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If we lose, It's your fault, browns

22 min 18 sec ago

Excited to see Iwakuna again as he continues to look good after getting back into the starting rotation. Hopefully I do not jinx him. Should be able to get a W tonight though

1 hour 11 min ago

Note to admins...I can't load the site from my android using chrome. Some sort of weird database error

Reply - admin - 7/28/15 5:55pm
Works for me now. Please try it again. Glitches happen...
3 hours 59 min ago
jemanji. Question came up earlier ... to what extent might a manager put a hitter into the lineup, or keep him out, based on a particular ump?  TR asked that question of Matt, not me, but it's an interesting community issue, also. Asterisk:  as it pertains to more5 hours 24 min ago
Tacoma Rain

Matt... as much as the match ups for batters vs pitchers, I was wondering how much the umpire's strike zone comes into play in the decision... for instance Zunino can't hit the high fastball, but young umpire Davidson won't call a high strike on the fastball, so Zunino has a better chance to actually get on base then.

5 hours 59 min ago
anonymousnote to admins - something within the facebook plugin or something - is forcing a reload of pages - which deletes in progress comments. Kind of annoying... 6 hours 39 min ago

Royals sure going for it

6 hours 46 min ago

Plus sabr and tacoma.., the other team is constantly adjusting too. You should always field your best 9, and with the good teams...those 9 do not change too often. Maybe some lineup changes..,but not overall in and out of games

7 hours 51 min ago

Tacoma...that would be absolutely correct if players were strat-o-matic cards. If you manage a team too heavily on match-ups, however, players tend to take that as a lack of confidence in them by you, the manager. E.g. if you find out that Zunino can't hit high fastballs anymore (he can't), and you bench him every time he has to fact a power pitcher with a high fastball affection, you're telling him "I don't believe you'll ever hit a high fastball".

8 hours 39 min ago
Tacoma Rain

Matt - dumb question time... but first my assumptions.
1. teams track their own players strengths and weaknesses when batting
2. teams track and know what each opposing pitcher is good at - meaning tracking where each pitch is thrown effectively in a zone, like most pitchers have trouble throwing off speed stuff inside
3. each umpire is know to have a normal strike zone that they adhere to most of the time

Thus, if a manager is doing his job, he should be using these pieces of information to help pick which players should be playing each day... Correct???
Does anyone think Lloyd this?

18 hours 42 min ago