I was evidently thinking of 2000...he was still quite old to be hitting .320+ in a full sesaon...still and all...good lord is right1 day 55 min ago
SABR MattI like to look at his 2002 stat line. I believe that was the year, at age 39, where he was hitting .385 in August.1 day 57 min ago