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DaddyOI kept telling myself, just don't let TWO runners on base. One is okay, but not two.25 min 5 sec ago
DaddyOYou literally NEVER feel comfortable with Fernando Rodney in the closer role, but doggone it if the vast majority of the time he manages somehow to get it done.25 min 35 sec ago
SABR MattWhat, Grizz?35 min 20 sec ago
MtGrizzlyWow.49 min 47 sec ago
SABR it G...I picture that every time he shoots that arrow50 min 37 sec ago
SABR Mattthe Fernando Rodney Experience wobbled, but it didn't fall down51 min 7 sec ago
Gordon GrossAn Oakland Jump-Jump just deflated. 1-0, everybody.51 min 50 sec ago
DaddyO94 to go.52 min 22 sec ago
moethedogI have a man crush on Seth Smith now. Well, for today, anyway.52 min 53 sec ago
MtGrizzlyRodney. Grrrrrrrrrr52 min 58 sec ago
Tacoma RainCarson was better55 min ago
MtGrizzlyTrout is good.58 min 14 sec ago
MtGrizzlyFat doesn't seem to negatively impact pitchers much regardless. :)1 hour 1 min ago
DaddyOThey just showed a side shot of Rodney, and perhaps what looked like more paunch was just his uniform.1 hour 2 min ago
DaddyOSeeing Rodney warming up in the pen, he looks like he's added more paunch this year. Hope it doesn't affect him negatively. We gotta close this game down and reward The King.1 hour 5 min ago
DaddyOThat was impressive for Carson Smith against Mike Trout as the tying run in a game where a feel-good Felix start was at stake.1 hour 7 min ago
DaddyOFarqhuhar looks VERY tepid, but Charlie-Smith COME THRU! First bullpen test, A-OK!1 hour 8 min ago
SABR MattWHEW!! Carson Smith looks like a LOAD out there...that was awesome1 hour 8 min ago
MtGrizzlyFarquhar serving up some meatballs1 hour 15 min ago
MtGrizzlyBullpen :(1 hour 16 min ago
SABR Mattugh...Farquhar still looks off1 hour 18 min ago
DaddyOIt's nice to see Felix give up an early run but not be trailing 1-0 in the sixth inning. Offense. WheryaBEEN all these years?!1 hour 24 min ago
DaddyOI don't think anybody is worried about Felix' last two spring training starts now...1 hour 25 min ago
MtGrizzly7 innings, 10K, 1 run. Just your run of the mill Felix start.1 hour 28 min ago
SABR MattI just remembered something. It's fun to win. :D1 hour 58 min ago
OBFSMITH!!!!!!!!!!!!! DOUBLE AND TRIPLES GALORE!2 hours 2 min ago
moethedogAck-attack!2 hours 2 min ago
SABR MattDonno about youse guys...but I like this Smith guy. :D2 hours 3 min ago
OBFYEAH DUSTIN! And a single by Miller... The M's have an offense!2 hours 6 min ago
SABR MattThe Ack Attack is Back, Jack!2 hours 8 min ago
OBFI LOVE double plays :) And K's are cool too! You go Felix!2 hours 10 min ago
SABR MattIf Weaver's stuff does not improve by a lot, he's in big...BIG trouble in 20152 hours 11 min ago
SABR MattClassic Felix escape2 hours 11 min ago
moethedogAtta baby, Smithy!2 hours 13 min ago
mojicianFelix looks like Felix.2 hours 14 min ago
mojicianFrom Gameday, Weaver looks like a meatball. 85 MPH fastballs with no location. Balls way outside, balls down the middle. I don't think there has been a swinging strike yet. He's gotten lucky so far, with a liberal dose of help from the home plate ref, but Weaver may be toast.2 hours 14 min ago
SABR MattPitch count getting up a little bit on hope our pen is good today2 hours 18 min ago
Gordon GrossK'd Trout in Round two of that matchup.2 hours 33 min ago
wufnersTrout did the same thing on Opening Day last year. Hit a homerun off Felix in his first at bat. Following that, Felix was cool.2 hours 34 min ago
Gordon GrossAND THAT'S THE LEAD. Single up the middle by Cano, 2-1 Ms.2 hours 39 min ago
Gordon GrossDouble and a triple for Seth Smith in his first game, and the game is tied. Somebody build that man a statue.2 hours 39 min ago
Gordon GrossDude... This ref and his off the plate calls this half of the inning are irritating me.3 hours 7 min ago
MtGrizzlyMan on for the heart of the order. Gotta hope we see a lot of it this season.3 hours 10 min ago
Gordon GrossAnd Seth Smith does what we're paying Seth Smith to do - double in the RCF gap. Heck yeah.3 hours 12 min ago
MtGrizzlyI can't really bring myself to hate Trout. I'm somewhere between admiration and fear.3 hours 13 min ago
SABR Mattsigh - Trout is such a (bleep)...hate that guy. :)3 hours 15 min ago
Gordon GrossFelix strikes out three in the first, but that Trout homer that Jackson shoulda caught has us down 1-0. I mean, Jackson can't hit, so we're paying him JUST to catch those, y'know... Let's see this improved offense next.3 hours 16 min ago
MtGrizzlyTrout.3 hours 18 min ago
Gordon GrossStruck out Pujols twice in one at-bat.3 hours 18 min ago
Gordon GrossYep, Jackson could have caught that. Just messed up his distance from the wall.3 hours 20 min ago
Gordon GrossI dislike Mike Trout. Just saying.3 hours 21 min ago
Gordon GrossThree pitches, three strikes, one dude gone.3 hours 25 min ago
Gordon GrossFirst pitch strike. Let's go MARINERS!3 hours 25 min ago
wufnersJust dusted off the ol' AM radio that has to be about 3 feet away from my workstation to get passable reception. I can look up from my monitor and see Safeco out the window--looks like there's smoke coming from it. Was there just fireworks? I'm the kid watching from living room window, practicing the violin while his friends play outside.3 hours 40 min ago
SABR MattSo pumped up I could fly right now3 hours 48 min ago
SABR MattThe Braves and Phillies seem to be in a competition for who can stink the worst.3 hours 54 min ago
SABR MattKimbrel = Rivera but better. He is the Padres' reward for taking on BJ Upton's contract. (sorry...I refuse to call him Melvin) Upton is signed for multiple more years and big money. I think San Diego was not happy with Wil Myers in CF and will eventually flip him elsewhere and Upton (who is, at least, a good fielder) will help them cover for the defensive weaknesses surrounding him. But yeah...brutal white flag dump by the Braves4 hours 53 min ago
GLSAnd Kimbrel is an absolute beast, a true relief Ace.5 hours 9 min ago
GLSAs best I can tell, the Padres gave up virtually nothing of significance to get Craig Kimbrel. I suppose Matt Wisler is some kind of prospect, but his AAA numbers last year weren't good and I have to imagine some of the shine has come off of his prospect status.5 hours 11 min ago
Gordon GrossI'm just glad we live in an age where I can get the game in hi def on my phone, so that I still get to watch the first pitch. Hope you're plopped in front of your big screen, Matt - we all have to make do as best we can. ;)5 hours 19 min ago
mojicianI think that the move from Atlanta to Petco is not what BJ Upton needs to get his career on track. He hasn't played well since his much awesomer little brother joined the Braves. He should go to the Blue Jays. They would get a good healthy outfielder with considerable upside. he would get out of Jupton and now Kimbrel's shadow, and rediscover his own considerable hitting skill in a cozy hitting environment with a stacked lineup.5 hours 33 min ago
SABR Matt(actually...that is about the only perk, aside from choosing the types of work you want to do - and it comes with the downside of no one taking your efforts seriously, just about everyone asking you "but what about your career?" as though this whole self-employment thing is just a hobby, and a general sense that even the people who most care about you think it's a phase and you'll end up a company man when you get all grown up)5 hours 48 min ago
SABR MattYou suckers that have to play hooky from work to watch this game today...I pity you. Joy of being self-employed - I make my own schedule. Mwahahaaa6 hours 8 min ago
SABR MattSD just traded for a pretty good reliever...some guy name DEATHINCARNATE6 hours 9 min ago
MtGrizzlyMaurer optioned to AAA. M's aren't the only club with a deeeeep bullpen.6 hours 16 min ago
moethedogHey, batta batta.....Swing!7 hours 3 min ago
SABR MattOpening day! Let's hear some chatter!12 hours 52 min ago
DaddyOAdmins, FYI, I have an article in the queue. I'm sharing with my SSI friends the thoughts about this years team I expressed to an online friend in Houston.2 days 55 min ago
SABR Mattdumping Leone down to AAA was absolutely the right call...and if he doesn't get his stuff together quickly, Rollins might replace him in June. :)2 days 2 hours ago
MtGrizzlyLeone hasn't looked good when I've seen him. Grooving the high FB over the plate and hanging sliders us a good patch to AAA. Given what he has in AAA, Lloyd can afford to have a quick hook. I'm happy that he made the call before Leone blew a couple of leads.2 days 4 hours ago
SABR MattThe angels will pay the millions they agreed to pay him knowing his history. Boo frigging hoo2 days 11 hours ago
mojicianI dunno. The Angels will probably pay $8 million for this latest avoidable DL stint. That could have been avoided with the restricted list. If you can censure your player for dogging it, you can certainly censor him for abusing cocaine.2 days 21 hours ago
Bat571If you want a lift, go view the "People Will Come, Ray" spot. Lots of young stars in a good reading. There is good in the world, and in baseball.2 days 22 hours ago
SABR MattDespicable, not despair. ..dyac2 days 22 hours ago
SABR MattAbsolutely despair of the angels to attack their own player this way...they make me sick.2 days 22 hours ago
Gordon GrossWOW - the Angels are not exactly throwing their arms around Josh Hamilton. "Angels team president John Carpino and general manager Jerry Dipoto sided with MLB and were upset that the league is unable to take any steps to reprimand Hamilton. "It defies logic that Josh's reported behavior is not a violation of his drug program," Carpino said Friday.Added Dipoto before the team's exhibition game against the Dodgers on Friday night: "Do I agree with the decision that was made by the treatment board? Absolutely not.""2 days 22 hours ago
IcebreakerXAnd enough of me, but M's suddenly swap Dominic Leone for Carson Smith on the 25-man.2 days 23 hours ago
IcebreakerXG, OBF: Noticed that too. Pretty much every projected good team wins 86, which means we have lots of numbers that get us not much better than guessing...?2 days 23 hours ago
IcebreakerXAlso, the only thing I wonder is what would have happened if Hamilton had come to the M's. Yeah, he's a disaster now, but it's also clear that he needs the warm and fuzzy feels for it all to work. And there is some evidence that coke addiction comes from not being able to cope with external discomfort.2 days 23 hours ago
IcebreakerXRelated to Hamilton, Ken Rosenthal and another guy over at NBC (I think it was), are pretty much implicating the Angels for leaking the news on Hamilton. It's one thing for the Yankees to dump all over A-Rod, but beating a recovering drug addict while they're down is simply sad to see. Especially when it's a situation where the Angels went in eyes open. Heck, everyone associated with baseball in one way or another knew about how high-maintenance the guy is.2 days 23 hours ago
OBFWelcome to the "Lets regress everything to .500" generation...3 days 3 hours ago
Gordon GrossI'm glad for Josh as a person too. Besides, let's beat the Angels on the field. To that note: ESPN has the Mariners winning the west... at 86-76? So, worse than last year? Interesting. It doesn't say they're predicting a rash of injuries for us...3 days 4 hours ago
SpectatorIf the RedSox get around to trading some of their depth, I'm a huge Jackie Bradley Jr. fan. I think he was pushed into the bigs prematurely like Zunino has a lot of upside left. Young CF would be a nice pickup and we have plenty of depth to swap.3 days 4 hours ago
OBFI am actually happy for Josh, the person, baseball and it's daily schedule can only help him in his temptations. Further he self reported and seems like a sincere guy trying his best to conquer his demons and temptations, we all have them most of ours just aren't so public... And really he wasnt that bad of a hitter last year he was just injured quite a bit... same age as CRUZ btw... In general I dislike the Angels very very much, but I admit to having a soft spot for Hamilton I hope he does well this year. I hope the rest of them hit below .200 :)3 days 5 hours ago
OBFWow... no penalties... AT ALL... for Josh Hamilton... I guess the Angels aren't getting out of that contract afterall... Did Hamilton play during spring training at all??? Does he hit #3 or 4 on opening day??? :)3 days 5 hours ago
SpectatorAnd Moran was returned to the M's from the Angel organization.3 days 5 hours ago
SABR MattThat's on top of Gilheeney and Luetge3 days 7 hours ago
GrumpyAnd in a sense to Hultzen has been added, "back from the dead".3 days 10 hours ago
Tacoma RainSo for those who are not keeping track, this is now 8 left handed pitchers added to the M's organization this off season... Happ, Olmos, Kickham, Rollins, Saunders, Montgomery, the new Cuban Siverio, and Biemel.3 days 18 hours ago
MtGrizzlyIf Miller doesn't start hitting, I hope Mac makes him shave his head.3 days 20 hours ago
SABR MattAnd that's why the Orcs are so slippery and evil. There are no players...only grist for the mill.4 days 3 hours ago
mojicianThat's the thing. If your slapstick outfielder is maimed, the fix is easy. I bet the Orcs sign Endy by the end of the week.4 days 5 hours ago
SABR MattCrisp is about to age out. Not a big loss for them IMHO. They were gonna have a black hole in CF anyway. And in LF. And in RF. And at SS. And behind the plate. Their offense is going to be lousy. :)4 days 6 hours ago
mojicianOne thing about the Orcs is that Crisp, Gentry and Fuld are basically the same guy. But, Crisp had a legit shot at OPSing .700 this year. Gentry and Fuld are on the brink of black hole status.4 days 6 hours ago
SABR MattFor the Happ doubters...I just picked him up in my fantasy league because someone was dumb enough to think ST in Zona meant anything for a lefty whose bread and butter pitches were a high fastball and a slider. Don't be that dumb. :) And my rotation currently includes Kluber, Samardzija, Tillman, Paxton, Shoemaker, Archer, Hahn and (for later in the year) Nova...and I still thought Happ would add value.4 days 11 hours ago
SABR MattI don't think they'll miss Crisp all that much...Gentry isn't a giant step down from him.4 days 11 hours ago
Tacoma RainCoco Crisp out 8 weeks due to elbow injury / surgery. Mariners may only need to win 85 games to make play-offs the way injuries are piling up in this division.4 days 16 hours ago
mojicianPaxton told the News Tribune never to doubt him based on a spring training game.4 days 20 hours ago
SABR Mattthe real kicker, IMHO was not the Jones was the pair of Cleveland trades.4 days 23 hours ago
GLSTrading Adam Jones was the real kicker. That one trade set the organization back for years.5 days 39 min ago
moethedoghave our pitchers been throwing underhand the last few ST games?5 days 1 hour ago
SpectatorMain two winter trades involved Jack offloading the last holdouts: Condor and Maurer. Is Nate Tenbrink still holding on by his fingernails? Maybe the only Bavasi draftee left in the org?5 days 2 hours ago
Gordon GrossThat was his talent. You have to be REALLY good to miss on that many players. It's not like there weren't good or even great players where we were drafting. We pulled an all-time reach on Clement at #3 in a season of tremendous hitters, after all - a guy who was barely rated as a first rounder in most places. You have to TRY to mess up like that. Heck, Bavasi was so humiliated to have found a couple of guys in Jones, Tillman and Sherrill he had to throw them away before they messed up his record. It's hard to blame Jack for not believing in one of the ONLY successes (Fister) and trading him at a theoretical high point. Based on the wasteland Bavasi left us with, any oasis seems like a mirage. I still blame him tho. ;-)5 days 2 hours ago
SABR Matthard to believe how poor Bavasi was at finding talent.5 days 2 hours ago
SpectatorTechnical correction: I guess Aumont is still employed, but just outrighted to the minors since he went unclaimed when exposed to waivers.5 days 2 hours ago
Gordon GrossThe second inning isn't going any better. Just one of those days. That's it, James - get it out of your system now. You're allowed one more like this before the All-Star break. ;-)5 days 2 hours ago
SABR Mattfor the record, Paxton did not labor in that first inning...bad luck, bad defense and a bad HP umpire labored in that first inning.5 days 3 hours ago
SpectatorTotal Bavasi Meltdown -- having already taken place in Seattle -- continues to sweep the nation, with Matt Tuiasosopo and Phillippe Aumont both getting released today. Neither one might ever get another baseball paycheck.5 days 3 hours ago
SABR wife found the same thing, moj...but I'll still write that article once the site is up and running. :)5 days 4 hours ago
mojicianFile a 4852 wage and withholding estimate. Don't let a disorganized former employer hold you up from a refund. I expect an article explaining the sink difference of Felix's magic changeup between Peoria and Seattle for that.5 days 4 hours ago
SABR Mattthe downside of having worked for the Yankees...trying to get them to send me a W2...:\5 days 6 hours ago
SABR Mattwow...that's a rare one, G...bummer. I'm allergic to breaking my body, so I've been afraid to try it, but I'm trying to stop being such a wuss. :)5 days 7 hours ago
Gordon Gross*grins* I am deathly allergic to horses. No rides for me - which is terrible, because Colorado is a GREAT place to take horseback rides.5 days 7 hours ago
SABR MattAnd, no joke, I am looking into riding lessons - something I've always wanted to do.5 days 8 hours ago
SABR MattThe "and a pony" bit made me think you were not very optimistic...LOL5 days 8 hours ago
Gordon GrossNo sarcasm, Matt - Farquhar is my heir apparent to Rodney as well. :) I just hope for a year where everything goes right for once, and we don't have to use three closers, or trade for different (yet still pathetic) bats at the deadline, or have anything else go wrong. I want a year where the people performing on the field live up to their expectations, and we go do something special. It's been too long, that's all. I am hopeful for the season, yet nervous. Felix has waited so long to have a good team around him. I want this year to live up to the hype - no sarcasm.5 days 8 hours ago
SABR MattI'm trying to figure out if that sarcasm was intended as an attack on my idea of Farquhar as closer or...?5 days 8 hours ago
Gordon GrossYeah, my choice of the guys in the pen is Lord Farquhar. Hopefully Rodney is excellent, the bullpen is outstanding, the starters all win 20 games and we score 800 runs this year. I then want a World Series sweep of the Nationals, a victory parade through the Puget Sound, and a pony.5 days 8 hours ago
SABR MattI'm confident enough in Farquhar if Rodney fails (or following his exit). But if you don't like that idea, we have Leone, Wilhelmson, Smith, or we could go with a lefty like Montgomery (if we can fix him) or Rollins or somesuch or we could go and replace Rodney with a guy we acquire in trade if, somehow, none of those guys works out...we have tons of extra prospects that could be dealt if the need arose.5 days 8 hours ago
Gordon GrossAlso, Seth Smith better hit. I wanted Maurer to take over at closer after Rodney. Thankfully we have 37 pen arms - there are other options.5 days 8 hours ago
Gordon GrossWe've finally got a shot to pull a Matt Thornton deal on somebody else. Former top prospect with a big fastball, went through a series of injuries and control issues as a starter and toyed with in the pen, thrown away as busted goods to a team (the White Sox) that privately cackled they could fix him in a week. And they did. Thornton went on to be a 137 ERA+ dude for his career with the Chi Sox with some pretty beastly 170s there in the middle, and make an All-Star game. Basically we traded away Maurer for Smith, and replaced him with a Thornton chance for the price of a guy we were gonna have to release anyway. That's not bad trading if it works out - and if it doesn't, it didn't really hurt us. If we fix Montgomery there are gonna be some pretty cheesed off people in Tampa. We know how that feels.5 days 8 hours ago
SpectatorSorry to hear, Matt.5 days 9 hours ago
SpectatorBack when Baseball America was proclaiming that KC had the Greatest Farm System in the History of the Known Universe or somesuch, Montgomery was definitely one of the top names. He's certainly worth a flyer, and that's all that we were going to get for eRAM anyway. So nothing to dislike.5 days 9 hours ago
SABR MattI will be out of communication, largely, Friday to Sunday. My grandmother is on her deathbed at this point, so we're going down to DC to say goodbye.5 days 9 hours ago
SABR MattMontgomery still hits 97 with ease, so say reports. Just needs to learn how to have some clue where it's going...........5 days 10 hours ago
SABR MattThis is an awesome deal stylistically. The Mariners get a year to see if they can accidentally find a power lefty reliever, the Rays get a free starter. Everyone wins.5 days 11 hours ago
GLSI really like this Mike Montgomery deal. I don't know that much about the guy, but supposedly he still throws hard and he's only 25. A cursory glance at his numbers on B-Ref indicates a pitcher that should have been moved to the bullpen a long time ago. Not sure why the Royals never made that move.5 days 17 hours ago
Tacoma RainSo is Carson Smith now the token righty in the Tacoma bullpen now? I mean Montgomery, Saunders, Kickham, Olmos, Luetge, Moran, Gilheeney, A Fernandez, Siverio, Hultzen, Elias... and eventually Olson or Rollins.... with Zokan, Mathis, DeCecco, Shipers and Valenza in AA... All of these guys are left handed pitchers in the farm system now.5 days 20 hours ago
DaddyORays get former promising young pitcher who failed to deliver, but one who has no options left but might be revitalized and contribute this year. M's get former promising young pitcher who failed to deliver, but one who has an option year left who might be revitalized and contribute next year. This fits the needs of both teams, since Rays need help now, M's not so much.5 days 20 hours ago
Bat571So, Erasmo to the Rays. Montgomery was once highly-regarded, but now needs some help with his stuff - maybe Lance Painter (or somebody) can get him back on track. At least it wasn't just the proverbial bag of balls - it's a real guy with *possible* upside still.5 days 20 hours ago
DaddyOI wouldn't worry about Felix unless he gets several starts into the regular season without once looking like Felix. However, opening day is BIG deal for the King. If he's off on opening day, it will at least give me a very slight pause.5 days 21 hours ago
SABR MattAh...sounds like he messed himself up by doing a heavy-lower-body weight session at the wrong time. No physical problems...he just was tired and Zona kills the sink on his change-up anyway. Good to know.5 days 22 hours ago
SABR MattShould we be worried about King Felix?5 days 22 hours ago
okdanHey maybe the shorter locks will help him throw the ball in a straight line :P6 days 19 hours ago
SABR MattLook at Zunino go!6 days 22 hours ago
DaddyOHah! Funny about Miller's hair! If I was on that team I'd be calling him Shirley.1 week 1 hour ago
MtGrizzly@JasonPuckett20: So, Brad Miller, tells us that McClendon ordered him to cut his hair.1 week 1 hour ago
moethedogMan, Taijuan is getting ripped today!!! He gave up a run and 3 hits in 7 innings. What is wrong with him? :)1 week 1 hour ago
SpectatorJabari Henry got a surprise call to the big-league game, homered, and then dedicated it to Victor Sanchez. Nice.1 week 2 hours ago
Bat571Any pitcher whose pitches depend on movement and not deception or power will be at a disadvantage in Arizona, where, like Colorado, the air does not "grab" the rotating seams as well. Using a humidor so the balls are not so dry would help keep the seams "up" as well. Not only the fields are rock-hard, but so are the covers on the ball. The guys you name, OBF, are just the kind of guys who might be affected, but then Felix is also; it's not just a LH thing.1 week 5 hours ago
OBFGeneral question... Do lefties tend to be slower starters? I believe Furbush also has had slow ST starts in the past... My failing memory also wants to say Bedard and Washburn were, "ignore the ST stats" types of guys... Oh well... SafeCo will cure all right?!? :)1 week 5 hours ago
Gordon GrossI'm very luke-warm on Happ, moe. My hopes for him are pinned on the idea that he jumped a plateau last year - if he did not do that, then we should know it soon. If Elias was pitching like Walker I'd be a little more bent about Happ's outings, but as it is we've got him holding Elias's seat warm. And if he goes on a run like Young did last year, then sure - he can stay in the rotation. And if not then we'll work that out in May. Unless he implodes and we have to start Olson or something. Let's not have that happen, yeah?1 week 7 hours ago
moethedogUnderstood, G. Mostly I was tongue-in-cheek, ergo the :). But I must admit to be a Happ doubter. I hope I'm wrong.1 week 18 hours ago
Gordon GrossElias is only a phone call (and a day) away. It's not like he's been stuffed into a suitcase and airmailed to Tajiristan. :) and it's not like he's been killing it this Spring either. Just give em time. Both happ and elias. It's the #5 starter. I just want something approximating .500 from that slot anyway.1 week 19 hours ago
moethedogFeeling great about Happ. Wait.....Never mind. :) Gee, I miss Elias.....1 week 23 hours ago
SABR MattIt's official. ..Walker wins sp5, Leone wins Rhrp 5, Olson wins lhrp21 week 1 day ago
MtGrizzly@shannondrayer: Carson Smith has been optioned to Tacoma.1 week 1 day ago
MtGrizzly@shannondrayer: Mariners send down Elias, Lowe, Pries, Correia, Saunders, O'Malley, Rivero, Baker and Chavez1 week 1 day ago
jemanjiSincerest best wishes for Mr. Sanchez and those around him.1 week 1 day ago
Gordon Gross"It's pretty devastating to a lot of us," Mariners minor league catcher Tyler Marlette said after Sanchez's accident, according to "He's a big dude -- we'd always call him Shrek -- with a lot of humor. He's always pleasant, always positive with everybody. Just a fun-loving guy and he'd be the first one to buy you food or do anything for you. It's a shame that it happened to him. It just reminds you how important life is and that it's not just about baseball."1 week 1 day ago
OBFWow, that sucks... :(. Prayers for his family, enjoy heaven, Victor.1 week 1 day ago
Gordon GrossRIP Victor. Thoughts are with his family. Just a tragedy.1 week 1 day ago
Lonnie of MCSanchez was a lot like other prospects in the M's organization; didn't fit the profile of a true MLB player, yet, he always managed to exceed expectations. I am going to miss El Toro.1 week 1 day ago
MtGrizzlySo sad.1 week 1 day ago
Tacoma RainPer Dutton... Victor Sanchez has died.1 week 1 day ago
rick82Man. I've been looking at Willie Blomquist a LONG time.1 week 2 days ago
MtGrizzlyFrom a cold and purely selfish point of view, this works out pretty well for the Mariners. They don't have to choose between Olsen and Rollins. They get to keep Rollins in AZ under their training regimen for 80 games. They get him back mid season and if he's essentially ready for MLB action, well, that's pretty good for the club. Tough to see anything but benefits for the Mariners.1 week 2 days ago
GLSThis is the greatest day of Tyler Olsen's life.1 week 3 days ago
GLSThe positive test was for stanozolol, so I guess there isn't much hope that it was just tainted supplements or something like that.1 week 3 days ago
Tacoma RainPer MLB Trade Rumors, the Mariners can keep, and will keep Rollins through the suspension.1 week 3 days ago
Tacoma RainNow Erasmo and Safeco Joe come back into the discussion, though I really hope it is a short discussion1 week 3 days ago
mojicianNah. The Mariners have issued a statement that they are going to keep him, since he doesn't get paid for restricted list time. He will stay in Peoria like Danny Hultzen.1 week 3 days ago
SABR Mattwhoops. guessing we'll waive him now. LOL1 week 3 days ago
mojicianDavid Rollins suspended 80 games for PEDs. And his name will be Tyler Olson, and he will finally pay off those Gonzaga student loans.1 week 3 days ago
MtGrizzlyIf Happ has a good first half, I'll bet he gets dealt.1 week 3 days ago
SABR MattPossibly. I projected Felix to take the ball 34 times, Iwakuma 30, Happ 29, Paxton 27, Walker 24 and Elias 18 times.1 week 3 days ago
Bat571Actually, Matt, I expect Happ to be a guy who'll go through a dead arm period, too, and do a 15-day stint with rehab. Elias will probably get a start for everyone but Felix.1 week 3 days ago
SABR MattElias will be up for at least 2/3 of the year stealing starts from just about everyone except Happ and Felix1 week 3 days ago
Gordon GrossThe concern with them is really September and October. Neither guy has thrown a ton of innings - how are they gonna handle 200? I'm guessing there are gonna be innings walls, and that somebody like Elias (or a deadline trade for an arm) might be a huge deal for us to try to save the kids and get them into postseason with their stuff intact. Bumgarner jumped from the minors to the pros and threw 220+ innings that year, IIRC. But we're gonna do something other than let the kids just air it out all year as starters, I'm guessing.1 week 3 days ago
rick82Last night I saw Michael Carp trying to make the Nationals (doesn't look good right now, but who knows). Dude has a beard that would make Ack envious. I thought maybe it was General Longstreet switching over from the Confederate Army.1 week 3 days ago
SABR MattNot that I expect Pax and Walker to be perfect every time...but I see no reason why I should expect either of them to be anything but stars, starting immediately, other than the injury risk.1 week 3 days ago
Gordon GrossIf Paxton and Walker come out swinging like Cain and Bumgarner, and Felix and Kuma are Felix and Kuma, and the pen is even close to last year's... yeeeeeeeshhhh1 week 3 days ago
Gordon GrossAlso, sorta funny story: Iwakuma picked up a full-time beat reporter (Sam Onada) for stories back to Japan thanks to Yu Darvish's injury. From another Schoenfield article: "Onada admits that Darvish is more popular in Japan. 'He's more dynamic,' he said. 'Iwakuma is a good pitcher, but Darvish has more pitches and a better fastball,' a combination the fans love. Still, a job is a job. A couple of the other reporters also will leave the Darvish beat to cover Iwakuma..." Let's hope Kuma is in vintage form and our vying for the pennant keeps the good folks in Japan entertained.1 week 3 days ago
SABR MattI have really good feelings about what's coming in 2015...I feel like we might be the first AL team to run a team ERA under 2.50 in the DH era. :D (only slightly exaggerating)1 week 3 days ago
Gordon GrossHe carried us to the playoffs, and to those playoff victories. Can't believe he didn't win the MVP that season. With Junior out with a broken wrist? He did all the heavy lifting. It was a crime. He didn't even finish SECOND that year - he was behind both Mo Vaughn (East Coast Bias joke there) and Albert Belle (more understandable for Belle to be in the convo that year). Randy and Jay stole votes from Edgar that year, I guess - which is weird since Buhner was 200 OPS points short of Gar. Just hard to give credit to the Little Guy, I guess. Also the curse of the DH, since no DH has EVER won MVP. I do love how winning an MVP gets you HOF votes, but because no one will make a DH the MVP, no DH can get those bonus votes. 95 was some kinda season, though. I'd like to have another one worth writing home about this year.1 week 3 days ago
SABR MattNope...I was evidently thinking of 2000...he was still quite old to be hitting .320+ in a full sesaon...still and all...good lord is right1 week 3 days ago
SABR MattI like to look at his 2002 stat line. I believe that was the year, at age 39, where he was hitting .385 in August.1 week 3 days ago
MtGrizzlyI sometimes look up Edgar's 95 season stats, just to remind myself just how unreal he was. 29 HR, 52 doubles, .479 OBP and 1.107 OPS. I mean...good lord. He struck out about once every other game and was on base half the time! And that was with Jr on the DL for a good chunk of the season.1 week 3 days ago
Gordon GrossLOL trust me, Matt, I'm not the one doubting Gar's fire. He's my favorite player of all time. But some people don't believe you have fire unless you're being a jackwagon in public and screaming at people. You don't spend three hours a day staring at a piece of paper to keep your eye issue at bay without having the dedication and fire to your craft. His right eye would wander, so he'd have to hit pitches sometimes while using just one eye - how do you hit .300 WITH ONLY ONE EYE ON THE TARGET?? His level of dedication in everything his did, his drive to be the best, was completely off the charts. He just didn't beat his chest about it.1 week 3 days ago
Gordon GrossAlso, I like the Tribe parking Jose Ramirez's BMW at short to prank him (and teach him a lil lesson about comporting yourself as a rook and a pro). As far as pranks go, it cannot top the Jeff Francouer / Jose-Reyes-is-deaf one (that's the best in recent memory) but I do like it. Baseball is unique like that.1 week 3 days ago
SABR MattGar had PLENTY of fire. He fouled a ball off his BROKEN FOOT and then got back up after 5 minutes of dire agony and HOMERED. Dude had the fire.1 week 3 days ago
Gordon GrossLookin' forward to seeing how that goes, Matt - have fun stormin' the castle!1 week 3 days ago
Gordon GrossIs it bad that I would like to see David Ortiz reach the HOF - because there is NO WAY you can put Ortiz in and keep Edgar out? Not unless you're counting World Series rings, I guess, but Gar was the better player in my estimation. Ortiz had the power and RBI advantage, Gar had the average and OBP. Both guys were pretty pure DHs. Neither needed a lot of "protection" in the lineup - they just did what they do. Gar didn't smash any dugout phones or cuss out any home plate umps, so if "fire" is your deciding line then I guess Ortiz wins there. With his name in roid convos, though - as even he states in his op-ed - I don't think David Ortiz is getting in with the writer vote either despite the East Coast bias. If the only thing keeping him out is the roid talk, though, then maybe Gar can get in as part of the conversation about HOF-worthy DHs gets revived. Be a vet committee call for Gar, however.1 week 3 days ago
SABR MattAcquired MATLAB today...let the games begin.1 week 3 days ago
SABR MattWhat happened was Elias won himself a one-way ticket to Tacoma.1 week 3 days ago
mojicianWhat happened out there? Elias got hammered!1 week 4 days ago
SABR Mattwell this has been a steamer of a day for the Mariners. SS double losses are no fun.1 week 4 days ago
Gordon GrossGotta love the way Alex Jackson can get around on a ball to pull it to third, and that if he hadn't hit the ball off the end of his bat the routine pop up might not have been so routine - he was right on that. He really ain't bad for a 19 year old kid facing a league-average pro who knows what he's doing. Seeing him against fresh JuCo type arms in the Midwest League could get interesting quickly.1 week 4 days ago
SABR MattI'll be happy with .650s from Miller and Jackson and .750 from Zunino (SLG-heavy). That'll be more than enough.1 week 4 days ago
mojicianI dunno. If the up the middle guys' OPS was .500 something we'd be freaking out. Those fans who throw a wet blanket on your spring buzz about a 1 OPS really aren't enjoying baseball as much as they should. You may be a dreamer, but you're not the only one.1 week 4 days ago
SpectatorDoesn't mean anything, but of AJackson, Zunino and Miller, the lowest spring OPS is Jackson's .943.1 week 4 days ago
SpectatorIf LoMo, Ackley and SSmith are OK, they might not need much production from C, CF & SS. But, man, if they get it ...1 week 4 days ago
SABR MattI'm not sure if you guys were aware of this, but I'm gonna let you in on a little secret. This Robinson Cano guy is pretty good at baseball. Just saying.1 week 4 days ago
SABR MattZZZZUUUUMBALL! Finally got to say that. :D1 week 4 days ago
SABR MattPaxton, Felix, Walker in the rotation, Wilhelmson in the pen with signature curves. Doesn't seem like an unusual level of curvage.1 week 4 days ago
SABR MattHe only needs the heater and the splitter to be nasty. If he has the curveball, he's death on a stick.1 week 4 days ago
MtGrizzlyIs there a pitching staff in all of baseball that utilizes the curveball more than the M's? Walker's is just nasty when he has it and he's had it his last few starts.1 week 4 days ago
SABR Mattwow...Walker, today, has gotten Ks on his curve, change-up (twice) and fastball. He's throwing all three for strikes with ease. He's hit 97 on the soft Peoria gun. Bring on the WS. Kid's ready.1 week 4 days ago
SABR MattOh MY does Walker look awesome. The garbage swings he's getting on his splitter are hilarious and he's throwing his curve for gimme strikes early in the game.1 week 4 days ago
SABR MattThis is entirely an online business...nothing ink person so no credit card swiping. I envisioned using square to have my customers depositing directly into an account.1 week 5 days ago
mojicianTonight's game was originally a day game, but was rescheduled at the request of the Peoria City Council, as there were concerns that what Taijuan Walker was going to do to the Cubs was inappropriate for broad daylight.1 week 5 days ago
mojicianThe Square online support is limited to starting a canned Web site on Square's server. This is called Square market. You can't integrate a payment portal onto your Web site with square. If you want a payment portal, costs $25 to $35 per month in addition to whatever your credit card processing fee is.1 week 5 days ago
mojicianSquare is awesome. The fees are WYSWYG, not like your $149 cell phone bill that is really $250. Also, the reader device itself is only about $10. The free between friends is for direct bank account withdrawals, and not for the credit card machine and account. The credit card machine costs 2.75 percent for swipe and 3.5 percent for punching the buttons. <> The credit card account is what most small businesses want, as it comes with Web support, that is, you can integrate Square payment into your Web site somehow, and most people don't want to download an app to make a payment. You should probably get both, and if you can get someone to pay with the App it would be a bonus.1 week 5 days ago
SABR MattLooks like square is "free between friends"...1.5% for businesses. Not sure how they distinguish. ..but it seems to me that until I'm incorporated, all of my contracts are friendly deals. ..I'm too small time to be a business. ..can't afford the free for incorporation or trademarking1 week 5 days ago
DaddyOGonzaga's gonna beat UCLA, but I gotta root for the boys from Westwood. Been a huge fan since the early Wooden years, even before Lew Alcindor/Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. I started watching them when Gail Goodrich was their main weapon. My oldest cousin was a UCLA cheerleader into the Alcindor years. She soon married Bruins forward Jim Neilsen, and was well-acquainted with all the players, coaches and assistants. But if the Zags get past UCLA, which I expect, then it's go Gonzaga all the way for me.1 week 5 days ago
SABR Mattagreed Gordon...which is why I want Paxton and Walker extended after this season...get them locked in.1 week 5 days ago
Gordon GrossThis is also the reason I wanted Seager extended ASAP: $/WAR is about to go through the ROOF. Kyle's looking to be an absolute bargain in 3 years.1 week 5 days ago
Gordon GrossAnaheim and Texas rank #8 and #11 on the list, and the 'Stros and As come in at 26 and 27. We're right in the middle - and with a sustainable farm system we should be able to compete with anybody - especially once the gate starts rolling in if we're back on top of the AL West this year. Full breakdowns are here: week 5 days ago
Gordon GrossAlso, Forbes noted this morning that the AVERAGE major league baseball team is worth 1.2 billion dollars - "up an astounding 48 percent from last year." We rank 14th at 1.1 billion. If only management had been willing to spend more than Chris Denorfia's salary on a pennant chase last season, seeing as they made 26 million in pure income profit last year in addition to the team value increase (yes, I know we traded for a broken Kendrys). Bought for 100 million in 1992 - not a bad return on investment. Thanks for finding money in the couch cushions for team upgrades a year late, fellas! Hopefully it turns out to be just in the nick of time.1 week 5 days ago
SABR MattBoomer Sooner!1 week 5 days ago
Gordon GrossI'm very much hoping to see the Zags face Duke. That's what I wanna see this weekend.1 week 5 days ago
SpectatorJust looking at the brackets. Gonzaga-Duke, if it happens, looks like a better matchup than almost any Final Four possibility, except maybe Kentucky-Wisconsin -- though I can also see Wisconsin getting blown out by UK. Gonzaga-Duke winner would be a big favorite in the Final Four over anyone coming out of East bracket (highest seed left is uninspiring No. 3 Oklahoma).1 week 5 days ago
SABR MattI am selling service as an editor and hav r afew prolific clients booked, but until I get more business, th r fees would be worse th han PayPal. But square sounds good...thanks for the help, moj1 week 5 days ago
SABR MattThe monthly fee is problematic for me until I am selling consistently...maybe I should try square.1 week 5 days ago
mojicianMatt. As a small business man Flagship Merchant Services has been a game changer for me. They charge 8 bucks a month if you sell more than 500 and 24 if you do not and 1.8 percent commission on Visa Mastercard and Discover. Amex is 3.5 percent. The eight bucks is deducted from your first sale of the month. They also have a range of Web site support options. I've been delighted with the service. A lot of other small businesses really like Square which charges double POS (except AMEX) but no monthly fee. Same difference.1 week 5 days ago
SABR MattEspecially fiverr...when i realized that, I was quite miffed1 week 5 days ago
MtGrizzlyWow. Those are 'usury' rates, Matt. I had no idea.1 week 5 days ago
SpectatorKeep track of those fees Matt because you can deduct them as business expense on your taxes. Every little bit helps.1 week 5 days ago
SABR MattNote that PayPal only costs a commission on transactions larger than $10. So if you want to be smart, do lots of $5 transactions.1 week 5 days ago
SABR MattHmmm...I've learned in the last week that has a 20% commission on any money changing hands through their service, WePay (gofundme) winds up costing you about 9%, and PayPal costs you 6.9%. Useful numbers for all here to keep in mind in case anyone else tries to conduct business online. :)1 week 5 days ago
SABR MattWell that's unfortunate1 week 5 days ago
mojicianUpton and Kemp hit for the cycle against Happ. Kemp hit the odd numbered bases, and Upton hit the even ones.1 week 6 days ago
DaddyOGood to hear, Matt. Congrats, and well-deserved.1 week 6 days ago
SABR MattHuzzah! Had a guy drop in on my campaign whose been following my efforts for the last decade, and put me up to my goal. Fantastic!1 week 6 days ago
SABR MattHey bat...I'm not going anywhere, and I'm traveling this weekend anyway, so the first shouldn't be a problem. Email me at matt dot souders at gmail and I can pass along my paypal info. I''d rather do PayPal actually since they don't take a10% commission. :)1 week 6 days ago
Bat571Hey, Matt - if you can wait until after the first, I have some for you. I'd prefer to do a paypal xfer, if you can authorize Jemanji to send me your phone number or other paypal receipt address. or add Q dot com to my screen name and send directly. I have a limited "fun budget" and it needs topping before I can send some, though.1 week 6 days ago
SABR MattJust to be clear...I meant no offense to anyone who didn't feel they could donate...was just trying to thank the ones who did. Money's tight for many of us, and I absolutely understand that. It's frankly asking a lot to ask for this sort of help via the web when no one here really knows me in person and when everything I offer in return is completely speculative.1 week 6 days ago
DaddyOMatt, there's probably more than five who believe enough in your ideas to want to donate to your funding drive, but some (and I know of one in particular) might not feel themselves in a position to do so for whatever reason. That said, I agree that those who did so deserve appreciation. I'm sorry you are not yet able to purchase your needed software, and hope it happens for you speedily.1 week 6 days ago
SABR MattThanks to the five of you who believed enough inn my ideas to donate to my funding drive...I came up a little short of my goal, but you got me close enough that I should be able to make up the difference eventually. May take me a while, but I nonetheless greatly appreciate your vote of confidence in me.1 week 6 days ago
SABR MattNot interested. We have three better options1 week 6 days ago
Tacoma RainNot sure where we would put him but.... Texas just released Homeless Joe Biemel1 week 6 days ago
Gordon GrossOof - some un-lovely offense in this one. I'm chalking it up to not wanting to let the Angels see anything before we get to the regular season. Yeah, that's it...2 weeks 1 hour ago
Gordon GrossLove seeing Zunino turn on that inside stuff, man. It's just pretty. Hope to see him get a bunch more hits this year as he gets comfortable with his approach. Maybe that widened stance will help2 weeks 2 hours ago
Gordon GrossJordan Pries, OTOH, looks exactly like I want him to look.2 weeks 2 hours ago
MtGrizzlyI hope Texas picks up Erasmo, just so the M's can hit against him.2 weeks 2 hours ago
mojicianErasmo was probably toast when McClendon lined him up to pitch against both the Orcs and Angels. There is a longstanding Mariners tradition that no one who is making the team is ever allowed to pitch against our hated division rivals in Spring training games.2 weeks 2 hours ago
Gordon GrossOoof. Bye Erasmo. Thank Bloomie for that wonderful booted ball, but man - that pretty much seals your fate. Guess we're losing you for basically nothing.2 weeks 2 hours ago
SABR MattErasmo looks flat and predictable and they're creaming him. That's all she wrote2 weeks 3 hours ago
SABR MattSaunders will do well for two months and then fatigue and go into a whiff steak2 weeks 5 hours ago
Gordon GrossSaunders will probably do well as an every day guy - until the Astroturf field destroys him. They aren't moving to grass til 2018, right? I remember hearing they were trying to add some more rubber pellets under the surface to help cushion the field, but I'm not sure how pillow soft it can be to help out Saunders. As for Smoak... good luck with Smoak. Maybe the sign stealing the Blue Jays have been routinely accused of at home will help, as will the change in stadium. Ya never know.2 weeks 7 hours ago
SABR MattHa!2 weeks 8 hours ago
SpectatorHadn't realized this, but apparently Toronto is expecting Smoak and Saunders to both be pretty much everyday players. Kind of like putting reruns of American shows on Canadian TV.2 weeks 9 hours ago
MtGrizzlyFelix-Paxton-Iwakuma-Happ-Walker is a formidable rotation. I mean sheesh - a guy with double digit wins last season isn't even likely to make the team.2 weeks 1 day ago
SABR MattWow...algal the guys having no problem getting on top of Gallardo's fastball2 weeks 1 day ago
Gordon GrossSo good to have Paxton on the mound and dealing. And yes, okdan, I expect Alex Jackson in full-season duty in the Midwest League. There's really no reason not to. If he can hit homeruns off of current major-league bullpenners in the Spring, he can handle medicore college arms in April. There isn't really a need to keep him in extended Spring Training and then short-season duty - his strikezone judgment is fine. Clint Frazier was an equivalently drafted player, and he did the same rookie-ball first year after being drafted / second year in full-season ball. And I think Jackson is a better player than Frazier, certainly less raw. Go grab some of those tickets. ;)2 weeks 1 day ago
SABR MattAlright! Checked in with my gofundme campaign and find that I've gotten the help of six generous donors...I'm still $80 short, so if you haven't already pledged and want to see some of the stuff I've been advertising get done, please consider participating in even small ways. Every little bit helps!2 weeks 1 day ago
electrokrakenAlso I love the fact no one who&#039;s going to be on the opening day roster is having a bad spring.2 weeks 1 day ago
electrokrakeni love austin wilson2 weeks 1 day ago
okdanHey G, you think Alex Jackson will be in Clinton to start the year? Fingers crossed for that, as I've got a few MDW stadiums within driving distance.2 weeks 1 day ago
SABR Matt15 seconds is almost track star speed2 weeks 1 day ago
Lonnie of MCAround the bases is 360 feet, or, if you like 120 yards. When you combine the distance with having to essentially run in a small circle, 15 seconds is pretty damn fast.2 weeks 1 day ago
sonofsnake15 seconds around the bases. How relatively fast is that?2 weeks 1 day ago
Gordon GrossAlso, Austin Wilson's inside-the-park homer was fun today. I assume Austin's gonna be in the Cal League with an eye toward a mid-season promotion to AA, the same way that DJ and Kivlehan did it last year. O'Neill might be back in the MWL doing double duty with Jackson. Morgan is almost certainly going slower and headed for extended Spring training and then Everett. With DJ, Kivlehan and Marte in AAA, and several members of the High Desert crew (Marlette, Lara, Henry, Gurrrero) in AA, there should be interesting hitters to watch all up and down the system this year. Still wanna see Pizzano get back on the horse. I don't think we'll have room for him, but somebody should.2 weeks 1 day ago
Gordon GrossSmoak had three problems: bad pitch adjustment, unathletic, and a swing that was too-long to the ball. even when it all lined up he had trouble crushing the ball - which was weird, because before his dad died he was able to put more mustard into it. His dad was his swing coach, and it's my opinion that when Smoak lost his dad he lost the person who could help him make up for his other issues. Jackson's swing isn't speedy, but he is short to the ball and powerful - that's gonna lead to a lot of fun. Look out, Midwest League.2 weeks 1 day ago
Gordon GrossFelix is just working on stuff. I don't really care what his spring looks like. He'll be ready - he always is.2 weeks 1 day ago
SABR MattAgreed, GLS...for a large framed guy, Smock was alarmingly unathletic. Felix always has one really bad spring outing. ..don't worry about it2 weeks 2 days ago
GLSRe: man muscles. I've mentioned it here before, but I'm still convinced the number one thing Justin Smoak could have done is to just get stronger. He was unlikely to improve in terms of pure hitting skills, but if he got stronger, and hit the ball harder, a few more of those balls might have landed for hits.2 weeks 2 days ago
mojician"Really Impressive" is an honor that hasn't been bestowed on a prospect before. Occasionally a prospect will have some pretty impressive aspect to his game, such as Ajax's power. That impressive aspect is what makes the prospect interesting. As in: Alex Jackson is interesting. He has pretty impressive power to right center. No one, except Kivlehan, has been declared blanket impressive. It is easy to see why Kivlehan has caught McClendon's eye. He likes an advanced approach at the plate, and he likes power, particularly doubles and home runs. This comes from having pretty darn good hitters with man muscles, not puppy dog muscles.2 weeks 2 days ago
Tacoma RainWow... the Cubs shelled Felix in 2.2 innings. 2 doubles, 2 HR's and 6 earned runs... ouch. Maybe I can wait for the season to start.2 weeks 2 days ago
SABR MattLOL indeed2 weeks 2 days ago
MtGrizzlyLOL. It probably means that it's a good thing for Ruggiano that he's having a good spring.2 weeks 2 days ago
GrumpySo McClendon calls Kivlehan "really impressive". Nice. What's that translate to on the McClendon compliment scale? Future hall of famer?2 weeks 2 days ago
MtGrizzly@RyanDivish: McClendon on the No. 5 battle: "My evaluation is probably a little different than yours. I don't worry about the numbers per se."2 weeks 2 days ago
moethedogBTW, is Pizzano in the ST MLB camp?2 weeks 2 days ago
Tacoma RainPer Dutton, Carraway has retired...2 weeks 2 days ago
SpectatorI vote for DJ and Kiv getting a plenty good helping of AAA. Neither has spent a day at AAA yet. There's no defensive imperative as there was with Zunino. But most importantly: The window is not closing. Only Iwakuma and Rodney are on the 2014 clock, and I think we might have some guys who can fill in those slots if they don't re-sign.2 weeks 2 days ago
moethedogI was funnin' there G. We're in with A. Jackson in CF.....All in. But, I'm not dead sure pitchers just don't saw his bat off if he doesn't show some mash. And you know me, I believe that when a guy is ready, he's ready. Age doesn't worry me, much. Alex Jackson isn't ready, I know that. But a tater at 19 is enough to be thrilled about.2 weeks 2 days ago
GLSReally looking forward to following Alex Jackson's box score lines this year.2 weeks 2 days ago
Gordon GrossUhh, no. Alex Jackson cannot play center field. Maybe if you're in a serious bind, but otherwise no. He's a RF. So you were looking at internal options only, you'd slate Kivlehan for LF (where he'll be plus on defense) and Jackson for right, sometime in 2017/2018. I suppose Jackson could move faster than that, but we really don't need to rush him the way we rushed Ackley and crew. I've been begging the Ms for the ability to slow down, so as GLS says - since we're finally at a point we can do that, we might was well investigate the notion. You know, for science. DJ and Kiv shouldn't be needed before next year. Let em get their 500+ PAs in AAA and put the finishing touches on their minor league skills before they have to learn major league ones - especially since they'll both be handling new positions.2 weeks 2 days ago
SABR MattJackson...mariner cf 2016?2 weeks 2 days ago
okdanDJ, Kivlehan, James Jones, Romero, and Guti were all cut today... And Jackson and Blash are still here :)2 weeks 3 days ago
moethedogCan Alex Jackson play CF? We had a 19 year old CF, once upon a time. He wasn't bad, IIRC.2 weeks 3 days ago
okdanYesterday when the broadcast had Zduriencik in the booth, he dropped a comment about carrying 3 lefties in the pen...2 weeks 3 days ago
okdanGoldsmith and Rizzs commenting how the ball jumped off his bat, and how deep he hit it. They're impressed.2 weeks 3 days ago
okdanThat a kid!2 weeks 3 days ago
okdanAlex Jackson just parked one.2 weeks 3 days ago
SABR MattCool that they're letting Jackson play today...very cool. Kid is going to be special.2 weeks 3 days ago
OBFUmmmm... So.... Whats up with Alex Jackson getting hits and walks in MLB Spring Training games?!?!?! I feel like I am about to get way to excited for a 19 year old that should be in high A....2 weeks 3 days ago
GLSI'd still like to see DJ and Kivlehan get as many minor league AB's as possible. Churchill has a post up on his site that I think makes a lot of sense about how the current Mariners depth should allow these guys to get the minor league AB's that Ackley and Zunino should have gotten before they were called up.2 weeks 3 days ago
SABR MattMcC called Kivlrhan "really impressive" is say he's got a good chance of moving up soon2 weeks 3 days ago
moethedogG: I am convinced that Kivlehan will hit himself right up the I-5 to Safeco pretty dang soon. A very early COF injury (April May) likely sees Romero getting the call, but by mid-June I will be surprised if Kivlehan doesn't get a 15-Day call up.2 weeks 3 days ago
Gordon GrossI believe Kivlehan and DJ are primed to be our version of (a more nimble) Billy Butler at 1st and Alex Gordon in the OF. The fun part about that is they won't even be in the MOTO for a couple years - if they can overcome the curse of Mariners Prospects Slow Starting, then we can have fun things happening. Much like we have two full sets of end-game relievers, we'll have two decent MOTOs in the same lineup. We don't need Griffey / Gar / Bone - not if we have 6 really good hitters in the lineup and no black holes.2 weeks 3 days ago
Gordon GrossIt's weird to hear Sims doing radio work on the NCAA tourney. I mean, even with 160 games a year to practice you can still tell that that baseball isn’t his best announcing skill, but it’s weird for me to hear him doing basketball when I’m used to hearing him for all those baseball games.2 weeks 3 days ago
mojicianInteresting McClendon stuff: On Jesus Montero: "He's going to be fighting for playing time at Tacoma." It seems like the Mariners think that Kiverson might be the new bash brothers. On second bullpen lefty: "Im not locked into having two lefties". He's not?! We know McClendon likes Carson smith an awful lot. Maybe he's the dark horse. weeks 3 days ago
SABR MattI'd be a little concerned about Ruggiano, offensively, though. (0 BB/7 K)2 weeks 3 days ago
SABR Mattalas...Zunino's brief appearance of improvement in this regard is gone. It was 1 BB and 1 K three days ago. Now it's 1 BB and 5 K. D'oh2 weeks 3 days ago
SABR Mattthe thirteen players expected to make the 25 man and get most of the PAs this year have combined for a 30/53 BB/K ratio. If they do that in the regular season, they will EASILY score 4.5+ R/G2 weeks 3 days ago
SABR MattI would say that Zduriencik, despite his critics in the Seattle intelligentsia, is doing a fabulous job at building a club that can contend for years to come.2 weeks 3 days ago
DaddyOHaven't been able to watch as much of the games as I would want, diderot, but from what I have seen I get the same impression. Lloyd knows what he's talking about and means what he says when he talks about professional hitters. No longer do we have a bunch of young hitters with talent who at this point are just wannabes. Those guys, instead of being forced into MLB duty, are waiting in the wings if needed, and that's how it should be for a club with the resources of the Seattle Mariners.2 weeks 3 days ago
diderotThe strongest impression I have of this spring training so far is watching Smith, Weeks and Cruz take pitches. What a change for us.2 weeks 3 days ago
OBFI feel bad for the SMU kid, but.... that was clearly goaltending by every definition. Yeah the shot looked like it would probably miss, but we never got to find out (it could of hit the rim and rolled around and in), which is sort of the point of the rule... Hey, I am a Beaver fan and I hate UCLA, and I still think it was goaltending ;) It was really a silly play by the SMU kid... he should have been boxing out getting ready for the rebound, not trying to.. well I am not really sure what he was trying to do...2 weeks 3 days ago
OBFI think Ackley was offended by the signing of Weeks to platoon with him, and he is out to prove JackieZ wrong! You go Ackley!2 weeks 3 days ago
Gordon GrossGreat starting pitching 1-5, great and deep pen, lineup cornerstones and no real sinkholes (except perhaps at glove positions, which can be remedied by internal replacements) - what's not to like?2 weeks 3 days ago
Gordon GrossWe gave 1600-ish PAs to guys with an OPS+ under 80 last year (many approximating 70, and 600ish under SIXTY), with another 250 to a DH OPSing 83 (Kendrys). Just fixing the sinkholes will be immense. .830 career OPS Cruz in place of .590 OPS-ing Corey Hart and .630 Morales. .770 career OPS Weeks getting time instead of .530 Romero and .570 Denorfia. Smith and Ruggiano platooning instead of the Saunders / Chavez disability whirlwind (which actually worked out about as well as could be expected... but should be greater this year). Imagine what it will be if Zunino can hit singles and Austin Jackson can hit doubles, let alone if Ackley is finally ready to post the 120 OPS+ that should be in his blood. The offense should be plenty to win consistently - and if they hit their stride then this could be the biggest giggle-fest since 2001. I expect 95 wins, but let's see that playoff team take shape.2 weeks 3 days ago
SABR MattI have a pet theory that teams who won a lot early in ST have good farm teams but aren't likely good in the bigs yet...whereas teams that win a lot middle to late in the spring are the good clubs. Take now of which kind of team we were in 2011 to 2014...and which kind were are now.2 weeks 3 days ago
MtGrizzlySmith and Weeks should really help stabilize things as well2 weeks 3 days ago
SABR MattCool quote...Walker is very self aware for someone so young. And his changeup, while different from Felix' dry spitter, has a very similar effect2 weeks 3 days ago
GLSThis rotation could be one for the ages. If the offense is simply average, we're gonna have a good time this season. If the offense is better than that (if, for instance Ackley and Zunino have turned truly turned the corner), the M's could be a juggernaut that beats up on the league.2 weeks 3 days ago
SABR MattAfter seeing that stay, I think the only question with walker is whether he can locate the fastball...if he can ev r n sorta kinda do that, he could rip off a string of sub 3 ERA seasons, starting now2 weeks 3 days ago
MtGrizzly“The second inning I was up with the fastball and I think I just threw too many fastballs. I wasn’t throwing off-speed. (Waits) just told me mix in offspeed right there, throw a changeup, slider whatever. I threw my changeup. Usually I try to throw my changeup down and that gets everything back down.” — Taijuan Walker2 weeks 3 days ago
SpectatorWhy they play the games ... says Georgia State had a 0.38% chance of winning when down 12 with 2:39 left. That's probably generous. Gotta love Coach/Dad literally falling out of his chair.2 weeks 3 days ago
Gordon GrossTaijuan Walker is a juggernaut in the making. Felix came up not knowing how to pitch and had some very mediocre ERA performances before he mastered the craft. Just having the arm isn't enough (ask Brandon Morrow about stuff vs. results). Walker's learning both how to pitch AND how to control his arsenal. Teams are gonna be praying to see some Happ or Elias during a series, because Kuma / King / Pax / Taijuan could bring teams to their knees this season. Especially now that we should actually, y'know, score some runs. Opposing pitchers will know that 3 runs given up = a loss. Watching the cracks form in even good starting performances from other clubs will be quite delightful.2 weeks 3 days ago
SABR MattFinally got to see walker inn life action...he looks MUCH improved over last season...his offspeed pitches were fantastic with great arm action...the power fastball, splitter, curve attack looked Clemens like.2 weeks 3 days ago
SABR MattDoc - I've added a post on the gofundme campaign - if you could make sure it goes live, that'd be appreciated. :D2 weeks 3 days ago
MtGrizzlyWhen Walker has the curveball and that split-change thing going, he's just nasty.2 weeks 3 days ago
MtGrizzlyAckley wants the AB's.2 weeks 3 days ago
moethedogCruddy call against UCLA today. That ball had no chance of gong in, with is required for a GT call. However, it is worth pointing out that a UCLA rebounder basically had a gimme put-back or dunk. He was going to tie the score. I'm not as bothered by the fact that the call isn't reviewable. There is some judgement involved in such a call. You don't replay double dribble calls or fouls late in a game, either. It is different that checking if a foot was on the line or the clock expired.2 weeks 3 days ago
jemanjiMatt, you want to put a guest article up about gofundme? I'm not even sure how to get to the page - or give me a URL and I'll embed it with my next article -2 weeks 4 days ago
GLSIn case anyone was wondering, the M's have three picks in the top 100 this year at 60, 72, and 94. They give up the 18th pick in the first round to sign Nelson Cruz.2 weeks 4 days ago
Gordon GrossAgreed. I've been on that wagon for a while. There are years where the pitching talent is much greater (See: the year Evan Longoria was drafted) but even then, the team happiest with what they got was Tampa Bay with Longoria. If there's large falloff from the pitchers to the hitters available, take the arm. If the talent is viewed as equivalent, take the hitter every time. You'll notice that since the snafu with Hultzen, Jack has used the first 5 rounds to draft 11 hitters and 4 pitchers. Of course, since we're now a bit light on perceived impact arms, I expect Jack to change back a bit. But when you saw the arguments for what even pitchers like Taijuan bring back (not as much as you'd think), maybe it's better to be stocked with hitters and use them to trade for arms.2 weeks 4 days ago
GLSI think the higher you are picking in the first round, the more biased against pitchers you should be, simply due to the injury risk. Which isn't to say that you should never draft a pitcher with an early pick (say top 5), because sometimes that's just where the talent is, but if it were me making the picks, my bias going in would be to look for that polished hitter that can play every day.2 weeks 4 days ago
Gordon GrossYeah, here's the first 4 rounds of Z's drafts, JUST listing valuable pieces: Ackley, Seager, Nick Franklin, James Jones, Walker, Paxton (also drafted Ryne Stanek but he turned us down for college), Hultzen (sigh... come back strong this year kid), Miller, Capps, Hicks, Zunino, Diaz, Kivlehan, DJ Peterson, Austin Wilson, Tyler O'Neill, Alex Jackson, Gareth Morgan, and Tyler Olson. And there are still guys like DeCarlo, Cousino and Pike who can get back on the prospect wagon this year. That's flat out INCREDIBLE. Out of 28 picks he's got 3 current lineup pieces, two guys traded for a 4th and 5th piece, two frontline starters (with a third coming back from injury), a borderline starter (Jones) and basically his whole top 10 of his prospect list, most of whom are highly regarded. Even the "reaches" of Kivlehan and Olson are coming up roses. Dude definitely knows how to run the top of the draft. No complaints - except Hultzen. ;-)2 weeks 4 days ago
SABR MattThe good news is that Z has rarely fouled up a pick of significant value...that Hultzen pick still chaps my hide though.2 weeks 4 days ago
Gordon GrossLOL of course there's a list somewhere. Guess I should have looked.2 weeks 4 days ago
Gordon GrossThe Ms have several genetics-guys Seager (with his raft-full of brothers in the pros), Gaby Guerrero, Schiraldi, heck Robinson Cano is a 2nd gen player. And who can forget our greatest selection, Michael Garciaparra, younger brother of Nomar (and basically a useless soccer player with a glove on his hand for some reason). We took him in the supplemental first round - two picks ahead of the high school player I was hoping for, some dude named David Wright. I have thrown things 4 times on draft day. Once for Mike G, once for Jeff Clement (wanted Tulo), once for Denny Almonte (2nd round, but instead of fellow high-schooler Giancarlo Stanton) and once for Hultzen instead of Rendon. Okay, maybe twice on Rendon - I was very invested in that pick. Bloodlines don't always pay off, I guess was my original point. Grr... Almonte... LOL.2 weeks 4 days ago
SpectatorJose Cano and Diego Segui were pitchers whose position-player sons turned out OK ... as Rick suggested.2 weeks 4 days ago
SpectatorM's also had Chance Ruffin, whose dad Bruce was an MLB pitcher. That didn't end up working out too well.2 weeks 4 days ago
SpectatorOf course, the Internet has a list. Great job, Internet! Not a lot of valuable pitcher-pitcher combos. Just scanning it looks like Mel Stottlemyre- Todd Stottlemyre wins, with Cam Bedrosian (consensus top 10 prospect for Angels) having a chance to move up quickly (with dad Steve). weeks 4 days ago
SpectatorMariners have RHP Lukas Schiraldi, whose dad Calvin was a middling MLB pitcher best known for his blown save in the ill-fated "Bill Buckner" game (though it was Bob Stanley who gave up the slow roller that Buckner missed). So there's that.2 weeks 4 days ago
Gordon GrossYeah, far as I know Vlad's supposed to go to the Jays. That could always change, but the Yankees can only sign scrubs this year after last year's bonanza, so I dunno who else is gonna blow through their pool and eat all the penalties for going over. Though it ooks like several teams are thinking of doing that this year - maybe because they're not doing so well in the domestic draft. I've said before that I'd rather sign international pitching and domestic hitting. After blowing millions upon millions on international hitters who can't even get to AA, it's hard for me to get excited about the top-paid bats. Gaby Guerrero signed for $400k, for instance - much better deal. Hopefully Brayan Hernandez breaks the big-money curse on IFAs for us.2 weeks 4 days ago
OBFLooks like Edgar has a son... I wonder what he's up to...2 weeks 4 days ago
OBFThere is DEFINITELY something to do with genetics in finding good baseball players, blood lines definitely mean something... Is it too early to sign Felix JR to a future contract? Also... how old are Griffeys kids now? What about Bonds'? As an aside, as a big Beaver fan, it is very gratifying to see this work ing basketball as well... Gary Payton Jr was AMAZING this year for the beavs... gives us beaver fans some hope!2 weeks 4 days ago
rick82Well, so long as we get Felix Jr. - which leads me to wonder how many successful Father-Son pitching combos there have been. I can't think of any - pitchers whose kids go on to play baseball tend to see them become position players.2 weeks 4 days ago
OBFHmmm... never mind I guess? After googling around looks like he already has an agreement with the Blue Jays? too bad...2 weeks 4 days ago
OBFDang, the Vlads sound intense... could you imagine an american kid quitting school at age 7 to concentrate on baseball? I mean it was a big deal when Bryce Harper got his GED to skip his senior year of HS! Still... I would LOVE to sign Vlad Jr... does anyone think Seattle can win the bidding war? Does having Gabby help our hurt our chances?2 weeks 4 days ago
SABR MattI am going to envision some Orc fan getting his day ruined every time Rodney shoots that arrow into the sky this year.2 weeks 4 days ago
SABR Mattinteresting2 weeks 4 days ago
MtGrizzlyVlad Jr: gonna be a bidding war to ink him. weeks 4 days ago
SABR MattI see I have a start on my gofundme goal...thanks to those who've contributed already. :)2 weeks 4 days ago
moethedogDitto, G.2 weeks 4 days ago
IcebreakerXCharlie & The Bartender sounds like a new hipster bar.2 weeks 4 days ago
Gordon GrossI love me some Kivlehan.2 weeks 5 days ago
DaddyOIt was inevitable... weeks 5 days ago
SABR MattHey BTW, just in case anyone here does any writing and needs the services of an editor - I'm also running a side business as a line and copy editor: (sorry for the shameless self-promotion!)2 weeks 5 days ago
SABR Mattthe bloopers make it painfully clear that Wilhelmson and Furbush are searing towers or white-hot awesome.2 weeks 5 days ago
OBFI thought they were all quite good this year. Mostly what was conveyed though is this seems like a really good group of guys. I bet it would be incredibly fun to hang out with Charlie and The Bartender for an evening :)2 weeks 5 days ago
SABR MattI did enjoy that one too. :)2 weeks 5 days ago
mojicianYou are all out to lunch. Rodney's invisible arrow popping Orc kids bouncy houses is the stuff of legend.2 weeks 5 days ago
SABR Mattfound 'em...not on the front center if anyone else wants to look - agreed that Cano's vid was funniest...though I think Hawt Corner is gonna be a thing in the stadium this year (sometimes they don't go for funny, they go for iconic).2 weeks 5 days ago
SABR Mattwhere did you find the Mariner commercials...I don't see them on weeks 5 days ago
DaddyOMariners commercials out. Sometimes when they first come out I don't find them very funny, but early in the season when they pop up on game broadcasts they seem better. This year's crop is no exception so far. Meh. The Cano one is best. All of us are annoyed when people put flyers on their car windshield.2 weeks 5 days ago
SABR MattI've launched a gofundme campaign as discussed yesterday for the purpose of getting my research off the ground: weeks 5 days ago
SABR MattIt is generally understood that the top 16 teams in the NCAA are a LOT better than the next 49. Seeds 1 to 4 would, therefore, logically have a lot less to lose by underperforming expectations than seed 5. Good stuff.2 weeks 5 days ago
SpectatorFor bracket junkies: Why No. 5 seeds lose to No. 12s -- "Seeds No. 1 through 6 all underperformed expectations by a smallish — but somewhat consistent — amount. The main difference with the No. 5 seed is that it didn’t have a big enough advantage to underperform this much without losing a lot more games." weeks 5 days ago
SABR MattI also drafted Alex Rodriguez and Shin Soo Choo, I was in a gambling mood.2 weeks 5 days ago
SABR MattDrafted, rather.2 weeks 5 days ago
SABR MattGood thing I dragged Saunders in my fantasy league. For 1 dollar. :)2 weeks 5 days ago
rick82Dutton reports Michael Saunders will play in a minor league game tomorrow. Wha?2 weeks 5 days ago
rick82I figured it out. Here's how I order: "Hands up, no cream. Black coffee matters!"2 weeks 5 days ago
Tacoma RainThanks Doc for the extra shout out. I only wish we could be seeing Edgar Olmos involved in the second lefty battle with Rollins, Olson and Luetge.2 weeks 5 days ago
jemanjiTacoma Rain gets a bit of a shout-out on Shannon Drayer's blog. Kewl. Also she 'points out' that Mike Zunino has one strikeout :- )2 weeks 5 days ago
jemanjiStarbucks - right. You'll never see it *the other way around* in Seattle, where a popular company announces a POINT OF SERVICE propaganda campaign that is based on a non-PC point of view. Remember the trooper who tried to talk to a woman to think about her decision to go to an abortion clinic, and was lynched in the headlines for two weeks? I'm trying to visualize Tully's announcing that its baristas will hand out "Two Sides of the LGBT Debate" pamphlets with each latte. Can you get your arms around what would occur next?2 weeks 5 days ago
jemanjiMatty … gofundme sounds like a no-brainer, esp. if you're going to throw in (partial) subscriptions to your site as a thank you. Just my $0.02.2 weeks 5 days ago
moethedogHa, rick! Or you could order a White Mocha! Hey, if you order a Mexican Mocha, is that having a real conversation about immigration policy? Starbucks has done something truly American by convincing us we all must have $4 coffees. Hurrah for them. Their race thing is silly and trivial.2 weeks 5 days ago
rick82I normally ask for a Venti or Grande drip (pretentious, but when in Rome...), but perhaps I'll play along and go back to asking for a black coffee, like I do at Jack in the Box. How's that for doing my part? Meanwhile, I see the First Lady is back to being the Nation's First Nag...something about limiting portions or something.2 weeks 5 days ago
Lonnie of MCI think that any time that a person with more money than common sense gets behind an issue it creates more problems more times than naught.2 weeks 5 days ago
GLSThis Starbucks thing is really stupid. In fact, it's just so jaw-droppingly obtuse that I expect it will go away fairly quickly. Realistically, Howard Schultz should put his own money to work on the issue if he feels so strongly about it.2 weeks 5 days ago
moethedogIt might work, Matt. Just be a when the barber says sell, sell when he's buying. Starbucks may be getting a bit too full of itself. In Salem there is a drive-in place called Bikini Coffee: Sure enough, after a three hour early morning drive on my way to the capitol, the gal who made my morning mocha was in jean shorts and a bikini top. I swear I only stopped once, and just to see if it was real. Haven't been back. But what a great country we live in. Take that Starbucks race relations guy!!!2 weeks 5 days ago
SABR MattI mean...they act like their baristas are experts on politics. Hey, I know! I'll go to my barber and ask him what he thinks of currency devaluation and speculation in commodities. That'll be really useful.2 weeks 5 days ago
SABR MattAbsolutely agreed, re: Starbucks. This is just tacky and unfriendly. Honestly, it doesn't matter what I think of race relations. What matters to me is that I don't give a flying fig what my barista thinks of race relations. Serve me my danged hot chocolate (I hate coffe) and, really, I don't need anything else.2 weeks 5 days ago
DaddyOI don't want to be propagandized if I go to a coffee shop. Imagine the outcry if Hobby Lobby trained it's clerks to enter into a dialogue with their customers about matters of faith. They would be drummed out of town, they would be hounded off the face of the earth. I don't see what Starbucks is encouraging as any different. Like I said, they are free to do it; I just don't expect the fallout from it to be what they would hope.2 weeks 5 days ago
DaddyOThat's the way I feel, Griz. Leaving aside one's particular view of race relations, which is a subject more complex than a sound bite or slogan, I can't imagine the potential this has for turning off many, many customers who just want to come in and enjoy a cup of coffee. Personally? I get annoyed when, at the behest of my bank I'm sure, a bank teller asks "What are you doing today?" I know they are trained to strike up a personal relationship. I don't mind if they ask "How are you doing today?" But "What are you doing today?" I feel like saying, "That's none of your business!" I don't say that, I mumble some banal generality, because it's not their fault that they are trained to ask these questions. I know that's the case because every single one of them asks it. It started about five years ago.2 weeks 5 days ago
MtGrizzlyYikes DaddyO. I question the business decision for the same reason as you. I often go to Starbucks for breakfast when I'm on the road and the last thing I want in the Starbucks 'morning cattle call' line is a barista trying to start a conversation about race relations, religion or politics! It's just...bizarre.2 weeks 6 days ago
DaddyOCouldn't find an appropriate thread, so here goes: Howard Schultz is encouraging his baristas to talk to customers about race relations. ..... As a private business, he's free to do so, but I wonder how tolerant Schultz will be toward those baristas freely express opinions on the subject differ significantly from his own? If I was a barista, I would not be happy with this AT ALL, because I would assume diverging from the party line would get you in big trouble. At that point, a barista becomes a political mouthpiece for Howard Schultz. And apart from this problem, there's bound to be trouble among customers when "discussions" escalate into vehement disagreement. I'll be amazed, and pleasantly so, if this turns out anything but badly. One guy says the Ferguson cop was justified, another guy with his friends are chanting "Hands Up, Don't Shoot!" That's gonna go well.2 weeks 6 days ago
OBFLomo and Ackley with back to back (well, almost Zunino struck out in between) TRIPLES! Lomo has the 2 hard parts of the cycle done! ;)2 weeks 6 days ago
moethedogLoMo with a homer and 'Kuma with 4 shutout innings.2 weeks 6 days ago
SABR MattHmm...I'll check with the wife, but I am strongly considering using gofundme. I'll get back to the group on that one.2 weeks 6 days ago
SABR MattThanks Grizz...I'll look into those packages. I admit...I'm not a master developer, so if there is a steep learning curve, I'm not going to be interested right now. I am what a professional developer would call a "data crusher"...I am an analyst who knows just enough programming basics to do some damage. I can hack out some C++, Python, R, Perl, etc...and I learn reasonably quickly in new languages...but would rather not go that way if I don't have to. Any open source option, BTW, needs to have a big user community library from which to draw, so that I'm not re-inventing the wheel and designing my own MCMC or linear solver or XML parser. Don't want to waste time.2 weeks 6 days ago
MtGrizzlyThere are some (reportedly) decent open source alternatives to MATLAB. GNU Octave, Scilab, Rlab and Scipy. Pluses and minuses with each, as one must expect when dealing with open source. One of our data guys did a small POC using Scilab and it seemed to work well.2 weeks 6 days ago
rick82gofundme is pretty good. I'll kick in $60 ($50 plus cover the money they take out, hopefully) if you go that route.2 weeks 6 days ago
SABR MattAlas, commercial MATLAB licenses are like 2 if the work gets done in MATLAB and I find out that the company considers my small-time efforts commercial use, I'm pretty screwed.2 weeks 6 days ago
SABR MattI was planning on starting to monetize through the new DOV and possibly expanding from there to marketing my research on a separate website where the data could be directly accessed for active players and historical careers.2 weeks 6 days ago
SABR MattI'd like to monetize, yes...but some care needs to be given. A personal MATLAB license cannot be used commercially. I am not certain what the boundaries on commercial use of the product might be. If I'm using MATLAB to do certain tasks, but monetizing the results, is this a violation of the law? Or is it only the commercialization of imagery and direct work product that couldn't be reproduced by another software package? The wording of the user agreement isn't clear on this point.2 weeks 6 days ago
Bat571Matt -- Any chance some of the work you'll do with MATLAB will be monetized? I.e., might it be a loan rather than a grant?2 weeks 6 days ago
SABR MattAgreed OBF on the formatting. All of the available data is in CSV files or XML files that need to be read into some program to parse and explore...I am not planning to use a straight DB...I'm planning to read them into MATLAB and use the power of the MATLAB file sharing system to do a huge chunk of the work. Need a Markov Chain/Monte Carlo simulation to get win probabilities for base/out states? Download the MCMC script. Need to solve a system of linear equations to isolate variables? Use the stats toolbox. Need to read XML data into a flat data file? Use an XML parser object. I used MATLAB and got very comfortable with it while doing my graduate meteorology studies. :)2 weeks 6 days ago
OBFKickstarter, is probably not what you are looking for (there is an expected product)... but a quick, or could probably get you a couple hundred bucks from the folks around here in less than a week... The big time SABR project that you would report on would be more than worth it to us Baseball nerds ;)2 weeks 6 days ago
OBFSounds backwards... but for non relational data (ie sequential), you actual don't want a database at all... you want a flat file (CSV, txt, etc.) just like you wouldn't split a movie into a bunch of frames a plop it in a DB, it is one big AVI, MPEG, etc, the file structure itself carries information along with it (order)... Of course the trouble is, if you already have the data IN a DB... you are up a crick a little bit, because that meta data (order) of the sequential file is lost... I assume each record has a DateTime Stamp with it? You could recreate the order with that... Visual Studio Express is free and the C# MySql add in is free... You could rebuild the order...2 weeks 6 days ago
SABR MattI thought I was going to have the money to do it this week, but three other unexpected expenses popped up: microwave broke, MLB.TV auto-billed me (yeah, I should have probably known that was about to hit) for the season, and needed money to travel down to visit my ailing grandmom.2 weeks 6 days ago
SABR MattI need about $200 to fund the acquisition of MATLAB with the statistics toolbox...I can and frequently do code in MySQL, but I believe MySQL is a severe limiting factor on a person's ability to do real research. It's great for interrogating data looking for simple relationships, but it's terrible for doing anything that is sequential in nature, which Elo most definitely is, as are the number of projects I have in mind relating to pitch f/x data. R can do a lot of what MATLAB does for free but not all, and, IMHO, the language you use in R also limits research some, as it is much less powerful and streamlined than MATLAB. In my (albeit limited) experience with crowdsourcing, people have to know who you are and you have to advertise heavily in high-traffic neighborhoods to get anywhere. I really need a course in social media as advertising engine.2 weeks 6 days ago
rick82How much we talking, Matt? Kickstarter project, maybe?2 weeks 6 days ago
SABR Matt*sigh*...I'd be getting stuff done today toward the Elo project if I could afford to buy the software I need to actually do the work.2 weeks 6 days ago
SABR MattZunino looked good today3 weeks 23 hours ago
okdanKivelhan's throw to 2B was a missile.3 weeks 1 day ago
Gordon GrossKiv in LF and DJ at first is a nice preview of the 2016 Ms3 weeks 1 day ago
Gordon GrossKivlehan showing off his strong and accurate arm today in LF3 weeks 1 day ago
Gordon Grossif you didn't hear shannon drayer:gareth morgan and austin wilson got the only two hits off felix in his simulated game. and joe decarlo was on felix's team and hit a monster homer... just foul. good to hear joe's name in that class.3 weeks 1 day ago
SABR MattStarting to seem like Sanchez has long odds to even survive. Really disheartening.3 weeks 1 day ago
MtGrizzly@bvenezolano: #Mariners RHP Victor Sanchez remains in a coma, in ICU, no reaction yet. Still in critical situation. 1 month ago today he was hit by a boat3 weeks 1 day ago
jemanjiMarte has remarkable quickness with the bat and obvious ability to cover the ball, but I'm wondering how they see pop beyond Endy Chavez'3 weeks 2 days ago
jemanji's all good chief3 weeks 2 days ago
okdanApologies, Doc3 weeks 2 days ago
SABR MattThat crop circle may be the coolest and geekiest thing I've ever seen. ..quite a trick3 weeks 2 days ago
SABR MattKeel Marte is more Cesar Izturis II than José Reyes II, IMHO3 weeks 2 days ago
SABR MattI have not...and now I'm gonna have to look that up3 weeks 2 days ago
jemanjiThat's a great catch on 3.1415. Have you seen the Pi crop circle? :- )3 weeks 2 days ago
SABR MattOoooooooh...that really...really sucks.3 weeks 2 days ago
jemanjiLanguage guys. That's twice. ;- ) Yeah, could that have happened to a less deserving player? That really stings you as a fan. :: moan :: … bright side: it does force the M's into the decision that I was hoping for - and could conceivably give us more intel on Jose Reyes II -3 weeks 2 days ago
okdanDamn. Chris Taylor fractured his wrist. Out 4-6 weeks. Big loss for the team, but feel awful for the kid after the hot start he's had.3 weeks 2 days ago
SABR MattHappy pi day, everyone! 3/14/15, 9:26:53 enjoy some pie. :)3 weeks 2 days ago
SpectatorWilson had the best SLG of any prospect who didn't play at High Desert, but he grades out as strong BA and OBP guy too. And he looks like Megatron. And he went to Stanford for the academics (both his parents have Ph.D.s). What's not to like?3 weeks 2 days ago
Gordon GrossWilson can run, though. He's one of my most anticipated minor leaguers this season. His swing is looking good and compact, especially for a big man. If he's healthy, I wanna see if he can take a Winfield-sized step forward into harnessing all those tools.3 weeks 3 days ago
Gordon GrossAustin didn't even get a pitch worth swinging at. Throw him a strike at least, ya bum! ;)3 weeks 3 days ago
Gordon GrossLara showing off his arm. That's always fun. :) He reminds me of Mike Wilson a bit. Big guy, more athletic than he looks, good arm, not bad at the plate... Mike just stopped progressing as a player at a relatively young age, and then stopped caring. We'll see if Lara can keep making progress. He doesn't exactly have a lightning-quick bat, so that hand-eye and pitch-reading better be sharp.3 weeks 3 days ago
Gordon GrossMan, I'd love to see Wilson get into one. He's way above his current level, since he'll be starting off in AA at BEST, maybe the Cal League. But that guy can rake when he's right, and his more compact swing he found in the MWL last year is pretty. I have huge hopes for that dude if he can stay healthy.3 weeks 3 days ago
Gordon GrossYup. Still don't like Guiape yet. Medina minus a foot on his fastball.3 weeks 3 days ago
SpectatorAn Austin Wilson sighting! Let's hope he stays healthy and fast-tracks! He could end up being better than D.J. or Kivlehan.3 weeks 3 days ago
SABR MattBTW re: Happ's velocity...the gun looks a little soft at Peoria. Most of the guys are recording velocities that seem low to me. Farquhar throwing 93 tops, Smith topping out at 91.3 weeks 3 days ago
SABR MattYeah Spec...unless you see a pitcher who is a legit .260+ hitter, the hitting doesn't matter much and the matters, but the guys who are great fielders are mostly the guys who need to be...the guys who are terrible fielders are mostly the guys who don't need to field much.3 weeks 3 days ago
SpectatorThanks for the answers Matt. So not really worth fussing with unless as "all else being equal" situation.3 weeks 3 days ago
Gordon GrossCarson Smith usually looks wild. He's gonna be a Jeff Nelson type. As long as he doesn't give up hits it'll be all right.3 weeks 3 days ago
Gordon GrossCarson Smith: wiping dudes out with that slider and fielding pretty darn well also. Him running to 2nd to take the throw from Miller was nice.3 weeks 3 days ago
SABR Matteasy 1-2-3 inning for Carson Smith...but he looked very wild to me.3 weeks 3 days ago
SABR MattAs some here might know, when I created DNRA back in the day, I treated balls fielded by the pitcher as "DIPS" plays and gave full credit to the pitcher for the out. The difference between Jamie Moyer and Randy Johnson was usually about 25-30 extra fielded balls for Moyer. That's worth like 5 runs above a "random" grounder. So...not zero...but small. :) As for hitting...there are very few pitchers that gain more than a few tenths of a win for offense these days...though that was not always true.3 weeks 3 days ago
Gordon GrossSingles from Zunino make me weirdly happy. He's gonna hit 20 bombs. He needs more singles.3 weeks 3 days ago
SpectatorHad this question in the Hultzen comments. Matt, is there any evidence on how much a picther can gain "bonus value" from fielding? or hitting in NL parks? or is it just pretty much de minimis?3 weeks 3 days ago
GLSThat's too bad about Darvish. Hate to see great players like that go down.3 weeks 3 days ago
SpectatorHapp's fastball famously went from 91 avg to 93 avg in '14. Just going off Gameday, seems like he's averaging 91 today.3 weeks 3 days ago
SABR MattEnjoying this game live...Mariners doing a nice job putting good ABs on Fiers...3 weeks 3 days ago
SABR MattRangers' rotation = hosed.3 weeks 3 days ago
SpectatorIt's official now that Yu Darvish will undergo TJ surgery and miss all of 2015.3 weeks 3 days ago
SABR MattSpecifically, for those who are interested, men treat new information differently than women do. Women have much more "relational" brains where the hemispheres are working together in an attempt to make new information fit into a larger context. Men have serial brains, where new information compounds linearly over time and relationships aren't built until the new information can be tested relationally (with hands-on approaches, with directed questioning and experimentation). All of the trends in modern education are toward forcing all students to think the way that women do naturally...relationally and all at once. And the sit and get blabbed at model will work better for women anyway, because they are better able, through relational thinking, to incorporate new information holistically than men. That's neurological hardwiring...not social conditioning.3 weeks 3 days ago
SABR MattG...sorry, but no. There is extensive literature in the psych journals on the differences between how female brains operate and how male brains do. We're talking electro-chemically...through the cooperation of neural pathways in the brain itself. Women have brains that are very...very different than men.3 weeks 3 days ago
Gordon GrossAre girls pre-disposed to learn better that way, or do we socialize them to be that way from the time they can speak? Is "sitting still and getting blabbed at" more conducive to a majority of girls, or are they just used to it and expected to adapt even at that young age? Because after all we believe boys will be boys, and girls will be... docile. Rather than thinking that grade school teaching is working well for half the population, I actually get the feeling that it works poorly for everyone, but girls come out better on a curve thanks to social and parental pressures giving them a bit of an unfortunate headstart in that area.3 weeks 3 days ago
moethedogWill agree on all your points about what boys need, Matt. I will also admit that I can't comment well on reading options at the grade school level.3 weeks 3 days ago
SABR Mattall that having been said...I agree that the lack of father figures also plays a strong role.3 weeks 3 days ago
SABR's not that teachers aren't trying to teach's that the educational establishment doesn't understand boys and their learning needs. When literature curricula are created, and books for reading chosen, no thought is given to the difference in the sexes as far as their average taste in fiction, for example. On top of that, the sit still and get blabbed at teaching model is not a good one for boys. Girls are better learners in that environment...boys need competition, exercise and hands-on learning more than girls do (again...on average...there are always a wide range of preferences from person to person). I'm not accusing educators of intentionally ignoring boys. I'm accusing the system of being run in a way that favors the women think and learn.3 weeks 3 days ago
SABR Mattwow...congrats to Saunders and to his medical team...very impressive.3 weeks 3 days ago
moethedogFrom MLBTR: Michael Saunders‘ recovery from a torn meniscus is “kind of a miracle,” Blue Jays manager John Gibbons told reporters, including Mark Zwolinski of the Toronto Star. Saunders is already back to baseball activities in camp less than two weeks after deciding to have the injured cartilage removed completely. It was originally thought that the injury would sideline Saunders for the first half of the season, but he now has a shot at the Opening Day lineup and, at worst, should be back on the field by mid-April. Here’s some more from around the AL East…3 weeks 3 days ago
moethedogI'm respectfully disagreeing with Matt: Boys are getting left behind because so many of them are being raised without dads, figuratively or literally. After 34 years in the classroom, 32 at the secondary level, I'm pretty dead sure that I push the guys as much as the girls. More so, likely. They get no pass, behaviorally or educationally. Hold true for the vast majority of the teachers I've worked with, both great ones and terrible ones. More and more, we're seeing boys raised in homes with no male role-model or no steady one. Frequently, nobody at home asks them to be young men and shows them how. Hey, my dad was raised (with 5 siblings) by a tough mom and with an absentee dad and he grew up right. It can happen. But he was born in 1928, that situation was relatively rare. Not so today. You want to fix boys, start by fixing (way too many) dads. Oh, there is more to the remedy than just that......but that's a good place to start.3 weeks 3 days ago
SABR Mattthe educational system in the secondary and elementary levels is currently designed to cater exclusively to's not surprising that boys are getting left behind.3 weeks 4 days ago
Bat571A wise person told me once that the secret to a happy life is to marry above yourself. An article in the Economist says this is getting easier all the time ;-) !!! --- --- you're not alone, Matt !3 weeks 4 days ago
SABR MattMy wife is better at problem solving than i am...if i didn't get married, I would be a bum. LOL3 weeks 4 days ago
Gordon GrossIf Jeff or Jim don't get up a breakdown by the time I'm off work, Grizz, I'll see what I can do to compare em to last year (if I can find footage from last year). Otherwise, short version from memory: He's still coming around the corner (Which I'm fine with) but no longer cutting across the street.3 weeks 4 days ago
MtGrizzlyHow did the revised mechanics look?3 weeks 4 days ago
Gordon GrossHe had trouble finding control of the breaker (no big surprise there) and was obviously jacked up, but he was a steady 94. Consider that a huge win for him - so glad he's able to take the mound. We'll get a nice long look at him in the minors as he works back.3 weeks 4 days ago
rick82Hultzen at 94? - awesome!3 weeks 5 days ago
moethedogThat's even better than the dinger!3 weeks 5 days ago
merksHultzen throwing 94 mph so far on fastballs3 weeks 5 days ago
moethedogSeager dinger!3 weeks 5 days ago
SABR MattAnyone here know Python REALLY well? Preferably in Windows? :)3 weeks 5 days ago
SABR Mattwhat happened to Leone today.3 weeks 6 days ago
Gordon GrossBrad Miller is just tomahawking the ball around the field this spring. And out of the field.3 weeks 6 days ago
SABR MattOh yeah!! Jimmy Graham is one of the top TEs in the game...that is a GREAT thing to give a creative, playmaking QB and beastmode.3 weeks 6 days ago
SpectatorWe're all anxious to start playing in our new sandbox, Ben!3 weeks 6 days ago
benihanaI'm not gonna judge Marte's ability to play short by a few spring training errors. The kid has to be amp'd up playing with his idol Cano and getting his first real taste of big league action. Let's see how he conducts himself, how he handles AAA, and beyond.3 weeks 6 days ago
SpectatorAs it happens, there's a rising shortstop I like better than Marte and a slap hitter with speed who barely ever strikes out I like better than Marte. That's two spoilers.3 weeks 6 days ago
Gordon GrossMaybe I'll do a Cousino vs. Marte post, with gifs and all. Verdict: I'd like a third option. Oh wait, I think that's a spoiler...3 weeks 6 days ago
Gordon GrossCousino has a slow swing, no doubt. Chone Figgins always looked like he was hitting off a practice tee at the 14th green too though. Cousino looks like that kind of player to me. I don't think there's a lot more you can do with that swing. Considering Chone was a 20+ WAR player after a ridiculously unspectacular minor league career, there are worse outcomes to be aimed at. Problem is, if he's NOT a Figgins type in CF, then I don't know how he makes it.3 weeks 6 days ago
SABR MattBTW...having seen Cousino take a few hacks this spring...I am not impressed. His swing is he's swinging through water.3 weeks 6 days ago
SABR MattMarte isn't exactly my Ketel of fish...but I suspect he would get a lot more valuable to us as a CF stopgap if we can't find one in FA next off-season or as trade bait under the heading "athletic CF with high stoploss offensively" yes...make it so.3 weeks 6 days ago
OBFDang... We have 3 SS that ALL want to be on the major league roster! I Luuuuuuuve eeettttt! :)3 weeks 6 days ago
SpectatorMaybe they're finding that there's not as much trade interest in Marte as they thought so they're looking at keeping him and finding a utility role for him? Maybe other GMs concur with Gordon and some of us that he's overhyped?3 weeks 6 days ago
Gordon GrossMarte can't play SS anyway. How many errors does he have in the first week of Spring? And he's never playing 2nd for us. And he doesn't hit enough for third. He's an athletic guy - CF would be a good place for him. He'd be like Adam Jones without power (and half the Ks). That's still an 85-90 OPS+ player at a glove position, which is survivable. Find some swing tweaks and who knows? We do have a giant hole there too after this year - can't put it all on Cousino. I think they should move him to center. It would buy him some more time with us to figure out whether he has a future here, at the very least.3 weeks 6 days ago
SABR MattNow THAT would make Marte interssting3 weeks 6 days ago
moethedogJeff, I'm very good on that move. We haven't seen Miller in CF/LF this spring, which I was hoping to see....but recognizing that SS is stacked above Marte, it makes sense to give him a look-see in CF.3 weeks 6 days ago
MtGrizzlyChurchill mentions the possibility of the club moving Marte to CF.3 weeks 6 days ago
Tacoma RainI just hope that Bat is right about the Erasmo for Rollins trade3 weeks 6 days ago
MtGrizzlyYeah, Erasmo is just here as a hedge against injury at this point.3 weeks 6 days ago
Gordon GrossErasmo's gonna get traded for a low-A nobody to a team in dire straits with their rotation. He almost has to be.3 weeks 6 days ago
Bat571With Olson's performance, and comments like that on Pries, Erasmo's hold on a roster spot is pretty tenuous. I keep expecting something, especially with Rollins hitting 94 in a 3 up, 3 down 5th. But then again, maybe the 'Stros would rather have Rollins back if he's doing that.3 weeks 6 days ago
Bat571The Pencil on Pries: "I've been impressed," said manager Lloyd McClendon. "He's a strike thrower, he shows a lot of poise. I'm excited about him being at the Triple-A level. It certainly gives us more depth with our starting pitching, in case we do have injuries. That's a nice feeling. I can see why people in our organization like him a lot. He's pretty good."3 weeks 6 days ago
SABR MattElias will be in MLB...either s second lefty or as a starter4 weeks 23 min ago
Tacoma RainI like the Correia signing, but I have to question Correia's thought process4 weeks 52 min ago
Gordon GrossThat's basically the plan as I see it, yeah TR - unless Elias is used as a long man to get through April when pitch counts are still restrictive and see where we're at. I'm looking forward to seeing Gilheeney in the pen too, actually - he still has good arm talent, especially for a lefty, and might just need the Maurer kick in the pants from going to the pen to turn really interesting again. Major league rotation of Felix / Kuma / Paxton / Happ / Taijuan. You really gotta love that...4 weeks 57 min ago
Tacoma RainAnd that's with Gilheeney, Snow and Anderson in the bullpen who also started more than 10 games last year in Tacoma.4 weeks 1 hour ago
Tacoma RainJust so I am getting this correct... Tacoma's rotation will be Elias, Hultzen, Pries, Olson, and some veteran from the group of Germano, Correia, Kickham, Caraway, A Fernandez if healthy... and possibly Erasmo or Rollins. That sounds pretty full to me.4 weeks 1 hour ago
Gordon GrossYep. A more cutthroat org might trade or cut Bloomie to make sure that both dudes are on the roster. Weeks is bringing a raft full of gloves to the park anyway, so Bloomquist's vaunted versatility is being taken over by the new McLemore. Doubt we'll see that though.4 weeks 1 hour ago
MtGrizzlyThe Miller-Taylor competition is going to be some kinds of fun.4 weeks 2 hours ago
Gordon GrossMiller with 2 jacks in this game, Zunino with one. Gotta love our glove-man power.4 weeks 2 hours ago
moethedogWalker and Miller! Bloomie whom? Saunders is way less worth our time than Correia, Matt. If this is one for the other, I have no argument.4 weeks 2 hours ago
Gordon GrossIf you don't know Olson, he was a nice little arm at Gonzaga, very accurate but a lefty who threw high-80s - fine as a lefty (I'm thinking when we drafted him), especially if he finds a couple mph in the pen. And with his delivery he hides the ball well, and that slider is pretty killer. A bit like Sherrill. I wouldn't have tried to start Sherrill, though, and Olson started all 27 games he appeared in last year, at 2 levels - and put up a mid-3s ERA up through AA. So he's got a repeatable motion (even though he will change the amount of sidearm he uses just to get another angle on hitters) and stamina - and let's not forget accuracy. Don't see a lot of slider guys with walks under 2 in AA. He's a fascinating dude. I assume we're gonna let him pitch out of the rotation in AAA this year, but he's another plug-n-play guy if that 2nd lefty spot opens up in the pen - or even a long man role.4 weeks 2 hours ago
Gordon GrossOlson Ks the side. DEFINITELY wants consideration as a full-bore reliever and not just a specialist - and that's at worst. Gotta love always grabbing a couple of these arms in every draft.4 weeks 2 hours ago
Gordon GrossOlson throwing a nasty changeup to righties now - nice. I always liked him as a LOOGY, but he wants consideration as more, and keeps getting better.4 weeks 2 hours ago
Gordon GrossJeebus. Nasty sliders, knee-buckling curves, running heat up and in... bring on the season for Taijuan!4 weeks 3 hours ago
Gordon GrossCorreia is better wall-splatter than Saunders for just that reason, Matt - rather have another choice if the only guy down there is Pries. I still expect to trade Erasmo for somebody's minor leaguer - maybe to the Rangers? Phillies? There is an early rash of injuries to deal with for several teams.4 weeks 3 hours ago
Gordon GrossTaijuan is destroying people. And his running barehanded catch of a little infield flare was impressive too. His curveball in the second just fell off the table, and the run on his fastball is really nice considering we've got 4 weeks til he actually has to start a game. Somebody wants to stay in the bigs.4 weeks 3 hours ago
SABR MattI guess Correia, assuming he is willing to pitch in AAA, is OK to have as org depth just in case something happens to two of our SP at once.4 weeks 3 hours ago
SABR we determined that Joe Saunders is not worth our time and thus...decided to buy another pitcher who is not worth our time?4 weeks 3 hours ago
moethedogMariners, Kevin Correia Agree To Minor League Deal4 weeks 4 hours ago
GLSWhat is the deal with the spam filter? It strikes at random and without warning and sending a report to Mollom doesn't seem to do anything.4 weeks 5 hours ago
moethedogAgreed4 weeks 9 hours ago
SABR MattGood. It would be a stupid decision to roster him anyway4 weeks 12 hours ago
moethedogOuch, Joe Saunders!4 weeks 22 hours ago
Gordon GrossKivlehan had a golden sombrero today, going 0-for-4 with 4 Ks. A bit of a comedown from yesterday, but the experience is still good for him and his ABs weren't terrible. Sam Gaviglio got lit up today too, but one game doesn't make or break you. The fun of all this competition is that two bad days might, in fact, break you.4 weeks 1 day ago
SABR MattSplit the SS games today...and the remarkable thing is that both of our SS line-ups were pretty deep. :)1 month 8 min ago
SABR Mattthere goes Texas' season.1 month 17 min ago
Gordon GrossPoor Texas: "Yu Darvish is considering the possibility of undergoing Tommy John surgery after tests revealed that the Texas Rangers ace has a sprained ligament in his pitching elbow." Getting a second opinion... but not good for them.1 month 6 hours ago
moethedogI'm with you moj. Way in. Keep 'em both! Willie who?1 month 1 day ago
Tacoma RainJordy Lara played a couple innings yesterday at 3rd too1 month 1 day ago
SpectatorNow that I look at it, Blash hasn't been given a shot or Paolini in the first 3 games. But Cousino did. Guess that's a little tip about how they see the pecking order. Unless there's injuries or something.1 month 1 day ago
Gordon GrossI missed on Chris Taylor too originally, Spec. I thought he was a Bloomquist type, which has value but not great value. He certainly seems to be on a higher trajectory than that. Elias and Landazuri were big with me in spring of 2013, so I'm glad one of them has come through. Still have hopes for Lando. Also, Jordy Lara in the outfield is not really what I wanna see - and yeah, Kivlehan isn't slowing down yet. I really, really love that.1 month 1 day ago
DragoHey I think we should get an SSI Fantasy Baseball league going! I have plenty of friends who are into fantasy football but I can&#039;t scare up anyone to play fantasy baseball!1 month 1 day ago
SpectatorJordy Lara playing OF. He and Blash and Romero and Paolini would all be in the mix for RH OF reserve ... but Kivlehan is blowing them all away.1 month 1 day ago
MtGrizzlyMarte on defense...yikes.1 month 1 day ago
SpectatorHere's the 2013 spreadsheet used by the guy who compiles the consensus rankings. Credit to Fangraphs (and Gordon) for having Kivlehan at No. 11. I had him No. 33. Look in vain for the name Chris Taylor. It's not there. Nor Roenis Elias. Nor Dominic Leone. John Sickles had Carson Smith No. 18. month 1 day ago
Gordon GrossI've now jinxed Marte, and he's returning to the form that makes me nervous about him. ;)1 month 1 day ago
Gordon GrossMarte looks the part of a real ballplayer out there. Got a nice bit of muscle over the last couple seasons too. I can understand why scouts really like him - a tweak here or there at the plate might help boost him quite a bit.1 month 1 day ago
mojicianSo why can't a bat first shortstop with wheels make a good benchie? Taylor? Miller? Why choose? use them both.1 month 1 day ago
mojicianWho is Tyler Olson who struck out Kendrick, jam pitched Ethier and got a weak popout on Uribe? He is a native of Spokane, went to Gonzaga, and was taken in the seventh round of the 2012 draft. He was apparently the 2014 Jackson Generals resident staff ace. After a quick scan of the blogosphere, it appears Spectator called Olson pitcher of the year before he had his 1 point nothing ERA in August. Its nice to hear about tomorrow's news nine months ago.1 month 1 day ago
Gordon GrossNice home run by Taylor - that two-horse race between him and Miller should be fun all Spring.1 month 1 day ago
mojicianErasmage on Gameday: Pitched all right but tubed several pitches, especially in the first inning. Given that McClendon has zero tolerance for centered fastballs or similar horse (manure), I think Erasmo is done as a Mariner.1 month 1 day ago
SABR MattHeard about that yesterday, and don't find it the least bit surprising. Felix's home country is in a heap of trouble.1 month 1 day ago
MtGrizzlyFrom the Times: "• Multiple sources in Venezuela are reporting that the Mariners have closed their baseball academy in Aguirre, Carabobo, because of political and social unrest in the country. The players, coaches and staff in Venezuela will be transferred to the Mariners’ new facility in the Dominican Republic. Organization officials would not comment on the situation."1 month 1 day ago
SABR Mattsuch a shame to lose Choi...I thought he was the most mature hitter in our system...the most likely to succeed immediately.1 month 1 day ago
GrumpyUgh. Worst case scenario for Choi. Other than breaking his back again at the same time.1 month 1 day ago
Tacoma RainDutton says the Mariners expect Choi to miss at least 4 to 6 months... thus this is a lost year for Choi. And unfortunately for Choi, he will have a tough time getting attention with all the others coming behind him. I was really hoping for better things for Choi.1 month 1 day ago
Gordon GrossVery true bat. I meant that it didn't affect Choi at all, but it is the smarter roster move for staying alert and able to be active in Spring Training.1 month 1 day ago
Bat571But it does give the Ms a 40-man spot. The 60-day would also, but it doesn't start until ~ the week before Opening Day. But if Olmos is back, that's the roster spot they need for him until he officially clears waivers and can be outrighted to Tacoma. At that point the Ms would have a spot for Baker or a pitcher if they need it.1 month 1 day ago
Gordon GrossChoi is not out of options, so it's effectively nothing. They designated him to go to the minors, using an option year they would have had to use anyway, and that way he's not clogging the roster. No big.1 month 1 day ago
GLSWhat is the significance of the DFA move in this situation?1 month 1 day ago
Bat571Apparently the Mariners have DFA'd Choi rather than wait to 60-day DL him.1 month 1 day ago
Bat571Montero has 1 option left of 3. Ackley and Hultzen, who signed MLB/40-man contracts have a 4th option each. Erasmo is the only one out of options.1 month 1 day ago
MtGrizzlyThe sports writers have all been talking about how Montero is headed to Tacoma. I guess they could be wrong.1 month 1 day ago
moethedogKiv-le-mashing-han! Dustin whom?1 month 1 day ago
mojicianOn further review, I think that restricted list time does not affect option years as long as the player actually spent 20 days in the minors while on the 40 man roster.1 month 1 day ago
mojicianI don't think that Montero's 2012 option year counts because he never went to the minors during that year. I'm not sure how the 2014 restricted list stint factors into option years as well. Montero should be protected for 2015.1 month 1 day ago
SpectatorStill with the M's from Bravai drafts? Mark Lowe ... ha! full circle, but he's not on the roster yet. Forrest Snow was drafted by both Bavasi out of HS and Jack out of UW. Didn't know that. Nate Tenbrink maybe still holding on by his fingernails. Everyone else has been flushed I think.1 month 2 days ago
Gordon GrossAssuming we can get Montero there. He's out of options.1 month 2 days ago
SpectatorAll coming off of Shawn Kelley. Amazingly, with Kelley, Morrow and Maurer, I think the Pods have more Bavasi draftees than the M's. In fact, that might be half of the Bavasi draftees left in the majors. (Though I think there was a Anthony Varvaro sighting recently ...) (Aumont maybe?) (OK Tillman, Fister and Josh Fields I guess + Condor of course.)1 month 2 days ago
MtGrizzlyKivlehan, DJ and Montero in middle of that Tacoma lineup aught to be something.1 month 2 days ago
Gordon GrossRomero walked! That's about as impressive for him as a HR would be. Do more of that, son.1 month 2 days ago
Gordon GrossDJ grabs a single up the middle, much like Kivlehan was doing yesterday - seriously, with one of Taylor/Miller relegated to the Rainiers, and the returning Blash to join DJ, Kivlehan, Marte, Hicks, possibly Pizzano or Paolini... that lineup should hit. Whoever has Tacoma tickets might wanna go take a peek. Dunno how their starting pitching will be (depending on who makes the Ms rotation), but the offense shouldn't let you down.1 month 2 days ago
Gordon GrossGlad you're on board, Matt. Kivlehan and DJ are both verrry good prospects. They just need to separate them positionally so that both of em can stick around. Kivlehan can replace Seth Smith shortly, and DJ can be in line to take over for LoMo. And if LoMo steps into being a full-time stud, then either of the two prospects can be traded. We'll see where that goes - but man, Tacoma should be an interesting lineup.1 month 2 days ago
okdanHa, how did you beat me to that G? I came here to post the same thing :P1 month 2 days ago
Gordon GrossKivlehan blasts one out. Because it's Spring and he wants to lift my spirits. I do love that dude.1 month 2 days ago
SABR MattCall me a major KIVLEFAN!1 month 2 days ago
SABR MattBy "good year" for Jackson...I didn't mean .265 with 25 dings. I meant the kind of year that gets him listed in the top 20 prospects per BA1 month 2 days ago
Gordon GrossLOL if Alex Jackson DOESN'T have a big year, that will be among the biggest disappointments in the minors, Matt. Morgan scuffling was something I expected. Jackson needs to do basically what Buxton did at 19 - at least be in that ballpark. Assuming he's in full-season A-Ball anyway, which I fully expect.1 month 2 days ago
SABR MattBring the heat guys...I'll be subscribing to all of your channels at the start, to give you all your shots. :) I will also be launching one, so I need to dedicate some time to setting up a stats DB again...1 month 2 days ago
Gordon GrossSpec, I am incredibly stoked for this season and seeing what comes out of the Mariners - and our conversations about them. DOV2 aka The Mystery Van will be a lot of fun.1 month 2 days ago
SABR MattLet's hope Alex Jackson has a big year too, G1 month 2 days ago
SABR MattAnd...I feel you, Grandmother is still hanging on and semi-conscious on occasion, but I feel like I already lost her, since she can't talk or move much anymore.1 month 2 days ago
Gordon GrossAnd yes Matt, that's my thought too - we lost our fallback position, both on trading Elias (because that's what Sanchez was) and trading Deej (since now there is no Choi). Maybe Lara steps up, or Landazuri stays healthy and we get that secondary piece back to enable more flexibility at the deadline. That's what this Spring and Summer are for. Let's hope to see some progress for some of our minor league talents, and more health than many of them had for last year (lookin' at you, Wilson and O'Neill and Lando).1 month 2 days ago
SABR MattWell, let us hope we haven't lost Victor's Vector forever. Even if he never pitches again, if he lives through this, who knows what he might accomplish?1 month 2 days ago
SpectatorNo sweat, G. Don't disagree. Glad to have you back as a regular contributor.1 month 2 days ago
Gordon GrossNot you, Jim - it's an anniversary of sorts for me w/r/t losing someone, so I took the way you wrote it in a way that you did not intend. Like I said, I know you wouldn't mean it that way. :) I'm just in an "everyone is important and losing someone does damage the fabric of the universe and the tapestry woven thereon" sort of mood, I think.1 month 2 days ago
mojicianHeh!1 month 2 days ago
SpectatorTiming and wording inartful. Mea culpa.1 month 2 days ago
SABR Matthe didn't die, moj...not on the outside. But a part of him died inside. Explains why his second half numbers were so horrendous.1 month 2 days ago
mojicianHey, its Derek Norris! I thought he died when Kuma cleaved him with the shuuto last year. Maybe there are clones.1 month 2 days ago
SABR MattIn that sense, G, losing Choi removes a crucial arrow from the quiver if LoMo falters...which is decently likely. Montero would have been first in line and then we'd be down to Choi or Peterson. Now we definitely cannot trade Peterson and we'd better hope Montero is for real finally.1 month 2 days ago
SABR MattAh good. Furbush should have a normal Furbush year since it's starting the way it usually does (he's usually awful in ST)1 month 2 days ago
Gordon GrossI know Jim wasn't trying to make like of their situations, one of which the guy might not live through. Just a strange take, to me. Guti wasn't one of our very best players either, but if we'd had a healthy and productive Franklin we'd have made the playoffs last year - and based on what the Royals were able to do we could have gotten to our first World Series. So maybe injuries to non-frontline players really can make a difference, and yeah it might matter in the big picture, if not this year then in the next couple. You can say we have a lot of equivalent talents, but not having the RIGHT one available is could make all the difference in the world. If Seager had gone down back when he was just a dude, we wouldn't know how much we'd miss him. I'm glad for our increased depth, but the injuries do make a difference. Even if you just want to talk about willingness to trade one player since you have a spare.1 month 2 days ago
SABR MattLOL...relax G. Spec's point is accurate in this case - the club is exceedingly deep at all levels in guys who are interesting/useful pieces to have around. We obviously feel horrible for Choi and even worse for poor Victor Sanchez. The point, though, is that if those types of things had happened in would have been completely devastating.1 month 2 days ago
Gordon GrossWe didn't miss Halman either, so obviously that wasn't tragic.1 month 2 days ago
Gordon GrossYeah, that's pretty cold.1 month 2 days ago
SpectatorNot to be cold to Sanchez or Choi but the organization can lose two of its top dozen or so prospects to freak-ish accidents (in addition to the guys traded to fill needs) and it won't hardly be noticed in big-picture terms. Obviously hoping for the best for both of them personally.1 month 2 days ago
MtGrizzly:) @Mariners: Middle of the order is filling up the stat sheet early today. Cano, Cruz and Seager combined: 5-for-6, 2B, HR, 3 RBI.1 month 2 days ago
Gordon GrossI seriously can't WAIT for the season. I have a grin on my face just listening to these games. Tom McNamara: we traded 3 bullpen arms for 3 everyday lineup starters, and we have more arms like that left in the minors. Nice to have depth in the minors, even if just a ton of complimentary pieces, while the big club is pretty well stocked.1 month 2 days ago
SABR MattK-Money continues to be clutch...Boomstick went boom...can life get better?1 month 2 days ago
SABR Mattthis is going to be a fun year. :)1 month 2 days ago
Gordon GrossCruz, on why he chose Seattle in FA: "I want to win." Words that have not been spoken about the Emerald City in a long, long time.1 month 2 days ago
Gordon GrossCruz too. *laughs*1 month 2 days ago
Gordon GrossCano and Seager are in mid-season form based on this game so far.1 month 2 days ago
SABR MattNote to Farquhar...your cutter sucks. Stop throwing it.1 month 2 days ago
SABR was just a glancing blow...he was laughing with the 1B Coach about it...think I read his lips saying "welcome back, Mike"1 month 2 days ago
Gordon GrossLandazuri is getting some pen time with the big league team. Glad to see that - I still believe in his ability to be a major league pitcher. Just needs some health, or a bullpen gig. If the Ms are investigating the latter before they send him back to the minors to work on the former, that's fine with me.1 month 2 days ago
Gordon GrossMight well be. Quite a shame. On that note, Zunino gets HBP in his first AB today. Wait til the regular season for that, Mike!1 month 2 days ago
SABR Mattit looked just awful on video. Entire season is gone for him, IMHO1 month 2 days ago
Gordon GrossYep, beni, it basically is. Rendon had a worse injury and is doing just fine - it's not a long-term drag on his career. I just hate seeing him lose the developmental time. I really like the kid and would hate to see Choi get healthy somewhere else. Of course, if he has to be DHed to preserve his health then we don't really have a place for him here for a few more years, now that Cruz is here. The open position is first, and DJ is aimed there. Thankfully HIS legs are currently okay.1 month 2 days ago
benihanaBob Dutton @TNT_Mariners re Choi - "Hear it was fibula right above the ankle" - that's probably G's worst case scenario for 'just' a fibula break.1 month 2 days ago
mojicianAnother year down the drain for Choi. This is lame.1 month 2 days ago
Gordon Gross*#$#*)@~!!! Yeah, that's what I was afraid of, beni. Broken lower leg bones can be a nightmare for recovery time. Maybe he'll be able to get back after the ASB. Maybe. Poor Choi. Just snake-bit. Any snakes reading this: that is not an invitation! Back off!1 month 2 days ago
SpectatorBummer. I really feel bad for Tyler Smith too. He's reported to be a steady glove guy, so I guess he just got the yips on the big stage and sailed one way over Choi's head. Here's the video: month 2 days ago
benihanaGreg Johns ‏@GregJohnsMLB -" Ji-Man Choi having surgery today on fractured fibula in leg. Likely out 4-6 months."1 month 2 days ago
MtGrizzlyLikely opening day lineup, methinks.1 month 2 days ago
MtGrizzly@StoneLarry: Today’s #Mariners lineup: Jackson 8, Smith 9, Cano 4, Cruz DH, Seager 5, Morrison 3, Ackley 7, Zunino 2, Miller 61 month 2 days ago
moethedogSo Deej, Montero and Kivlehan are the hitting stars in the 1st spring game? Be afraid, LoMo, be afraid!1 month 2 days ago
Gordon Grossyep. "Just" a fractured fibula is one thing. Damage to a joint or fractures in other leg/foot bones is different.1 month 2 days ago
GrumpyInitially I assumed he got hit with the ball on a bad throw, but I saw a gif of the injury... it was a fall. My concern would be not so much the fibula but possible other injury to the ankle1 month 2 days ago
Gordon GrossI'm hoping for 6-8 weeks, Grumpy. Still leaves him with a lot of season to learn and get better. If it's sooner, great!1 month 2 days ago
GrumpyFibula fx are usually not a big deal (that's the little bone in the lower leg).1 month 2 days ago
Tacoma RainSorry to hear about Ji-Man. I had high hopes for him. However, Choi's injury probably opens a spot up on the 40 man now though, as Choi will most likely be placed on the 60 day DL1 month 2 days ago
Gordon GrossTyler Smith is getting coal in his stocking from me for that throw. So, so sad for Choi. I'm hoping it's the sort of fracture that can be healed in a couple months, but lower leg fractures are tricky. I'm really hoping Choi is more Rendon than Snelling - dude has to stay on the field to take advantage of all that talent. Poor kid. Heal fast and come back strong.1 month 2 days ago
MtGrizzly@StoneLarry: Ji-Man Choi fractured his right fibula in a play at first in the eighth.1 month 3 days ago
Lonnie of MCToo bad about Choi.1 month 3 days ago
Gordon GrossYeah, I was wondering if Lara found any dynamism in his swing - he did not. So he'll need to have a good eye and make really solid contact on what he swings at. Not sure that he can do that against more advanced breaking balls, but we'll get to find out.1 month 3 days ago
MtGrizzlyLara is burnt toast with that swing.1 month 3 days ago
MtGrizzly@shannondrayer: Walker on throwing new slider-"I'm fighting for that 5th spot so I'm going after them throwing everything-I'm not working on anything".1 month 3 days ago
Gordon GrossNext group of guys: Choi gets hit by a pitch, Lara has a powerful but slow swing, long fly ball. Kivlehan had a very professional AB and hit a single the other way behind the runner. I really can't help but love that kid.1 month 3 days ago
okdanLara, Choi, and Kivlehan in the game now...1 month 3 days ago
Gordon GrossJones gets a hit off a diving glove, but tweaks his ankle a little and gets replaced by a PR.1 month 3 days ago
Gordon GrossMarte's still holding his hands at face level, with the bat up like an Olympic torch, and swinging down at the ball. I really want to be more sold on that kid - guess I'm waiting for the adjustments that will help him be more than a singles hitter who never walks. Hard to be Ichiro and succeed that way.1 month 3 days ago
Gordon GrossSam G. looks awfully comfortable out there. Hope he's just as comfortable once the hitters have their timing - that could be fun.1 month 3 days ago
Gordon GrossFunny seeing Woodward as a coach out there. Isn't he still a spring chicken? I'm getting old.1 month 3 days ago
Gordon GrossTwo plate appearances, two nice singles for Montero.1 month 3 days ago
Gordon GrossMontero has a seriously different body. Splits to snag a ball at first? Yikes. Let's hope he has seriously different plate results too.1 month 3 days ago
Gordon GrossMark Lowe gets a shot today later maybe. Gaviglio is up now. Taijuan is done @ 2 innings.1 month 3 days ago
Gordon GrossJames Jones is keeping his hands much lower than he did last year. Will hopefully swing over less stuff.1 month 3 days ago
Gordon GrossNote on those Cruz forearms: strongest guy in camp with either hand in the grip test, apparently. Mike Zunino is right up there too.1 month 3 days ago
mojician¿El tío Taijuan puede yo por favor vuelva al dugout?1 month 3 days ago
Gordon GrossPitchers are usually ahead of hitters for the first week or two of Spring Training. They should be, since they got started earlier. That's why I like seeing DJ locked in for that first at-bat. Pretty sweet. :)1 month 3 days ago
Gordon GrossHe clocked it sharply, too. That body lean while he keeps the bat locked in really does remind me of Gar. It's creepy - in a good way.1 month 3 days ago
mojicianThe Padres might be some other pitcher's daddy, but Taijuan Walker is their tio.1 month 3 days ago
Gordon GrossI like good portents. :)1 month 3 days ago
okdanSo DJ hit a dinger in his first AB...1 month 3 days ago
Gordon GrossJulio Morban looks like a mini Ruben Sierra out in RF today.1 month 3 days ago
Gordon GrossTaijuan strikes out Kemp on a change. Quite a nice pitch - lots of downward motion through/under the zone, so it had to look appetizing.1 month 3 days ago
Gordon GrossIt's all the kids today, btw. Montero, Marte, etc are all out in the field. The vets step in tomorrow. Today it's prospecting!1 month 3 days ago
Gordon GrossHoly... they aren't kidding about Jesus Montero. Dude dropped a small-child's worth of weight. We'll see what it does for him.1 month 3 days ago
Gordon GrossTaijuan's motion is now just a bit of a rock-n-fire. Interesting.1 month 3 days ago
SABR MattI'm just psyched that there's a telecast today. :D1 month 3 days ago
DaddyORe: Morrison, yes we have plenty of options. Also, you get the feeling that, assuming the club overall plays at a playoff team level, if neither Morrison or any of those options appear to be working, Jack would take needed steps to address the problem. By that I mean, if a lack of production at first base was proving to be an obstacle to a clear Mariners push to the playoffs, and if no in house candidates were stepping up, he would trade for what he needed.1 month 4 days ago
SABR MattYes...I saw that article linked to the 30 team ranking and read it...there were a couple of important facts in there that I didn't even know...well worth the read. I flat out disagree with the comments on Morrison being a huge gamble, though. We have LOTS of other potential options at first base.1 month 4 days ago
SpectatorWhole thing here: month 4 days ago
SpectatorJonah Keri tidbits from his 2/20/15 Mariners analysis: Iwakuma got batters to swing at his splitter outside of the strike zone 46.4 percent of the time last season, more frequently than any other qualified pitcher in MLB.1 month 4 days ago
SpectatorJonah Keri tidbits from his 2/20/15 Mariners analysis: Hernandez struck out 135 batters with his changeup last season ... Fourteen entire pitching staffs didn’t have that many strikeouts with changeups last year.1 month 4 days ago
SpectatorJonah Keri tidbits from his 2/20/15 Mariners analysis: 23 of Cruz’s 40 home runs would’ve been homers if he’d hit them all to dead center at Safeco (401 feet)1 month 4 days ago
SpectatorIn other words, Van Slyke made a big difference. Van Slyke + AJax made a very big difference.1 month 4 days ago
SpectatorJonah Keri tidbits from his 2/20/15 Mariners analysis: on fly balls hit at least 250 feet that ended up in the field of play, the Mariners limited opponents to a .086 batting average — the third-stingiest mark in the AL. ... After trading for [Austin Jackson] last July, they allowed a .273 batting average on hard-hit balls to center field hit at least 250 feet and into the field of play — 23 points lower than the league average and 46 points lower than they’d allowed before the trade.1 month 4 days ago
DaddyOTo expand on my example, if Ackley blossoms, do you really want him to be just a platoon player? I don't think so. And if at the same time Montero blossoms while LoMo is raking, one of either Montero or Weeks becomes redundant. Depending on just how productive Montero looks, you either move him or Weeks. Granted, Weeks has use as an uber-utility player, and as insurance against injury, so I'm not necessarily advocating any trade at all. But you certainly listen to opportunities that might present themselves.1 month 4 days ago
DaddyOrjjunior, I think I understand what you mean, but I was referring to a situation where you end up with an obvious excess of productive players, with a productive player rotting on the bench. Then you might use your excess to upgrade some aspect of your roster. This happens all the time. For example, if (1) Ackley suddenly blossoms into the player we all wish he was, and (2) Montero likewise blossoms, and (3) Weeks shows he still has the mojo, you could keep them all. I'm not necessarily denying that. But it also presents the option of using one of them as trade bait precisely for the purpose of adding a player that will have an even bigger positive impact on your roster.1 month 4 days ago
SABR Mattjust spend 2 hours painstakingly pre-valuing players for my uber-competitive fantasy draft. I missed the draft last year, and, against a talented group of guys, with six wrong-league players who cost 91 of my 260 dollars on my roster...and Mike Trout costing 65 dollars all by himself...I still managed to win the league and $350. Now that I've built a solid foundation through aggressive waiver wire snagging and trades...I have a lot less work to do in the draft...but I hope not to miss it this time! Woohoo! Baseball season begins March 15th for me. :D1 month 4 days ago
rjjuniorIf multiple people are producing, you don&#039;t trade them, you add to them. That is what contenders do at the deadline.1 month 4 days ago
DaddyOThe nice thing about it is, if multiple people are producing at multiple positions as you move into June/July, you have some real trade opportunities, either for prospects or to further upgrade a position, rotation spot, or bullpen slot.1 month 5 days ago
DaddyOAs stated in numerous articles by beat reporters, this shows the M's are no longer primarily in prospect development mode. A platoon cannot be good for Ackley's development if indeed he is on the cusp of reaching his potential after last year's second half. But, IMO, this is a good thing. This far into his career it SHOULD be for Ackley and all the fellow "used to be young'uns": produce or sit. No more coddling here. Let Ackley and Weeks duke it out for LF PT, and settle for a platoon if it plays out that way. Let LoMo, Montero, and Weeks duke it out for 1B PT. Give Weeks a real shot to emerge as the preferred choice for either of those two positions. Count me in. And if Weeks doesn't earn PT, Weeks sit.1 month 5 days ago
SABR MattSo we envisioned Weeks in precisely the role he will get, mostly LF/1B to give those guys days off against tough lefties. Sounds good to me.1 month 5 days ago
GLSThe spam filter strikes again.1 month 5 days ago
MtGrizzly@shannondrayer: McClendon says Ackley will play mostly vs rhp, Weeks lhp, all but confirms platoon. Also sees Weeks backing up at 1st ahead of Bloomquist.1 month 5 days ago
SABR MattGood move...and an excellent excuse to let him hone it in AAA for a while and then call him up when someone is hurt later.1 month 6 days ago
MtGrizzly@RyanDivish: Taijuan Walker has scrapped his cut fastball and begun throwing a slider. Feels the pitch will have better break and more depth.1 month 6 days ago
DaddyOSome of the MLB coverage is delayed, but ROOT Sports is broadcasting live Wed/Thu of next week, and then three weekday games the following week.1 month 1 week ago
okdanShannon Drayer has some cool video up of Patrick Kivlehan, Jordy Lara, and D.J. Peterson taking BP down in Peoria. Just BP of course, but my initial reactions are: Kivlehan looks athletic but a little jumpy at the plate. Lara looks like he could be a beast, big kid. DJ looks patient and cool as a cucumber, like a 10 year vet in the box. Check it out here: month 1 week ago
SABR MattCorrect...MLB.TV's spring schedule shows us getting coverage on the 4th, 5th, 6th, 9th, 11th, 13th, 15th, 18th, 20th, 22nd etc...regional sports network new deal must have included expanded ST coverage. Usually we don't get anything until the 15th or so and then only 6 games all spring.1 month 1 week ago
DaddyOIIRC, usually it's not 'til the middle of spring training that we begin to see TV broadcasts.1 month 1 week ago
DaddyOOn the M's official website here: month 1 week ago
SABR MattWhere did you see that?1 month 1 week ago
DaddyOAm I seeing this right? The M's are starting to televise spring games right away, starting with next Wednesday and Thursdays games games against the Padres.1 month 1 week ago
SABR MattMoe...SS is a weakness until someone actually does produce. Neither Miller nor Taylor has proven anything1 month 1 week ago
MtGrizzlyAssuming Weeks can play LF, the bench puts a pretty decent floor on the current roster. The platoon advantages can help cover for under performance a bit. It's curious - individually, I don't really llike Weeks, Bloomquist or Ruggiano but as an ensemble, I think they kind of work.1 month 1 week ago
moethedogNo weakness at SS. One of those guys will produce.1 month 1 week ago
SABR MattSo I see the Mariner offense as having three major ?s SS, LF and 1B. I don't much care for Zunino's chances of being awesome in 2015 either but we don't need him to kill it to be a hero. We need better than we got from SS in 2014 and we definitely need production in LF and at 1B. But of those questionmarks, we have solid possible replacements lined up at 1B (Montero, Peterson, Kivlehan) and SS (Taylor, Marte)...where we are weakest is LF (Kivlehan, Romero)...but there are a lot of teams who would enjoy that sort of weakness in depth.1 month 1 week ago
moethedogDead on Matt. Just posted that I absolutely expect one of the Montero/Kivlehan/Deej/Romero quartet to mash there way into the lineup. Which one? Don't know. But those 4 rolls of the dice are more likely to be a natural than the one roll of LoMo (or Ackley). BTW, if one of you guys has a voodoo doll, could you get a little mojo going for a Bloomquist hammy pull?1 month 1 week ago
SABR MattMoneyball thought - did the Mariners intentionally leave 1B open because it's pretty easy (theoretically) to work a prospect or platoon bat in there when he's hitting enough to merit the call? The media is talking about how big of a gamble it is for Seattle to count on Logan Morrison. I see five guys queued up in line behind him with a legit chance to be productive: Montero, Weeks, Kivlehan, Peterson, Romero.1 month 1 week ago
benihanaI'm with you Matt. I kind of want the M's to trade Taylor, Lomo, and Ramirez for Fielder and some $$. What a murderer's row would Cano, Cruz, Fielder, and Seager make?1 month 1 week ago
DaddyORight re: underground drip irrigation. That's what I was referring to. If you are spending $125 million on ballplayers every year you would think it would be worth it to protect that investment even if it costs a million dollars a year. I dunno, maybe I'm wrong here.1 month 1 week ago
SABR MattFWIW, I bet 37 roto dollars on Prince Fielder this year. I think he will have a good year1 month 1 week ago
mojicianHamilton would have been the biggest bust in the history of Seattle. They would have run the entire Z regime out on a rail for 2014 Hamilton performance alone. It says here if you are going to have a star, he should have great makeup. I think Fielder will bounce back. His game wasn't dependent on being a yoga instructor. What he has are large muscles and a disciplined plate approach, see Papi, Big. Fat guys rake.1 month 1 week ago
SpectatorAnd how about Z whiffing on Hamilton and Prince Fielder before connecting on Cano, the only one who looks to hold his superstar value? Balance of power in the West could turn on those three contracts.1 month 1 week ago
SABR MattYep...Taylor would probably go to AAA so that Lloyd could have his cheerleader on the bench not begging for PT and Taylor could work on his plate discipline.1 month 1 week ago
SpectatorLloyd says if Bloomie healthy, then Miller and Taylor won't both make roster. At least that's their plan at the moment.1 month 1 week ago
SABR MattEven with that, i wonder if the system creates irregularities on the surface in ground texture1 month 1 week ago
benihanaFor turf lawns we are talking 6 to 12 inches below grade. Not something that's gonna pop-up even in warn spots.1 month 1 week ago
benihanaSubsurface Drip Irrigation for lawns should be buried well beneath the sod. Hoses under the ground, not hoses on the ground. Problem is you need to dig up all the grass, lay the irrigation and then re-sod, it's an expensive investment. But should be recouped with the decreased water usage alone, never mind the injury aspect.1 month 1 week ago
SABR MattDrip-irrigation may actually be MORE risky for players...replace the rare, small sprinkler head with a labyrinth of hoses lying on the ground.1 month 1 week ago
DaddyONo doubt, OBF. I have NEVER understood, given the salaries paid out to players these days, why teams don't do more (than they no doubt already do) to eliminate potential causes of unnecessary injury. You can't eliminate injuries that come as a direct result of player collisions, etc, but there is more that can/should be done with facilities. Why have sprinkler heads? I'm no landscaper or hortoculturalist, but isn't drip irrigation more efficient than sprinklers? Doesn't one player-year of injury for a star player due to sprinklers pay for the entire cost of installing drip irrigation on a ball field? Maybe I'm being unrealistic, it's just something that I've always questioned when I hear about such injuries. Another example would be walls and fences, which have shown some improvement over the years with padding but still seem to have unpadded areas that could be rather easily addressed.1 month 1 week ago
OBFDaddyO... those fields and every field that every player plays on has those same sprinklers and same soft spots... Blame it on extremely bad luck, blame it on injury proneness and ungracefulness like Matt said, but you really can't put this one on the club... thousands of players spend thousands of hours on those fields every spring... Saunders is just the lucky first to trip on a sprinkler head I guess? Yup, Matt, sure glad we flipped Saunders for something useful.1 month 1 week ago
DaddyORe: Ackley's new baby, as a person I'm happy for him. As a fan, it occurs to me that sometimes the birth of a first child gives a player a new, even stronger reason to succeed.1 month 1 week ago
DaddyOOh man, that's tough luck for Saunders. That's not fragility, it's just...what...incompetence by the club allowing highly paid athletes to train on fields where it's that easy to seriously hurt yourself? Frankly, I don't understand it. Isn't drip irrigation feasible?1 month 1 week ago
SABR's a freak injury, but there are players who get freak injuries more often because they are not graceful, or because their connective tissue doesn't handle stress well. Saunders seems to be both not graceful AND prone to injuries that are worse than the triggering event suggests they should be. I, for one, am glad we got value for him in trade.1 month 1 week ago
OBFSoft Spot in the ground has got to be worse than rounding the bases (Snelling) in terms of, "Good grief what did you do to get such bad karma" ranking... Not quite as bad as, what was it, carrying a suitcase up some stairs for Sasaki, though ;)1 month 1 week ago
OBFI feel for Saunders, totally sucks for him, similarly I feel for Derick rose as well (same injury actually, torn meniscus), but JackyZ has to be thinking, :"Heh, heh, heh... see, internet, I TOLD YOU SO!" Lots of sites raked Jack and Mac over the coals for not trusting Saunders and for trading him away (in what they saw as) an unfavorable trade... are they going to issue retractions or admit The M's were right on this one now?1 month 1 week ago
MtGrizzly@ShiDavidi: Michael Saunders stepped on soft spot around underground sprinkler on outfield grass while shagging flies yesterday. Left knee buckled.1 month 1 week ago
SABR MattWow...brutal1 month 1 week ago
SpectatorSaunders injury came from stepping on a sprinkler head. What an unlucky guy.1 month 1 week ago
SABR MattAww...congrats to Eggs!1 month 1 week ago
SpectatorIn addition to the beard, Ackley has a newbaby born in Oklahoma during the RV trip from his home in Michigan to Arizona for spring training. month 1 week ago
SABR MattWow...lots of bad news today...Hamilton back into cocaine, Saunders injured yet again...this is why i loved the Saunders for Happ deal though1 month 1 week ago
DaddyOPoor Saunders. Just a fragile player, I guess. I wish him the best.1 month 1 week ago
MtGrizzlyMichael Saunders will miss the first half of the season with injury. Torn meniscus.1 month 1 week ago
SeattleNative57According to Drew Silva of HBT via Wednesdays LA Times, Hamilton's offense includes a relapse "with at least cocaine...".1 month 1 week ago
MtGrizzlyI like the beard.1 month 1 week ago
DaddyOReport from Shannon Dreyer: "Ackley's beard is very much still there." Dagnab it! month 1 week ago
MtGrizzlyFor his sake, I just hope it's not substance abuse. Some things are more important than baseball.1 month 1 week ago
mojicianThat's not very nice. I shouldn't have said that. Hope Hamilton gets things figured out and is all right.1 month 1 week ago
mojicianaw crud. If its worse than PED's then he will be suspended for a long time and LAAAAAAA will get out of jail free on that contract. What is worse than PED's?1 month 1 week ago
MtGrizzly@Alden_Gonzalez: #Angels confirm Josh Hamilton is in New York, meeting with Commissioner's Office regarding a disciplinary issue. LA Times reported first.1 month 1 week ago
DaddyORe: Marte, that immortal phrase of Alan Greenspan. "irrational exuberance," is appropriate to the M's brass who compare Marte to Reyes/1 month 1 week ago
DaddyOSpec: " (per Morosi) someone in the M's brass is comparing Ketel Marte to Jose Reyes." Rose-colored glasses by any other name would look as tinted.1 month 1 week ago
SpectatorMarte is fast, but his SB totals aren't eye-popping (80 SB, 31 CS in 380 G). Reyes in minors was 131-44 in 357 G. Reyes had 15 triples at 18 and 19 triples at 19. Marte has never had more than 7. Of course, 7 triples in a year is really good. But it's not Jose Reyes good. OK, done with that issue.1 month 1 week ago
SpectatorLooking closer: Reyes from 20 to 22 had no power and barely ever walked but was there for his glove and speed. That's Marte. But eventually Reyes' BB-rate got more normal and his ISO got up over .140. And you could see it coming from his minors numbers (.156 ISO with 7.4% BB-rate at 19 in High-A & AA). Not seeing the latter Reyes (the genuine all-star one) in Marte, and reports are that he's not necessarily an ultra- glove wizard.1 month 1 week ago
SpectatorJon Paul Morosi says someone in the M's brass is comparing Ketel Marte to Jose Reyes. Not seeing it myself. month 1 week ago
SABR I figured...Weeks will mostly play LF, 1B, and occasionally DH or 3B...the other guy (Bloomquist or Taylor) will play 2B, SS and occasionally 3B.1 month 1 week ago
MtGrizzly@RyanDivish: McClendon said that Weeks will work in left field this spring and said the combo (not platoon) of he and Ackley could put up good numbers1 month 1 week ago
mojicianNotable Rangers tragedies: Nolan Ryan leaves Rangers with hurt feelings after being put in Jon Daniels' sandbox. Jurickson Profar out forever. Derek Holland out for 2014; 3. Yu Darvish and Matt Harrison injured in 2014 Ian Kinsler traded for "never missed a game" Prince Fielder to make room for the aforementioned Profar. As soon as Fielder is traded he has his neck fused. Kinsler is good in Detroit and says he hopes the Rangers lose every game. Shin Soo Choo out for the count. Houston Astros lose the nickname "Lastros" after only one season.1 month 1 week ago
mojicianHow about the Angels? Notable tragedies: AAA sensation Nick Adenhart killed by a drunk driver the night of his rookie debut. Coach falls over with a broken leg after trying to catch a ceremonial first pitch, and Josh Hamilton. What about the Stros? Their regional sports network went belly up, they lost their first round pick in 2014, and nearly lost the 2015 draft pick. The Orcs don't have personnel tragedies because the turnover approaches 100 percent from year to year. Orcs are fungible, like bales of hay. The Rangers really are snake bit.1 month 1 week ago
OBFI don't follow other orgs closely at all... do they all have their share of tragedy, or are the M's... uh.... special in that regard? Halman and Sanchez of course leap off the page, but even beyond that freak injuries to up and comers seem like regular occurrences(Snelling rounding the bases, the pitcher who got tore up in an odd self car accident, DTFT losing his career to a food allergy of all things[he should try whole30])... Like I said, could just be bias since I follow the M's closely, but it feels like we are snake bite...1 month 1 week ago
MtGrizzlyMLB's 'streaming-tech' business unit is quickly becoming a major force in the OTT (over the top) market. HBO will be using the platform for their direct-to-consumer streaming service. Ditto Sony, ESPN and the World Wrestling Entertainment. Glenn Beck is already using it for his OTT network. MLB reportedly has a sales funnel of 40 more, including a number of traditional TV networks. Very strange to see MLB as a leading innovator in...anything really. But they have something figured out.1 month 1 week ago
SpectatorSanchez still in coma, but "small dose of good news"; better than bad news, I guess. month 1 week ago
SABR MattFarquhar abandoning the 2-seamer is very good news. His cutter should be dialed back a bit as well...throw more up the ladder 4-seamers and more curves and change-ups and a few fewer cutters and you've got the makings of a closer.1 month 1 week ago
SABR MattDaddyO - short form answer is that the Yankees spend more than any team in baseball by a wide....WIIIIIIIDDDDE margin for analytics and that they specifically looked for managers and coaches interested in analytics to inform decision-making...and I can guarantee you that their infrastructure for doing analytics work is second to none in organized sports.1 month 1 week ago
DaddyOInteresting article on MLB teams' increasing awareness of the impact of player fatigue over the course of a full season. month 1 week ago
lrI get what you&#039;re saying about getting a sense of how someone moves, but I think anyone fielding a 6 hopper in drills is going to look pretty good. I&#039;d bet if we could find some spring training grounders video of Smoak, or Morrison, they might look a little different than they do taking live grounders in games. I&#039;m not saying Smoak is a good athlete, he&#039;s not. I&#039;m just saying using that specific video to declare Montero a vastly better athlete than most any other pro baseball player seems premature. Let&#039;s also not forget he played catcher for what, 5 or 6 years. He has to have some feel for how to react to a baseball coming at him. You&#039;d think that should help him in the hands department as well, at least in theory. My main doubts for Montero are in the reaction time/reflexes/quickness area, which combined with having good hands are probably the most important things for that position.1 month 1 week ago
MtGrizzly@ProspectInsider: Danny Farquhar tells us he's scrapping the two-seamer this year.1 month 1 week ago
DaddyOMatt, I'd be interested in your comment, if allowed, on what that site has to say about the Yankees.1 month 1 week ago
DaddyOFYI, saw a link to this on another baseball site, thought I'd pass it on... The Great Analytics Rankings, categorizes and ranks MLB teams with regard to their commitment to saber analytics. ... month 1 week ago
SABR MattI think when you watch an infielder over any sort of grounder, even if it's a routine fungo, you get a sense for how they are relating to the ball. I believe Montero has vastly improved in this area, his body now gets to a point where the incoming energy of the ball is being softly absorbed...look where his chest, glove hand, and outer hip are as he fields it. That is the kind of thing I'm talking about. Smoak was kludgy at first base relative to the ball...he made up for it easily by having soft hands and being very skilled picking bad throws from other infielders...but Montero could be better now at positioning himself relative to the ball...I would need to see how he handles a tough play where he has to range some in order to be sure.1 month 1 week ago
SABR MattLOL at Paxton falling over in agility drills...pitchers generally are not athletes.1 month 1 week ago
DaddyOOBF-- Yep. Nothing but puff pieces and meaningless drivel for another week or so, and even then the ST games don't mean anything. ST's who's hot and who's not will prove again like they do every year that stats put up against prospects who won't play and veterans who are just rounding into shape don't mean a thing. Still, at least there's baseball talk. And something to crowd out the joke that is the NBA.1 month 1 week ago
OBFNot sure about Seattle, but the Willamette Valley, down here in Oregon, is going through it's annual February Tease... Sunny, clear blue skies, 60 degrees... But the cold and drizzle will be back in a week, count on it and will stay until late April... This of course perfectly mirrors Picthers and Catchers report (and spring training in general).... SUCH A TEASE! Come on April hurry up!1 month 1 week ago
benihanaApparently yoga didn't help his agility. Paxton apparently fell in agility drills and jammed both wrists. Nothing serious but being held back a few days.1 month 1 week ago
MtGrizzly@SamRyanMLB: Seattle @Mariners pitcher @James_Paxton practiced hot yoga 4 days a week during off season1 month 1 week ago
DaddyOAgreed re: Smoak. If only his hitting had progressed, I have been very happy with him as a first baseman.1 month 1 week ago
lrSay what you will about Smoak, but I always thought he was a solid defensive first baseman. Pretty good hands, made all of the routine plays, even made his share of diving plays in the whole and down the line, so I&#039;m not sure where the comparisons to Smoak are coming from based on that clip. Could you clarify what you mean by body positioning for me?1 month 1 week ago
SABR MattAgreed that it's a short vid and we need to see more, but what I saw of his footwork and especially his body positioning looked far better than Smoak ever would have fielding any grounder.1 month 1 week ago
lrI hear you DaddyO. My comment was in regards to the claims I saw that Montero was now a much improved athlete, and how his movement is light years better than before, which is why I was pointing out that basing those opinions on that particular clip is jumping the gun, considering we did see him in pretty good shape during those 2012/13 seasons when he was catching a lot. I think people forget what he looked like athletically because he got fat last year. Agreed though, I wasn&#039;t talking about his ability to play first being judged. My opinion of the video is that I still see hints of those plodding feet. He certainly is lighter, and presumably more agile than last year, but he doesn&#039;t look like a natural athlete to me, granted it&#039;s hard to draw any hard conclusions from that vid. I think hand eye coordination and quick reflexes/decision making are way more valuable than athleticism at first base, two areas where I think Montero isn&#039;t strong.1 month 2 weeks ago
MtGrizzlyDivish has a good, albeit slightly 'ST fluff piece' ish, article on Montero. Good quotes from both he and his trainer. month 2 weeks ago
MtGrizzlyYeah, I'm just kind of shocked by the physique. No real telling if it will translate to the field but I've never doubted his talent, just his desire to work hard. If the light bulb went on for Jesus on that front, maybe he will be something. At least for once, the annual 'best shape of my life' story appears to be true!1 month 2 weeks ago
DaddyORight, lr. I don't think anybody was drawing conclusions about skills from the brief video, just noticing immediately the difference in the fluidity of his movements between this spring and last spring, and having an increased hopefulness because of it. In my book, that's perfectly legitimate. Hopefulness that he might be able to play first base acceptably < > an opinion that he can play first base acceptably.1 month 2 weeks ago
lrI read the comments first and I thought the video was going to be Montero making a bunch of nice plays at first. Instead I see a batting practice ground ball in which he gently gets into position to field it....and that&#039;s it. I get he&#039;s in great shape now, and that&#039;s encouraging, but basing his athleticism and improved movement on that 4 second clip is like watching Lebron shoot a free throw and drawing similar conclusions. We did all watch him behind the plate for a full season a few years ago, its not like the guy was Fat Albert back there. He did/does have some amount of athleticism in his body. He just can&#039;t run. I&#039;m much more curious to see if he can field sharp grounders down the line and pick short hops from short. Or if he can lay off the slider low and away...1 month 2 weeks ago
Bat571In Dutton's still you can see he's lost the gut but still has the guns - looks REALLY good! -- month 2 weeks ago
Bat571On Montero - his shoulders and hips don't look locked together anymore - wonder what that will do for his swing? If he can close up enough to hit the outside pitch and then still turn (literally) on the inside one, might he be back to what JackZ thought he was getting, the guy that was a plus-hit-tool, plus-plus-power-tool fella? Wouldn't it be sumthin' if both he and Hultzen are back? They both probably gotta start at Tacoma, but, boy-o-boy, things are looking up! I've got less fear of Morrison going down now. Also, with the bending he shows in the vid, I wonder if he has also learned to lean while running - that "fat-boy' upright waddle wasn't getting him around very well. If he can now lean and push with his legs, I can see his speed being OK, given the power in his lower half - more like Adam Dunn than Jose Molina.1 month 2 weeks ago
SABR MattWOW...Montero now looks like a much...much better athlete than Logan Morrison or Justin Smoak ever did.1 month 2 weeks ago
DaddyORe: Montero video, MUCH more fluid movement. Here's hoping it translates into him becoming a viable first baseman while realizing some of his original potential at the plate.1 month 2 weeks ago
DaddyOHere ya go, Griz, Saunder minor league deal official. month 2 weeks ago
MtGrizzlyI almost can't believe that's the same dude1 month 2 weeks ago
MtGrizzlyWhoa. @RyanDivish: Here's a little video of Jesus Montero taking ground balls. #Mariners month 2 weeks ago
MtGrizzly@GregJohnsMLB: No official word from #Mariners, but new locker being set up in clubhouse for Joe Saunders. Expecting he's agreed to Minor League deal.1 month 2 weeks ago
DaddyOTake it slow, Doc. No need for you to rush something out just to satisfy our insatiable desires to read stuff. Sorry you are in such pain.1 month 2 weeks ago
jemanjiThanks homies for the patience during my convalescence. If I can tap out a little weak shtick from bedside over the next few days, will try to do so. What do you get when you cross inanity with delirium? I dunno, but I like eeeeeet ...1 month 2 weeks ago
jemanjiSorry about your grandmother Matt. All comfort to you and your family. As to Victor Sanchez', of course. If there is interest in an essay on the problem of pain, I'm game (and rather well booked-up on it this week, LOL).1 month 2 weeks ago
DaddyOI am all for pace of play improvements that do not materially affect the game. But pick the low-hanging fruit first. The biggest offender are NEEDLESS delays between innings, during mound visits and pitching changes, during at bats when batters are simply dragging out an at bat by constantly stepping out of the batters box and doing so for a needlessly long time. But don't start with rules aimed at needless delays, not at delays that often are integral to the nature of situations in the game.1 month 2 weeks ago
DaddyOOne of the new rules appears to be aimed at keeping managers in the dugout during reviews. I'm not sure exactly what this means, but the genesis of it was the delay imposed when managers go out to talk to an umpire, stalling while keeping an eye on their bench coach while someone connected with the team reviews the video to see if a challenge is warranted. I think any rule that "unreasonably" (quotes for emphasis) restricts the ability of a team to have a "reasonable" amount of time to decide whether or not to challenge a play is not worth the benefit it gives to the pace of play. I can see compromising on what is reasonable, but you lose a LOT of credibility if your challenge and replay system is short-circuited by your pace of play rules, especially on crucial plays. Can you imagine the outcry if a crucial, challengeable play comes up but the challenging team simply cannot lodge a challenge in time despite every reasonable effort to do so?1 month 2 weeks ago
DaddyOI am going to add one more concern about the rules announced today, and it has to do with replay reviews. First, I get it. The pace of games is a problem. I also get that replay reviews adversely affect the pace of a game. They literally and artificially interrupt the flow of a game, usually at an important or even critical moment. But they do this for a reason: to get umpiring calls right. And last season initial foray into expanded replay proved in my opinion to be a huge boon to baseball. (to be continued next shout)1 month 2 weeks ago
DaddyOI meant to add to the example I gave that your dugout was behind third base.1 month 2 weeks ago
DaddyOI like the emphasis on a soft initial approach, and the gathering of data for feedback to pitchers. One rule I don't like, and it seems to me that the problem of unintended consequences could come into play here, is the need for ALL hitters to be in the batters box within 2 minutes and 5 seconds (2:25 less 20) of the start of an inning break. This is fine for infielders and catchers, but if the first batter of an inning is an outfielder he's going to have to quick-pace it in from his position, grab a bat and step in the box in a very limited time frame, with little or no time to gather his thoughts for his at bat. Imagine if you just made a sensational diving catch near the fence in right center for the final out of an inning, or even ran into the wall. You might need to collect yourself for a bit before even starting back in. Hopefully the umpires are given SOME discretion on enforcement to allow for such extenuating circumstances.1 month 2 weeks ago
SABR MattThe "batter must keep one foot in the box" rule is new. The official book does not make stepping out and walking around illegal. I would say that the majority of these changes are to give umpires more instructions so that they can better use their discretion. With replay, for example, the league is now instructing umpires to give managers 20-30 seconds at most to challenge and to deny their challenge request if they take too long. The league is also giving umpires instructions to deny de facto time out requests (walking around between pitches) and the authority to force batters to get in the box and pitchers to finish their warm-ups in a timely fashion during commercial breaks.1 month 2 weeks ago
OBFWhat do you all think about the plan to speed up baseball? ( Am I correct in thinking all this first step is, is enforcing the rules as written, or is there anything actually new in there?1 month 2 weeks ago
OBFSorry Matt, Praying for you, bro.1 month 2 weeks ago
MtGrizzlyM's reportedly interested in Joe Saunders if he's willing to go to the pen. Not sure how I feel about that. I guess it would probably add a few mph to his FB.1 month 2 weeks ago
MtGrizzlyI went through the same in 2014, Matt. It's tough and my thoughts are with you.1 month 2 weeks ago
Tacoma RainSorry to hear that Matt... May God bless her and your family1 month 2 weeks ago
SABR MattTurns out that my grandmother had a massive stroke in the middle of the night..20% of her brain is gone. Not gonna come back from that. :( Say a prayer for her and for our family.1 month 2 weeks ago
SABR MattI actually would prefer to rest Cano and Seager against the toughest lefties and use Weeks in their place even though it punts defense a bit.1 month 2 weeks ago
moethedogI don't want Bloomquist at all. Nada. Just go with both Miller and Taylor and use them both. I also don't want weeks at 2B, btw. Let Miller get the starts there when Cano rests, ditto with Seager.1 month 2 weeks ago
Bat571Also, looking at Weeks' hitting numbers from last year - if Van Slyke can make him a passable LF, it's Bloomquist and Morrison that need to be looking over their shoulders - at Taylor/Miller and Montero. Weeks can hit. I'll bet it's more likely Cruz plays in the OF a bit more than planned in the early going while VS smooths out Weeks at each new stop. But if Bloomie is OPSing .620 and Weeks is OPSing .750, who do YOU want ?1 month 2 weeks ago
Bat571If you look at Montero's splits, his problems with RHP are more recent - maybe as he gained weight it was harder to see the RH motion AND get his lower half going. I'm going to be interested to see if his batting stroke truly is more fluid, and, if so, he regains the elite bat rep. If he starts turning on inside pitches from RH and can also lay off the sliders, he might yet be somebody ... on a contendah!1 month 2 weeks ago
moethedogAgree about LoMo's glass body. But he hits RHP decently. Montero has not really proven that he can above AA. His AAA vR #'s are somewhere just below .800. His best MLB year was in '12, he OPS'ed .609 vR that year. His career is .628 at the MLB level. I hope the weight loss helps. But I'm not betting much right now that he suddenly learns to hit RHP. He does, by the way, rip lefties. There is value there. If he is a new man and bashes, then we will know soon enough.1 month 2 weeks ago
SABR MattTrue that Lomo was highly touted...but he's proving to have a glass body and has never been particularly consistent at the plate whet. The two of them are a match...let the better player win1 month 2 weeks ago
DaddyOTough news re: your grandma, Matt.1 month 2 weeks ago
mojicianSorry about your grandma Matt1 month 2 weeks ago
mojicianJurickson Profar, Kinsler's heir, high chieftan of Hypeland, and wielder of the shoulder that was broken and reforged is starting labrum surgery. LAAAAAA and the Strangers' seasons are starting off with a gut punch. Vot next?1 month 2 weeks ago
mojicianLoMo was mentioned in the same breath as Stanton at SSI in 2012. G-Money said about this or that prospect purge "For LoMo or Stanton We'll talk". Mariner Analyst seconded.1 month 2 weeks ago
SABR MattJust heard that my grandmother is on death's door. This week just keeps getting worse.1 month 2 weeks ago
SABR MattTop prospect, rather...damn this lg pad has a bad keyboard1 month 2 weeks ago
SABR MattMorrison is not s guy you hold up a top p rd odpect for. If Montero crushes st...he might well start at 1b1 month 2 weeks ago
Spectatorwhat the ...? Weirdly named Ranger prospect Rougned Odor has a younger brother ALSO named Rougned Odor? And now he's signed with Rangers too. Oh-Kaaaaaaay. month 2 weeks ago
SpectatorSince we're all getting carried away, how about a flashback to when Montero was in the same paragraph with Trout and Harper: month 2 weeks ago
moethedogIf Montero rips in ST (and then in the stint he will inevitably get in Tacoma), the guy he makes it tough on is Weeks, I think. Weeks was brought on to be the RH 1B bat, with some OF appearances (maybe). We invested $2M in Weeks, he will head north with the team regardless if he hits a lick in ST. But if he struggles in April, and Montero doesn't, then a move might be made. Morrison is pretty tweaky, an early injury could see a Montero call up.1 month 2 weeks ago
SABR MattWowza indeed1 month 2 weeks ago
MtGrizzlyGreat. I'm now fantasizing about two 30HR RH hitters slotted behind Cano and Seager.1 month 2 weeks ago
okdanAh, didn't see the link was already shared below1 month 2 weeks ago
okdanHe seriously looks like a different person: month 2 weeks ago
MtGrizzlyThose last year/this year photos of Montero by Divish are wild. The 40 lb weight loss thing was no joke. It would be fun to see him make life difficult for Lloyd by out hitting Morrison this spring.1 month 2 weeks ago
GrumpyThanks for the link to the ARod article. Very interesting... though I have to say that something about the writing style really rubbed me the wrong way. I will be rooting for ARod this year (especially when he plays the As, Rangers, and Angles).1 month 2 weeks ago
SpectatorSports Illustrated has an AL West spring preview up: month 2 weeks ago
benihanaI mean, seriously: - I may have found a post hype sleeper bandwagon to hop onto. Jesus Montero you have my attention.1 month 2 weeks ago
benihanaOh man. I just got ridiculously excited for spring. And it's @ryandivish with a picture of the slimmed down Jesus Montero that does it? And with this little ditty I'm a swoonin' - "Pretty startling to see how well he moved and the ease of his swing at the lighter weight"1 month 2 weeks ago
SABR MattThat A-Rod article actually made me tear up in a couple of places...1 month 2 weeks ago
MtGrizzlyThat ARod article is really outstanding.1 month 2 weeks ago
SpectatorThanks for the Larry Stone link, Bat. Good stuff.1 month 2 weeks ago
Bat571Long, interesting read on A-Rod's year away. -- month 2 weeks ago
Bat571Larry Stone has a column up on Victor -- good read -- month 2 weeks ago
SABR MattI'm all for acquiring Hamels...use Happ to do it...the Phillies are familiar with him. Give them Happ, Peterson, and Guerrero, and if need be, Chris Taylor1 month 2 weeks ago
Bat571Replacing Happ with Hamels, at least by the FanGraphs/Steamer charts, would put the Ms rotation at 0.1 WAR behind the Nats' rotation as the best in the majors.1 month 2 weeks ago
Bat571Showcase Happ to the Padres (another team with a huge park) during ST to maybe give Taijuan and Elias a chance to share #5 before 'Kuma leaves next year, and let's prepare to face the Nats in the Series1 month 2 weeks ago
Bat571Cole Hamels wants to pitch for a contender and it won't be in Philly, eh? JackZ - make Amaro's week and offer D.J. (I think Kivlehan may be as good and is more versatile), Erasmo (rotation fill), Guerrero, Marte, and Marlette. Five for one, including four of the M's top 10 prospects by BP! Heck, offer Montero and Morban for Howard as well if they eat all but ~$5-7M/yr of his remaining salary. Instant rebuild of the Phillies' farm system and the M's get to have a 1-2 in the Pedro-Schilling, Unit-Schilling, Drysdale-Koufax class with 'Kuma and Paxton as well. Think any team would want to face that rotation in the playoffs? Run Howard thru waivers (would ANYONE pick up that contract?) and put him in Tacoma for when Morrison breaks. It wouldn't change much but 1B depth/future plans, but boy, what a rotation for the next few years!1 month 2 weeks ago
Bat571Latest update from is up within the last few minutes -- -- you can open in Chrome and translate if you need help in Spanish, but it says he's improving, maybe enough to allow transfer to a facility in Caracas. A team from there is coming to see him. A "scan" (CAT?) shows a reduction in inflammation, but the article also says more surgery may be required. Like Grumpy says, he has a *long* way to go - he still is unconscious - but we can take heart that he's fighting and the docs seem to be helping him.1 month 2 weeks ago
GrumpyHe has a long long way to go. Moving extremities is basically the minimum of what you want to see at this point. Encouraging but not enough info to get optimistic yet.1 month 2 weeks ago
SpectatorHard to imagine wanting to go out into the path of line drives after a head injury, but as others pointed out the other day, Brandon McCarthy has done it and is still doing it rather well. Let's get him on his feet again first, I suppose. Great to hear things moving in the right direction.1 month 2 weeks ago
mojicianGood news on Victor Sanchez. It is terrible when accidents happen to young people. Praying for good health for him.1 month 2 weeks ago
Bat571Scary, yes. But starting from "fighting for his very life", I'll take it. Having raised seven kids, none of whom had an incident like this, I look at what Victor's parents have been going through and marvel at my good fortune. But I'm sure their perspective right now is focusing on getting as much of him back as the injuries allow; mine sure would be. We should also, in praying for Victor, give thanks for our own blessings.1 month 2 weeks ago
MtGrizzlyStill scary when that's the 'good' news, eh?1 month 2 weeks ago
Bat571Chris Harris, who was the Jackson Generals announcer/radio guy/PR guy, who now works for Biloxi, says the Biloxi manager is close friends with Victor's father, and he reports Victor moved his fingers as well. The Mariners_Minors twitter feed is trying to keep track. The moving the legs was apparently 2 days ago and the fingers yesterday, but the facts are he's improving. If I understand correctly, the regaining of the motor neurons means the swelling is abating and is a VERY good sign.1 month 2 weeks ago
MtGrizzly@bvenezolano: Good news about RHP Víctor Sánchez. #Mariners Scout Luis Martínez told to @OrmuzSojo that he move his legs today.1 month 2 weeks ago
SABR MattInteresting1 month 2 weeks ago
rjjuniorHe answers to &quot;Jay&quot; not J.A, btw.1 month 2 weeks ago
SABR MattHe'll Happ-ily be trying for his first shot at the play-offs1 month 2 weeks ago
DaddyOOh no. This one's BAAAD. His media quotes will be "per Happ's."1 month 2 weeks ago
DaddyOOr if he walks a batter at an inopportune time, will it be called a mis-Happ?1 month 2 weeks ago
DaddyOIf he can develop his changeup into a dangerous strikeout pitch, will batters consider it Happ-hazard?1 month 2 weeks ago
DaddyOIf while pitching he gives up a fluke hit, will Aaron Goldberg say (to a chorus of groans), "Well, folks, that was just...Happ-enstance!"1 month 2 weeks ago
DaddyOI wonder what it was like for him as a kid growing when on his birthday it came time to sing the traditional song...1 month 2 weeks ago
SABR MattBatters are his Happ-less victims1 month 2 weeks ago
DaddyOHmm... "J.A". instead of "A.J." Just doesn't have the same ring to it. The cadence of "J.A." makes him sound like some Civil War general. "A.J." makes him sound like a good ol' boy. Tough break for the guy. Perhaps there's some name-related psychological handicap that's behind his career struggles. Why stop at mangling his name, when I can mangle his persona as well?!1 month 2 weeks ago
SABR MattJ.A...not A.J. :) He won't be Happ-y if you mangle his name, dude1 month 2 weeks ago
DaddyOI can imagine all sorts of useful name puns for A.J. (Blank) Happ-ens. Wha' Happ-ened? It was just Happ 'n' stance. If A.J. ain't Happ-y, ain't NObody Happ-y. Just a few off the top of my head. I bet he's already heard 'em all.1 month 2 weeks ago
SABR MattNo moe - I was saying that if his problem is getting the curve and change-up down, then he'll do well in Seattle even if that continues. Seattle kills fly balls and turns line drives into flies and hard grounders into routine grounders. All of which means that the actual results, when he leaves one of those off-speed pitches up, will not be as bad as they were in Toronto...and that this will disproportionately improve him relative to other pitchers.1 month 2 weeks ago
moethedogThere is an "if" there Matt. "If" he can get the change and curve down. But I wonder why he hasn't been able to do so to this point? He's had pretty good MLB coaching for a long time, after all. His 2nd half was pretty nice last year....but he's got a career 2.0 K/W so I'm not assuming that his 2nd half 3.83 is very sustainable.1 month 2 weeks ago
SABR MattIt looks like the thing separating 2014 2H Happ from Hamels is that he is having trouble getting his change-up and curveball down in the zone to right handers. If that is his big weakness...I think even more strongly that he is going to be fantastic in Seattle...1 month 2 weeks ago
SABR MattHapp was considered atop prospect in his youth for the reasons outlined in that comparison. It takes some guys longer to gel, and I'm not saying he's gelled THAT well, but its not impossible to imagine him suddenly turning into an all star with his stuff1 month 2 weeks ago
Bat571For those interested, a useful intro is at --- month 2 weeks ago
Bat571Condition on the Glasgow scale for brain injury is seven ....1 month 2 weeks ago
Bat571The latest news I can find on Victor via indicates he was hit by a boat's prop - so a more concentrated, but hopefully more localized blow. The team doctor for the Tiburones of the VWL says his condition is 7 on a scale of 3 to 15 - comatose, but not deteriorating. Hope and pray.1 month 2 weeks ago
Bat571While we wait for news on Victor, Sullivan has an interesting comparison piece on Hamels v. Happ -- month 2 weeks ago
SABR MattThis is...terrible. Please, Lord, let him live1 month 2 weeks ago
Gordon GrossSo they're cutting parts of his skull open so his brain doesn't crush itself, and draining blood from around it. Brandon McCarthy made it back from a similar issue, but figuring right now I'm not worried about whether he'll ever pitch again. I just want the kid to live and have a full, healthy life. So sad.1 month 2 weeks ago
MtGrizzlyFrom the Divish article: "The right-hander underwent a surgery in the skull on Saturday afternoon by Dr. Rolando Cobis and was in intensive care at night until Sunday at the Polyclinic Campano, said a source from the medical center. “He’s in critical condition,” said Dr. Cobis in a telephone contact. “He was made a craniectomy and drainage of hematomas.Until now is critical but stable within its box. He is still fighting for his life. There vital danger to him. ”1 month 2 weeks ago
Bat571Greg John's latest: month 2 weeks ago
Bat571More updates at TNT and elsewhere. Now upgraded to serious/stable after surgery to relieve a double skull fracture. He was apparently unconscious for some time. Sounds like all our prayers are needed for him and his family.1 month 2 weeks ago
Bat571Updates say he's in intensive care, critical, but stable. Venezuela, with Cuba's help, has had a pretty good medical reputation. Let's hope and pray he's getting good care.1 month 2 weeks ago
Gordon GrossShannon Drayer says it happened. The club has confirmed it. "Scary news to pass on as there are reports out of Venezuela that Mariners pitching prospect Victor Sanchez has been hospitalized after suffering a head injury when hit by a boat while swimming. The club has confirmed there was an accident but they have not given an update on Sanchez's condition."1 month 2 weeks ago
SABR Mattwow...that doesn't sound good. :(1 month 2 weeks ago
Gordon GrossMan, I'm really hoping those reports are wrong.1 month 2 weeks ago
DaddyOMakes me remember this incident from 1993: month 2 weeks ago
Bat571Dutton reporting *unconfirmed* reports that Victor Sanchez suffered head injury(ies) when struck by a boat while swimming at home in Venezuela. Say a prayer.1 month 2 weeks ago
SABR MattMy issue is that Twitter is impossible for me to follow...i log into my page and there's a new tweet every 0.2 seconds or can i keep you with that?1 month 2 weeks ago
DaddyOThat's an interesting point, Diderot. I don't do all. To me it's too much "short attention span" oriented. So perhaps my view of his activity is more a product of my habits than his activity. That's the kind of thing I meant by "circumstances hidden to me." In this case they are not so much hidden, as I am not looking.1 month 2 weeks ago
DaddyOThanks TR, it's good to know I have company in this opinion. Makes me think perhaps I am not completely out on a limb here. Re: Divish, the thing I need to bear in mind is that there is always the chance that there are circumstances hidden to me (or to fans in general) that might account for what I see, circumstances that if known to me might make me more sympathetic.1 month 2 weeks ago
Tacoma RainI completely agree DaddyO... plus the Times site with it's pop up ads have locked up my computer more than once.1 month 2 weeks ago
diderotDivish spends a tremendous amount of time and energy on Twitter...and perhaps other social media, as well. i&#039;m sure this is as instructed. He may be &#039;holding out&#039; in the sense that he seems to have no need to print articles (or actually, the same article over and over again) in attempts to become the did you-know-who. I think both Dovish and Dutton are excellent additions to the body of coverage.1 month 3 weeks ago
DaddyORyan (Divish), if by any chance you're reading this, it's nothing personal, though it may sound that way. I'm sure to your mind you are working hard and doing a bangup job in a tough business. All I can do is be honest about my impressions, which are just the musings of one M's fan.1 month 3 weeks ago
DaddyOMaybe I can put it this way. I found Divish a terrific second opinion when he was at TNT. Now that's Bob Dutton, who I think is doing a good job in that role. But at this point I'd rather read Dutton than Divish. I hope that changes this year.1 month 3 weeks ago
DaddyOGriz, my disappointment with Divish has not so much to do with caution and much to do with a lack of output and a lack of being on top of things time-wise. Since he came on board I've found other sources have been "first and best" way more often, that his pieces have often lacked any special insight, almost as if he's mailing it in. I hope I'm wrong, because I really don't know. I just don't yet see what he is bringing to the table. Finnegan was a company shill, but he was on top of things and did produce material with sufficient frequency. Baker was top-notch but many (not me) found him an off-putting axe-grinder. What Divish is, at least at the Times, I don't yet know. My first impression is what I said, mailing it in.1 month 3 weeks ago
Bat571The M's hardly need another starter unless somebody or two get owies, but Hamels would be hard to pass on if a package like that would interest Philly.1 month 3 weeks ago
Bat571Beni - how about Ramirez, Medina, Guerrero, Sanchez and Marte for Hamels? or save Medina and go for Cliff Lee? Dreaming?.... I'm still convinced the puff for Guerrero and Marte is to up their trade value. But a trade that adds so much ready/almost-ready talent to Philly's farm system might be hard for Amaro/Gillick to pass up.1 month 3 weeks ago
MtGrizzlyBaker was always looking for the next job - the one he really wanted. And eventually he got it. Divish has the job he wants. I don't blame him for being cautious his first year. He was more provocative and wrote with more humor when at the News Tribune. He'll loosen up.1 month 3 weeks ago
benihanaIt seems to me that the M's will need to make some moves before the start of the season. There is just too much depth between AAA and the MLB roster, and too few players with options. For instance we lose Erasmo for nothing if he doesn't make the team. Does the Miller / Taylor loser really spend the year on the bench or in AAA? I think the M's have pretty much exhausted their search for outfielders what with Cruz, Ruggiano, Smith and Weeks added to the mix So, who's left? Who would be a major upgrade worth spending big talent/$ on? If he shows healthy in spring training would you trade Ramirez, Marte, Medina for Prince Fielder at 6/$75....?1 month 3 weeks ago
GLSDivish seems like a great guy, but I don't feel like he brings all that much.1 month 3 weeks ago
Tacoma RainBeni... There is almost too much depth in Tacoma. You forgot about Jones, Chavez, Morban and Blash in the OF, O'Malley and Riverio in the infield. Thus, I doubt Kivlehan or Lara are in Tacoma, and those two both out hit Petersen in AA... so Petersen may not be there either.1 month 3 weeks ago
SABR MattI had to laugh at a friend of mine who was eyeing about the mariner offense's lack of aaa depth...i told him he should check out the aaa roster again1 month 3 weeks ago
benihanaM's certainly could run four platoons out there as well. Ackley / Ruggiano, Smith / Cruz, Miller / Taylor, Lomo/ Weeks... nice. Very nice.1 month 3 weeks ago
benihanaMan, the Rainier line-up could be fun to watch. Kivlehan, Gutierrez, Romero in the outfield, Peterson 3B, Miller/Taylor loser at SS, Marte 2B, Choi/Lara 1B, Hicks behind the plate, Montero at DH.... love the depth this roster has.1 month 3 weeks ago
DaddyOI just double-checked how I missed that Divish had posted a Times piece today, since I can see category pages and article headings, just not the articles themselves, and I notice that the article headings on the Mariners and MLB News page indicate the title but not the author. A curious practice. Perhaps they want the brand identity to be with the news source and not the author. Or maybe I'm overthinking it.1 month 3 weeks ago
DaddyOAh, thanks for the clarification, mojician. I've seen such infrequent articles from Divish since he went to the Times (compared to that of their previous Mariners beat writers) that it contributed (along with budget constraints) to me cancelling my online Times subscription. I had really liked his work at TNT, but not so much at the Times. Again, thanks for the heads up.1 month 3 weeks ago
mojicianThe other McClatchy newspapers in Washington state are the Bellingham Herald, the Olympian, and the Tri City Herald.1 month 3 weeks ago
mojicianDivish still works for the Seattle Times, or at least he posted stuff to a Seattle Times blog two hours ago. There is some sort of reciprocity agreement where the TNT can use Seattle Times articles from time to time. This is probably because The News Tribune is owned by McClatchy, and the Seattle Times is owned as follows: 49.5 percent of the voting stock is owned by McClatchy, and 70 percent of the non-voting stock is owned by McClatchy. At any rate, the two newspapers are closer than kissing cousins .1 month 3 weeks ago
MtGrizzlyDivish has an article in the Times today, DaddyO1 month 3 weeks ago
DaddyOApparently Ryan Divish is no longer with the Seattle Times and is back at the Tacoma News Tribune. He has article up about the Mariners' hopes for Weeks as a utility man. month 3 weeks ago
DaddyOGot so caught up in what I was saying I forgot to include this link: month 3 weeks ago
DaddyOI know most of you read Field Gulls, but I want to underscore an article (link to follow) that shows how terrific a GM John Schneider is. Not because of his moves, or his success, but because of his approach, his mindset, and his process. There will always be bumps in the road, and there will always be externally imposed limitations, but you can count on him vigorously and doggedly pursuing excellence. That's a sports franchise that's an honor to support as a fan.1 month 3 weeks ago
SABR MattWeeks is a little bit like Ty Wigginton. That has a lot of value.1 month 3 weeks ago
OBFAnd cheaper than Willie to boot! :) Time to find a coaching position for Willie...1 month 3 weeks ago
benihanaWeeks has to have better than Ackley speed. 18 SB per 162 career (double Ackley's). No reason to think he can't also make the transition to part time outfielder. And there is no way he signed here to back-up Cano. Zip, zero, zilch. He'll get a chance to play all over the diamond. He's a huge upgrade from Willie B. Love it.1 month 3 weeks ago
SABR MattClearly, Weeks has figured out that he has no choice but to play other positions or he wouldn't have signed with a team that has Cano. :) Not an issue. I think he'll get a lot of at-bats as the DH and as the 1B.1 month 3 weeks ago
SpectatorWhen you have a durable Hall of Famer at 2b, a surplus of young middle infielders who can play 2b, a veteran utility guy whose best position is 2b, and even a left fielder who used to play 2b ... it would be a bizarre thing indeed to sign someone who REFUSES to play any position but 2b. Guess we'll see what Jack says when they announce it.1 month 3 weeks ago
DaddyOI gotta believe Jack got Weeks to agree to expand his positional repertoire before signing him. The curious thing about the Fangraphs article is that Weeks refused to play the outfield despite getting little playing time at second base. Basically, it appears he said, second base or the bench for me.1 month 3 weeks ago
moethedogAgreed Rick. Weeks is a professional weirdo. He has played ZERO inning, MLB or MiLB, at any inning other than 2B. Fielding grounders at 1B and recieving trows from Seager at 3B is a lot difference than chasing flies in LF. It is much more likely that he gets 1B innings or DH's vL (with Cruz going to RF and Rugi going to left) than it is that he gets many LF innings.1 month 3 weeks ago
rick82Well, if he don't want to play the OF, I'll bet Romero wouldn't mind doing it - along with second, maybe first, even third.1 month 3 weeks ago
DaddyOInteresting. Last May FanGraphs made mention that Rickie Weeks refused to play the outfield (May 19, 2014, )1 month 3 weeks ago
Cool Papa BellSigning Weeks means that the team will be going with 7 relievers which is a good thing. Also, as far as who is the backup third baseman that can be Brad Miller.1 month 3 weeks ago
SABR MattMariners sign Rafael Perez to minor league deal........mmmkay?1 month 3 weeks ago
mojicianWith Weeks/Lomo or Weeks/Ackley and Smith/Ruggiano and Miller/Taylor, it appears the Mariners now have three full time platoons. The 2015 Mariners look like the team that the Oakland Orcs would have if they weren't broke. I'm not sure that winning a lot justifies the use of Orc tactics. Once you go down that road it may be hard to find your way back.1 month 3 weeks ago
mojicianAlso, Lonnie, you don't want to bury Taijuan Walker too far down on the depth chart, as he might revoke his agreement not to kill any Mariners personnel with a baseball. The problem with a full Tacoma pitching rotation, is that it means that sometimes someone is in front of Walker. Its the same problem as that time they named a street after him in Yucaipa: no one crosses Taijuan Walker and lives. I'm already worried about Danny Hultzen.1 month 3 weeks ago
DaddyOBut yeah, at that point you just figure this wasn't your season. Perhaps, Lonnie, your looking forward, with a concern over the next few seasons that our MiLB rotation depth is about tapped out?1 month 3 weeks ago
DaddyORe: The lack of rotation depth available for call up in the near term, that would be a big concern if we sustained a rash of injuries, right? We have Felix, Iwakuma, Paxton, Happ, Elias, Walker, and Ramirez, that seven. You can perhaps add Wilhelmsen to the mix in a pinch for a couple of starts. And you might hope that Hultzen could contribute if need be later in the year. It sorta makes you glad that Jack resisted the temptation to trade either Paxton or Walker, even Elias.1 month 3 weeks ago
SABR MattLonnie...whatchoo talking bout? We have ahotvprosoect who isn't going to make the roster and at least one other emergency option available. That's fine1 month 3 weeks ago
DaddyOYeah, it would be an outstanding bench add if it turns out Weeks can adapt relatively quickly to multiple infield positions. Meanwhile, I suppose if an emergency ever comes up at third Lonnie could upstage Miller. After all, how many forums has Miller managed?1 month 3 weeks ago
Lonnie of MCI am very surprised to see that there isn't any chatter about the biggest concern with the Mariners: depth of the starting pitching between MLB and AAA.1 month 3 weeks ago
moethedogI actually wondered about Weeks this week. I'm surprised but not dumbfounded. The guy has an .834 career OPS vL. He's never played a MLB inning in the field other than at 2B. Wanna bet he gets a 1B glove pretty quickly?1 month 3 weeks ago
Lonnie of MCIt has been a while since I last played at the hot corner, but if needed....1 month 3 weeks ago
DaddyOOr, if on the roster, Bloomquist.1 month 3 weeks ago
DaddyOI would assume that if Seager got hurt Miller would be pressed into third base duty, at least on a short term basis.1 month 3 weeks ago
SABR MattI think Weeks will sub out for Morrison, Ackley and Seager at random. That is an area of some concern for me...who is Seager's back-up?1 month 3 weeks ago
benihanaWeeks at $2m can be moved pretty easily to the first team that has an infield injury. Seems like a super low risk maneuver to balance out our line-up nicely vs. Lefties. Jackson, Weeks, Cano, Cruz, Seager, Ruggiano, Morrison, Zunino, Taylor. I like the balance with Sucre, Miller, Ackley, Smith on the bench in that scenario. Think Bloomquist goes the buyout/coaching role in 2015. Jones, Montero, et al, to AAA.1 month 3 weeks ago
SABR MattIn that context, Olivera is the gamble play and Weeks is the safe play. Z seems to have rammed the handle on the gamble-tronic all the way over to "high stop loss". And that is understandable and acceptable to me. Weeks is an OK choice as primary back-up to Morrison and Ackley and insurance for Cano's off-days. I'm assuming that this means our bench is Ruggiano, Weeks, Sucre and Miller or Taylor or Bloomquist or Marte1 month 3 weeks ago
DaddyOHere ya go, mate... month 3 weeks ago
diderotMatt: would you agree that Weeks is currently an MLB second baseman in the same way that Olivera is an MLB second baseman--in the sense that neither one really is? Looking at them as alternatives to LoMo makes a lot more sense to me. In any case--Weeks vs. Olivera in that role--what do we think? (aside from obvious difference in investment)1 month 3 weeks ago
SABR MattI want one of the Cubans1 month 3 weeks ago
DaddyOSpec, I admit it. I called Jack earlier this week and lit a fire under him to DO something newsworthy and make February less boring. I had in mind something like announcing every third seat in Safeco would be painted chartreuse, but it appears he took me seriously...which is often a big mistake.1 month 3 weeks ago
SABR MattThe problem is...he costs 2 million, so his roster spot is assured...and all of our bench configurations made it clear that there was not even room for Bloomquist. So, I'm uncertain how we're going to fit Weeks onto the roster.1 month 3 weeks ago
rick82Weeks looks like a Willie B with power. Can he play other positions? Probably. Lesser athletes have moved around the diamond. Z should know something about his aptitude and work ethic in that regard.1 month 3 weeks ago
SABR MattWeeks? Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinteresting. Highly unorthodox, Mr. Z.1 month 3 weeks ago
SpectatorA development! There's something for you, DaddyO. Yes, it would seem Weeks displaces Willie B, who has been injured anyway (though supposedly on track to be ready for 2015), but I'm not so sure. It's hard to know how much versatility Weeks has since he's only played 2b, but Z obviously is very familiar with what he brings. I could see them keeping Weeks, Bloomie and Rugs as a RH platoon B-team (replacing Smith, Ack and LoMo as necessary) and sending the Taylor-Miller loser to AAA. They may not like Miller as a bench guy since he's another lefty and because they want him to play every day, and Weeks could fill that role with a RH bat. Rugs seems safe since he's the only backup CF.1 month 3 weeks ago
merksM 's to sign Rickie Weeks for two million. Brewers connection. What does this mean for Willie Ballgame.1 month 3 weeks ago
SpectatorInterestingly, I've done research on the phenomenon of people holding more dear what they already possess than what they never had, but I hadn't seen it called the "endowment effect" before. You never know what you'll learn from baseball.1 month 3 weeks ago
SpectatorVia MLBTR ... an interesting free piece from Baseball Prospectus about the Extreme Makeover Padres Edition month 3 weeks ago
SABR MattCorrect...we can get good players down there...but there's zero chance we'll know who they are until they are made...and slim chance we'll know whether they are good choices until 2 years later. So why even talk about the draft. :)1 month 3 weeks ago
SpectatorAgree on both counts, DaddyO!1 month 3 weeks ago
DaddyOSpec, normally I wouldn't have commented, but doggone it, SOMEbody has to post SOMEthing! :)1 month 3 weeks ago
DaddyOI don't think Matt is saying the picks aren't important, just that it is practically impossible to meaningfully speculate as to who they might be.1 month 3 weeks ago
SpectatorI call the guys in the MLB draft from about 10-15 to about 100 "mid-majors" because the equivalent of Duke, Kentucky, Kansas and Louisville are off the board. Find your Gonzaga and your Butler in there somewhere. Jack & Mac have a pretty amazing track record in that regard.1 month 3 weeks ago
SpectatorGuys taken near No. 60 by Jack & Mac: 2009 - Rich Poythress 51, Seager 82; 2010 - Taijuan 43; Marcus Littlewood 67; 2011 - Miller 62; 2012 - Joe Decarlo 64; 2013 - Austin Wilson 49; Tyler O'Neill 85; 2014 - Gareth Morgan 74; Austin Cousino 80.1 month 3 weeks ago
SABR MattBasically, that means we have no reason to even care about the draft possibilities because there is no way to predict who McNamara will rarget that far down1 month 3 weeks ago
SpectatorSo dead Daddyo that no one's even using the shoutbox. Well here's some news: with the final signing of a player with a qualifying offer, the 2015 draft order is now set. Due to signing Nelson Cruz the M's have no 1st round pick & won't pick until No. 60. Pretty much a crap shoot there, though last time we lacked a true 1st round pick we ended up with Taijuan.1 month 3 weeks ago
DaddyOFebruary. The deadest sports month. Since Sonics left, Pro basketball means nothing to me. UW hasn't had a significant men's BB team in years, so the NCAA's don't interest me. The three hardest parts of late winter are when pitchers and catchers report...but there's nothing really going on, and the full squad report date...but there's still nothing really going on, and the start of spring training games...but there's STILL nothing really going on until the Spring Equinox..1 month 3 weeks ago
mojicianCaptain America is the king of strategy, but I thought that might be Kuma.1 month 4 weeks ago
SABR MattPaxton is clearly thor. Felix is more like a matter of deception...who would qualify Asia that on the avengers?1 month 4 weeks ago
mojicianAlso, Felix is like Thor because he has long absences in other dimensions, and only appears every fifth episode or so, but when he does show up he takes over. Of course, you could say that Paxton is Thor, because his trademark is an unstoppable hammer that he smashes guys with.1 month 4 weeks ago
mojicianThere is a strong case to be made for Wilhelmson as Hulk. He's the strongest Avenger but he doesn't deal well with everyday pressure, and they don't call him into battle except for the most serious jams. This is probably because the plot would be broken if he were used all the time. Also, Wilhelmson is a nice guy, but you wouldn't like him when he's angry. Plus, he doesn't believe in elaborate pitch sequence strategy. He only knows SMASH.1 month 4 weeks ago
mojicianI think Felix should be Thor because his changeup seems to warp space time like one of Thor's Asgaardian artifacts. Not Avengers, but I think Medina should be Superman. This is because the battles are a lot closer of a call than you would guess by looking at his scouting report. Joe Beimel would be Batman, as he packs a lot of swagger for only having a grappling hook and a right cross.1 month 4 weeks ago
jemanjiAvengers … Farquhar is more muscle than brain, so Hulk maybe?, though he doesn't physically look it, it's probably the Hulk who'd run his peripherals. Furbush as that guy who fires arrows from rooftops? Sort of an assassin-sling guy who stands out there rather detached from retribution, hard to see from where you stand, and whose pitches are rather pointy and stingy as they come in. Bullpen Taijuan as Thor? Leone as Black Widow, a character of reasonable effectiveness you don't see coming? :: shrug :: y' got me. No idea :- ) Mojo could take this stuff into hyperspace ...1 month 4 weeks ago
jemanjiMatt, we pray that your career (and Gordon's, and Jonez') will be blessed up to and including NYT bestseller list. Go get 'em bro'. … Gordon, if and when SSI hits your priority / spare time bar we'll be looking' forward to it. Here's to your return from the netherworld. :: daps ::1 month 4 weeks ago
MtGrizzlyGood luck, Matt! Kindle?1 month 4 weeks ago
SABR MattI just completed the second novella-length story going into my first ever self-published novel...throwing myself into the writing junket full time and feeling quite inspired...wish me luck!1 month 4 weeks ago
Gordon GrossUpdate from beyond: remember when I said my hours were coming back down and I would be posting a lot more. Yeah... moved to a different department thanks to someone quitting abruptly, so my hours are back up to 65+ a week. That said, we've convinced them to hire another person so I'm still trying to get down to Spring Training next month, and my work schedule should be lightening the load in a couple weeks. Fingers crossed. Pitchers and catchers report soon!1 month 4 weeks ago
SABR MattHelp me out here, guys - I'm not a Marvel expert, but I want to take Doc up on his challenge to match Mariner relievers to their best-fit Avengers. I already placed Rodney as Hawkeye (shoot that arrow into the sky), Wilhelmson as Iron Man (off-color lifestyle as the bartender, self-made comeback story), and Dominic Leone as Captain America (kind of a golden boy - unassuming figure, but a ton of unexpected power). what else you folks got?1 month 4 weeks ago
SABR MattI see Olivera as a HUGE piece for us...if we get him...he replaces Zobrist as the guy who play around the diamond...i want that2 months 25 min ago
jemanjiBaseball America comes out with its Handbook and Dr. D scanned the list to see if there were any major tweaks he'd make. None jumped out until he hit the #30 slot.2 months 46 min ago
jemanjiGuys - there's a chat thread up for yer. :: tight smile that doesn't reach the eyes ::2 months 1 hour ago
SpectatorBA ranked Ibanez as the No. 6 Cuban player and Olivera as the No. 8. Olivera is 6-2, 220 and has "above-average power" -- Ibanez is 5-10, 183 and is a "promising young hitter" -- months 1 hour ago
SpectatorBaseball America via MLBTR ... both Jack Z AND Kevin Mather fly to Dominican to watch Cubans Hector Olivera and Andy Ibanez work out. Both primarily play second. Olivera is 29 and could play third or corner OF (per BA). Ibanez is 21 and BA sez he's likely to fit best at 2b. So they wonder why Mather and Z are there after signing Cano and Seager to long-term deals. Gotta wonder if they had other business there. months 1 hour ago
GLSIs it the third world poor you're concerned about? What to do about third world development in the era of climate change is a sinkhole of muddy, unclear policy prescriptions. The problems in those countries are often a mixture of social/political and economic and adding increased resource scarcity to the mix is like adding gasoline to a fire. As an example, there's a strong case to be made that the problems in Syria started because of drought.2 months 2 hours ago
SABR MattDoc - it's alright. Terry was just trying to tick me off and I said everything I needed to say in reply. :) If y'all want to have a larger discussion about Catholicism, I'd be happy to chime in, but I don't feel a particular need to start said discussion. :)2 months 2 hours ago
SABR MattI am not a partisan for any particular blog, GLS and not a member of any choir. I ran across it on my facebook wall. :) But I would say that the inescapable conclusion you have to draw in the subtext is that this professor views our evolution in thinking ability as some sort of tragic flaw - that he would say, if you asked him, that it is a bad thing that we are "overthinking" climate change. I would counter by saying it is a tragic flaw in man that we look for authority to which to accede our thought...that we prefer NOT to think, and that it is only when we actually are thinking a problem through fully that we come to the right conclusions and take the best actions. Meaning he has it completely backwards. And no, I'm not looking for things to get offended at...I'm offended because he's wrong in a way that could be seriously damaging to the poor.2 months 2 hours ago
jemanjiLet's move the discussion on Catholicism to its own dedicated post/comments thread, amigos. The Shout Box is generally for lighter, more pleasant (98% baseball) reading. Stuff that appeals to all or most readers, chat to enjoy with a cupp'a. SABRMatt can open such a thread if he likes, or if any others are so inclined, let me know and I'll open it. Thanks for the ideas. Slow news week, wasn't it :- )2 months 2 hours ago
GLSI read the article again and I didn't see where he said humans were inferior to mice. He's making an observation that mice react more quickly than humans to certain stimuli, but he also says that humans are more evolved. While the article isn't especially insightful or enlightening and his comment about poor people having more of an ability to adapt is kind of dumb, I'm not sure why this rises to the level of being offensive unless you're just looking around for things to be offended by. The blog you cited is all about finding these sorts of articles, pointing out their flaws, and putting them in front of the choir. But I don't think the article itself is especially noteworthy. Actually, both the blog and the article it cites are preaching to their respective choirs.2 months 2 hours ago
SABR MattOOOOOOOHHHH...brutal news for the Tigers.2 months 2 hours ago
okdanVictor Martinez tore a meniscus in his left knee today: months 3 hours ago
SABR MattBTW, the accusation that Americans are somehow unique in their tendency to be cafeteria Catholics is wildly inaccurate. Recent immigrants (legal or otherwise) have been polled on their positions on social issues, for example. Although some 75% of recent immigrants to the US in the states that border Mexico profess Catholicism, a solid 70%, when polled, favor unrestricted abortion access. I think the Church would have a thing or two to say on THAT topic. Still another 65% favor government funded contraception - the church still opposes the use of contraception even for married couples (and reams of excellent scholarly work by various recent Popes exists on the subject). The problem of cafeteria Catholicism is GLOBAL, I assure you.2 months 4 hours ago
SABR MattGrizz...I sincerely hope you are not suggesting that I am being a cafeteria Catholic. If so, that is the worst insult you could offer me.2 months 5 hours ago
SABR MattGLS...I question your judgment. Sorry...I just do. He describes us as inferior to mice regarding disaster because we think...his prescription seems to be "be more like mice...stop thinking" - and his views on the poor are so completely wrong that they are offensive.2 months 5 hours ago
SABR MattAnd no, terry...I don't have a list of topics. I have the basic guidelines taught at catechism - if it has to do with the immortal soul or the teachings of Christ's papal authority all the way and we do our best to follow his lead. If it's a civic issue, he can only suggest and provide guidance...he cannot speak with absolute authority.2 months 5 hours ago
SABR Mattmoe - that's an incorrect interpretation, from what I've been taught in catechism classes. The Pope has full and supreme authority to speak to any issue which may relate to the immortal souls of church members or to the health of the church. He does not (and has never had) the authority to speak on issues outside of the purview of the church. For this reason, for example, the Pope is not allowed to choose sides in political elections. He cannot say that Catholics must support Democrats or Republicans. He cannot say that Catholics must back Chavez or Guevara or must absolutely repudiate any political ideology unless it directly clashes with the Church (Communism in Russia did this by attacking Christianity directly and robbing humanity of its' divinely-given dignity). And for the same reason, the Pope has no position to comment with binding authority on whether or not the science is settled regarding climate change.2 months 5 hours ago
SpectatorWe will work with Ben to get a shoutbox with links. In the meantime, here's Sports Illustrated's Mariners winter report card: B+ months 6 hours ago
SpectatorWe're also plotting out another page where folks can hash out ... oh maybe theology and science? Plus movies, music, games, tech, etc.2 months 7 hours ago
SpectatorBat ... wasn't sure if you got my email but your answer must have gotten lost in spam. Sorry bout that. We are on board, then, for a "Future Mariners" page on DOV2 with Doc's blessing too. New home of the Spec66, plus ongoing coverage from Bat. Hope we can rope in Gordon once in awhile. Anyone else who wants to sign on to assist with the effort is welcome.2 months 7 hours ago
DaddyOI am not a Catholic, but history shows that church leaders misstep when in their zeal to apply the faith they attempt to stamp religious authority on pursuits that exceed their true calling and expertise.2 months 8 hours ago
MtGrizzlyHa. My mom reefs to this a "cafeteria Catholicicsm". American Catholics tend to treat their religion like a cafeteria lunch line. They go down the line and pick and choose which aspects they like and consume them. They skip those aspects they don't like entirely. (And yes, she is devout Catholic while I am not.)2 months 9 hours ago
GrumpyWell at least the pope is scientifically train. He's a chemist. He may not be an expert in climate science. However based on his motivations and obvious intellectual capacity and his training in the scientific method, I'm definitely more inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt compared to most of the untrained unscientific people that attend Davos for example.2 months 9 hours ago
GLSI don't see anything wrong with the Professor's article. He's talking about the need for humans to adapt to what's coming. I didn't see anywhere that he said humans should stop thinking and do as they're told.2 months 17 hours ago
moethedogphx, I am not a Catholic (I consider myself Episcopal, as I grew up in that church, Henry VIII would be proud), but I would tend to believe that the Pope has authority to speak on whatever issue he wishes. ".Papal supremacy is the doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church that the pope, by reason of his office as Vicar of Christ and as pastor of the entire Christian Church, has full, supreme, and universal power over the whole Church, a power which he can always exercise unhindered, that, in brief, "the Pope enjoys, by divine institution, supreme, full, immediate, and universal power in the care of souls.." (Catechism of the Catholic Church) Care of souls is a big area. Clearly, advice on worldly issues may fall into that area. Whether you or I pay attention to such advice is another question, entirely.2 months 18 hours ago
TheSwedeYoan Moncada anyone? One third of the clubs in the MLB are mentioned as chasing him. M&#039;s are not. It&#039;s a big investment for sure, but this is a guy that could be the franchise for the upcoming fifteen years. He could also be, nothing basically. But he is well scouted.2 months 20 hours ago
phxterryMatt - Interesting point you make that: "the Pope has no authority to speak to whether (global warming threatens creation)" . Why is His authority restricted from speaking on this particular subject? Is there an objective list somewhere that I could access that lists what matters the Pope has authority to speak on and which matters He doesn't?2 months 20 hours ago
Bat571Spec, as we discussed, I'm up for a daily summary of mariners' minors happenings starting about mid-ST. I intend to use maqman's Mariner's Morsels for NASORB as a general style guide, but keep it to prospect stuff. Too bad you can't get Jay Yencich or Rick Randall, but I'll do my best!2 months 20 hours ago
SABR many dumb autocorrects there...we not www, to not tool, no not non, speak not spiral2 months 21 hours ago
SABR MattBottom line...what the pope will say is that IF global warming threatens creation, www are obligated to fight it. I don't believe it does and the pope had non authority tool spiral to whether it does...ergo, i am not required to fight it2 months 21 hours ago
rick82The very first pope has already spoken on global warming, and is encyclical was so darned dogmatic they put it in the Bible: Second Peter: But the day of the Lord will come like a thief. The heavens will disappear with a roar; the elements will be destroyed by fire, and the earth and everything done in it will be laid bare.2 months 1 day ago
SpectatorBat ... would you be interested in helping put together a minors/prospect page for the new DOV2? I'm doing a new Spec66, but don't envision being able to do daily coverage. There's interest, but someone else would need to take the lead. Just wondering.2 months 1 day ago
Bat571Bat571 is out here and will be back ~1900 MT.2 months 1 day ago
SABR MattPope Francis will issue an environmental encyclical. You'll have to pardon this Catholic scientist if he doesn't take the word of Francis on a question of science. I respect the authority of the pope on spiritual matters. I agree with the expected position that a good Catholic must care for creation. But an encyclical on the environment that purports to understand the science of climate change...that i will not be accepting without question.2 months 1 day ago
SABR MattIndeed mojician2 months 1 day ago
mojicianMatt: I've seen the rich vs. poor adaption to climate change play out in real life: A college buddy was at grad school at Tulane U. during Hurricane Katrina. He recognized New Orleans as a death trap and literally headed to the hills (Tennessee) as soon as he saw the storm coming, as did all of his compatriots. He watched the hurricane on TV, poor people watched it from their roofs. Poor people take the brunt of just about everything bad that happens, excepting inflation or a stock market crash.2 months 1 day ago
phxterryMatt - speaking of global warming: check out - According to that article, Pope Francis is preparing to take a strong stand against global warming in 2015, including issuing a papal encyclical on the environment. Quoting the article: "If the encyclical is actually published in the spring, it will set a tone among the world’s 5,000 bishops and 400,000 priests — a tone of caring for creation and acting for the climate."... "According to Pope Pius XII, papal encyclicals are sufficiently authoritative to end theological debate on a particular question: '. . . if the Supreme Pontiffs in their acts, after due consideration, express an opinion on a hitherto controversial matter, it is clear to all that this matter, according to the mind and will of the same Pontiffs, cannot any longer be considered a question of free discussion among theologians.' ”2 months 1 day ago
SpectatorPaging Bat571. Are you out there?2 months 1 day ago
SABR MattThat bit about poor people being better able to accept the coming disaster was so completely bass-ackwards from my understanding of poverty that I read it three times to be sure that was what he said. The poor are the least able to respond to changes...the least likely to survive a weaker economic system...and the most in need of progress. The poor need the protection of a vibrant economy far...far more than they need the protection of academics from climate change.2 months 1 day ago
moethedogMatt, when the good professor started writing about how less fortunate and poor people are better able to accept the "coming" climate disaster and that rich people are not, well there he got me to spit up my coffee. The mouse/cheese/maze thing was silly-stupid, but because it was an allegory I can give him the silly-stupid. But the rich-poor thing was was toke over the line. Sigh......2 months 1 day ago
SABR MattApropos of nothing recent, but a reminder of the climate change debate we had here a few months back: Climate change expert thinks we should stop thinking and do what we're told: months 1 day ago
SABR MattAny interest in Hector Olivera here?2 months 1 day ago
SABR MattMy guess is that Hamilton was told he could rest it and it would be fine...he tried resting wasn't fine.2 months 1 day ago
MtGrizzlyNobody has ever mistaken Josh Hamilton with the sharpest tool in the shed, know what I mean?2 months 1 day ago
mojicianJosh Hamilton to undergo shoulder surgery to fix nagging arthritis that benched him for the month of September in 2014. He will be out 6-8 weeks. Q1: Why didn't Hamilton do this surgery in November? Q2: If Hamilton just had his shoulder flare up again, does that mean that he hasn't done any training this off season until now? Q3: Who was tasked with watching the $125 million dollar man this off season?2 months 1 day ago
SABR MattBottom line...the Seahawks have ONE need this off-season. A power WR. They need to sign Wilson and Lynch ASAP, but they also need a go-to receiver.2 months 2 days ago
MtGrizzlyBaldwin sucks. His attitude, his 'angry man' antics and his inability to beat 1:1 coverage...2 months 2 days ago
rick82Baldwin was an idiot on that stunt, Grump, and DaddyO. Agreed. You can't use the ball as a prop. Get your head in the game. He let his team down there.2 months 2 days ago
rick82Some perspective: The Pats last won a Super Bowl in 2005. Since then, both they and we have been to three Super Bowls. Each of us have won one and lost two. Before yesterday, they went ten years before winning another one. We have nothing to hang our heads over. The Pats actually performed arguably the greatest choke in Super Bowl history, having their 16-0 team lose to the 10-6 Giants in 2008. That's a long time to go before removing such a bitter taste in their mouths.2 months 2 days ago
GrumpyRight on that stupid penalty. Gave the Pats great field position. and they capitalized. Just abysmally stupid. We also had a terrible encroachment penalty that kept a Pats drive alive for another TD.2 months 2 days ago
moethedogThese guys got it right: months 2 days ago
GrumpyYeah. Throwing over the middle was risky though it still took a great defensive play to break it up let alone make the INT. But that's the problem with not having any big tall receivers that you can have fade to the outside of the endzone. I do like the bubble screen idea.2 months 2 days ago
DaddyOJust saw about the reason for Doug Baldwin's excessive celebration penalty after his touchdown catch. . I must say, though I am proud to be a Seahawks fan, I am not proud of Lynch's crotch-grabbing, and this moronic celebration by Baldwin is no better. Yeah, yeah, it's a rough game between alpha males. But I've seen plenty of alpha males, very successful alpha males, who don't have to stoop to such antics in order to achieve their success.2 months 2 days ago
Tacoma RainBubble screen..2 months 3 days ago
rick82I'm not averse to calling a pass play in that situation. In my first Pete Carroll Seahawk game I attended we played the Chargers and we ran a series of plays down inside the 5 with time running out that was absolutely breathless in its absurdity. Pete was really flailing there and we ended up without even a field goal as time ran out and confusion reigned. At least here they had a plan to use every one of their four downs. BUT, if you are going to call for pass there, is it possible to come up with a worse one that that? am trying to think of a worse one than the one that was called. Really. Can anyone out there come up with a worse pass play? I know there are better ones. But is there a worse one?2 months 3 days ago
mojicianLive by the gadget play, die by the gadget play. To me, it seemed like DangeRuss just didn't execute the last play very well. So sue him. The game was squarely lost by the L.O.B., who gave up 109 receiving yards to that nasty little gremlin named Edelman. Maxwell was supposed to stop Edelman. Chancellor was supposed to break his ribs. Sue them too. And none of the Hawks' receivers play like Jerry Rice. And that offensive line couldn't create the tiniest little gaps to set up nice runs for Beast Mode. The Hawks just got beat yesterday. Sometimes, seeing frailty from the champs makes you like them a little bit more. They bleed like the rest of us.2 months 3 days ago
rick82It's gonna hurt for a long time. But Russell is our QB. You gotta lock up your key players, and continue to build the winning culture. I'd seriously think about having him call the plays next season. The coaching staff let them down. But I think more than that the injuries kept us from dominating the game, like we were ready to do entering the 4th quarter. Anyway, Russell is the guy who has to buy in on any decision for it to work.I think he knows more than any OC we bring in, if Bevell is the fall guy. Unless there is some offensive genius out there for the hiring.2 months 3 days ago
SABR MattEven if you think throwing the ball is a good call because of the do NOT throw over the middle in a goal line defense...that guarantees you're throwing into triple coverage because all of the LBs are up front to stop the run. You just don't do's beyond's outrageously stupid. You throw to the corners. Period. Any other call should get you fired.2 months 3 days ago
diderotAn alternate view on &#039;the play&#039;. Throwing there served one purpose--for Carroll to prove himself the swashbuckling, iconoclastic genius he so desperately longs to be. Hubris can be an evil master.2 months 3 days ago
DaddyOApparently Belichek got on Butler in practice this past week about the need to anticipate the very play and route in question, telling him the Haws would use it in the game. (via Field Gulls).2 months 3 days ago
DaddyOWhile theoretically the decision to pass in that situation, as explained by Carroll and Bevell, makes some sense, what I find inexplicable is the location of the target. The explanation for the choice to pass was that with three plays, one time out, and limited time left, one pass that would be either a TD or a clock-stopping incompletion made sense, and the best use of that would be made as the first of the plays in the sequence. I can buy that. But that choice was also influenced by the Pats deploying a standard goal line run defense bunched up in the middle. So if you're going to pass, why in the world throw to the middle? Why not throw to edge or the back of the end zone?2 months 3 days ago
moethedogI thought the call was a fine call. Heck, it was a great call if an undrafted rookie doesn't make the read/jump of the century. It was an exceptional play by the kid.. It was an exceptional play at an exceptional time. It was the stuff of NFL legend. Those of us who are Duck alums remember "The Pick" as the most important play in Oregon football history. Kenny Wheaton, a true freshman, read the formation and jumped an out-route, picked of the Dawgs' Damon Huard and went 97 yards, just as the U of W was about to score again to crush Ducks' hope.......again. I always thought that read was the poster child for D-backs doing their homework. It isn't even in the same league with this one.2 months 3 days ago
moethedogPost-game, Dilfer argued that Wilson didn't put the ball in the frame of the WR's body...and that might be right. But that D-back was SO far out of the play (at least 4-5 yards) that it was almost impossible for him to get there. I'm sure Wilson's read was the whether the other DB broke inside or not. He was the true defensive threat. By throwing the ball quickly on that play it kept Carroll's options open for the next two plays, and a time out in his pocket. It wasn't a terrible call. You can certainly question it....but you can do that to every end-game play that doesn't work out. It was a truly amazing defensive play. Have you ever seen a better one?2 months 3 days ago
SilentpadnaGriz it's hard to tell because of the lack of separation on most receivers' routes. Even Tate wasn't that great at getting separation. I don't think Wilson has an issue with the throws - I think he could execute that game just fine. He never has guys as open as often as Edelman, but when he does, he has no issue (remember the Baldwin TD).2 months 3 days ago
MtGrizzlyI'm still nervous about giving Wilson a giant contract. I'm no Bevell fan but some of the play calling us due to Wilson's skill set. He telegraphs a LOT of throws and seemingly cannot execute the short, quick passes that dominate the NFL these days. It's those big, loopy bombs, the scrambles...or nothing most of the time.2 months 3 days ago
GrumpyRight. After thinking about it, the call was not that bad. 6" to the right = touchdown, everyone looks like a genius. Better break by Lockett = TD. It did take a great read and tremendous play by Butler to get that ball.I was worried about the game b/c of the extremely banged up secondary. Sherman, Kam, Thomas all hurt. Then Lane. Simon isn't ready, and credit to Brady for capitalizing. Still, a huge lost opportunity. It is amazing how good the Hawks can look on one drive and how bad on another. I do wish they had used more "option" in the read option, especially in the 2nd half. A big/tall reciever that can go up and get a ball in the endzone would have been a great help. Should have put up some more points to put it out of reach. They did catch a bad break when Lockett got tripped with no call on that late drive that came up empty, but they caught a lot of other good breaks too.2 months 3 days ago
SilentpadnaNot even close to as bad as '05. This one was tough to swallow, but lost in the angst of the "dumbest Super Bowl play call ever" was the fact that the DB made a fantastic play on the ball. I suppose having a recent SB win in the bag helps soften the blow too. Plenty of bright spots - future is still bright. Hopefully we won't go into another game with the injuries we (they) had...2 months 3 days ago
misterjonezAgreed, rick. There were plenty of breakdowns, and this year the pick 'em which the betting lines predicted came to pass. Great season, good game, but not *quite* enough to claim the top spot. This one doesn't feel anywhere near as bad as the 2005...whatever that was.2 months 3 days ago
misterjonezUltimately though, the play call at the end of the game will just be an over-scrutinized facet of what was actually a subpar performance for a team that wants to be champions. They had their injuries, sure, and they had a few bounces go against them, but that's the nature of the game. When your entire game, and season, hinges on one play then you can't really claim that you 'deserved' to win in the first place. Games that close, you can't get too upset about intellectually.2 months 3 days ago
rick82Other problem is, the Harvin disaster and injuries left us thin at WR. Golden Tate makes that play, or forces an incomplete. But you know what? We are going to have to get players like Lockette, and Matthews, Kearse, etc. to step up if we are going to stay NFC Champs and return to Super Bowls. All our money is going to our elite players. Lynch was getting the ball 3 out of our 4 chances.2 months 3 days ago
rick82One time out, three plays to get one yard. Makes sense to throw the ball there. It's either a TD or incomplete stops the clock. Then you run, stop the clock with your last TO, then run it one more time. You have three chances instead of two. Problem is, Russell telegraphed the pass. He's human.2 months 3 days ago
misterjonezI really don't know, Matt. I'm not an NFL historian. But I will say it's the worst play call in Seahawks history, for sure and certain. I'm not livid or anything at Bevell, but he's shown pretty questionable judgment this year (remember all those horrible bubble screens early on that they just. would. not. stop. calling?) and I think it's time for fresh blood in there - especially if they're serious about retaining Marshawn.2 months 3 days ago
SABR MattWorst play call in NFL history?2 months 3 days ago
misterjonezIf they really did offer Lynch a huge extension...they probably fouled up the whole process by not, you know, trusting him with the ball on the one yard line. *sigh* Too bad, so sad, but I do think some fresh blood at OC would be a good thing for this team. Good to see Carroll jump on the grenade, though, claiming the call was entirely his. Gotta love the Seahawks as a team right now. 2015 just didn't need to end like that, though.2 months 3 days ago
DaddyOThe Seahawks gave us another great season, and now they will be VERY hungry to return to a third straight Super Bowl.2 months 3 days ago
DaddyOLive by the miracle play, die by the miracle play. That Kearse catch looked like the definitive miracle play, instead it was the ensuing interception. Of course, miracle is really not the right word for that play, because clearly the rookie had done his homework and sold out to his read of a slant pass.2 months 3 days ago
GrumpyGreat play by the defense, but I will always wonder why Beast Mode didn't get the call there.2 months 3 days ago
DaddyOLonnie, if any small thing I said made your day, then that's a good day. Thanks for the update on Kevin and The Geek.2 months 4 days ago
jemanjiOn Super Bowl Day, they announce that they've offered Marshawn a "huge" contract extension. So THAT's the solution. Heh, heh, HEH! …. means what for Wagner and Maxwell?2 months 4 days ago
jemanjiBy the way, if SSI isn't giving a current version, you hit the front page and then refresh. Works for me on all devices.2 months 4 days ago
jemanjiIceX: Am on it amigo :- )2 months 4 days ago
Lonnie of MCFYI: Last September MarinerGeek made a surprise showing out of the blue at the MC. Kevin ess currently lives in South Carolina to be closer to his son. Top notch? Thanks, DaddyO, you made my day!2 months 4 days ago
IcebreakerXHeya Doc, Could you see what Klat's doing with IP Blocking? I can't access SSI without VPNing into America, which is kinda dumb. It depends on where I am, but I definitely can't get on from home.2 months 4 days ago
Grumpy 12 fun facts about RW3. Didn't know about the weekly children's hospital visits. What at great guy.2 months 5 days ago
jemanjiYour shouts continue to delight, Mojo :- )2 months 5 days ago
mojicianMarshawn's judgment is excellent. Toad is by far the best Mario Cart player. Toad's superior acceleration and cornering trashes all comers. Who says Lynch doesn't give a good interview? Also, Conan's end zone celebration is the best ever. Too bad he didn't have a double placenta. He would have been a very entertaining athlete.2 months 6 days ago
GrumpyNot the cleanest video, though.2 months 6 days ago
GrumpyMarshawn's reactions are the best.2 months 6 days ago
Grumpy Awesomer!2 months 6 days ago
DaddyOSo true King. A picture of community origins wouldn't be at all complete (or even accurate) without reference to the original D-O-V, which is apparently soon to come full circle. DOV >> SSI >> DOV(free) and DOV(subscription).2 months 6 days ago
KingCorranLikewise with SportSpot, though I think I may actually have come across the old D-O-V before hanging out there in the SS fantasy baseball forum. =)2 months 6 days ago
jemanjiThat *is* great to hear about Kevin. :- ) … I heard from Mark (MarinerGeek) occasionally for quite a while after he left SportSpot, but haven't for a couple of years.2 months 6 days ago
MtGrizzlySport Spot was what drug me into this little corner of the blogosphere.2 months 6 days ago
DaddyOGrumpy, that's good to hear!2 months 6 days ago
GrumpyLonnie will probably have some info on MarinerGeek. I just checked in on Kevin Ess's Facebook site. Seems like he has made a strong recovery from his severe mediastinal infection and multiple operations from last year.2 months 6 days ago
Bat571Another guy to bring back? Cesar Jimenez got DFA'd by the Phils. Maybe he'd sign a MiLB deal with NRI to come back to the NW. Nothing special, but a LH who put up a 1.69 ERA with the Phils and a 1.45 ERA with Lehigh Valley (AAA) last year who was a Mariner from signing in 2001 until 2012. More LH spaghetti for the Pencil, or is a Beimel signing imminent? Jimenez just turned 30 in November, so maybe he's got a few bullets left?2 months 6 days ago
DaddyOJust to rehearse it, as best I can reconstruct it since I wasn't around when the core of this community first started, the progression went something like this: An AOL forum >> Seattle PI forum >> Top Forums >> SportSpot >> MarinerCentral. I know Doc and a number of others were charter member, official or otherwise. It would be interesting to see somebody who knows the score put that history together in post for posterity...and for US too!2 months 6 days ago
DaddyOAye, we have had a lot of fun over the years, matey. I was trying to remember (and failing, as is my habit) MarinerGeek's handle. Thanks for the reminder. He was GREAT servant and set a tone of civil discourse that allowed the discussions to thrive. Of course, Lonnie, himself a top notch guy, has carried that torch for a long time now. I definitely remember the Grandpa Mariner saga and the startling discovery that he was a clever façade. I also remember another guy who disappeared, the beloved Mr. Baseball, who blew me away during some very tough times by treating my wife and two friends to his Hit It Here Café seats, complete with food allowance, for what turned out to be a game against the BoSox. If yer out there lurking Mr. B, I'll never forget ya!2 months 6 days ago
mojicianWe've had a lot of fun blogging over the years haven't we? The weird thing about internet blogging is that there are loads of unsolved mysteries out there. The proprietor of sportspot was a guy named marinergeek. He hosted the site on his own dime, and seemed like a really cool guy. One day sportspot dissapeared and so did he, never to be heard of again. What happened with that? For some years, there was a guy blogging as grandpamariner, who gave in depth reports from spring training, every year, and then faked his own death by sending a false email to one of the bloggers from a fictitious relative. I forget the particulars, but that was weird. When a person kills his blogging handle, there are no traces left.2 months 1 week ago
DaddyOmocician, continued... Re: Ichiro and OBP, even in those days IIRC there were sharp though mostly cordial disagreements regarding Ichiro. Some could brook no suggestion that he was anything other than divine, some couldn't tolerate anything less than perfection in every aspect of his game, most were somewhere in between. Unwillingness to take a walk was among a number of subjects of debate regarding Ichiro, but those didn't really heat up until the Mariners really started to hit rock bottom. Again, all this is just my recollection...could be elements I'm getting wrong.2 months 1 week ago
DaddyOmojician, I started frequenting Mariners forums not much before that in the spring of 2004, right before the name was changed to SportSpot (I forget what it was called before that, but it might have been something like Top Forum or something similar). Most there at that time had been forum-ing together for several years and I remember being a total newbie among a crowd that proved to be most welcoming and tons of fun. And yes, I do remember Bucky Jacobsen and Scott Spezio being hot topics, along with the Mariners being too content to just contend and not intent on doing what was needed to win it all. Little did we know then how bad things would get and for how long.2 months 1 week ago
mojicianDaddy O: If during the early 2000's, any of us did talk about messing with Ichiro's plate approach, it would be something that would be impolite to talk about, like that time that Doc picked the 49ers to beat the Hawks at C-Link. Some things should never be mentioned. If something like that did occur, it was before my time, as I started my blogging career in 2005 at In 2005, the issues where what happened to Bucky Jacobsen, and Scott Spezio. I don't remember any of the sportspot brethren bringing up any nonsense about changing Ichiro's approach. But, there was once a thread where Ichiro was compared less than favorably to Ricky Henderson.2 months 1 week ago
DaddyO2004 was at the height of the Moneyball craze. Suddenly OBP became the holy grail. I agree it was foolish to monkey with Ichiro, but baseball fads have been baseball fads forever. No love for Bavasi from my corner, but I'm sure there's some of us here who at that time were vocal about the need for Ichiro to take some walks. That said, Ichiro was always the kind of player you just let him play his game and reap the results as they are. For some athletes too much hands-on coaching is counterproductive.2 months 1 week ago
Gordon GrossAnd moj.... that's unbelievable hubris to try to change Ichiro not in 2001 but AFTER he's already proven his approach works here and he's giving you 6 WAR a year as a leadoff man. Bavasi gives baseball lifers a bad name.2 months 1 week ago
Gordon GrossRick, the chase to 3000 hits for Ichiro IS the chase to be the all-time hits leader. He had 1278 hits in Japan before coming over, playing 130-135 games a year instead of 162. Pete had 4256 hits. When Ichiro gets to 3000 in MLB he'll be the all-time hits leader in professional baseball.2 months 1 week ago
mojicianIchiro hit ,321 in the first half of 2004, and .429 in the second half. What might have been? How about Unobtainium, the golden fleece of baseball, ranking with the likes of Ty Cobb and Ted WIlliams. I'm talking about interfering with a legitmate run at .400. That's what Bavasi messed with.2 months 1 week ago
mojicianIt makes you wish there was a baseball tribunal for this sort of thing. I think a lifetime ban would be appropriate.2 months 1 week ago
moethedogmoj, from 2001-2003, Ichiro's OBP was .381, .388, .352....What the heck did Bavasi want?2 months 1 week ago
moethedogRick, I've always felt that Staubach was one of the 5 greatest QB's ever. He's on my short list: Unitas, Elway, Staubach, Brady, Starr in some order (championships count)and then you get Montana//Marino/Baugh/Favre, nipping at their heels. I tend to list the top five (today's list, anyway) as Elway, then Unitas, then a 3-way tie! With a win on Sunday, Brady is #3. With apologies I have to leave out Sonny Jurgenson/Otto Graham/Aikman/Bradshaw. One drive to win the Super Bowl? Give me Elway. One game to win? Give me Starr then Staubach the Brady. Unitas changed the position to a much more cerebral one and became the ideal of a pocket passer.2 months 1 week ago
mojicianMLBTraderumors reports that a new Bavasi baseball atrocity has come to light: Bavasi tampered with Ichiro's plate approach during Spring training of 2004, and forced him to try for more OBP. This led to a 49 at bat funk for Ichiro to start the season. He pulled out of it when Paul Molitor told him to ignore the upper management and play his game. 2004 was Ichiro's career year, with 262 hits and a .371 average. Tampering Ichiro's historic year is an unspeakable baseball crime that has to rate with the Choo, Cabrera and Jones trades as most infamous. Attested by Paul Molitor: months 1 week ago
DaddyOStaubach is not a bad comparison for Wilson. Staubach was terrific at working the pocket and finding the right moment to take off and run. And he was no slouch as a runner. But I would say WIlson exceeds Staubach as a runner. Tarkenton was more a quick, elusive runner. Staubach was more an intelligent runner who got the best out of what running talent he had, which was rather average. Wilson is quick AND explosive AND elusive AND, dare I say, powerful, not in the sense of running people over but in the sense of running through arm tackles. Great comparison, rick82.2 months 1 week ago
rick82Back to football. Someone, it may have been Belichick, compared Russell Wilson to Roger Staubach, and I think that is an excellent comparison. I doubt Roger comes up a lot when one looks at the record books, but he sure knew how to win games, move the ball, make things happen. Leadership qualities off the chart. The guy you want at quarterback.2 months 1 week ago
rick82And on the bases.2 months 1 week ago
rick82I feel like with Ichiro, I'm reliving Pete Rose's chase to be the all time hits leader. With Ichiro, the chase to 3,000 - which, don't get me wrong, I really really want him to reach. Rose, I couldn't have cared less. Who needs a banjo hitting starting first baseman? But Ichiro still provides value in the field.2 months 1 week ago
SpectatorSpeaking of that approach at the plate, we have another one on the way in Ketel Marte: 0.4% HR/PA | 12.6% K/PA | 5.4% BB/PA | 5.1% XBH/PA. He's Endy Chavez at shortstop, except a switch-hitter. There are worse things.2 months 1 week ago
SpectatorLow K rate; low BB rate; not much power; putting the ball in play a lot; success dependent on beating the BABIP game. Ichiro did from 2001 to 2009; hasn't since. Endy never has. I just thought it was interesting.2 months 1 week ago
SpectatorIchiro from 2011-14: .275/.308/.353 -- 1.0% HR/PA | 11.2% K/PA | 4.7% BB/PA | 4.9% XBH/PA.2 months 1 week ago
SpectatorEndy Chavez career: .270/.308/.364 -- 0.9% HR/PA | 10.4% K/PA | 5.2% BB/PA | 5.9% XBH/PA.2 months 1 week ago
moethedogMoj, I absolutely agree on your Ichiro points. I, silently, was hoping we would bring him in for a a vL/4th OF guy (he still is really good against lefties) and for his work-ethic; much to be learned from that. Heck, make Montero follow him around every day. Rugi will be fine, hopefully better, so I'm not complaining......but a farewell tour in Seattle for a guy who can still hit would have been fine by me. I would take Ichiro over Endy any day, Spec.2 months 1 week ago
mojician months 1 week ago
mojician@moneylynch skittles press conference: Big take away: "You don't feel in Beastmode. It feels you."2 months 1 week ago
mojicianThere is a lot to like in Ichiro as a fourth outfielder. There is the defensive covereage of all outfield positions, the cannon arm, the base stealing, the reverse platoon split, and a lesson for the whippersnappers of how a hall of famer prepares himself to play baseball. Maybe Stanton will learn some of those crazy stretches and not get hurt any more.2 months 1 week ago
rjjuniorOf course there will be a little speculation about the Mariners, since there was perceived interest in the past. I do not see it, but there is that one RH bench bat, currently projected to be Montero, where Viciedo could slide in. Good numbers vs lefties over his career. Can he play first?2 months 1 week ago
SABR MattLOL...viciedo...2 months 1 week ago
SpectatorDayan Viciedo DFA'd by ChiSox. Back when M's were desperate for RH-hitting OF he kept popping up. Good thing nothing of value was surrendered for him.2 months 1 week ago
SpectatorAnd now John Baker, lefty-hitting journeyman catcher, added for depth on minor-league deal. Pretty decent at drawing walks in 1200 MLB PAs; not much else. Hasn't played regularly since 2009 (will be age-34 season).2 months 1 week ago
SABR MattI'd rather have ego...willing to play in the minors until needed and ride the pine.2 months 1 week ago
SpectatorMoot point, of course, since they couldn't bring Ichiro back to Seattle and treat him like he's Endy Chavez, so I think they're wise to keep arm's length.2 months 1 week ago
SpectatorIchiro officially to the Marlins as 4th OF. $2M with chance to reach $5M incentives. Discussion question, if you're not all Seahawk-obsessed: All else being equal in 2015, would you take Ichiro or Endy? Kind of interesting how similar Endy is to post-2010 Ichiro, except that Ichiro still has some stolen base legs left.2 months 1 week ago
MtGrizzlyEarl Thomas's blog on the Packers game. This Seahawks team reminds me of the "I love this team" Sonics group. So much to root for. months 1 week ago
DaddyOIf we have been given misinformation, then our conclusions must be subject to revision. If what we had been told was a fact (i.e., the referees pressure tested the balls in question) is directly contradicted by new information, of course--- it transforms the situation. You can only form an opinion on the information you have.2 months 1 week ago
MtGrizzlyI don't need deflate gate to dislike Tom Brady2 months 1 week ago
rick82Hey man, haters gonna hate. We'll find something else. Actually, I don't hate Brady or Belichick, and if I am wrong and he's not a big fat lying liar, I will post my retraction as obvious as the accusation.2 months 1 week ago
moethedogAll you Patriot haters may need to backtrack on the Deflategate/cheating comments: Looks like it was the refs who blew it. months 1 week ago
SABR MattI am of course also glad that I have not lost power in this blizzard. :-)2 months 1 week ago
SABR MattGlad that the mariners are willing to continue to show a certain loyalty to Gutierrez, and equally glad that Chavez is willing to show loyalty to the mariners and accept minor league contracts and play in Tacoma until needed2 months 1 week ago
DaddyOGood one, Rick.2 months 1 week ago
rick82DTFT -is he back? The original Tom Brady (Deflate Those Flying Things!)2 months 1 week ago
MtGrizzlyBrowner was interviewed by ESPN and encouraged his teammates to break Sherman's arm. Lynch will probably be fined for not talking to the media but I'm betting Browner faces no penalty. #nfl2 months 1 week ago
mojicianI think that the Boomstick is going to improve the fan experience at Safeco by about three runs per series.2 months 1 week ago
Bat571Hearing about the LED lighting and WiFi at Safeco and the consequent improvements in the fan experience, and then seeing Rich Waltz on MLB Now reminds me of another "fan experience" improvement I wish they'd make - bring back Waltz!!!2 months 1 week ago
DaddyOBatten down the hatches, Matt!2 months 1 week ago
SABR Mattwish me luck, all - about to get clobbered with a massive blizzard...could be three feet of snow. :)2 months 1 week ago
Tacoma RainNumber 14 was my first hero, and the only numbered shirt I would wear in my youth. He was class personified, and had a never ending joy for the game or people. RIP to a true gentleman and legend of the game.2 months 1 week ago
DaddyOErnie Banks. Always loved that guy. Although not exactly the same kind of hitter, Edgar Martinez always reminded me of Ernie Banks, a little in attitude, bit mostly in the fact that he played his whole outstanding career for a team that never made it to the World Series. Most of my admitted bitterness against the M's is their lack of commitment to go the extra mile to get Edgar and the gang into one when they had the chance. Banks IS the Chicago Cubs.2 months 1 week ago
rick82You'll have to share that story with us, Diderot.2 months 1 week ago
jemanjiLet's play two, Diderot2 months 1 week ago
diderotSorry to completely change the topic, but a moment of tribute (and sadness) for Ernie Banks. Through an entirely unpredictable set of circumstances, I had dinner with him the night he was elected to the Hall of Fame. You could not ask for a better human being. Baseball was immensely better for having had him.2 months 1 week ago
jemanjirumor seems to be that somebody clandestinely took a needle to the balls between pre game inspection and halftime ...2 months 1 week ago
mojicianA Mariners analogy would be freezing or humidifying the opponent's baseballs, dehydrating Mariners baseballs, or closing the roof every half inning so the ball is more lively during Mariners at bats.2 months 1 week ago
mojicianThe plot thickens: Apparently, after a referee marks a seal of approval on game balls, they are returned to the providing team's equipment manager just before the game. Also, each team provides its own balls for the offense to play with, so deflate gate caused a disadvantage to the Colts.2 months 1 week ago
mojicianIf Brady prefers underinflated balls, how does he claim that he didn't know anything about the balls being underinflated? They must have felt underinflated to his expert throwing hand. We have motive, we have an inconsistent story from the main suspect, we have obviously tampered balls. What we don't have is the tampering device, who the principal was who actually did the deed, and who all of the aiders and abetters are in this conspiracy. Take Brady downtown and make him squeal.2 months 1 week ago
DaddyOIt doesn't matter whether the advantage sought by the Patriots actually changed the outcome of the game, or whether restoring balls to within tolerance for the second half shows that the advantage sought shows that it had little or no effect. What matters is that clearly someone connected with the Patriots in some way did in fact seek such an illegal advantage. 11 of 12 balls were outside pressure limits, all underpressured, a stated preference of Tom Brady.. Not a koinkidink. Someone intentionally made it so, and did so at the express or implied, immediate or mediate request of Tom Brady. In addition, the officials responsible for testing either didn't do their job or were in on the subterfuge. Once it is publicly known that a team sough such an illegal advantage, the NFL MUST do something...publicly, else it is demonstrated to tolerate the seeking of illegal advantages.2 months 1 week ago
moethedogAll the balls were re-inflated at half the balls go back to the refs. Didn't hurt the Pats much after halftime.2 months 1 week ago
SABR Mattagreed that Brady and Belichek likely know what is happening with the balls...and that only the balls Brady got were under-inflated (yielding a lopsided outcome).2 months 1 week ago
SABR MattI always knew Furbush was tall, but he doesn't stand tall on the mound much...he pitches with a stooped stance that makes him look shorter.2 months 1 week ago
okdanThis is apropos of nothing, but I just saw a photo of the guys wearing the new alternate uniforms, and... Did you realize that Charlie Furbush is 6' 5"? He's got an inch on Paxton, and a few inches on Cruz. Always thought he was a shorter guy :shrug:2 months 1 week ago
moethedogI believe that once the balls (12 for each team) go to the Referee to be checked (2 hours and 15 minutes before game time) the balls are never in the possession of "some locker room guy." The Referee is to check each ball and then they remain in his possession until just before game time when they go to a ball attendant, on the field. The home team provides the ball attendant for both teams. This guy is responsible for the balls, which (I believe) are delivered back to the refs during halftime. The ball attendant is in a stripped shirt, I believe.2 months 1 week ago
SpectatorAnd it's a championship game. And inclement weather. And Brady's been playing in that same stadium for, what, 15 years? Some locker room guy is going to take the initiative on his own accord to change the balls just for the heck of it? No way. It was done because Brady wanted it done. Maybe with a wink and a nod, but because Brady wanted it done.2 months 1 week ago
SpectatorBut all the ex-jocks on espn are saying there's NO WAY an equipment guy does anything to the ball unless Brady knows and approves. And that's for any starting QB, but particularly for a veteran mega-star who's known to be particular about how he wants the balls prepared. Hard to buy Brady's Sgt. Schultz I know NOTH-ing stuff. Reminds me of Lance Armstong "I'm-bigger-than-the-sport so I can get away with it" routine.2 months 1 week ago
MtGrizzlyRe. Deflate gate - I wouldn't t want to be a Patriots ball boy right now. I think this poop will roll all the way down hill and some poor ball boy is going to take the fall.2 months 1 week ago
MtGrizzlyMontero is almost certainly headed to Tacoma to play 1B. He's Morrison insurance and they will want him swinging the bat every day, not sitting on the bench.2 months 1 week ago
SilentpadnaIt won't affect the Super Bowl - other than the extra babysitting (and the fact that Brady won't get to use what he may be apparently used to). They should get sanctioned something like, but not as severe, as what the Saints had to go through - if the investigation uncovers intention and proof.2 months 1 week ago
SABR MattMy guess is that the Pats get a slap on the wrist and the NFL whitewashes the whole thing.2 months 1 week ago
misterjonezSo what are the bets that deflategate actually gains any traction? I'm curious what the mainframe thinks :)2 months 1 week ago
Lonnie of MCNo, Montero did NOT weigh 275 last year. I saw him in ST and he looked to be about 250 tops.2 months 1 week ago
Bat571If he's now a solid, aerobic-conditioned 235# at 6'3", and he still has the eye he's shown in the past, I'm getting increasingly interested in seeing this guy on the roster. I wonder if they have him taking some reps behind the plate as well, or they think it best to just put that in the rear-view mirror. If he puts on the tools during pitchers and catchers week, it's going to get *very* interesting in my mind. And if Edgar can teach him how to effectively keep warm and loose when DHing, there's still a lot of value in his bat -- and as a 1B against those LH that Morrison can't solve. JackZ is soft-pedaling the possibilities in my mind (extended tough love?), but if he hits like he once could, Jesus could end up being a major player for a contender even as a BU 1B / BU DH / 3rd C. When do we face Sale again?2 months 1 week ago
SABR MattYeah...275 for a guy not any taller than me...I barely outweigh him...that can't be good2 months 1 week ago
MtGrizzlyWas Montero really up to 275 last year? Puts 'ice cream gate' in perspective!2 months 1 week ago
MtGrizzlyGeneral manager Jack Zduriencik and manager Lloyd McClendon both expressed optimism about Montero's offseason workouts at Thursday's Mariners pre-Spring Training luncheon. The 25-year-old has dropped about 40 pounds from last year and is at the requested reporting weight of 235 that he far overshot last spring at the start of a disappointing season.2 months 1 week ago
GrumpyLol Moj, those are great!2 months 2 weeks ago
mojicianAfter hearing about Coriolis and all the others, the Mariners reached the KFA with Walker to protect their prospects. The Mariners upper management called this strategy "addition by not subtracting".2 months 2 weeks ago
mojicianYou remember that the "Coriolis Effect" was not named after a scientist, but after a minor league player that Taijuan Walker killed with his curve ball.2 months 2 weeks ago
mojicianAlso, it is not clear that the Mariners-Walker exclusive killing forbearance agreement can be assigned, as Walker likes the other teams a lot less than he likes the Mariners.2 months 2 weeks ago
mojicianTaijuan Walker was traded to the Diamondbacks more than two years ago, but the deal is stalled because Zduriencik hasn't had the guts to tell him yet.2 months 2 weeks ago
mojicianThe Mariners don't pay Taijuan Walker to play baseball. Rather, they pay him money, and he agrees not to kill any of the Mariners' players with a baseball.2 months 2 weeks ago
mojicianTaijuan Walker thinks that the term "trade bait" is something that should be done regularly to induce more hitters to step into the batters box against him.2 months 2 weeks ago
SABR MattI say we should look at him because the market for his services is perceived to be very weak and because we can use the surplus in our rotation that adding Shields would create to trade for another bat or to restock the upper minors with prospects.2 months 2 weeks ago
rick82Shields? Another Super Bowl appearance by their next door neighbors has to have some of these owners rethinking budget concerns. The nice thing about baseball, is you don't have to hire a genius like Carroll, you can buy your way to greatness. Anyway, keep the social pressure on them, Hawks.2 months 2 weeks ago
SABR MattIf I were the Mariners, I would now be looking seriously at James Shields.2 months 2 weeks ago
Bat571So, the Astros trade Corporan to the Rangers. Looks like their C surplus is reduced and the chances of their trading a C for Erasmo just went to zilch. Ah, well.2 months 2 weeks ago
Bat571On the Astros, if they want to keep Casto and Conger and Gattis at C, with Corporan at AAA, I wonder if Max Stassi might be available for Erasmo. He isn't a LH hitter like Castro, but might be a nice hedge on Hicks developing.2 months 2 weeks ago
Bat571Then I expect they'll sign Endy again and he'll have a June opt-out again, but he's worth having around. And then Guti - boy, if he'd take an NRI contract with a mid-June opt-out I could really get behind that. If he gets his timing back and can play ~regularly it'd be nice insurance for a contender, especially until Austin Jackson shows he can hit in Safeco. Carlos Rivero is already signed and invited. Humberto Quintero is still waiting for his call. I'd like to see Erasmo Ramirez bring back something of use - if the Astros still need pitching, it'd be nice to put Guerrero or Marte or even Sanchez with Erasmo and see if Jason Castro could be broken loose. Just some noodlin'.2 months 2 weeks ago
Bat571About time now for the Ms to do some NRI signings. I don't think Chris Young will sign a minor league deal, but it would be fun to see him go toe-to-toe with Happ for a rotation slot. Beimel should be the BP lefty we need - in reserve, perhaps, while Olmos, Kickham, et al sort things out; but he was Steady Eddie last year.2 months 2 weeks ago
moethedogAstros have made themselves pertinent. I'm impressed. Rasmus for 1X$4M was a steal of decent proportion.2 months 2 weeks ago
SABR MattScherzer's deal is fascinating...and may set a precedent for teams looking to compete without breaking the bank short term. Teams like the Mariners. Scherzer to the NL is good news, but the Nats are looking pretty darned good in 2015...and now the Rangers are a bit of a factor in the AL West, as are the Astros...the entire west is dangerous.2 months 2 weeks ago
SABR Mattwow...Gallardo to Texas? That, I did not expect.2 months 2 weeks ago
MtGrizzlyThat Scherzer contract is interesting. I don't remember ever seeing that much $$ deferred before.2 months 2 weeks ago
rick82It's also nice to get the Nationals out of our "NL teams to play" list. In other news, when asked to comment, Matt Hasselbeck was quoted last night as saying, "Yeah, I told you we were gonna score."2 months 2 weeks ago
mojicianIt's nice to get Scherzer out of the American League.2 months 2 weeks ago
Tacoma RainWOW.... busy morning in baseball... Cubs get Fowler, Rangers get Gallardo, Scherzer signs with Nationals2 months 2 weeks ago
mojicianMy love for Chris Sale knows few bounds, but I still wouldn't trade Felix for him. The Condor's stick arm is so skinny that it seems like it may be in danger of falling off with mileage. Plus, Felix pitches much deeper into games than Sale does.2 months 2 weeks ago
mojicianThe White Sox rotation is going to be putrid nasty in 2015. They have The (other) Condor, Shark, Quintana, Danks and Noesi for the rotation, with 13.9k/9 Carlos Rodon in the hopper, the White Sox can pitch a little bit. Oh, and with Abreu and LaRoche for MOTO, they can hit a little bit too. l2 months 2 weeks ago
SABR MattUnbelievable...I miss the ugliest, greatest football game of the last decade because I'm the best man at my brother in law's months 2 weeks ago
bsrCan't forget to mention Sherman playing with one arm for a whole quarter (and they still wouldn't go after him!), and Earl Thomas playing with a dislocated shoulder (!) for most of the game. Amazing. Hope they are healed up by SB week, we aren't likely beating the Pats if they can't go full speed.2 months 2 weeks ago
bsrTotal respect for the Packers players, especially the defense and Rodgers doing his best while hobbling around. That hit Matthews put on Wilson was awesome. Their coach McCarthy however...I was very unimpressed with. Wussing out on those two 19 yard FG's when they had a chance to take the life out of Seattle in the first quarter, was inexcusable on his part. Those are the calls you can point to and argue GB deserved to lose.2 months 2 weeks ago
bsrI knew we were in trouble from the beginning because Wilson historically struggles greatly in the rain. There was a FG article on it earlier this year. Having watched this game though, I think it's as much that his receivers struggle in the rain - with drops and inability to get open (hard enough for them in perfect conditions). So Wilson needs to force the issue which he's not great at. Luckily that will not be an issue in AZ.2 months 2 weeks ago
bsrThe way Marshawn Lynch was running in the 4th quarter of that game...was unforgettable. He won this game for us (well him and Ryan the punter!). We really need to collectively cherish this Super Bowl because I don't think we'll ever see another player like Beast Mode. Absolute indomitable champion warrior.2 months 2 weeks ago
DaddyOBrady, Bel and Co. are up to it, but they'd better be prepared to kill the snake utterly and completely, because otherwise it will find a way to cheat death and prevail.2 months 2 weeks ago
misterjonezI don't blame them, Griz. Haven't seen the game itself yet, but about historic. There is nothing this team can't do, and I don't mean that in the sense of 'any given Sunday.' These guys are the apex predators of the NFL right now, and it's going to take a pretty gutsy performance by Brady & Co. to stop a re-Pete by this group.2 months 2 weeks ago
MtGrizzlyHours after the game, my cheesehead friends are still somewhere between stunned, bitter and bewildered.2 months 2 weeks ago
mojicianThat's it. A lifetime memory. That was one of the greatest events I've ever seen.2 months 2 weeks ago
DaddyOThe last three minutes of regulation combined with overtime together constitute the kind of story that makes being a sports fan worthwhile. It was a privilege to have our local team do what it did at the end of the game. Thank you Seahawks for a lifetime memory.2 months 2 weeks ago
IcebreakerXMtGrizzly: That's why the M's are so frustrating for me nowadays...2 months 2 weeks ago
MtGrizzlyIs there any franchise in professional sports that does a better job of cultivating and connecting with their fan base than the Seahawks?2 months 2 weeks ago
MtGrizzlyWow. There is just no quit in this Hawks team.2 months 2 weeks ago
GrumpyCrazy!2 months 2 weeks ago
IcebreakerXThat was THE DOUBLE for the Seahawks right there.2 months 2 weeks ago
Tacoma RainI guess I'm good with a couple more weeks of football.... :)2 months 2 weeks ago
muddyfrogwaterOMG! Seahawks! That's what a dynasty team is made of.2 months 2 weeks ago
MtGrizzlyBeen a long time since the Seahawks have been this unprepared for a game. Losing all three phases of the game by a wide margin at the half.2 months 2 weeks ago
MtGrizzly@RoenisElias29: In Arizona - Starting to work early! Spring training, 2015 season oh I'm ready!2 months 2 weeks ago
rick82This site is screwier than ever. Anyway, just noticed (by compete accident, believe me) there was a wonderful thread on music going from Spec's post. I just added my piece. Didn't want folks to miss it.2 months 2 weeks ago
FungineerDid Edgar really decline so rapidly? Starting at age 37 (2000), his OPS+ for the next four years was 158, 160, 139, 140. Fairly consistent production to the age of 40. Even age 41 wasn&#039;t terrible (OPS+ of 92 supported by an OBP of .342).2 months 2 weeks ago
GLSI don't feel at all compelled to be fair to the M's about RJ.2 months 2 weeks ago
DaddyOAnd in fairness to the M's re: RJ, it could be they felt that Griffey and A-Rod contract negotiations not far in the future, they couldn't sign all three to mega-contracts, so they got what they could for a star pitcher having bad season who had a bad back, this in order to give them a better chance to keep Griffey and hopes to retain A-Rod. And at the time they couldn't have known Edgar would decline so rapidly either.2 months 2 weeks ago
DaddyOYeah, that's why I said "Lotsa reasons, not all one-sided." But you're right, but I'd guess A-Rod was 85/15 himself, Griffey was 50/50, and RJ was 75/25 M's. At least that's my take with my recollections. Could be wrong.2 months 2 weeks ago
diderotDaddyO: agree entirely on your RJ analysis. But not on the other two. I think Griffey saw the new stadium...realized he wouldn&#039;t hit enough homers to satisfy him...and decided he was out at all costs. For A-Rod, the stage here would never be big enough. Needed the bigger contract...bigger exposure. Just my interpretation.2 months 2 weeks ago
DaddyOMy recollection is that the org felt Randy either wasn't sound physically or quit on them in 1998 (4.33 ERA 9-10 record, nothing remotely like those number over the preceding 10 years). It's interesting that once traded to Houston he went 10-1 with a 1.28 ERA. Bottom line the org soured on Randy, and Randy soured on them. There was a lot of that stuff going on for the next few years. The M's didn't want to pay the salaries their superstars commanded either. So we lost Randy in '98, Griffey in 2000, and A-Rod in 2001. Lotsa reasons, not all one-sided, but the bottom line is the Mariners didn't appreciate what they had like they should have. Finally Lou got so frustrated he left after 2003. The M's paid for their organizational myopia over the next spades they paid. So why should Randy wear an M's cap? I wouldn't if I was him.2 months 2 weeks ago
John PierceIt looks like Castro signed with the Strohs for $4 mil.2 months 2 weeks ago
diderotNoting that Shadler&#039;s site today identified six breakout pitchers in the AL this year. Two of them were named Paxton and Elias.2 months 2 weeks ago
rick82Probably the right thing to do: represent the organization that showed the most faith in you. I think his connection with the fans was/is strongest here, however.2 months 2 weeks ago
MtGrizzly@RyanDivish: As expected, Randy Johnson will be wearing a Diamondbacks hat on his plaque in Cooperstown.2 months 2 weeks ago
SABR MattAgreed bat...I'd love to have Castro I'm here now...I hope Z is still looking for ways to improve the club2 months 2 weeks ago
Bat571Astros now definitely have too many catchers and are looking for pitching depth. I wonder if an Erasmo Ramirez and one of Victor Sanchez/Gabe Guerrero/Ketel Marte package would get Jason Castro? A 27yo LH hitting catcher might be a nice return, since Sucre still has an option and Ramirez doesn't. Let Castro fight it out for playing time, while Sucre is still available and while Hicks gets his AAA ABs.2 months 2 weeks ago
SpectatorLars Huijer -- the Dutch Master -- was very raw coming over from Holland as a teen, but he put together a very promising season at Everett at age 19. Not a K machine, but very good at limiting hard contact (only 2 HR and .058 ISO-against). They pushed him hard up the ladder in 2014, and not surprisingly he struggled at High Desert. It's interesting to me that Theo Epstein's crew picked him off the list of low-minors arms to take a chance on. Of course, Jack and Mac are constantly replenishing the supply of intriguing arms, so spinning off the surplus for MLB spare parts is going to be part of the story for awhile.2 months 3 weeks ago
rick82Orcs - always formidable, but throw a few top of the line warriors their way and they'll fold like a cheap suit.2 months 3 weeks ago
SpectatorWell ... two of my once-favorite pitching prospects gone (maybe) in a flash. Anthony Fernandez was ahead of Roenis Elias when they were both at High Desert, though Elias always had better "stuff." An-Fernan got the call to AA first, and opened his AA career with 9.0 IP, 1 ER then 9.0 IP, 0 ER. That's how he got on the 40-man. But that was his high-water-mark and he hasn't been "right" since 2013. He'll probably clear waivers and return to the M's org, and it's actually kind of surprising that he's been on the 40-man this long.2 months 3 weeks ago
TaroI actually think they have an offense similar to ours in overall production. They have better Obp potential vs our power. We have more stars, but they have better benchies and much better depth. They're defense is better whereas we have a couple star arms. It'll be close.2 months 3 weeks ago
SABR MattI don't think the As are contenders in the slightest. Their line-up is dreadful...lacking in any power potential and not super-high in OBP generation either. Their defense may be slightly better than 2014, but their bullpen and rotation were already close to maxed out last year and they're relying in guys who came out of nowhere last year to produce well for them (especially Chavez). I don't think this formula will work2 months 3 weeks ago
TaroWhen it comes down to it, the As in 2015 look pretty good and could contend for the division if things break their way. Only $24M on the books in 2016. The team is has tons of club-controlled players and flexibility, but ZERO stars. Its the kind of approach I've never seen before. Maybe long-term, Beane is looking for a breakout from his spaghetti, or maybe he trades it and/or spends. It'll be interesting to watch.2 months 3 weeks ago
TaroZobrist, Kazmir, and Clippard all have a shot of being worth QOs. Also I think Clippard was a safer bet to be valuable in 2015 than Escobar. I think Beane tries to extend Zobrist reasonably, but if it can't be done he'll collect the pick.2 months 3 weeks ago
SABR MattSo...the As revert to starting Zobrist at SS and Semien at 2B. I really...really don't understand what is happening in Oakland.2 months 3 weeks ago
SABR MattLOL!! The magic mystery Billy Beane show continues to confuse the heck out of me. Beane FINALLY blugged his gigantic seeping wound at shortstop with Yunel Escobar...only to immediately trade him for...Tyler Clippard????? WHHAAAA??? WHY on earth would you DO that?? The As bullpen was already top drawer...what the heck is Beane THINKING??2 months 3 weeks ago
Gordon GrossLol moj. Gattis cost the Astros two of their top-8 prospects (BA rankings). Essentially, it would have cost us Elias, Austin Wilson and probably Victor Sanchez to top that deal. Or if you prefer to match it as straight up as you can, thats #3 (Marte, but because they have their own Marte it would be #2 DJ or #4 Kivlehan), #8 Gohara, and a low minors strike thrower with Ks like Yarbrouch (untradable at this exact point, but let's pretend). I can see why Jack went with Plan B instead of trying to keep bidding. The AL West will be interesting this year.2 months 3 weeks ago
SABR Mattthat would actually make sense...Shields or Scherzer on that club would make it borderline-up competitive.2 months 3 weeks ago
mojicianOr maybe they like having Scott Feldman as their opening day starter.2 months 3 weeks ago
mojicianThey need uncle Crane to get out that checkbook for Scherzer or Big Game James. I bet that the Astros are the secret team who have already promised Shields $110 million. If you were Jim Crane, and you were an ex pitcher, and you owned $2 billion and the Astros, what would you do? He probably didn't buy the team in hopes of it being a cheap loser doormat club.2 months 3 weeks ago
SABR MattGattis would be used as the Astros' left fielder...not their catcher. But still, this Astros club will hit a little bit in 2015. But can they pitch a little bit?2 months 3 weeks ago
DaddyOHey, the M's counter by trading for Mik "Kick 'im" Kichkam. Not exactly an encouraging last name for a pitcher. Apparently opposing MLB batters helped him live up to his moniker, booting him around for a 10+ ERA.2 months 3 weeks ago
mojician'Stros trade for Evan Gattis for players nobody has ever heard of. Gattis has 4 years of club control left. Gattis slugs .490 at catcher. Thought 1: Gattis's first two years are way better than what Napoli and V-Mart produced in their rookie and sophomore seasons. Thought 2: The Atlanta Braves must really disregard their fans' feelings. Thought 3: Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.2 months 3 weeks ago
rick82Been unplugged for a week or so. Catching up. Best takeaway so far out of all I've read is this: Nuremberg 1561: cool. Oh, And I wanna hang out with DaddyO and Spec sometime and groove on whatever music they want to lay on me.2 months 3 weeks ago
SABR MattThat would explain the lack of zip on his throws this year.2 months 3 weeks ago
Lonnie of MCWord is that Manning has been playing with a quad tear for the past few weeks.2 months 3 weeks ago
SpectatorNate Silver concludes the best post-season quarterback of the Super Bowl era is ... Eli Manning. Peyton is 28th. Brady 6th. months 3 weeks ago
SABR MattI think Manning's problem is that he lacks creativity. He is a one-dimensional pocket-passing machine of a QB...he's really good at that when his arm is right...he's precise and proficient and powerful. It makes him a phenomenal weapon when he's got the tools to throw to and he can execute physically...but if he's a little off on his rm or has some other physical issue...or if his support cast isn't up to it...he can't adjust and do something different. Look what Brady just pulled off in that comeback against the Ravens. They were giving him all kinds of problems early in that game and then he just started making s&%! up on the fly at complete random to get through. Manning can't do that. It means he will flame out more quickly as he ages out...and it means he will struggle in the play-offs against better teams who can take away his tools downfield or get enough pressure on him to take away the pokcet passing game.2 months 3 weeks ago
MtGrizzlyYeah, Manning didn't have any mustard on his throws for the last six games or so. I suspect injury. Of course, his boss Elway won two Super Bowls with greatly diminished arm strength.2 months 3 weeks ago
SilentpadnaI'm not so sure about that misterjonez. To me he doesn't look the same physically. He had almost nothing yesterday. No zip. Very little accuracy. He made a few throws, but he just didn't look the same. He may not have the "it" that Brady has, but I don't think yesterday had much to say about it. I don't believe he physically can do it throughout a full season anymore. If he can, he sure didn't look like it this year. Maybe it was a specific injury or maybe he's done. Only he knows that, but my guess is that he gets a shot in that neck area almost every day. Again, only a guess. I would also guess that he would have won more SB's had he played in NE (not than Brady necessarily, but maybe close).2 months 3 weeks ago
SABR MattGB's O-line and D-line are both horribly inconsistent...Seattle may have chances to get pressure on Rodgers...and if they do, I assure you...they will get to him. :)2 months 3 weeks ago
misterjonezI think there has to be something to the whole storyline about Peyton lacking *something* that Tom Brady has. I have no idea what that could be but, without employing too many cliches, it's clear that for whatEVER reason, Peyton isn't the Top Dawg in playoff football. Still, he's one whale of a quarterback. As for Dallas going down, yeah, I fell quite a bit better going up against GB at CLink than I did about Dallas coming to town again. It's just a much better matchup for the Hawks; GB's run defense is going to have trouble with our hydra in the backfield.2 months 3 weeks ago
SABR Matter...Peyton Manning...I must be tired.2 months 3 weeks ago
SABR MattGood news this weekend...glad to see Dallas go down in flames and equally glad to see Eli Manning choke in the clutch yet again.2 months 3 weeks ago
MtGrizzly", the league’s official website, reported Saturday that the Seahawks are so serious about getting that done that they are prepared to make Wilson the highest-paid quarterback in the league."2 months 3 weeks ago
SABR MattI don't think Zobrist and Escobar make the As contenders, no. Their lineup is still awful2 months 3 weeks ago
muddyfrogwaterXLIX Pats 20 Hawks 242 months 3 weeks ago
TaroWhat a wierd offseason for the As. They are now in the mix at the top of the division with the Angels and Ms.2 months 3 weeks ago
IcebreakerXHope SABRMatt is okay ;)2 months 3 weeks ago
moethedogHe's got to roll Zobrist into something else.2 months 3 weeks ago
MtGrizzlyIs this what it would look like if Beane started going all 'Howard Hughes' on us?2 months 3 weeks ago
mojicianBeane must have escaped from the space dungeon where they had him locked.2 months 3 weeks ago
Gordon GrossRobertson is most like Taylor, I would suppose, though because Taylor wasn't a first round pick he wasn't as highly rated. Robertson was also a prep choice, so he's still growing into his adult production. Can't figure out what Beane is doing with all his top guys, I guess. Seems like very short-term returns when he's already (apparently) decimated his short-term potential.2 months 3 weeks ago
Gordon GrossSo, Zobrist and Escobar to the As, Jaso heads back to Tampa. The As kicked their most recent top SS prospect Robertson in as well. So nope, I still can't figure out the plan in Oakland.2 months 3 weeks ago
SpectatorRe possible Daniel Robertson comps among M's prospects. Julio Morban hit really well in the Cal League at 20, but struck out 20% and obviously was not a shortstop. Ketel Marte was in AA at 20, but I'm not sure he could slug .471 if he were allowed to hit from second base. In other words, A's gave up a lot.2 months 3 weeks ago
SpectatorZobrist and Yunel Escobar to A's for Jaso and two prospects. Daniel Robertson is ranked No. 1 in A's system by; Boog Powell (not the old Oriole) was No. 11 but is coming off a drug suspension. Robertson is a first-round pick coming off an .871 OPS at High-A at age 20 as a shortstop. Only struck out 14.6% of PA. That's high calibre stuff, Cal League notwithstanding. Can't think of a recent Mariner prospect who would compare to that. Interesting that Jaso goes full circle back to his original team.2 months 3 weeks ago
moethedogInteresting Lonnie.....Of all the M's bat/glove prospects, those 4 would probably be the ones that I would think will first make it to Safeco. Hicks included, as long as we don't sign a veteran catcher.2 months 3 weeks ago
Lonnie of MCI know I'm getting into this conversation late, but concerning Geoff Baker and the HOF vote, I happen to know for a fact that Baker believes that Gar was juicing at least for one season with the M's. Also, the M's have John Hicks, DJ Peterson, Patrick Kivlehan, and Ketel Marte in Virginia right now going to a MLB prep camp where they will learn how to handle their money, how to deal with the press, and get the low-down on what to expect. With that in mind, you gotta think that the M's are thinking that Hicks will be seeing time at the MLB level at some point this year. I'm hoping for a September call up rather than something stupid like an injury...2 months 3 weeks ago
moethedogRyan Lavarnway is again available as a BU catcher. Shield you eyes from his ugly '13 and you can see a decent prospect who can wear a 1B glove, too. He was a pretty good thrower in the minors but in the bigs he's only thrown out 16% of the guys running on him. I don't know anything about his pitch framing. He would be an offensive upgrade over Sucre, likely. he's hit in 'AAA and shown some bat (minus '13) in the bigs. Perhaps a defensive slide, however. Worth a minor leage contract...but he's likely to get something better from someone else. If Zunino were to get 15-Day'ed, those 15 days of Sucre's bat would be pretty ugly, unless we're ready to give Hicks the call this year.2 months 3 weeks ago
SABR :)2 months 3 weeks ago
SpectatorMatt ... the M's might consider re-signing either Endy Chavez or Franklin Gutierrez as OF depth. That good enough?2 months 3 weeks ago
SABR Mattthey had him playing first in interleague games one year to keep his bat in the line-up and he hurt himself...and then he stopped appearing in interleague games.2 months 3 weeks ago
SABR MattLOL...I'm enjoying the Konspiracy stuff...but baseball would be good to see. :)2 months 3 weeks ago
jemanjiBaseball article up in an hour. Vot next?2 months 3 weeks ago
SABR MattMartinez was indeed a decent third baseman in 1992. After which he severely injured himself in ST and was never the same in terms of speed and range. I remember a game in which Martinez collided with I believe John Marzano? It was some back-up catcher. While he was playing first base...and I remember Piniella saying they weren't going to make him field again after that happened because it was too risky.2 months 3 weeks ago
Bat571Hopefully, Randy and Junior will keep up the drumbeat that Gar was as essential to the Ms success as they were - and even more so, when you consider that 2001 was after Randy, then Junior, and then A-Rod had left, leaving Gar as the real heart of the team and lineup.2 months 3 weeks ago
Bat571Gar was actually a decent 3B, but there were some near-misses going after pop-ups, and then the really bad hamstring tear while running the bases. After that the Ms pretty much kept him at DH, and he kept his hammies warm on the stationary bike between ABs, rather than being in the partial squat every inning at 3B. But I have little doubt that he could have continued to play 3B or 1B IF THE OFFICIAL RULES OF BASEBALL had not allowed the other solution.2 months 3 weeks ago
SilentpadnaHe tweaked his hammy really bad playing up at BC Place in Vancouver one time. I remember that being a big deal. A lot of players complained about that place. At that point, the M's decided (smartly) that DH was a better risk. Again, had the position not been there, he would have played the field. He did come the majors a 3B, blocked for a few seasons by the immortal Jim Presley I believe.2 months 3 weeks ago
SABR MattWell, didn't the Mariners try Martinez at first base a few different times, only to have him spike himself or run into the catcher or trip on the base or some other retarded thing each time?2 months 3 weeks ago
SilentpadnaIf you can't have DH's then you shouldn't have AL pitchers. The DH debate is stupid on its face. Does anyone think that if the DH didn't exist, that Gar wouldn't have played? Most of these guys making opinions on the subject can't even peal back the layers of their own thought processes - which is common in all debates, not just this one...2 months 3 weeks ago
diderotGordon, no need to qualify the Baker reference. He isn&#039;t a devil&#039;s advocate--journalistically, he is the devil. There is no story more important (in his mind) than he is. The check on this: historically, how often has he been opposed to how often he&#039;s been wrong? He&#039;s sad.2 months 3 weeks ago
SABR MattThe HOF is discredited wholesale by the inclusion of Red Farrell (ACCIDENTALLY elected)...from that moment on, there was never any reason to take it seriously.2 months 3 weeks ago
jemanjiYeah, everybody has some quirks and biases, Baker fewer than others IMHO. We even heard John Clayton say some mindless stuff* on the radio the other day. There were a few years when I argued that Rod Carew wasn't a great player. Geoffy's position on Edgar -- one of the two of us is just spacing out. :- ) … that said, Edgar has already gotten 1,000x more glory than any mortal man, including any of us here, and I don't weep for him. Never understood the saber dudes who tweet "I'm going to spend the next year working my buns off for Joe Shlabotnik's HOF case."2 months 3 weeks ago
Cool Papa BellIt's really something that we can have relief pitchers in the Hall but we can't have even one DH.2 months 3 weeks ago
Gordon GrossBonds, Mantle, Pujols, Big Mac, Dick Allen, Willy Mays, Big Hurt, Frank Robinson, Hank Aaron, Man-Ram, Miguel Cabrera (for now), Bagwell, and Stan the Man Musial. That's the ENTIRE list of guys who outhit Edgar since 1950. Excepting steroids and being a jerk, are they any numbers reasons why ANY of those guys shouldn't be in the HOF? At least half of them are inner-circle dudes who are THE legends of the last 75 years. Allen's career was too short at only 7300 PAs, maybe, but Gar had 1300 more than that. I dunno man - I understand the NL hates the DH, but it's been a position longer than I've been alive, so I guess I have trouble with that argument. The one that Gar isn't worthy is even harder to grok.2 months 4 weeks ago
KingCorranThat being said - thanks for the excellent breakdown on where Geoff is coming from. That greatly simplified and clarified my understanding of his opposition!2 months 4 weeks ago
KingCorranDHing to stay healthy never made any sense to me. Isn't 1B an insanely easier defensive position, with greatly lowered risk to health? We don't dock an SS or OF from HoF consideration when they have to move to 1B later in their career. I don't see why DH should be a significantly different thumb on the scale of 'health gained' just because we don't SEE them out there saving their poor limbs every other half-inning.2 months 4 weeks ago
Gordon GrossGeoff is a hardcore stat counter and devil's advocate. Gar doesn't have the longevity or counting stats he wants, and if you counter with "But his rate stats are LUDICROUSLY high" he'll tell you that it's only because he was DHing to stay healthy or, ironically, that Gar didn't start off young enough for his growth curve to show in his big-league stats (ie, they are artificially inflated because he began his Major League career near his peak). So you can't win. Some people just hate the DH, or prefer longevity over yearly impact. For the years Gar played, there were maybe three RH hitters on his level: Big Hurt (HOF), Bagwell (Andro is keeping him out atm), and Man-Ram (roids). Pujols started his career at the end of Gar's, McGwire wasn't as good... almost nobody was as good. Maybe he'll have better luck with the Vet Committee.2 months 4 weeks ago
KingCorranGranted, the man couldn't find 10 worthy candidates to vote for on this year's ballot (allowing for the no-steroid position). But if Geoff, whom we tend to hold in such high regard, can work here this long and remain unpersuaded... it's an uphill battle for anyone else from the East Coast who doesn't have the local ties. Shoot - I still can't believe that a detail like '4th-all-time RH OBP' doesn't end the conversation by itself.2 months 4 weeks ago
KingCorranIt's going to be hard to convince the electorate-at-large if we can't even convince Geoff Baker.2 months 4 weeks ago
SABR MattThe HOF shouldn't care about east coast bias...the HOF should be fair. It isn't...but it should be.2 months 4 weeks ago
jemanji"If you have to be an immense offensive talent to get in as a DH, then Gar qualifies easily" -- that's a showstopper. How much better a hitter did you want him to be? How much better was it *possible* for him to be? … And: wearing one unie, for your whole life, is and should be a big thumb on the scale. Would help if the unie had been Baltimore's or Boston's, rather than Seattle's.2 months 4 weeks ago
Gordon GrossThere were three incredible RH hitters in Gar's prime: Him, Big Hurt, and Bagwell. They did things right-handed bats almost never do - incredibly rare and amazing hitters. There's no good reason all three shouldn't be HOFers, except for some selective biases on the part of writers. With the reduced waiting time, Gar won't get that lucky, late sympathy that for some reason put a hitter like Jim Rice in the HOF (53rd in wOBA since 1950, 74th in wRC+, but oh yeah, "most feared hitter of his era." Gar SMOKES him in everything but field time and East Coast presence). With Randy this year and Griffey next year, some true legends can stump for the most under-rated Mariner on those teams. Let's hope it starts to make a dent. Gar deserves better.2 months 4 weeks ago
Gordon GrossLove the Big Unit stumping for Gar, but he shouldn't have to. Gar's career OBP is 4th ALL-TIME for a RHP. Since I think WAR adjustments for DHs are stupid, let's look at wOBA and wRC+: Bagwell and Gar are 56th and 57th all-time in wOBA+ at .405. In wRC+ they're 31st and 34th respectively. Since 1950? Gar is top-15 in both (7000 PAs - he's top 20 with a minimum qualifier. I ain't cutting people out to make him look better, he just IS better). Everybody ahead of him is either in the HOF (mostly inner circle), should (or will) be, or was a 'roider (and still probably should be in as well). Tons of people behind him are also in the Hall. If you have to be an immense offensive talent to get in as a DH, then Gar qualifies easily. Guess I have to wait on Ortiz to East Coast his way in first. Bagwell is rotting for no good reason too.2 months 4 weeks ago
Bat571The other possibility (pace Moe) is to try to get Craig and Butler from Boston for somebodies like Guerrero, Marte, and Leutge (need to clear some 40-man slots) and then see what interest there might be for Ackley in getting other prospects from, say, the Braves, who are still very RH, Then use Craig in RF and as LoMo insurance similar to the idea of using Zobrist. The OF defense wouldn't be quite as good, but Craig can play a decent RF if he's running OK. But it looks to me like it's still worth trying to get a RF, even at the cost of Ackley, to solidify things. And I agree that Zobrist fits to a "tee".2 months 4 weeks ago
Bat571It'd be a cleaner move for the Ms if the Rays would do Ackley + a low-level C/C+ arm for Zobrist, but I doubt they'd do that with Ackley entering arb with Boras as agent - he's not going to save them much. But putting the Smith/Ruggiano platoon in LF and Zobrist in RF, with Cruz playing enough to let Zobrist give breaks to Cano and Seager would be a much better defensive OF in my view.2 months 4 weeks ago
Bat571The Red Sox have DFA'd Dan Butler, a 28 yo AAAA catcher with a tiny bit of remaining upside, but not in the class of Christian Vasquez, their catcher-of-the-future, or Blake Swihart, so he's now excess. Might be a nice get in trade for someone like Leutge or Bawcom, since Bawston is looking for BP arms still, and put him in Tacoma for insurance. His rep is solid defense and some bat, but not any kind of star. Might be a nice interim backup, though, until Hicks is ready.2 months 4 weeks ago
SABR MattSickels is notorious for being stingy...but I still don't think a one year rental is such a bad thing in this case2 months 4 weeks ago
csiemsSickels is about to come out with his M's rankings with Peterson a B+ and Diaz a B. That's not gospel, but if he is at all indicative of how other teams view those players, two B prospects would be about right for Zobrist. Especially in this year when the M's are going for it.2 months 4 weeks ago
SABR MattI don't really care about giving up Edwin Diaz...the question to me I do Peterson + for Zobrist. I think I would, but it would be close...and I think I'd want to extend him. BTW, for those of you who claimed that Zobrist wuold accept a are just not correct and the proof is Michael Cuddyer. No one has ever accepted the Qo. Ever. No reason to believe Zobrist would.2 months 4 weeks ago
moethedogNope. Not doing that.2 months 4 weeks ago
Gordon GrossI would probably have been willing to make that deal for the 20-something Upton, knowing I'm gonna get to extend or QO him. I definitely would have done it for 2 years of Upton. But for one year of 34-year-old Zobrist, who would likely take you up on the QO if you were to give it to him for his age 35 season now that his power seems to be waning? Not sure I'd do that. Not necessarily because I believe in DJ (I like him quite a bit, but he doesn't make me swoon like a 9 year old girl at a Bieber concert) but more because DJ and Diaz should get me more. Maybe they won't... but then maybe I don't trade em. ;-)2 months 4 weeks ago
Bat571Question: If getting Zobrist for the one year and a chance to extend him or QO him requires, say, D.J. Peterson and Edwin Diaz, is that a trade the Ms should make? I'm inclined to yes, because of what's coming along with those guys, but it's a high price, nonetheless.2 months 4 weeks ago
mojicianRe: Johnson non-unanimous vote: Yeah, its that kind of stuff that tarnishes the hall of fame. The voters have become a bigger story than whoever actually gets in.3 months 1 hour ago
John PierceEven though the Big Unit amassed on of the highest % totals for induction, what morons decided not to vote for him? The old adage that, since Babe Ruth didn&#039;t get 100% of the vote nobody else should, needs to be put to rest. It&#039;ll be interesting to see what % Griffey will receive next year.3 months 2 hours ago
SpectatorUnit 97.3% HOF no surprise. Edgar had slight uptick from 25.5% to 27.0% after dropping prior two years. Probably doesn't mean much. Fun at the bottom: Aaron Boone two votes! Huh? That's one more than Darin Erstad. Everyday Eddie Guardado gets zero votes. Thought he might get a vote for teaching JJPutz the splitter. Not really.3 months 3 hours ago
SABR MattWant Zobrist...must have3 months 3 hours ago
moethedogInteresting: The Rays and free agent outfielder Colby Rasmus have had discussions, reports Jon Morosi of FOX Sports (Twitter links). A Rasmus signing could become more likely in the event of a Ben Zobrist trade, Morosi adds. In that case, the outfield/DH rotation would consist of Rasmus, Kevin Kiermaier, Desmond Jennings, David DeJesus and Steven Souza.3 months 23 hours ago
Bat571The response commentary by MLBPP himself and that by Matt Garrioch is well worth the effort.3 months 1 day ago
Bat571All the activity is at John Sickels' site as he prepares to release his Mariners' prospect analysis. There's also an interesting FanPost there by MLBProspectPulse on prospect analysis. The post itself is fairly straightforward, but the commentary is alternately insightful and ridiculous - the better comments would be an interesting discussion here, but ~1/2 is garbage. But interesting to pick through, nonetheless.3 months 1 day ago
zumbroIs time standing still or has absolutely nothing occurred since DaddyO shout from two days ago?3 months 1 day ago
diderotAdded coverage and analysis are always appreciated. And something the MSM doesn&#039;t seem willing to deliver. But I&#039;d add an entirely different wish. I have a feeling if the community here were gathered together for a few beers (or whatever beverages are considered appropriate) there would be some world class baseball stories exchanged. Is it possible to set up some sidebar where such things could be posted? Some days I don&#039;t want more analysis...but I can always use more baseball stories. Just a thought...3 months 2 days ago
DaddyONeed to add some diversionary material as well. Like Conspiracy Corner. You know, "Did the US simulate the moon landing?" "How FDR secretly knew about Pearl Harbor in advance." "Who REALLY shot JR?" Stuff like that. jk, of course.3 months 3 days ago
SABR MattPress credentials can certainly be had...but SSI would need to be labeled a press organization...something to work on?3 months 3 days ago
jemanjiKnowing Benihana, you'll have about half that stuff Mojo. … I don't see why G-Money can't apply for press credentials? Not unusual for bloggers to get them -3 months 3 days ago
mojicianWe need to get G an SSI badge or something.3 months 3 days ago
mojicianAwesome! This is shaping up to be a fun year.3 months 3 days ago
Gordon GrossHere's a slo-mo video of Montero in action this past season. It would indeed be interesting to see how much different he could be in 2015. months 3 days ago
Bat571Better yet, one of those Casio slo-mo cameras so that we call all understand Doc's analysis of balance and motion. I'd be especially interested in Montero's running and batting! If he's spent all winter working on his athleticism and has lost 35#, I'm curious if the result is promising.3 months 3 days ago
Gordon GrossIf you wanna pitch in for said high Def camea, moj, I'll see what I can do. ;) trying to get down to Arizona for Spring Training this year. Of course it's the year Lonnie ISN'T going...3 months 3 days ago
mojicianAlso, the Spring training scout should have a continuous streaming web cam going, and a tripod and hi def camera for the end of day video clips.3 months 3 days ago
mojicianThings I want at DOV 2: 1. Power points with embedded audio. Is it a podcast? Is it a post? Is it a presentation? Who knows? It'll be something; 2. A Youtube channel; 3. Comet tailed parabolas tracking the baseball in all analysis videos (Can you put that in the audio powerpoint?); Pictures, MP4 video or audio and hyperlinks in the shoutbox; 4. An SSI Spring training scout with daily assignments we vote on; 5. A field FX subscription included with membership; 6. Some wind tunnel experiments involving baseballs; 7. Other cool stuff.3 months 3 days ago
jemanjiQuick update: D-O-V 2 is still percolatin' … Ben and I (and y'all) have been busy thru the holiday … we want to be up and full steam by the time Spring Training hits, is all. Try and do the audio shtick, Matt's and Spec's and Gordon's stuff, etc, orbiting SSI. Should be fun this year. Cheers, Jeff3 months 4 days ago
rick82I wanna see Montero minus the 35 pounds, according to Z.3 months 5 days ago
SABR MattIndeed...i wanna see some baseball now.3 months 5 days ago
mojicianYeah, the 2015 Mariners look good on paper but they'll look much better on T.V.3 months 5 days ago
SABR MattGetting tired of the rumor season...can baseball just start?3 months 5 days ago
SABR MattYep...I love the idea of Ackley being a 300 AB super's unlikely that the mariners would do that, unfortunately3 months 5 days ago
mojicianAckley can play multiple positions, including left, 2b and 1b. He is very fast, and some months he is a very good hitter. Plus he has breakout potential. All of that makes him a fairly valuable bench guy. I like him as the new Bloomquist.3 months 5 days ago
rick82Drago, That may be the smart thing to do, but if Ackley can't be counted on to hit left handers, he's gone in my book. The M's, and particularly Lloyd, seem pretty committed to playing Ackley regularly. Well, unless they are trying to ease him into soft landings to build his confidence or something, but it seems pretty late for that. Ackley will probably be handed Smoak's leash this spring.3 months 6 days ago
John PierceI would like Zobrist, too, Matt. Unless, either, Miller or Taylor is sent down, we have one opening left, as far as position players are concerned. The Ms seem to want Cruz playing RF 25% of the time. With Smith taking up 60-65% out there, I suspect Ruggs will fill in for Ackley against LH pitching and Cruz doing the same thing with Smith in RF. Plus Ruggs can play CF in a pinch. Zobrist would be the perfect player to round out the lineup, especially if Bloomquist isn&#039;t ready to came back.3 months 6 days ago
jemanjiDunno if it's greedy Matt -- Zduriencik is still talking as though he's got irons in the fire, both minor and major, though is not too optimistic about either -3 months 6 days ago
SABR MattI'm greedy...i still want Zobrist3 months 6 days ago
DragoMethinks Ackley may be the one platooning with Ruggiano, rather than Smith... Ackley in 2014 vs LHP: .212/.255/.298 Ackley in 2014 vs RHP: .259/.310/.442 Smith in 2014 vs LHP: .240/.424/.320 Smith in 2014 vs RHP: .270/ .359/.455 Obviously Ackely has more long-term upside but Smith has been a better hitter. Period.3 months 6 days ago
rick82The MLB GMs know Ackley can play second base. I don't think his trade value would be any higher than it is now, unless you think maybe playing second would have perked up his bat. But there's no reason to think that.3 months 6 days ago
misterjonezSure, Maurer still had upside as a BOR arm, so losing him isn't exactly nothing. But on this team, he's as fungible as a player can get. I'm not thrilled about Seth Smith, by any stretch of the imagination, but he's a solid contributor who will help the team in the OF. There just aren't any internal options for which the same can be said. Brad Miller isn't exactly a lock to outproduce Smith in '15, and I'd much rather have him manning SS than sloughing him into the OF like they did with Ackley. If they had kept Ackley as a 2B, he would have tremendous trade value - potentially enough to be the centerpiece of a blockbuster trade, like for Tulowitzki. I don't want to see the same happen to Miller if it can be avoided.3 months 6 days ago
GLSI would have preferred giving up a different bullpen arm. Medina comes to mind.3 months 6 days ago
SABR MattWould love to swap Ackley for Zobrist. Don't think the rays would so that though without a pitcher in the deal as well3 months 6 days ago
SABR gotta be kidding me. Why do we need eleven right handed relievers? And you would really be happy having SS manned full time by Chris Taylor?3 months 6 days ago
GrumpyWould the Rays do Zobrist for Ackley?3 months 6 days ago
rick82What we have now is a platoon that has proven in ML at bats it can produce a .800 OPS. That's not easy to find: last season we had one. This season, we add Cruz to Cano and the platoon makes 3. With a lineup that will now offer .800 OPSes in 3 of the nine positions, and Seager besides, breakouts by Miller or Ackley would be gravy instead of essential, but even if not, we're looking at 2+ WAR each. Yeah, I'll trade two bullpen arms sitting rather deep in the depth charts for an .800 hitter.3 months 6 days ago
TaroLineup looks good now, although OF D a bit shaky. If the Ms added Zobrist they'd be scary.3 months 6 days ago
GLSDon't like it. Would have much rather gone with the Miller-to-the-outfield plan than give up Maurer.3 months 6 days ago
rick82In fact, after Petco, he'll think he's in Yankee Stadium.3 months 1 week ago
IcebreakerXThe M's basically saved probably 4 million on this deal against the players available on the market. If you're an optimist, you say, "yay, extra cash". If you're a Mariners fan, you say, "extra wallet lining for Howie & friends that we'll never see on the field".3 months 1 week ago
rick82I like that Smith hit well in Petco, and Oakland before that. He won't be intimidated by Safeco field.3 months 1 week ago
SpectatorSmith and Saunders actually very comparable in 2014. Biggest difference was Plate Appearances. Smith had 250 more.3 months 1 week ago
benihanaSmith's contract is extremely reasonable. M's still gonna have money to add a big mid-season splash for the pennant drive.3 months 1 week ago
rick82We don't need exciting in RF, but what we'll get is .800 OPS. For excitement, we have Cano, Seager,Cruz, Miller, some Zumball, and a splash of Ackley when he's on his 1-2 month tear. Nice thing is that Smith and Ruggiano will get on base for the mashers, and do some decent mashing themselves, especially Ruggiano. But Smith will provide some power as well.3 months 1 week ago
TaroEvidence to suggest lasik has been good to Smith: months 1 week ago
benihanaExactly Spec. Moved the dial away from potential and consolidated talent. The M's are better positioned to win next year with Happ and Smith. I personally don't love Smith, he's a corner outfielder who doesn't play good defense, but it's pretty clear that Smith / Ruggiano platoon is a major upgrade of another of 2014's black-holes.3 months 1 week ago
TaroSmith can really hit righties, can play a mediocre LF/RF, can probably learn to play 1B, and hes signed up for two years plus a cheap option. Maurer was my favorite young bullpen arm, but I like this deal. Fills a HUGE need.3 months 1 week ago
SpectatorAt the end of the day, we traded Maurer for Happ and Saunders for Smith. An upgrade in consistency and reliability I guess, but not very exciting when you look at it that way.3 months 1 week ago
SpectatorOn to Smith: signed for '15 at $6.0M; and '16 at $6.75M, with option for '17 at $7.0M. Career slash vs. RHP .277/.358/.481.3 months 1 week ago
SpectatorContinuing down that bunny trail: Even with Maurer and with Josh Fields having a semi-renaissance in Houston, the 2008 draft has -1.8 WAR (b-ref) and the 2009 draft has +21.6.3 months 1 week ago
IcebreakerXHave never been a fan of trading for meh OFs when other OFs can be overpaid for.3 months 1 week ago
SpectatorSo while I was typing now zero Bavasi draftees left.3 months 1 week ago
benihanaOne of our big four, who rocketed past the other big three to reach the majors only to flame-out dramatically before reestablishing himself as a bullpen maestro... sad to see him go for a platoon bat. Seth Smith it is I guess. Roster gotta be darn near finalized.3 months 1 week ago
rick82Seth Smith a Mariner. Did not see that coming. for Mauer. That is a great deal.3 months 1 week ago
SpectatorAlthough Maurer is actually part of the "last bad draft" (2008) and, I think the only Bavasi draftee left in the organization now that Saunders is gone (except maybe Nate Tenbrink).3 months 1 week ago
rick82jerry crasnick says Smith for Maurer is a done deal on twitter3 months 1 week ago
benihanaJerry Crasnick ‏@jcrasnick "Seth Smith for Brandon Maurer deal is done, source says."3 months 1 week ago
SpectatorHard-throwing righties are currency, and Jack & Mac have a printing press in the basement! Capps, Pryor, Kohlscheen and Brazis already used in trades, and hardly making a dent.3 months 1 week ago
GrumpyYeah... But Mauer has the starting repertoire and recent history of starting. Just sayin I'd prefer a different "power arm" in the trade. Still it would be nice to have a complete team. Not sure I wouldn't just prefer signing Aoki though.3 months 1 week ago
Tacoma RainAs can Rollins3 months 1 week ago
SABR MattAs can Furbush3 months 1 week ago
SABR MattAnd Wilhelmson can start3 months 1 week ago
SABR MattGrumpy...we're plenty deep in the rotation. Still have Huiltzen behind the front six3 months 1 week ago
SABR MattRollins should be behind Olmos..3 months 1 week ago
Tacoma RainRule 5 guy Rollins should be in there Matt3 months 1 week ago
GrumpyWell, also let's not forget that Mauer can be a starter in a pinch as well. We still aren't super deep at starting pitcher. Definitely a reason to try and get them to go for a different reliever. That said it certainly helps complete the offense for sure. Should make for a really exciting year!3 months 1 week ago
SABR MattThe bullpen pecking order now is Rodney/Farquhar/Medina/Furbush/Wilhelmson/Leone/Smith/Ilmos3 months 1 week ago
MtGrizzlyI hate to lose Maurer but RH power reliever is an area of ridiculous depth for this club.3 months 1 week ago
Gordon GrossBut yes, I'd rather part with Medina too. *laughs*3 months 1 week ago
Gordon GrossI'd prefer not Maurer, but I'd trade them Maurer over some other system pieces, and it's preferable to not getting Smith or any other lefty bat. Juse wrap it up. :)3 months 1 week ago
SABR MattActually, I was thinking this might cut into Ackley's playing time...Smith hits lefties better than Ackley has historically3 months 1 week ago
SABR MattLOL...yeah I'd rather dump Medina too, but Maurer is expendable...and we have two guys right behind him3 months 1 week ago
mojicianGuys who this move helps: Dominic Leone, Carson Smith. Guys who this move hurts: Willie Bloomquist, James Jones. As the Mariners acquire a real outfielder, look for McClendon to expand the playing time of "very streaky hitter" Dustin Ackley by plugging him into the supersub role to "ride the hot streaks" as it were.3 months 1 week ago
rick82Oh, C'mon Padres. You KNOW you want Medina. Proven right handed setup man. C'mon. don't let us sucker you with Maurer, failed starter.3 months 1 week ago
SABR MattAt the cost of Brandon Maurer...this isn't even a tough question. Smith for Maurer is a great move for this club...and the Ruggiano/Smith platoon is satisfying enough. Finish it in style, Z3 months 1 week ago
mojicianBruce Buffer Style: And in right field, weighing in at 210 lbs, the lefty who hits well at Petco CHAMPION OF THE WOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRLLLD, SEEEEETH SMITH!3 months 1 week ago
mojicianHerald Angel style: And his name will be Seth Smith, and he will be called the final puzzle piece.3 months 1 week ago
rick82Or, would supersub be Frankin's job over there.3 months 1 week ago
rick82Funny, I was wondering just yesterday if AsCab could play right field. Maybe the Rays think he can?3 months 1 week ago
benihanaAsCab to Rays. Zobrist available. Get 'er done. 5 WAR plus positional flexibility on a one year deal is exactly what I want.3 months 1 week ago
rick82Still looking for that big trade. It may not happen until teams watch Hultzen in Spring Training.3 months 1 week ago
GrumpyIt seems like such an obvious move to sign Aoki. Maybe he's just refusing to taking a part-time role at this point?3 months 1 week ago
mojicianSorry to hear it Matt. Famity drama is bad. But not as bad as wife drama.3 months 1 week ago
SABR MattIt would be nice if I didn't immediately have to go to a wedding right after I move, deal with severe family strife, and finally see my family for the first time in a year. Sigh...still no time for me.3 months 1 week ago
mojicianAs an SSI aficionado, I highly recommend the SSI Christmas blend, vintage December 19-27, 2014. A full bodied and satisfying blog rich in nuttiness, this selection is bursting with cheer, coupled with hints of sublime absurdity and the ever present aroma of good natured bull shtick. This is a particularly fine achievement by the SSI vintners, as Mariners shtick is out of season in December, and the connoisseur ordinarily has to settle for canned fare.3 months 1 week ago
SABR MattPrecisely, taro.3 months 1 week ago
TaroGriz, mentioned that earlier this offseason. Ms actually have had a slightly below-average payroll despite having the advantages many of the high payroll teams have. Its the main reason the incomplete roster is so frustrating. There is an obvious hole on this roster and you have the money. Fill it.3 months 1 week ago
MtGrizzlyBaker with an interesting article about the M's payroll: months 1 week ago
TaroYa, if anything I think hes a bit underrated since hes being scored as a below-average defender in the OF (mostly due to horrific stint in CF). Speedy guy with poor routes and an accurate arm. Overall, above-average in RF. The lack of any kind of power, and age, is probably depressing his market.3 months 1 week ago
IcebreakerXAoki's a safe bet compared to Figgins. Figgins value was from empty walks and no power. Aoki's value is mostly from his contact and his strike zone control.3 months 1 week ago
TaroIf hes available, Reddick would be a great fit. Beane seems to be unloading guys that are getting even marginally expensive. Great glove, extreme pull hitter, some pop, low AVG, pretty massive career RH/LH splits. Glove fits great in our park, he can cover CF, and his swing is a great fit as well. Would probably be a 3 WAR player as a platoon bat in Safeco.3 months 1 week ago
TaroSure, but hes been a 2-3 WAR OF and his market is about as strong as Cruz's last year. Potentially great value, and fills a massive need.3 months 1 week ago
rick82Actually, I'd prefer we work out a deal with Boston to see if we can pry Nava away. Erasmo, maybe?3 months 1 week ago
rick82If Beane is dealing/reloading, I'd be tempted to package something together to pry away Josh Reddick. Hmmm....Choi, Erasmo - but he'd probably want Kivlehan. I'd think about that one. Get creative, maybe do it if we can get Jaso back in the deal.3 months 1 week ago
rick82Regarding Aoki, I'm a tad nervous because he looks a lot like Chone Figgins, and is right at that age.3 months 1 week ago
SABR MattAgreed taro3 months 1 week ago
TaroJust sign Aoki. We can't be playing Jones in RF and we need SOME kind of insurance for underperformance or injury.3 months 1 week ago
bsrNo more maybe washed up slugger dice rolls...please! Jack has shown zero ability to pick these guys out. Stick to what we're more successful at - play the kids, sign another big fish, or toss more smaller $ spaghetti at the wall.3 months 1 week ago
Gordon GrossAt that point we might as well go big for somebody like Cargo, who at least might have some good years left in him.3 months 1 week ago
Gordon GrossDepends how much faith you put in a small sample and a bad BABIP. Dude barely cleared .200 in his BABIP against lefties, but is hitting righties at only around a .670 OPS the last two years combined. His entire difference in OPS+ from 2013 (115) to 2014 (hahaha) was because he destroyed lefties in 2013 and was killed by them and the BABIP monster in 2014. If you think that bounces back, then you can add him - but again, he looks like he's getting pretty bad against righties. As a 1B/OF bat he could suffice - but at 10 mil a year (assuming Cleveland eats 5 mil each season) that's still a pretty steep bet. Especially if he's contracted Jason Bay Disease. If we're gonna pay prospects, I'd like a different kind of bet than the ones we've been losing these last several years. Betting on aging rebound years has not been our strong suit.3 months 1 week ago
SABR MattAll of it.3 months 1 week ago
Tacoma RainSportswriter Cafardo says Indians looking to trade / dump Nick Swisher. Indians would eat some of $30M owed over next two years. How much does Cleveland need to eat in salary for you to be interested?3 months 1 week ago
SABR MattArizona deploys maximum chokage as the Hawks clinch the division and home field advantage. Mwahahahahaaaa3 months 1 week ago
SABR MattI'm particularly looking forward to elo analysis...I have thought for several years that it may be the key to player by player strength of opposition analysis3 months 1 week ago
TaroMatt, looking forward to those projects.. Best wishes to your Mom. :-)3 months 1 week ago
SABR MattChomping...not chimping...that would be what Dr. D does. :-)3 months 1 week ago
SABR MattReally chimpi.g at the bit now to do some baseball research in the new year...have three major projects to work on. Weather effects, elo ratings and a model for the off-season free agent period to better predict costs3 months 1 week ago
SABR MattThanks for the kind words guys. It's not all bad...I have a wonderful wife who is now keeping us afloat financially and keeping me grounded. I'm going to see my family in a couple of days, thank God...haven't seen them in a year. And my mom starts physical therapy in January so I'm hoping she recovers in time to save her psyche. All of your prayers are welcome though and sincerely appreciated. Stressful times we live in!3 months 1 week ago
DaddyOThat's tough, Matt. We went through some pretty hard times with both mine and my wife's moms in their latter years, and it's very hard when you combine physical health problems to the kinds of mental/spiritual/attitude problems that can creep in when people get a little older. Pile on the other stuff you mention, each one hard in itself and it can become downright debilitating, at a time when I'm sure you can't afford to be...debilitated. Praying for you, Matt.3 months 1 week ago
jemanjiYa, Matt, sure hope that you're able to find some solace in the coming week. In the meantime, may I suggest thanks-journaling as a helpful antidote. Won't turn the world into Candyland but it's better than Advil :- ) … best wishes for your Mom.3 months 1 week ago
misterjonezI can sympathize, Matt, although obviously not on specific issues. This was probably my least favorite Christmas in the last decade and a half, but them's just the breaks. Makes me appreciate the good ones all the more when they do come around.3 months 1 week ago
SABR MattIt's a combination of mother took ill with a severe infection in her knee that destroyed all of the connective tissue, and she has been worryingly depressed from the lack of mobility, my wife's family is having all kinds of problems, I've been living far away from family and didn't get to see then on Christmas like I'm used to, still don't know what I'm going to do for a living now that I've moved east again, etc. I'm sure things will work themselves out, but this week was hard.3 months 1 week ago
DaddyOMerry Christmas to all, take care Matty. Hope whatever it is straightens out, or you are able to bend with it.3 months 1 week ago
moethedogGodspeed through the rough patches, Matt.3 months 1 week ago
SABR MattMerry Christmas ssi faithful...been a highly emotional rollercoaster for me the last few days...I hope you've fared better in your journeys.3 months 1 week ago
rick82Opened up my iPad on Christmas Day to two Doc posts! Merry Christmas, SSI!3 months 1 week ago
IcebreakerXMerry Christmas!3 months 1 week ago
moethedogMerry Christmas to all you guys. Everybody call Matt right now, since he is our resident weather guru, and ask him to dial up a White Christmas for us all.3 months 1 week ago
PlawsableMerry Christmas to you all. Santa&#039;s got a brand new bat (We hope)3 months 1 week ago
Bat571It doesn't appear to me that teams trading older players with a single year left on a pricey contract are getting super-premium prospect in return -- top-ten for the team, yes, but not the equvalents to D.J. and certainly not Taijuan's equal (Andrew Heaney was about the closest in ANY trade). For a rebuilding team the Ms would seem to have some pretty nice chips without having to gut the system or trade the top 1 or 2. And if they took on all Zobrist's contract, which is pretty fair, they'd certainly help out the Rays' fiscals.3 months 1 week ago
mojicianMerry Christmas SSI!3 months 1 week ago
Bat571Merry Christmas to One and All and God Bless Us Every One!3 months 1 week ago
Bat571If the Rays truly are taking a year to reload, perhaps Guerrero and Marte might be of enough interest to be the start of a package for Zobrist. Then maybe Sanchez or Diaz, plus Erasmo? Marlette and several others could be of interest to a team not looking at 2015, but at 2016 and beyond. And the Rays have taken quantity before - would they now? Or would they demand Taijuan or D.J. to start any discussion?3 months 1 week ago
TaroMerry christmas!3 months 1 week ago
misterjonezMerry Christmas everyone :)3 months 1 week ago
BilboThat said, I believe Zobrist would be the perfect player to round out this roster and make Seattle a favorite to win it all. Rumblings today from Morosi that the Rays will trade Zobrist before Spring Training but I imagine the cost will be prohibitive given his value and ability to fill so many positions. months 1 week ago
GrumpyI know I posted this last year, but I never tire of it. Merry Christmas, everyone!3 months 1 week ago
BilboAt this point, the OF is probably Ackley, Jackson, Miller against RHP and Ruggiano, Jackson, Cruz against LHP (with Montero at DH?). Ruggs would also serve as the 4th OF giving days off to Jackson as well. Short of getting a legit OFer at a reasonable cost, this could be a formidable OF/DH combo and certainly puts Seattle in a position of non-desperation while they wait for the reinforcements to arrive (Kivlehan/DJ followed by AJax/Wilson in a couple years)3 months 1 week ago
benihanaReally enjoyed this article at LL about the guy who I think is the M's starting RF: months 1 week ago
GrumpyFor me, is avoiding a potential black hole is just as important as a big add. Maybe more important. Aoki would be cheap, not block anyone, and provide insurance at many positions: LF, RF, CF (allowing Ackley or Ruggs to take reps there if needed), SS ( by allowing Miller to play SS if Taylor struggles), keeping Cruz at DH more, and keeping LoMo at 1B more. Also good OBP at the top of the order. Don't know if he'd agree to sign up for that kind of a role though... That may be the sticking point.3 months 1 week ago
benihanaMerry Christmas to you as well Daddy0!3 months 1 week ago
rick82I would say, Daddy-O, there is a time when they Mariners had the most talent in the league and indeed went all out, putting all the finishing touches on a team to win it all: 1997. We traded away a big chunk of out youth to get a #2, Jeff Fassero, and a bullpen. It cost us Jose Cruz Jr., Derrick Lowe and Jason Varitek. We signed free agents Jamie Moyer and Paul Sorrento. We were very busy, went for it all, we really did. The team was solid top to bottom that postseason. The Spoljaric/Timlin trade looked pretty smart, and Slocumb was the best we could get. A first round exit was the result, a postseason nobody around here remembers or cares much for. Two bad seasons followed. I know the "window" is short, but it's a crapshoot all the same and going for it all can have repercussions down the road that will make you wonder if it was really worth it.3 months 1 week ago
DaddyOOne more thing beni...Merry Christmas!3 months 1 week ago
DaddyOSure, and I can see why many think the M's are on the verge of exorcising the demons that have plagued their existence. If and when they do, I will congratulate them, along with anyone who is proven right by events, which is the best test of all opinion.3 months 1 week ago
DaddyOHey look, beni, I'm content that we just disagree. I just don't want my argument reduced to a caricature of what it really is. The long history of the M's doesn't necessarily DEMAND skepticism, but surely it ALLOWS that it is a reasonable opinion. At least, you know, until they start actually making the playoffs, winning 90 games most seasons, and, you know, actually join the list of the vast majority of teams that have made it to the World Series (only the M's and the Expos/Nationals haven't)..3 months 1 week ago
DaddyOAgain, the M's have taken steps to put themselves on the edge of excellence. The signings you mention point to that, as well as the need to some drastic damage control to their plummeting reputation after a decade of irrelevance. IMO, which not all will share but some do, by failing to secure a bona fide right fielder they are needlessly jeopardizing a special opportunity to actually achieve excellence.3 months 1 week ago
benihanaYeah DaddyO I can grok that argument. I just think the M's see this as a "4 or 5 or 8" year window. And I think challenging their commitment to winning because they aren't going all in for this year doesnt jive with the facts.3 months 1 week ago
DaddyOThe real argument is whether, as Taro suggests, the M's have a window of opportunity to do something special that doesn't come around all that often, and whether the current situation warrants taking the best steps to give you the best chance to take advantage of that window right now.3 months 1 week ago
benihanaAnd challenging the commitment of an organization that has signed huge deals to Felix, Cano, Seager, and now Cruz and has been in on every marquee free agent bat this offseason makes me think of battered fan syndrome :)3 months 1 week ago
benihanaIt's your opinion that they need a right fielder, one that I clearly don't share. Right Field is your personal bar. A bar that is constantly moving around these parts.3 months 1 week ago
benihanaI'd give Kevin Mather a listen, and a chance: months 1 week ago
DaddyOAnd I salute you, sir, for your opinion. You word your characterization of my opinion in a way that I would not. I say the M's are showing a lack of will IF they do not go into the season with what a bona fide (by that I mean one with some proven track record) right fielder when it is readily within their means and their grasp to do so. They may yet do so, or they may not. Your wording of my characterization is a straw man rendering of my argument, one which sets it up for you to say I am accusing them of being cheap, and also sets it up for you as if I am holding myself up as the authority on what constitutes a bona fide right fielder. Neither of these is true. It is not a simple matter of cheapness. It is a matter of will. It is not a matter of my personal bar for a bona fide RF'er. I am perfectly willing to submit that definition to general consensus.3 months 1 week ago
benihanaYou are saying that if the M's don't get a right fielder to your liking than they are cheap. That's a bias I don't think is deserved or accurate.3 months 1 week ago
PlawsableBeni +5 for all that. C-points and recs or whatever. Everything I was thinking of saying as I read all that you did and then some. I&#039;d forgotten about Martin. The window idea doesn&#039;t really make sense when one of the 2 guys people are basing it on is 28, the other is 31 and the rest of the roster (sans Cruz, Ruggiano 34, Bloomie 36, Iwakuma 33, Rodney 37 and Wilhelmsen 30) are younger than Felix. Zunino, Morrison, Miller, Taylor, Seager, Ackley, Jackson, Paxton, Walker, Elias, Maurer, Farquhar, Leone, Smith, Luetge, Ramirez... and on into reinforcements from the minors are all younger than 28 year old Felix. So we&#039;re talking about a DH, starter (got more close) a closer (many internal options) and a couple bench guys older than Canos 31 years. What window closing? Has closing switched meanings with opening?3 months 1 week ago
DaddyONobody is saying that in order to win you have to spend $200 million. That's a straw man, and along with pointing to the Bavasi years it is the auto-responder to anyone who challenges the commitment of this franchise. The St. Louis Cardinals are committed to excelling, and they don't spend $200 million. No one is calling for that. I am saying that the M's are content to get to the edge excellence but not to the achievement of it. That's a completely different argument. The long history of this franchise is replete with examples of the Seattle Mariners failing to put the finishing touches on teams that have a real chance to be the best. And usually it involves an amount of money that reeks of penny wisdom and pound foolishness. The M's may yet solve the RF problem. If they don't, this will be another example.3 months 1 week ago
benihanaThe M's are committed to being a winner. 90 wins every year. Win forever. Pete Carroll style. $250 million didn't buy the Dodger's a championship. Nor did $200 million buy the Yankess a spot in the postseason. Boston's big salary was all for not. Same with the Phillies. The M's window will be open for much much longer if we continue to build from the draft and don't lock down roster spots with overpriced and underperforming vets who cost young talent to get. I'm all for going for it, just be really sure to get a star, not a civic.3 months 1 week ago
John PierceIf the Ms were high bidders on those guys, then I think they would have no problem going to $130+ million for the right player.3 months 1 week ago
bsrThanks Taro. I expect another ~$10M to be added before the season starts. Ala Rodney last year which happened in early Feb. No way they stand pat at $115M.3 months 2 weeks ago
TaroWe haven't had a high payroll since the Bavasi days. And yes, I agree I never want to see those days again. That said, if you aren't committed to a winner now, when will you ever be? The window is NOW. Ms will choose whether they capitalize on it or not.3 months 2 weeks ago
bsrGLS - great point about the Hawks and Russell Wilson. If they hadn't lucked* into getting Wilson, we have a pretty good idea of what they'd be...a not quite as good version of the 49ers. I'm sure with all the other talent on board, that they'd have found a Kaepernick-level QB to slot in. But until all the devastating injuries/criminal behavior this year, the Niners had more talent outside of QB than the Hawks. Wilson is absolutely the difference. (Even w/o Wilson though, the Hawks would be better than any AFC team.)3 months 2 weeks ago
TaroThe average payroll in 2014 was $121M. The Ms were at $109M. Going into 2015 we'll be paying roughly $115M if we make no other additions.3 months 2 weeks ago
bsrStill not sure how we whiffed on Upton though, he seemed like the perfect final puzzle piece to cap off a strong push in 2015. With that said, it also seems evident that the M's place a high value on giving MLB playing time to their prospects. I think it's what Mather means when he says they "won't sell their soul" for short term's not the money they're concerned about, but the lost opportunity to develop and evaluate young talent with irreplaceable MLB reps. We can certainly debate the merits of any individual decision, but it does seem like a coherent overall strategy to me.3 months 2 weeks ago
bsrbeni - good point about the M's bidding on VMart/Martin/Melky. I don't follow these things that closely, didn't realize we were top bidder on all three. It seems likely the M's will always need to overpay FA hitters to get them interested in taking the risk of playing in Safeco. Other than changing the fences/roof policies, nothing we can do about that. Another very good reason to focus on internal development.3 months 2 weeks ago
benihanaI think Bill Bavasi and Matt Millen of the Lions are dead-locked in the worst General Manager of ALL TIME battle. I don't think it's possible to over-state how poorly Bavasi left this organization. Just crippling.3 months 2 weeks ago
Gordon GrossSpeaking of the Zduriencik plan - I may have to examine the fortunes and future of the Brewers and their farm and compare it to the Mariners. Short version: they're gonna need to luck out with arms or glove dudes, while we are still stocked to the rafters even with our company of promotions. The question with Jack was always whether we were gonna be patient enough to wait the half-decade for the reinforcements, since Bavasi left us with almost nothing. But Jack made it, and every extra year he's here is another year that we get to keep adding major league talents to the farm. He just needs to be good enough on the Free Agent and Trade sides of his job to allow the Young Talent Evaluator to do his thing.3 months 2 weeks ago
rick82You make a lot of good points, Beni. If someone had told me in the early 90's that the team leaving Seattle would be the Sonics, I would not have believed them. If you are going to be a cautious team, then, I suppose, be a cautious team in the right manner. I'd have to say the Mariners are gotten pretty good at that. I suppose that sounds like damning with faint praise, but I'm pretty happy right now with where this franchise has placed itself at this point in time, and it wasn't due to luck and extreme good fortune like it was in 1995. It was planned and executed the day they brought in Zduriencik. It could have gone a lot worse. It also could have gone better. But we're in a very good place right now.3 months 2 weeks ago
benihanaI'd also point out that the M's were the reported high bidders on V-mart, Russel Martin and likely Melky Cabrerra. They chose to stay put or go elsewhere for reasons other than the M's ownership's willingness to compete.3 months 2 weeks ago
Gordon GrossThe Ms are working towards a top-10ish payroll again, now that finances are corrected. You should be able to win with a top-10 payroll. Certainly a division banner, maybe a pennant, and possibly a title. The Mets and Cubs are too inept to do it, but if you draft even a BIT and don't blow your free agent money on suckers, we should be there going forward. The Ms and their fear of cutthroat competition in favor of the bottom line annoys me, but if you have twice the resources of Beane or Yost or whoever is managing the Rays, you should be able to beat him. If you can't, maybe you shouldn't have the job. First step to winning is showing up, and at least we're finally gonna do that again. Then we'll see.3 months 2 weeks ago
GLSI'm more than willing to criticize M's management and front office, but I'm not sure how useful it is to compare them to the Seahawks. The dynamics of team building in football are very different. In particular, players on long-term deals get cut when they aren't producing at the same level anymore. And there's no true equivalent to the minor leagues. I know there is some sort of a D-league in football, but it doesn't have the same level of significance in that sport as it does in baseball. Also, where would the Seahawks be right now if they hadn't lucked out on Russell Wilson in the third round?3 months 2 weeks ago
benihanaI'm very impressed that M's ownership has stuck with GMZ and the plan. This organization was destroyed by Bill Bavasi who had more freedom and resources. Ownership was rightly hesitant. There needs to be checks and balances so we don't go making Bedard, Broussard and Perez type moves. Wanting desperately to win at all costs is what cost us the past decade. Now is NOT the time to bring it back.3 months 2 weeks ago
benihanaYou can dislike the M's ownership all you want. But they were willing to make KGjr the highest paid player ever, same with AROD, they signed Ichiro to a contract that would 'take down the sport', they made Felix the highest paid pitcher ever. They helped fund and operate a tremendous stadium that they continue to invest and make improvements on. They are willing to spend, they've carried very high payrolls, they've been very, very active in FA the past several seasons.3 months 2 weeks ago
benihanaA's went from 1931 to 1971 without a good team. They were bad from 1993-2000. They wasted their opportunity with their big three. They were thoroughly mediocre again in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, & 2011. They wasted their most recent opportunity. They play in a literally crappy stadium. Watch they will be bad again now for 4-5 years and waste their next window too. They play in the 6th largest media market in the US. Over the last 15 seasons they have the 4th lowest payroll.3 months 2 weeks ago
bsrDaddyO - great posts on the M's culture, though I think "soul-sickness" is a little strong :) I think they remain as always a somewhat rudderless organization with no real owner willing/able to take big risks, and as a result they make a lot of "safe" decisions. Even the big outlays are pretty safe bets - Felix/Cano/Seager, signing Cruz after he'd proven himself not before, etc. I am sure that Lincoln/Mather et al are self-aware enough to realize this and they probably decided that their best strategy given the situation, is to win via the draft and development (which Z is sustainably good at). And it nicely dovetails into their "proud" self-image of doing things the "Mariners way". I think that's sensible, however I do want to see them spend the "safe" money they have on hand - which I don't think they have exhausted this offseason yet but someone needs to run the numbers.3 months 2 weeks ago
bsrDoes anyone know roughly where 2015 payroll stands with the current roster? Including full 40 man, amortized signing bonuses etc etc.3 months 2 weeks ago
moethedogGreat shout, Gordon.3 months 2 weeks ago
TaroAges of core highest paid players in 2015: Felix (29), Cano (32), Seager (27), Cruz (35). We need to capitalize now while these guys are in their primes. I say we have a good 2-3 year window and then we will need to either retool or rebuild depending on how the rest of the team develops.3 months 2 weeks ago
TaroIn 2017 we have $76M tied to four players, and then $84M in 2018. All will be well into their 30s either than Seager. That pretty much only leaves money to lock up your own guys and fill in the holes. Meaning we need cheap regulars all around and we MUST have success from our farm either through direct production or by trading for cost-controlled players to maintain success. Its possible, but not likely. Our strongest contending window is RIGHT NOW. If you don't buy in now, when?3 months 2 weeks ago
TaroMs have a history of maintaining a mid-range payroll, and with 60-70% of the payroll locked up in 3 players for the next several years we've basically committed to our core team and will have money to maintain the current core plus whatever the farm produces. We're locked in. Love the Seager deal, but he would have been a lot sweeter at 30-40% of the price, which is what he would have costed two years ago. If its Tampa, they would have never sat on him this long. Got to identify the core early and lock it up.3 months 2 weeks ago
TaroDaddyO, exactly what I feared after the Cruz signing. Were they going to back it up? History tells us they weren't so I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Same feeling I had last year after the Cano deal. They failed to make the follow-up moves. The team feels incomplete.3 months 2 weeks ago
DaddyOTo me this is not an argument about a particular signing, a particular (high) payroll budget, anything like that. It is an organizational soul-sickness that has manifested itself repeatedly in the history of this franchise. It is as if they have the drive to go so far...and then no more, a compulsive hesitancy to go from the edge of greatness to greatness. This is all very subjective, I know. But one can't help but notice this behavior repeated over the life of this franchise.3 months 2 weeks ago
DaddyObeni, at least A's fans haven't gone decades between good teams. And I'm not so sure about the "so two years ago" assertion. I could be wrong, but I'm not so sure that the current push to restore competitiveness doesn't in the end suffer from the same sickness that sunk the Piniella years. If so, it will eventually sink the Zduriencik years.3 months 2 weeks ago
DaddyOThe M's have their priorities bass ackwards. Think the Seahawks are making money hand over fist? You BET! Think things are tidy in Seahawks land? No way. They set a goal, the brought in the guys to get it done, then handed them the reins to get it done. Nothing, NOTHING will stand in the way of them pursuing football championships.3 months 2 weeks ago
DaddyOOne can't help but get the feeling the M's are a highly conflicted organization, with multiple unresolved aspirations fighting to express themselves in the context of a committee that subsumes and boxes in all expression. We want to win now, but we want to contend always, but we want to stay within strict financial guidelines. We want to build through the farm (mostly to keep payroll reasonable, but also because we believe in it), but sometimes we need to swallow hard and sign expensive free agents (because building through the farm doesn't always work well), but we don't wan't to get stuck with fat, unproductive contracts). Etc., etc. It strikes me that part of this is due to an ethos of avoidance rather than an ethos of pursuit, at least when it comes to the baseball side of things.3 months 2 weeks ago
benihanaHow'd y'all like to be an A's fan? The M's have re-upped their home grown talent, brought in marquee free agents like Cano and Cruz, and been in on nearly every bat available this winter. Sure, they stuck to their principals and weren't willing to dramatically overpay for Vmart, Russel Martin, Melky, Kemp and Upton - but I think the whining about ownership competing is so two years ago.3 months 2 weeks ago
Gordon GrossAnd I agree with CPB - we've got the cash to extend people or add FAs that the Rays do not have. If we're winning and the gate gets huge again, there will be even more cash. Tampa can't match that - Florida is a terrible baseball market. We can extend our own later, and don't have to sell off every guy in his final arb year in order to stay afloat. We just need a steady influx of minors talent to make the contracts palatable for the bigwigs. Jack and Mac are perfect for that. Just need to add the right FAs around the kids.3 months 2 weeks ago
Gordon GrossI would like Gattis as well. Keep in mind, though, that this is our internal hitter breakdown for handedness: RIGHT: Peterson (AAA), Kivlehan (AAA), Blash (AAA), Hicks (AAA), Guerrero (AA), Marlette (AA), Henry (AA), Wilson (A+), O'Neill (A+), Jackson (A with a bullet), Morgan (short-season), Brayan Hernandez (short-season). LEFT: Choi (roids), Morban (injuries), Marte (Switch, but close enough), Pizzano (beloved by this blog, unknown elsewhere), Cousino (Low-A center fielder with speed, not power). We're talking about trading Ackley for Gattis, and ditching Miller. There goes two lefties, and leaves basically Jones outside of the Seager/Cano lefty pairing. ALL our good minors hitters are righties save Marte. If you want to build internally, then you kinda need a lefty long-term piece externally.3 months 2 weeks ago
Cool Papa Bell"If the Ms want to emulate that they needed to extend Seager earlier and they need to extend guys like Zunino, Miller, and Paxton RIGHT now before their prices escalate." No, they don't because the M's have far more money than the Rays. The M's are pefectly capable of competing every year without mimicing the Rays.3 months 2 weeks ago
moethedogBat: Ackley for Gattis would be wonderful....but we would have to add nice prospects to get that done.3 months 2 weeks ago
TaroThe Rays are also typically geat great returns for their players prior to losing them to FAs. They're sort of the model of building a consistent contender, but it gets harder without top picks and consistently losing players like cheap Prices and Zobrists.3 months 2 weeks ago
TaroConsistently contending is difficult. You basically have to do what the Rays do and extend your core as EARLY as possible. The Rays did this with Longoria, Shields, Zobrist, Moore, etc. You lock these guys up for several years at cheap. The are also willing to sell low on high profile prospects if they think its the right move: Young and Myers. If the Ms want to emulate that they needed to extend Seager earlier and they need to extend guys like Zunino, Miller, and Paxton RIGHT now before their prices escalate.3 months 2 weeks ago
Gordon GrossDaddyO - I've always said the reason I have been reluctant to fire Jack even when he was struggling to add a single decent free agent is because the only hope the Ms have of really winning a World Series, IMO, is to do it from within. Find a couple of stars internally, and then add a solid plus piece (or two) from within annually. Use the budget to keep the 90s Indians together and hope to win that Game 7. The Ms added Junior, Omar, Gar, Buhner (trade), Randy (also trade) and Tino all within a couple years of each other. Then it took them a few more years to get it together as they added pieces like Blowers and Nelson. A couple years later they tacked on A-Rod. We're gonna have to do that again, pretty much - so all hail the farm, and overcoming the front office reluctance to set their hair on fire and charge down the hill with enough sheer talent that we overwhelm the opposition anyway.3 months 2 weeks ago
TaroThe thing is the Ms aren't even setup to be consistent contenders with the moves they've made the last two offseason. Felix, Cano, and Cruz are win-now players. We have 2-3 year window.3 months 2 weeks ago
jemanjiAgreed Daddy-O. Fans can sense the difference between what Carroll and Schneider want, and what the M's shot callers want. "As long as we're top 10" is, to me, is legitimately selling your sports soul. The only thing the a pro sports team SELLS us is an ostensible fight for primacy. … Would the Mariners EVER deliver the experience the Seahawks are currently delivering? That it's not enough even to be the best; we are trying to create a "Mariner Hangover"?3 months 2 weeks ago
Bat571Also, I wonder if the Ms could get in on a 3-way if the Padres try for Hamels from Philly - the Padres get Hamels, the Ms get Myers + a Padres prospect, and the Padres send a top prospect or 2 to the Phils and the Ms send them Ramirez, Guerrero, and Marte to complete it. The Ms get Myers for ~prospects only.3 months 2 weeks ago
Bat571Tonight Guti was 0-2 in 3 PAs - was HBP on the 3rd PA and was replaced just after. Hope it was just precautionary, He's got 6 hits so far - 4 2B and 2 HR among them. If he can play enough, I'd really like to see him on the Ms bench - it makes using Cruz in the OF more palatable, because you know Guti can go in if it gets late and close.3 months 2 weeks ago
Bat571At this point, I hope the Ms trade Ackley for Gattis (the Braves need LH hiittng and a 2B this year that can go to LF if/when Peraza is ready) and then sign Guti to a minors deal and let it all shake out in camp. Let Miller and Guti rotate in the outfield and Gattis rotate between DH and C with Cruz then rotating with Ruggiano and Guti in RF. Yes, a LH hitting OF/1B type would be nice, but flexibility among the bench guys is nicer. Then use the I-5 shuttle to give McClendon the illusion of 13-man pitching staff, even if there are 4 SP / 8 RP OR 5 SP / 7 RP on any given day - and then use 6 SPs and 10 RPs to fill it.3 months 2 weeks ago
bsrSounds to me more like they don't trust Z to pick the right "Civic" rental players to bring in. He's shown no particular aptitude for it, so it's hard to blame them. They know he's good at the draft, so they're building the strategy around his strengths. At least that's the less cynical interpretation, but I do think it's reasonable.3 months 2 weeks ago
DaddyOThat sounds a LOT like Howard Lincoln and Chuck Armstrong. Back when we actually were contenders in the Lou Piniella era, serious Mariners fans grew extremely frustrated because management was content to contend but would never add the final pieces to actually go for it all. Ten years of utter non-contention makes us salivate just to be contenders, but it won't take too many years of routine contention before we again clamor for an "in it to win it" approach.3 months 2 weeks ago
rick82Hey bsr, it sounds like, according to Kevin Mather, we probably didn't match SD's offer for Upton. Here's a snippet from a radio interview he did for Softy on KJR (courtesy of Ryan Divish of the Seattle Times: “Give me 90 wins and I will take my chances every year. We should be going to the playoffs on a regular basis. To go on a 10-year slide where we don’t even sniff the playoffs is unacceptable. But I tried to downplay the year because it been so long. – I said lets play competitive games in September. Because I didn’t want people to overreact to 85 wins or 83 wins. That’s great progress.” “We aren’t going to sell our souls for this year. We want 95-97 wins for the next four or five years.”3 months 2 weeks ago
bsrI wasn't aware of how terrible Billy Beane has been at drafting recently. From 2009-12, where Z has drafted Seager, Ackley, Franklin, Taijuan, Paxton, Miller, Taylor, Zunino, Leone...Beane has drafted Sonny Gray, AJ Griffin, and...yeah. That's about it for MLB contributors. Plus Mike Zunino lol (in 2009 29th round). Granted some of Z's wins were high picks that Beane never gets a crack at, but still.3 months 2 weeks ago
bsrThanks Rick. Drayer uses the word "interesting" about a dozen times in that article. I would have substituted some other adjectives.3 months 2 weeks ago
rick82Want to be a Big League journalist? MLB is looking for a Mariner stringer: details here: months 2 weeks ago
rick82BSR, as of today, Shannon Drayer says we just don't know: months 2 weeks ago
rick82Typo, LoMo's wRC+ was 110 last season, not 100. I feel better about the 117 prediction, after having corrected that.3 months 2 weeks ago
bsrHas any Seattle reporter found out why we didn't get Upton? If Seattle had landed him with a package equivalent to the players SD sent out, M's fans would feel like the next 5 Christmases had come all at once. Not a single marquee or remotely MLB ready prospect in the deal. And Atl traded him to another NL team. I just don't get it at all. I would like to hear that he still refuses to come to Seattle or something, to make me feel better.3 months 2 weeks ago
rick82I don't know how Stanley Steamer calculates these things, but Ackley and LoMo are similar in that they are nearly the same age, both had excellent rookie seasons, and then spent the next three or so seasons on a slow climb back to the heights from which they fell. Ackley's wRC+ went from 117 as a rookie, to 75, 87, and 97 respectively. Steamer says it's gonna be 102 this season. Nothing overly optimistice there. LoMo went from 129 in 2010 to 116 in 2011 and then to 90, 96, and 100 last season, and Steamer predicts 117 this season. Steamer apparently sees continued gradual movement upward in both cases, although LoMo is given a higher projection, probably due to that he started his career higher. Anyway, in both situations, we aren't talking about guys who are moving in the wrong direction, or bouncing around, or both *cough billy butler cough*. We're talking gradual movement to a level they already proved they could do. Taylor....yeah, who knows.3 months 2 weeks ago
SABR MattAnything short of adding am impact bat top RF is an abject failure foot the mariners.3 months 2 weeks ago
TaroYeah, I agree with you that theres an argument for keeping your SP.. but young pitching does bust at a much higher rate than young hitting. Looking at Walker in particular, I'm concerned about his motion and injury history. I like his ability, but I wouldn't be afraid of dealing him for the right hitter. Even if we don't go that route, I think we at least need a cheap, value, plug-in vet like Aoki.3 months 2 weeks ago
TaroI think its precisely because of the fact that we've seen their downsides that we can't be banking on them as reliable assets. In 2012&2013 combined Ackley was worth less than 2 WAR combined and hit for an OPS in mid-600s. From 2011-2013 Morrison was basically RL. Taylor had a K rate over 25% and an ISO of .059 in 2014 as a small MI. These guys are projected by Steamer to be worth 5.5 WAR combined for us next year. Theres upside potential here, but also massive downside that we need to be prepared for IMO.3 months 2 weeks ago
rick82Good points, Taro. But we must remember that the Mariner mantra is "you can never have too much pitching" and not "you can never have too many exciting outfield prospects." One or two is usually more than enough of the latter. So, I don't see this trade ever happening. :-)3 months 2 weeks ago
TaroIts true Myers is relatively unproven as well, but it adds another long-term OF piece which gives you some options if one of your position players don't pan out. You then have an extra option with Miller covering at SS in case Taylor doesn't pan out, and covering OF in case any of the options there don't pan out. Myers was worth 2-3 WAR in 88 games in his ROY year in 2013. His BABIP was high and he didn't play good D, but can you imagine how we'd feel about him if he did that as a 22-year old in Mariner uni?3 months 2 weeks ago
rick82I don't get this "unproven" label on some of these guys, Taro. I don't think Miller, Ackley, or LoMo are "unproven". We know what they are able to accomplish at a minimum level. Frankly, I think you're just as likely, actually more likely, to get 2-3 WAR from Ackley or Jackson as you are from Myers. Myers hasn't done anything Ackley didn't do in his first two seasons with us. I'm not sure why you think you can bank on 2-3 WAR. How's he more bankable at this time for that than Dustin, Justin and Jesus were? If we're talking tools and scouting and minor league stats here, we have enough of that already. Man, if we couldn't count on Franklin for Jackson to work out, why on earth would we want to count on Myers? Who's more proven than Austin Jackson?3 months 2 weeks ago
TaroNothing wrong with holding onto your players, but we need to be realistic as not all of these guys are going to pan out. That's just the reality with prospects. I think being a former scouting director, Z wants to win with 'his' players. That's fine, and the core can be built off of it, but you need to be willing to deal a player if its the right move.3 months 2 weeks ago
rick82In other words, if we're playing Stars and Scrubs here, get me a Star. Got plenty of scrubs.3 months 2 weeks ago
TaroI'm not sure Myers is great bet to be a star, but I think he's a fairly good bet to average or above-average player (good power, decent walks, below average contact, below-average D in a corner). I'd deal Walker for that, considering the injury risk. Rather have a 2-3 WAR OF I can bank on (sort of) with upside beyond that, than a potential 3-4 WAR SP that could be nothing.3 months 2 weeks ago
Tacoma RainI wonder what Coco Crisp would cost? Do we trust Jack trading with Billy??3 months 2 weeks ago
Gordon GrossWhich is one reason I'm sure Jack wants to hold on to his young talent, Taro. It's nice to have free replacements if LoMo tanks or either Miller/Taylor can't cut it early. But would you rather load up on the front end or prepare for rear guard action, Jack? I'm not a fan of trench warfare or waiting out the enemy. I prefer to try to win, rather than plan how not to lose.3 months 2 weeks ago
Gordon GrossAgreed, if you're gonna go with youth feel free to do it at glove positions (if Miller plays some CF, that would be all three deployed that way). :-) And we'll see - there are still deals out there to be made. I'm just getting the feeling we're gonna hold our cards and roll our money to the next hand. Which would be okay, maybe, if the money actually got there.3 months 2 weeks ago
TaroWe basically have unproven players at every position either than 3B, 2B, DH (who will be 35), and CF (who is Austin Jackson). That's two stars, five young players, an old DH, and a CF coming off his worst year. Its a volatile roster. It could go either way.3 months 2 weeks ago
benihanaZunino and Taylor don't play bat-first positions, and their defense is solid enough to expect a minimum WAR floor, even given their relative youth. Anyway, I think we all agree, get a stud right fielder. I'd work my way into a Cole Hamels -> Will Myers -> Taijuan Walker type three way deal.3 months 2 weeks ago
rick82I'm not sure about Walker for Myers. I look at the two, and they are both studs, with limited MLB success. Walker is a lot younger, and I know that's different for a pitcher, but we're talking Felix debut young here. I'm haunted by Choo and Cabrera and Jones, but I'm kinda haunted by Pineda for Montero as well. We've already seen Jack trade Fister and Pineda for failed bats. If we trade Walker, I want it to be for a sure fire thing, an outfielder with a definite .800 OPS floor and some .900 upside. Like an Upton, or maybe a Choo. Let's remember Walker has 53 MLB innings and a 2.89 ERA with 46 Ks and 22 BB. And he's 21. He's a star in the making. So...I can certainly see the hesitancy. Like I've said before, I'm glad I'm not the one who has to pull the trigger.3 months 2 weeks ago
Gordon GrossThere haven't been a handful of teams in recent history that had more than 3 first-and-second year players in the everyday lineup and competed. Zunino and Miller are basically 2nd year players if you're looking at games played. Taylor's a "rookie." Maybe we can get by with that, if they're as good as we hope.3 months 2 weeks ago
TaroI'm actually less of a fan of Rasmus than others.. Skillset of a player that ages early (reminds me of BJ Upton), and really bad fit for the park. So I understand ben's concern there. That said, I wouldn't be too worried about Seth Smith or Aoki. They seem as low risk as you can get for typical past 30 FAs.3 months 2 weeks ago
benihanaBut that's just it G, we aren't counting on the young guns to carry the offense! That's what we have Cano, Cruz, and Seager for! They are our 4-5 WAR cornerstones. They are what allows us to play rookies in other less important positions.3 months 2 weeks ago
benihanaThe problem I have is that if Smith or Rasmus fails (like so so many veterans have done with their first exposure to Safeco) we will not be in a position to move away from them! No options. Less flexibility. If Miller or Taylor or Ackley struggle they can get time in AAA and we can give Marte, Kivlehan, DJ, etc... a chance. Give me an everyday option on more than a one-year deal. Not a fan of the platoon.3 months 2 weeks ago
Gordon GrossPlatoons aren't great, ben. But a platoon stopgap to get to DJ or Kivlehan, or multiple years on an everyday hitter? I would take Cargo - he would free us up to trade one of the kids. But there aren't a lot of other everyday guys I can see available that I think are better than a platoon (especially since the Safe destroys a lot of hitters, as you say - vets or otherwise). And Cargo would require that trade of (more than) one of the kids to accomplish. We can't get him for just money.3 months 2 weeks ago
Gordon GrossBut we can't afford for both Austin Jackson and one of our corner OF to faceplant again at the same time. I've just been burned too often by the Mariners forcing rookie and second-year players to carry the lion's share of the burden for success, I guess. Every time we've said, "okay kid, you're the star. It's all you now..." that kid has promptly face-planted. The exception? Seager. I want to believe in Brad Miller being another Seager, and there's no bigger fan of bringing on internal replacements that I am. Maybe it would be different now that the MOTO is actually filled, and Miller can be a #2 or a #6 instead of one of the Weighty Parts of the lineup. But I feel like asking Felix whether he wants an Upton in RF or if he's good with Miller would get me a huge preference for the former. Seth Smith? I dunno. But I wouldn't bet on Miller there either.3 months 2 weeks ago
Gordon GrossThe shout box cuts off after 5 or 6 lines, King. :-) Keep em shorter and they should post fine. I'm not in dire need of a mega-trade, but I am in want of a better plus bridge to the future than we had last year. The Mariners want Miller and Taylor and Zunino to step up and take the reins. They want either DJ or Kivlehan to wrest 1B from LoMo in 2016. But much as LoMo is a decent, club-controlled player who can hold down the fort until those kids are ready, I want another one in RF. We have several monster OFs-in-training in the minors, including our own version of Wil Myers who's just getting started in Low A (Alex Jackson). I dunno that Miller can outhit those guys. If he's not in the infield, I dunno that Miller is the future (unless it's in CF, which we don't have. THAT training I'm OK with).3 months 2 weeks ago
KingCorranChalk me up for Myers/mega-trade as preferred option #1, followed by Rasmus, Smith, and Aoki in that order. Anything less we have no business being on the playing field. PS - why doesn't the shout button actually work for me most of the time? Seriously, I click it and nothing. I originally wrote this comment before noon Mountain time... looks like maybe I'm shouting too much at once? =)3 months 2 weeks ago
KingCorranIf the M's sit on their laurels after signing Cruz (which they are NOT doing), we don't deserve the playoffs. And while I'm the biggest possible advocate of putting together a one-year solution while keeping the irons hot for Gordon/Upton in next year's FA market, I'd trade Walker for Myers in a heartbeat. Rasmus seems an elegant solution, allowing us to band-aid RF in 2015 while replacing Jackson in 2016 and still hitting that market... but Myers would be a whole different ballgame. Maybe by then we put Myers in LF and send Ackley out for parts, who knows?3 months 2 weeks ago
Gordon GrossBrad had just 111 PAs to notch that 122 (or about 3 and a half weeks of game time). If he'd gone 0-for-5 in his next GAME it would have dropped his 2nd half batting average by 13 points. His BABIP in Sept/Oct was .390 to get there. That's a thin thread to rest our playoff hopes on. Seth Smith has always his oppo pitching. Brad Miller has only had a sliver of success since 2013. I'm a pretty big Miller fan, but I would rather have Smith available if ONE of our important-and-unstable lefties (Miller / Ackley / LoMo) falters. Then we can have the best three playing, instead of the only three available.3 months 2 weeks ago
KingCorranI'd just like to note that we were one win away from the playoffs in a down year for much of our competition. Texas injuries, Oakland implosion, et cetera - not to mention an unrepeatable series of pitching performances... that does NOT mean we are one win away from the playoffs in 2015, simply because that's the way it shook out in 2014. We really want to bank on 88 wins being enough... especially when that translates to a one-game playoff and then a wildcard elimination?3 months 2 weeks ago
KingCorrantest3 months 2 weeks ago
benihanaAnd where my disconnect may be is that I'm arguing 25th roster spot 5/6th outfielder when y'all are thinking 3rd OF. I just think Miller has been penciled into right.3 months 2 weeks ago
benihanaI also think that a dedicated platoon costs you a bench spot. Playing 24 vs 25 an entire season is probably worth what? -2 WAR? Ruggiano can back up all three outfield positions, Bloomquist can back-up 7 spots, our last bench spot needs to be someone who can play something more than COF or at least provide value in addition to bat alone. For this team I prefer James Jones to Seth Smith - more defensive flexibility plus leveraged stolen base opportunities.3 months 2 weeks ago
benihanaThe way I see it is Brad Miller 2nd half wRC+ of 122 is your opening day starter in right field. Do I think that's a haphazard minor league platoon? Nope, I think the logo is a present and future stud. Seth Smith 2nd half wRC+ of 101 - worth two year deal plus prospects? Nope. Not enough of an upgrade for me.3 months 2 weeks ago
Gordon GrossI hear ya, ben - and I'm willing to trade for Cargo too. :-) I'm not a huge fan of strict platoons as a general rule, but if the Ms are GOING to decide that a platoon doesn't make them wet themselves as much as actually trading for another multi-WAR bat, then I'd rather go with a good platoon than a haphazard minor league one.3 months 2 weeks ago
TaroIt really depends on who that platoon vet is, Smith would be a great add if you don't give up quality specs. Aoki would be a nice add and is an everyday guy in RF. I don't think acquiring a vet necessarily means disaster. We just signed a 35 year old DH for 4 years. Every player should be evaluated individually.3 months 2 weeks ago
TaroAnd I'd prefer to cash in Walker for a long-term hitter. Would have dealt him for Souza+ honestly. Don't think he holds together and we have a long-term need in the OF.3 months 2 weeks ago
TaroWalker for Myers might actually make sense. It seems even Pads realize they nabbed one too many corner OFs.3 months 2 weeks ago
benihanaDo not do the Eduardo Perez and Ben Broussard. Don't do it. Don't. Just stop.3 months 2 weeks ago
benihanaOf course G! M's goal shouldn't be to get into the playoffs, the goal should be to WIN the World Series. To improve their chances on doing that the M's could really use an awesome outfielder. I just don't want a not-quite awesome outfielder. Me - I trade for Cargo. Or flip Walker for Myers. I want someone who can play everyday in right field. I don't think a veteran platoon lefty helps this team. I think it locks in a roster spot and unnecessarily eliminates flexibility.3 months 2 weeks ago
Gordon GrossCan we make the playoffs as currently constructed? Of course we can. We could have last year... but we didn't. We're better-constructed this year than last, but that doesn't guarantee anything. The Ms have indicated they have the money in the budget for another add, so make one that makes us better. Might be the difference between home field and road trippin... or making the playoffs and missing em. Don't play on the margin - give us some breathing room if y'dont mind. :)3 months 2 weeks ago
benihanaCouldn't disagree with you more Matt. The M's have a very clear shot at the playoffs as the roster stands. The 1-win away from a playoff game M's have gotten better. They patched their biggest hole at DH. While their main competition has gotten worse, much worse. Oakland's tossed in the towel. Kansas City? Dislike everything they've done and if they miss on Shields, fork 'em. LAA hasn't done anything that worries me. Detroit needs to ink Max or I'm all doom and gloom on them. Baltimore has lost out on all of their FA bats. Boston's the only team that has gotten better - and we're still projected to be better than them.3 months 2 weeks ago
rick82...For now, anyway. Trade for what we need later.3 months 2 weeks ago
rick82Not sure I see the problem with these Steamer K rates and overall projections among the kiddies. Steamer is pretty much splitting the difference between Miller and Zunino's rate rates over their past two seasons. Taylor is having his numbers regressed from last season, although Steaker does suggest a drop in K rate, he's not getting any real benefit from it by Steamer. Jones' K rate is being held steady. None of these kids are being projected to give tremendous breakthroughs. They look to me like Steamer kinda expects more of the same. That seems logical if you are looking for stop loss. Go with what you've come to expect. Yeah we will carry another lefty outfielder. Lloyd will insist on it, and that's a good thing. He can be from our system is all I'm saying.3 months 2 weeks ago
SABR MattWe need to carry another lefty outfielder. If we do not, I think we'll miss the postseason yet again3 months 2 weeks ago
SABR MattI agree with grumpy that steamer looks fishy, especially foot Seattle.3 months 2 weeks ago
Cool Papa BellNelson Cruz is the priciest free agent signed by an AL West club. That means all the M's rivals are treading water this offseason which bodes very well for Seattle's postseason chances.3 months 2 weeks ago
MtGrizzlyPadres are said to be exploring trading Myers (plus) for Hamels.3 months 2 weeks ago
rjjuniorWould love Nava. However, other than Mookie, he could be the most expensive guy they have (prospect cost), due to his flexibility, salary, and years of control.3 months 2 weeks ago
moethedogI assume we would have discovered the hip issue in the physical, like the Padres did. I hope we would have, anyway. Renting Upton for a year was always fine if the rent was cheap enough. Nava guys, Daniel Nava: Career .293-.385-.428 vs. RHP. Cheap (minus the swap costs), plays both COF's and 1B. Boston has to trade a guy. That .385 OBP would look pretty sweet in the 1 or 2 spot vs. RHP. I think Boston is holding Craig. Bid on Nava. Doesn't hit lefties much...even as a switcher...but that's not what we need him for. We need an COF how can play 1B, he's a nice one.3 months 2 weeks ago
DaddyOAs someone who has decried Jack's inability to land a bona fide RF'er this offseason, it's very possible we will eventually be glad we passed on both Kemp and Upton, Kemp because he combines arthritic hips with 5 remaining contract years, and Upton because he would be a one-year rental.3 months 2 weeks ago
John PierceDoes anyone think Upton may have had a say about which team he would like to go to? We were one of the few teams on his no trade list until this year. If he did, maybe playing his contract year in sunny SoCal, on a team gearing up to win it all this year, trumped coming to the Great Pacific Northwest.3 months 2 weeks ago
GrumpySteamer is regressing down all of the young players' strikeout rates by 5%, and we have a lot of those players, and we are (currently) planning to rely on a bunch of those players. So I think that effect may disproportionately and artificially boost the Ms WAR projections. I mean really, who among us actually expected Steamer to rate the Ms as the number 1 team in the AL? Not me.3 months 2 weeks ago
rick82Grumpy, if Steamer is over aggressive regarding K rates, I assume it is across the board, for all teams. I doubt Steamer is favoring the Mariners.3 months 2 weeks ago
misterjonezToo bad about the Upton non-trade. We could have used that guy this year. Just for fun, can someone (Spec or Gordon - or both?!) put up what a comparable package would have been from the Ms?3 months 2 weeks ago
SABR Mattfor the record, counting Cruz as an OF is not smart for the purposes of evaluating the line-up...when he is in RF...there is a hole DHing. That isn't a plus for the OF. Also for tyhe record, Ruggiano is not a good baseball player to rely on for more than 200 ABs. Also for the record, Ackley is about as reliable as Pinocchio. And the final for the record, Bloomquist is terrible at baseball, and every at bat he takes for the Mariners is a sign that the Mariners failed.3 months 2 weeks ago
GrumpySteamer is possibly conservative, but OTOH They are also predicting an across the board 5% reduction in strikeout rate for *all* the young players (as Logan pointed out on LL last week). I find that prediction troubling. I think we need a real major leager in place (and not a bounce back candidate). If one of the kids blows up then we can trade somebody like Aoki to make room if necessary... He will have real value to some team should the need to make room arise.3 months 2 weeks ago
TaroI don't expect each of Ackley, Jackson, Miller, and Taylor to tank, but I also don't expect all of them to succeed. Ackley was terrible in 2013, Jackson was terrible just last year. Taylor is a small guy that Ks a lot without power to compensate. He needs to BABIP himself to success. The OF is volatile. You plug Miller in RF and now SS is volatile as well. We need another player out there.3 months 2 weeks ago
TaroThe Ms don't need marginal vets, they need a viable solution in the RF. Jones and Romero combined for negative 2 WAR last year. The names could be different in '15, but we can't let that happen again. Zs unwillingness to plug an obvious hole in OF cost us our playoff run.3 months 2 weeks ago
benihanaSeager could regress, Cano could see his power completely evaporate, Lomo could flame out, Zunino could fail to improve.. the 2015 M's could be the 2014 Texas Rangers. But, planning for the 100 year storm is a waste of resources. I am all for reasonable preparedness - but like I argued earlier, for preparedness to be useful you must maintain FLEXIBILITY. Signing marginal veterans doesn't help.3 months 2 weeks ago
bsrbeni - not saying it's the likely scenario, it's obviously very unlikely. But, Ackley could easily be a spotty 90 OPS guy again, AJack could continue the 54 OPS Safeco parade, Miller has not proven he can play OF or hit consistently, Ruggiano could face plant to worthlessness (see Spec analysis), Cruz needs to keep his OF reps down, Bloomie is old and got injured right away last year. I am just saying, with the M's revenues there is no need to skate on thin ice like this. Jack has consistently shown a blind spot for shoring up black holes, they have killed almost every one of his teams so far.3 months 2 weeks ago
bsrIf you haven't read this article about Tom Brady and his incredible training and preparation regimen, it's fantastic and well worth your time: Been calling a Hawks-Pats SB since the start of the season...another all time legend for DangeRuss to stick the knife in >=)3 months 2 weeks ago
benihanaBSR - riiiight. If Ackley, Jackson, Miller, Ruggiano, Cruz, and Bloomquist all go down in flaming wreckage the season is doomed! I don't see that as plausible at all. I see that as more battered fan syndrome.3 months 2 weeks ago
bsrI feel pretty good that the M's have their Pete Carroll, or a good enough facsimile. Not so sure they have their John Schneider ;) Competition is great...when you have a ton of talent taking part in that competition.3 months 2 weeks ago
bsrAgreed on competition, and I do trust Lloyd to make good decisions with the options he has. However, we are in a historical drought of hitting in MLB. I am not sure the M's have ANYone who is good enough to plate runs in our OF. I see a plausible and not excessively pessimistic downside scenario that we have zero good OF right now (not 1 or 2 and we duct tape it together, I mean zero and it goes down in burning wreckage and kills the season). Anyway just waiting to see who is the Rodney equivalent this offseason, because we definitely have money still to spend - there's no way we're done at this point.3 months 2 weeks ago
rick82Cheaping out, not cheating out3 months 2 weeks ago
rick82Bsr, I wanted Upton. I don't want to hire half a platoon spot. I'm fine with the M's cheating out in that regard. But we should have bid and won Upton.3 months 2 weeks ago
rick82Now, I am not certain Lloyd knows how to hold tryouts. That could be a problem. Almonte wasn't ready while Saunders sat. But Elias properly won his spot and was a hidden gem Steamer didn't count on. He may do better with pitchers in that regard.3 months 2 weeks ago
rick82Guess what I'm saying is I am looking forward to the competition in spring training for that left handed outfield spot. That how Pete next door finds his players - by competing daily for positions.3 months 2 weeks ago
bsrrick, help me understand your argument - are you saying it is better to let the prospect soup get the PT in RF for development purposes / long term benefit, than to bring in an everyday RF who we can rely on for 2015 when we are trying to win it all? To me the OF right now seems like such an obvious traditional Jack Z black hole of hundreds of rally killing sub-replacement level AB's waiting to happen.3 months 2 weeks ago
bsrCan someone explain to me why we did not trade for Upton? It doesn't seem like the Pads gave up much of anything. Heck they sent DJ Peterson's little brother, we were worried we'd need to cough up DJ. Nothing remotely as good as a Taijuan Walker. months 2 weeks ago
bsrSpec's analysis comping Ruggiano to Casper the Friendly Faceplant Wells was scary. Saying that we had a playoff spot most of last season is misleading - we had a chance to play a game to get into the playoffs most of the year (and didn't make it). The M's have the money and/or prospects to bring in a real MLB OFer. I don't see why we need to cheap out and go for scrap heap platoon guys, for the 100th year in a row. Jack has shown zero ability to pick these type of guys better than a random dice roll.3 months 2 weeks ago
rick82On June 2nd last season, James Jones was sitting on a .735 OPS with a .343 OBP. I'm fairly certain anybody we decide to stick there internally will serve as a stop loss until the flaws are exposed. We aren't rushing kids like we used to do. Heck, if Morban enters spring training healthy (yeah, big if, but he's one of a number, no one we have to count on) we might find a decent, exciting third of a season from him. We can have some of our cake, and eat some of it too. Our abundance of WAR at this point in time gives us that flexibility. And, I would say that Steamer, apart from maybe Taylor, is conservative. It isn't counting on an Ackley breakthrough, nor a Miller, a Taijuan, Paxton, etc. It's low balling everyone, having located the proper floor in my humble opinion. Guys are gonna emerge, and those we are skeptical about, Steamer is merely projecting what they've already proven they can do at a base level.3 months 2 weeks ago
okdanWas lukewarm on Smith, but now that we've got Ruggs, it makes a lot of sense to me. Aoki on a 2 year deal was my original Plan D preference, as it would hold things down until some of the kids are ready.3 months 2 weeks ago
GrumpyChoi is interesting but not yet established enough that I'd call him a stop loss candidate.3 months 2 weeks ago
GrumpyYeah we need another guy in the OF. I'm warming to Aoki (OBP, did it in AL) as a stop loss. He should be some upgrade over Bloomquist in that role. Rasmus despite being CF capable just seems too risky, but who knows. Smith might be a Javier level add. I guess the other option is to see how pitching situation shakes out in ST, and deal from strength at that point.3 months 2 weeks ago
rick82Even if we plug Choi into the RF left handed platoon slot, it won't hurt much should he tank, and we'd learn something about Choi. We played a black hole in CF all season long, at DH all season long, and at first base much of the season, and we still occupied a playoff slot most of the season. Romero, Almonte and Jones got extended looks last season, with mixed results. The main problem as I saw it was the mid season acquisitions failed, as well as Hart. Let's do a better job of that this time.3 months 2 weeks ago
okdanYup, still need a solid platoon or everyday RF in my opinion. It would be great to watch a team with some depth, where you don't spend half the summer watching a guy who should really be in AA or AAA (Almonte, Jones, Romero). If we can raise the floor, we should.3 months 2 weeks ago
SABR MattIf Taylor tanks, w have no one to play right because Miller will be needed at short, Ruggiano cannot start full time, and neither can Ackley3 months 2 weeks ago
jemanjiYep - if you're on the site already, and hit refresh, normally it gives you the up-to-date version.3 months 2 weeks ago
rjjuniorbsr: try clearing your cache.3 months 2 weeks ago
rick82With Steamer saying we are at the top of the heap, we can afford to hold our fire until mid season. Even if Taylor tanks, Miller has produced at a 1.5 clip per for two years running. The team is ready to contend as is, and we can use another half season to determine what to throw away and what to keep. We won't fall to pieces for lack for half a platoon bat.3 months 2 weeks ago
GLSI think the KLAT guys are still resource constrained and that's why we're having these problems. That, or they're running on Azure. :) (I'm snarky on Azure this week because of problems in my day job).3 months 2 weeks ago
bsrIt also seems to show old versions of the article pages - sometimes the number of comments on the tiles on the front page says X, but there are fewer comments showing on the article when I go there. I assume you and the admins are aware of all this...I'd happily pay a few shekels on DOV if that is what it costs to maintain a functioning website...the SSI issues are getting to be a bit of a hindrance to engaging with a community on here.3 months 2 weeks ago
bsrIs the website/shoutbox going to start functioning properly any time soon? It still randomly cuts off large swathes of the most recent shouts seemingly at random depending on what page I'm on. And I still have to hit reload on the home page every time I visit to see the latest articles. If I just point to SSI website, it will show an old version of the site every time, on desktop and mobile.3 months 2 weeks ago
bsrWhy did we ever give JZ the nickname Trader Jack? I think we can safely revoke that title since he hasn't made a big trade in years. I favor the alternative "Hoarder Jack". I was curious so I looked it up - from 2009-2013, Jack drafted 234 players. Of those, he has traded 5 - Franklin (1st rounder), Capps (3rd), Catricala (10th), Brazis (28th), Kohlscheen (45th). Really only one trade of any significance. Not sure if that's a good or a bad thing, or typical or unusual, but it seemed interesting to me.3 months 2 weeks ago
mojicianHere's the vision: The outfield on Felix/Paxton/Walker day is Ackley/Ruggiano in left, Jackson in Center, and Boomstick in right. They just take naps out there when those guys are pitching anyhow. On Happ/Kuma flyball day, Ruggiano plays right and Ackley plays left. Miller and Ackley take spot starts all over the diamond, but Miller gets at least 2 days per week at shortstop.3 months 2 weeks ago
TaroSo from the perspective of the seller it makes sense to deal at the moment that they think they can maximize the return. But from the perspective of the buyer, you've lost a lot of value by waiting. If you deal for Upton on July 30th instead of December, you lose 2/3rds of his season. You could have benefitted from a 4 WAR season, but you only get a 1.5 WAR season.3 months 2 weeks ago
moethedogI'm mostly with Matt. I think it's a pretty good bet, well real good, that either Taylor or Miller is a full-time real deal this year....but I'm not quite ready to bet on both of them as such, right out of the gate. I want to worry about Jackson, but he had been so remarkably consistent, looking at 1/2 seasons, before his 54 mariner games that I can't help feeling he'll be a 100+ OPS+ guy, somewhere in the .740 OPS range. I worry most about Ackley among our OF's, to tell you the truth. Since Jackson may leave after '15, I think I would approach Rasmus and say, here's 2 years at $8M, today only. In or out? It doesn't seem that he's getting big offers....he might take that. But a year of Aoki and a .350 OBP leading off vR would be quite palatable.3 months 2 weeks ago
TaroAs in regards to Upton, I think its an interesting debate. I think the Braves probably could have landed similar value at the deadline, but whatever team acquires him would have 'lost' the half season of production from Upton. Therefore, he would be significantly more expensive to acquire for the buyer even if he commanded the same or similar return.3 months 2 weeks ago
TaroRick, meant more in the context of improving our own roster. Acquiring any similarly valuable OF for a hole in RF in July will be much more expensive for us than it would be now due to the limited number of options and competition for those resources. This was what happened last July and will likely not get better. Beane's method of evaluating your team and then fishing at the deadline is no longer viable in the new market.3 months 2 weeks ago
SABR MattThe idea of rotating Cruz into the outfield only works when you have a left handed right fielder3 months 2 weeks ago
TaroTrue, but I'd assume that we would target guys who aren't doing terrible like Morales/Denorfia were at the time. Even Hart was a bargain bin guy coming off a huge layoff. Smith is coming off a 132 wRC+. Anybody can underperform in a given year, but you want to improve your team and some insurance when you can.3 months 2 weeks ago
SABR MattMojician...Who plays right when Cruz doesn't? Certainly not Ruggiano, who is also right handed?3 months 2 weeks ago
rick82But you don't get half a season of anyone in the offseason, Taro, so I remain perplexed by this idea that if we wait, we pay more. Atlanta dealt Upton in the off season to maximize his value, right? Had they waited til mid season, they would either have gotten more, or less in return. They dealt him now, so I'm saying they must agree that a seller gets more overall value in the off season than in the middle of a pennant race. Either that, or they are anxious to play with new toys. This is the team that gave up a ton of talent to get half a season of Teixeira, so they have experience in mid season blockbusters. Yet they moved him in December. I think that regardless of the added wild card, the market has changed since then and teams don't want to give up a lot of prime talent in mid season.3 months 2 weeks ago
mojicianMatt, it was your point that the Boomstick likes to play outfield a lot too. Jogging to and from right field helps him knock the rust loose for his home run trot. That's already four outfielders, before you talk about James Jones.3 months 2 weeks ago
jemanjiScintillating discussion amigos - an "editor's choice" post would simply paste in the last 70 shouts ...3 months 2 weeks ago
SABR MattI think if you can get Aoki for one year, and not two, he is a good hedge you aren't married to...I don't want Taylor to be the full time starting shortstop, which means I don't want Miller in the outfield...which means we need a lefty outfielder3 months 2 weeks ago
Gordon GrossGood call beni - gotta be able to be flexible in a pennant year. If Cano or Seager has a bad year, you can ride it out. if Ruggie or LoMo (or a new platoon lefty OF) collapses in the early going, you'd better find some production. And with the raft of relievers we carry to build one of the best pens in the biz, it makes it tough to mix and match.3 months 2 weeks ago
mojicianPreach it out Ben! No more Hart/Morales/Denorfia loooooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnngggg leash for entitled veterans.3 months 2 weeks ago
benihanaMy worry is that your hedge, if it looks anything like the Corey Hart's of years past, is also going to have a long leash. Young guys provide more flexibility because we can option them down. This team is too deep, with to few bench spots, to carry someone who you can't easily part with. If Miller has a bad April he goes to AAA, if Seth Smith has a bad April he gets a bad May, and maybe beyond. To really hedge against the negative WAR you need someone you are willing to move off of, and nobody out there fits that profile for me at a reasonable price.3 months 2 weeks ago
TaroI'm not saying half a season of Upton is more valuable than a full season, but half a season of Upton at the deadline will cost significantly more than something of similar value to half-a-season of Upton in the offseason.3 months 2 weeks ago
TaroYeah, in general mid-season deals are significantly more expensive since the addition of the 2nd wild-card. That's why we shouldn't be afraid of excess MLBers. You can always deal them at mid-season if one of your young players surprise.3 months 2 weeks ago
TaroAh, true. I didn't realize we were #1. 5 teams with 3-4 WAR though. 9 within 6-7 WAR. Don't want a unnecessary hole on our roster to cost us at the end of the year.3 months 2 weeks ago
Gordon Grossbeni, I consider that the same thing. If Ackley wasn't cutting it but Kivlehan could be considered ready in May, then you just bench Ackley, promote Kivlehan the wonderstud, and let him tear the league limb from limb. Because that's not a bet I'm willing to make, we need the bridge. :-) We need enough ABs to go around between guys who can be at least league-average hitters to keep the black holes away. No more Romero / Montero / Morales / Brendan Ryan performances at the plate, y'know?3 months 2 weeks ago
rick82For example, had Baltimore dealt Eric Bedard at mid-season instead of when they did, do you think they had gotten more than what they got from us? Perhaps, since he had a couple more seasons, but I'm talking about rentals here, and Upton would have been a rental. Half an Upton season should cost less than a full Upton season. Do you think the Braves would have done better to wait unitl mid-season to deal him? If they thought so, they would have done so, I think.3 months 2 weeks ago
rick82Deadline deals are more expensive? It makes some sense, but I'm not sure I see it. Teams buying seem to expect a discount based on the short term basis of the rental. Yeah, the A's did a significant overpay, but they were shooting for the World Series, not to make the playoffs. Competition and scarcity should play in, but it seems to me, these days anyway, that you get less if you are selling at mid-season.3 months 2 weeks ago
benihanaThe bridge isn't hedging a bet until one of those guys are ready G - it's hedging that one of the guys we have isn't good enough to cut it. And we won't know that until midway through the season anyway.3 months 2 weeks ago
Gordon GrossThe only Ms hitters I would consider would be Kivlehan, DJ, and dark-horse Choi if we need a 1B/DH if either LoMo or Cruz have something happen to them. But none of them are guys I would consider in April. Kivlehan and DJ aren't ready (and I don't like making rookies do position changes in the bigs - let em work that out in the minors where they can still hit while they can figure out their fielding). Neither Kivlehan nor DJ have played more than a handful of games at 1B in their minors careers, let alone the OF. And I don't trust Blash or Montero. I don't trust our hitters for immediate replacements either Taro. I want that bridge too.3 months 2 weeks ago
benihanaAnd Taro the projections currently have the M's #1 in the AL - behind only LAD in baseball months 2 weeks ago
benihanaEh, in theory I'm not opposed to Seth Smith. I don't see him being traded as the Padres need left-handed bats, but if he didn't cost us much, what the heck. I just don't think we need a bridge. Ackley, Jackson, Ruggiano, Miller, Cruz and Bloomquist can all play the OF acceptably. And Lomo can do it in a pinch. I'm more worried about our 1b production than the OF production.3 months 2 weeks ago
TaroA bridge like a Smith platoon or Aoki (and an Ackley platoon) would be fine, but the Ms need to do something to add an OF. Currently we are the #2 projected team in the AL behind the Red Sox, but we haven't separated ourselves from the pack and there are a lot of volatile young players in our lineup. Not a ton of depth in the high minors either.3 months 2 weeks ago
Gordon GrossThe guy who gets squeezed in the event of a Kivlehan/DJ/Blash breakout would be Ruggiano, beni. Or Ackley. Smith can platoon with one of the kids getting his feet wet as well as with Ruggiano. There's no reason a kid needs 155 games his first full year (ie, 2016) so a multi-year deal on a lefty doesn't hamper our righty kids much.3 months 2 weeks ago
Gordon GrossThanks Spec! Yeah, Aoki isn't my favorite add because he's not really a good platoon bat. But there are worse options.3 months 2 weeks ago
benihanaIn no way should anyone be locked into a spot on a contending team like this. As G posted over at drdetectovision the M's have Alex Jackson, Patrick Kivlehan, Austin Wilson, Tank O'neill, Gabe Guerro, Jabari's etc.. all gonna be fighting it out in the high minors. What I don't want to see is a middling multi-year guy like Seth Smith - who would eliminate the potential break out performance of all of the above.3 months 2 weeks ago
Gordon GrossI still expect to bridge, Taro - a Smith/ Venable/ Murphy thing for now, and all the kids around to bring in a crusher at a (non-3B) corner later. But that requires one to be on the market. Still wish we'd been willing to front ourselves this year's money last year - how great would Jose Abreu be with this team? We'd be locked DOWN. But the Ms are ever frugal on their yearly budgets. Spend whatever income the Ms bring in during the fiscal year and no more. Someday I'm sure that'll be a benefit. Over the last decade+ it's just been irksome. ;-) I'm with you - I want more matchable hitters.3 months 2 weeks ago
SpectatorHere's a "menu" for you. Every LH-hitting OF who got at least 150 PAs vs. RH pitching sorted by OPS vs. RHP. Could've just kept No. 8 of course. Smith is No. 10. Note how Endy is No. 21 (one spot ahead of Rasmus) and ahead of "name" guys like Choo, Ellsbury and Ethier. Have to click to page 2 to find Aoki. months 2 weeks ago
Gordon GrossYeah beni, that's what I'm thinking we're doing. It may be a reason we go for someone like Venable if he's more available - shorter contract, easier to eat if something better comes along. That something better might be internal or external, but we have all our powder dry, basically, and know we can't fit it all onto our roster in the next year or two. We'll have to make a major trade to clear out the blockage. We just didn't want to do it for one year of Upton, from the looks of it, and certainly weren't willing to give em the cream of the crop. Let's hope that turns out to be very smart. Cano was worth the wait over Fielder or Hamilton, right?3 months 2 weeks ago
TaroOnce you lock in Ackley, Jackson, and Miller in the OF and Taylor at SS. NONE of them can fail. Its a starting OF that could potential be successful, but its not stable. You have no real backup plan, unless you have Ruggiano's 28% K rate being exploited in full-time play or playing Cruz regularly in RF (meaning someone like Montero as a full-time DH).3 months 2 weeks ago
TaroIt could work out, but it would be a gamble. Deadlines deals are significantly more expensive than during the offseason. Miller and Taylor PT won't suffer even if you bring in an OF (they give you depth and a fallback plan). There are 8 or 9 teams in the AL that are 4 Ws within us in either direction. We need to bring in that starting OF now.3 months 2 weeks ago
rick82And yeah, Gordon definitely vocalized my feelings as well - and I'm the guy who said we shouldn't trade anyone ever, ever, ever. But I want a grade A stud, if we're dumping Saunders. I don't want bailing wire.3 months 2 weeks ago
rick82The Mariners still don't know who to hold and who to keep, so they can't make decisions. There was a time when Franklin was a definite keeper, and we kept him. Until we couldn't find room for him (hey, let's give him Saunders's job in RF - uh oh, Michael's using the f word again). So, we will know better at midseason, and yeah, whoever we are casting off will have some lustre gone, because we chose others ahead of them. BUT, we are only asking for half a season of production so it's a decent tradeoff. They're getting a less shiny prospect, and we're getting a shorter term rental. It makes sense to me. I don't know who will emerge. Heck, Blash may jump past DJ and Patrick for all we know.3 months 2 weeks ago
benihanaMe, I roll with what we have. Give the first third of the season over to figuring out who's sinking and who's swimming, then be ready to make some early power moves well before any deadlines.3 months 2 weeks ago
benihanaTaro - there is no reason why the M's have to plan for every scenario right now. They kept all the bullets in their chamber. If Miller or Taylor don't work out fine. Make a move mid-season. Give Marte or DJ or Patrick a shot. Heck, already better than last season the M's are projected to be the BEST team in baseball, we are left with worrying about our back-up outfielder. I love it.3 months 2 weeks ago
Gordon GrossDavid Murphy maybe? Aoki and Rasmus are still out there as FAs. but on the trade front I'm drawing a buncha blanks. Help me out here. ;-)3 months 2 weeks ago
rick82You know, if I'm Michaels Saunders, I'm pissed, and I'm pissed opening week. Lloyd started the season with a Saunders/Romero platoon. So Michael plays-sits-sits, then when a righty starter shows up for games 4 and 5, he sits-sits so that Logan Morrison can get some time, then doesn't start again until game 6. Soon, we're back to Romero. Yeah, I'm Michael Saunders, and I am the best hitting outfielder on your team. I proved it last season, and I ran into a wall doing so. Now, I look around, and this guy is playing two scrubs from Tacoma and some castoff from Miami. I mean, wtf, in Saunders-speak. Get me out of here. And while we are at it, why is Logan Morrison getting all the playing time down the stretch, when I am still your best clutch hitter - .781 close and late in 2013, and I'm following it up with 1.02 for you this season, coach. Logan has been handed first base, and I get a seat in the doghouse. Bye bye, I am outahere. Love ya, fans! - M.S.3 months 2 weeks ago
benihanaGLS - lots of casting about for sure - and G - right on the money with your post as well. Where my disconnect comes from is why is a steamer projection more valuable than the public opinions of management? To me they BOTH appear to be appeals to authority.3 months 2 weeks ago
Gordon GrossSo - what are our options for a platoon situation at the moment? We're looking at something like Seth Smith or Venable from the Friars, and... who? Most of the other remaining crowded outfields seem to have excess righties, not lefties. The Braves, Nats and Dodgers seem to have solved their crowding situations (Boston too - with Cespedes gone they're probably fine now). The Reds are apparently willing to move Jay Bruce, but outside of that bandbox I would fear greatly for his production. Not sure where else we'd be looking. Ideas?3 months 2 weeks ago
TaroIn the Brad Milller platoon scenario a lot if put on the shoulder of both Miller and Taylor. Neither of them can disappoint for that scenario to work out well. Even if its just someone like Aoki, we need an OF capable of starting.3 months 2 weeks ago
DaddyOIn the Brad Miller = RF platoon scenario, an awful lot is being put on the shoulder of Miller to be what we hope he will be, as opposed to what he has demonstrated he is. We were in a strong position to do better this offeason. In midseason 2015 retrospect, perhaps it will look just find; but if not it will be another case of not buying that third bridge to avoid the scenario of A Bridge Too Far.3 months 2 weeks ago
DaddyOWhat G said. Captures my feelings perfectly.3 months 2 weeks ago
mojicianDerek Norris was the most disgusting Orc that Beane ever spawned. I'm going to enjoy not watching his beard fungus in hi def. He was a natural fan favorite in Oakland. I don't understand it. If you discount aliens, the next explanation is that Beane has been hacked by North Koreans.3 months 2 weeks ago
csiemsI can't tell if the A's are rebuilding or retooling--if it's the former, I wonder if the M's could get Coco Crisp cheaply. He'd do well at the top of the order, could platoon for Ruggiano, or take over for Ackley if/when he falters.3 months 2 weeks ago
Gordon GrossI'm with you, moe - I like things to make sense to me. And I hate losing deals. As I've said before, I'm pretty positive on Happ so I don't feel like we got robbed... I just hate floundering to replace someone you already had. Jack's got time to sort it out, but if the end answer is "Oh well, I guess it's Miller and Ruggiano" then that won't satisfy me, because it's not satisfying JACK right now. Jack didn't state that Miller/Ruggiano is Plan A - he still wants another outfielder. If he settles because he couldn't get it done, that will feel like the last several offseasons where we knew we needed something instead of "hopefully a kid turns into an All-Star and bails us out."I want the 2015 Mariners motto to read: "We Decided to Stop Settling." Y'know?3 months 2 weeks ago
moethedogIndeed I am, GLS. Thinking out loud.....3 months 2 weeks ago
Gordon GrossSame thing happened with Fister, GLS - you figure the our people aren't morons, so there's SOME logical explanation. Sometimes smart people do dumb things for weird reasons, and you may never fully know what those reasons are, or be able to understand them.3 months 2 weeks ago
MtGrizzlyRe. Saunders, Divish had a comment (paraphrasing) "if you want to be an every day player, you have to respond when your name is called". We may never know what the real issues were but I suspect there is a lot more to this than any of us know.3 months 2 weeks ago
GLSRegarding Saunders, I think people are casting about in the dark looking for explanations that make sense to them.3 months 2 weeks ago
malcontentMy belief has been that Lloyd and others in the organization were a bit miffed that he went to Colorado to witness the birth of his second child during the playoff race, interrupting his rehab and pushing it back by what ended up being 2 weeks. As much as people blame McClendon for not playing Saunders when he was available, I always thought it was something of a reprimand for not being available earlier.3 months 2 weeks ago
benihanaAnd I also believe that Brad Miller beat out Saunders - he's the replacement they already had.3 months 2 weeks ago
benihanaAnd the OKG think is Coach Pete of UW / Boise St. (Yeah, I mentioned Harvin right after... but still) - In college football is basically accepted that you build a program by finding the right fits - not just assembling the best talent. In baseball that idea is taboo.3 months 2 weeks ago
benihanaSaunders went outside of the organization and didn't get better. He got hurt. Repeatedly. Which was the ENTIRE point of Dr. Elliot's training program - reducing those types of injuries. And Jack Z has built two playoff contenders in Milwaukee and Seattle and is generally regarded as one of the top talent evaporators in the game. But if y'all want to believe STEAMER ... go for it.. I get it. I just think it's a blindspot to not consider 'fit' when constructing a roster.3 months 2 weeks ago
moethedogDo you guys remember Ted "The Mad Stork" Hendricks, the Pro-Bowl linebacker for the Raiders (Colts/Packers) back in the 70's? I well remember reading an interview with him where he expressed frustration with some coaching staffs because they wanted him to put more muscular bulk on his long, lean (he was 6'7 but just 220 lbs), ectomorph physique. He felt his long muscles gave him a leverage advantage (IIRC) that he would lose by bulking up and being less agile. Bulk was demanded by NFL coaches.....long and lean wasn't. I've always thought that the Saunders' tiff was something like that. Saunders had the better sense of how his body best performed and his coaches wanted something beefier for more boom.3 months 2 weeks ago
moethedogI think the "conditioning" element was really about that. If so, you think the M's would best understand long-lean-flexible-fit after our Ichiro years. Saunders begged to differ (out loud I bet) with the M's and was, ergo, a malcontent. My read, of course. I could be way off base....3 months 2 weeks ago
Gordon GrossI think punting Saunders was very odd. I think not having a plan in place to replace him BEFORE you punt him is similarly strange. And watching the Padres trade for 3 All-Stars in the OF in the span of a day, basically, makes me happy for their fans. I just wanted one (in addition to Cruz). Glad for them, their GM is being greedy. Hopefully ours has a plan. There is a plan, right? Or is this gonna be another year where we know we need another bat, we just don't quiiiiite find the courage to add the one we need and hope something breaks right? With the money we're throwing around (or at least offering around) I thought we were done with that. One more, Jack. Just like in Oceans 11. We need one more.3 months 2 weeks ago
IcebreakerXHowever, Coach Pete and GM Schneider have a Super Bowl ring and a juggernaut for three years now. The M's rotating door of managers and GMZ have traded Doug Fister, Michael Saunders and signed Chone Figgins. Yes, I'm cherrypicking, but the M's have a habit of punting players for very strange and borderline questionable reasons.3 months 2 weeks ago
Gordon GrossI'm kind of amused at some of the folks thinking Upton was gotten "for nothing." For us, that trade would have looked something like Chris Taylor, Danny Hultzen, Tank O'Neill, and somebody like Ketel Marte/Gabe Guerrero as the "throw-in." The Padres had a lot of farm to deal, and they're dealing it to turn their franchise around. Good for them. We don't need a complete turnaround, we need a piece. The question is whether we can get that piece. If we save our ammo for next year and blow this one... Ugh. Still feeling like we're saving the tinder for a super splash at the deadline and making sure we have the pieces to get there in contention now. Have we added Smith yet? Hurry up, Jack - I'm bored.3 months 2 weeks ago
TaroIf Saunders had to go out of the organization to get help and was successful with it.. what is the problem? Hes taking initiative and making himself a better player. Ms should see it as an opportunity to clear a blindspot and improve their coaching. Its embarrassing that they couldn't help him in house, but its even more embarrassing that they didn't see that as opportunity to improve.3 months 2 weeks ago
benihanaIn Coach Pete speak - he's certainly did not appear to be one of "our kind of guys" - least not where Lloyd was concerned. I think there are parallels to the Percy Harvin situation as well. But at what point do we admit that the sabermetric has an "appeal to authority" counter bias? Where-by ability to take coaching and fit with the team is "not-measurable" therefore "doesn't exist?"3 months 2 weeks ago
benihanaYou have to wonder what was it about Saunders. I remember the Dr. Elliot bit about him being very low in the lateral strength department. Him there-after going outside the organization to Brother Bard for pool-noodle training. Him being much improved when healthy. Him never being healthy. Him losing his job to Endy Chavez. Him being called out by mgmt. Too me it seems like a guy with immense confidence who wouldn't take instruction.3 months 2 weeks ago
Gordon GrossIn other words, I think trading Saunders was a mistake, but because it was an either/or situation with his dealings with management, he had to go. So I'm glad we got something for him rather than nothing, but I would notch this one under the Fister File. Not as bad a disaster as Fister, but still a loss for this team. Unlike Fister, however, it was apparently inevitable, so the Ms getting ahead of it and getting the best they could for him isn't worth ridicule to me. Sometimes you take the bite and just move on. Hopefully we finish this roster in such a way that we make up the difference - that's still entirely doable.3 months 2 weeks ago
Gordon GrossHaving liked Saunders for years (I got into an argument with Matt on a board a long time ago about Saunders and his potential upside - what comp did I use, Lyle Overbay who can play CF? I don't feel bad about that one...) his trade does hurt. I like him, I like his upside, and I like what he could bring to this team. But if he wasn't gonna be allowed to bring it to this team, I include him on the list with Erasmo Ramirez as guys who are mishandled in their dealing with management/Lloyd and are basically worthless to us, so I'm glad we got something for him. Lloyd is good with some players, and really bad with others - he's like Lou in that regard. Gotta take the good with the bad. I think Saunders could have been good for us, but now Happ and whoever takes Mike's place will have to be instead.3 months 2 weeks ago
MtGrizzlyNow the Padres are in on Middlebrooks, for Hanigan. Sheesh.3 months 2 weeks ago
TaroI'm just increasingly frustrated at the Saunders deal. He is exactly the piece we need right now and we could have extended him cheap. I had assumed Z had some sort of backup plan, but clearly he didn't. That deal sits on its own.3 months 2 weeks ago
Gordon GrossI would be just fine with being the 90s Braves, myself. ;-) We'll see how the Ms handle the pressure of being the favorites, or at least contenders in the AL. It's different than being the scrappy underdogs. Better have your heads on straight, boys - cuz this is the year I expect Mariners baseball to really begin again.3 months 2 weeks ago
DragoOther GMs must really hate Jack Z. The Padres got Upton for almost the exact equivalent of Hultzen (LHP prospect who had arm surgery and will miss all of 2015), Taylor (light hitting MIF prospect), and a couple of throw-ins. Oh, except a package of Hultzen and Taylor plus sweeteners would have been better because Hultzen is closer to returning and Taylor succeeded in a half-season MLB audition. That or the reality of what other teams want in return for their players has been greatly exaggerated. In which case, we must not have really wanted Upton anyway...3 months 2 weeks ago
Gordon GrossHow you might feel about the Ms risk-taking... optimistic: "Hey, the Mariners are viewing this through a lens of decade-long contention not a one-year window. We have minors pieces, a pipeline, valuable young talent and highly paid, quality vets. What's not to like? So what if we didn't get one more big-league piece at the cost of the future." Pessimist: "We could have won the WS last year with 'one more piece!' ARGH! The Ms always like to come up one piece short. I don't want to contend, I want to WIN! Can we WIN please?" Hopefully we can win for a decade. it all depends on pitcher health and young contributions, really. If Walker and Paxton are Glavine and Smoltz, then we'll be thrilled we didn't trade them. Of course, the Braves only won it all once...3 months 2 weeks ago
okdanIf anything, it means the peoria sports complex should be buzzing this year!3 months 2 weeks ago
rick82Mariner system remains loaded with talent, and the MLB roster ain't Swiss cheese neither. Fangraphs has us #1 in projected wins for 2015. Go by WAR, go by scouting reports, either way, we rock. Hey, it's been tough sledding for a number of years, but the M ownership has really turned things around. I wanted Upton, and/or Saunders, but I'll take the consolation prize: our overall talent base, is just fine.3 months 2 weeks ago
Gordon GrossLOL DaddyO. I have a friend who's a Padres fan. He's like a fat kid trapped in a chocolate store, drooling on himself and waiting for the season. After what he's been through since the Giants bounced them out of the playoffs with that one-game deathmatch, I don't blame him.3 months 2 weeks ago
Gordon GrossYep, that should mean Seth Smith to us shortly, unless the price is weirdly astronomical. In which case I would try to get by with Rasmus like moe suggests, with the bonus that he can play CF.3 months 2 weeks ago
DaddyODateline San Diego. Padres trade for Matt Kemp and Wil Myers, sign Justin Upton for an OF trifecta. News then leaks that San Diego and Seattle have agreed to a trade that would bring Felix Hernandez and Fernando Rodney to the Pads for prospects. Rumors are also swirling that LA threw Clayton Kershaw into the Kemp deal to compensate for Kemp's arthritic hip. Terry Kennedy, now 58, benefitting from a strict diet and exercise regimen, has reportedly rejuvenated his body and will report to camp as the starting catcher. Boston and the Friars have agreed to swap first baseman, bringing Adrian Gonzalez back to his former team. Oh, also the sky darkened yesterday afternoon, an earthquake struck, and the trio of Lou Gehrig, Rogers Hornsby and Frank "Home Run" Baker were seen at the Coronado Hotel in perfect health and in Padres' uniforms. In light of all this, Roberto Alomar is in discussions with management about unretiring and playing second base for the team that originally signed him.3 months 2 weeks ago
moethedogSMith's OPS vR for the last three years = .805-.748-.815 Rasmus = .740-.893-.752 Aoki = .828-.703-.658 (but he's an OBP machine vs lefties). Accordingly, I'm not trading anything too nice for Smith. There doesn't seem to be much demand for might get him for not much more than Smith for 2 no prospect loss.3 months 2 weeks ago
merksLooks like the Padres vs The M's will truly be a matchup worthy of a rivalry this year. Unbelievable what Preller has done in the last 10 days or so. I'm not qualified to say if its good or bad but if I were a fan in San Diego I'd be pumped.3 months 2 weeks ago
okdanDang. Padres land Justin Upton, Matt Kemp, and Will Myers in the span of a couple weeks. Impressive.3 months 2 weeks ago
rick82Upton to San Diego. Guess that means we'll get Seth Smith.3 months 2 weeks ago's the Padres.3 months 2 weeks ago
rick82MLB rumors reports: The Braves are finalizing a trade of Justin Upton, tweets Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports. Late last night, Fangraphs’ Kiley McDaniel reported that Atlanta appeared to be “down the road” on a deal sending Upton to an AL West team for young pitching (Twitter link). Among AL West clubs, the Mariners have been prominently linked to Upton in trade rumors for much of the offseason, but the Rangers also have a need in the corner outfield, and the extremely active Athletics have been stocking up on young pitching in trades recently.3 months 2 weeks ago
GLSMLBTR reporting the Kemp deal is finalized.3 months 2 weeks ago
GLSI think I'd be okay with Brad Miller in RF most days with Ruggiano against lefties.3 months 2 weeks ago
TaroWow.. good thing the Kemp deal didn't go through.3 months 2 weeks ago
malcontentTrue, but Venable would provide some insurance against Austin Jackson faceplanting again.3 months 2 weeks ago
rick82I think we're still on Upton, in that we've made an offer, it still stands, and Atlanta is hoping to get more. I think we have the best offer on the table, and that it is a very good offer, and that there is still a chance Atlanta will take it. Somewhere between what Atlanta wants and what we've offered is middle ground that we may end up meeting them on. That's based on absolutely no sources whatsoever.3 months 2 weeks ago
Gordon GrossVenable's not as much of a platoon dude, mal. If you're gonna run a platoon you'd like to see mashing against oppo pitching, not just decent performance. Agreed he's cheaper and shorter, but that alone might be two reasons for the Padres to keep him - since they aren't likely to get much on the trade market for him.3 months 2 weeks ago
MtGrizzlyLowe is going to have a tough time making this roster. Bullpen be stacked.3 months 2 weeks ago
MtGrizzlyArthritis in both hips? Yikes - Kemp is not going to age well.3 months 2 weeks ago
Tacoma RainMark Lowe is back!!???!3 months 2 weeks ago
malcontentI'm surprised there hasn't been any interest in getting Will Venable over Seth Smith. Same team, same age, similar (but lesser) offensive profile, much better defense. And with one year left on his contract, he should be cheaper to acquire coming off a down year.3 months 2 weeks ago
Gordon GrossPadres probably can't trade Smith til they're sure about whether the Kemp deal even exists due to the double-arthritis. That's probably the hangup on move#2 after Ruggiano: our other dance partner fled the floor on stage two thanks to a bad medical. So we probably won't make progress til after the Kemp thing is resolved, if we wanna make a couple large assumptions.3 months 2 weeks ago
GLSSeth Smith is a quality player that would work really well in a strict platoon. Not sure what the Padres would want for him, but if they start shopping him there are bound to be multiple suitors.3 months 2 weeks ago
DaddyOKemp: Padres physical turned up arthritis in both hips...Padres consulting with medical experts and determining how to proceed...perhaps we "Dodged" a bullet? months 2 weeks ago
moethedogOver that last 24 hourse I've come to think more and more that this is a Denorfia move made early this year. This type of move is the right one and we gave up nothing we couldn't afford and Ruggiano doesn't block our kids if we want to cut him loose....but it didn't make us a lot better by itself.3 months 2 weeks ago
moethedogYou might argue that the natural progression of Romero or the emergence of Kivlehan results in a hitter of Ruggiano's quality. When looking at Ruggiano you almost have to throw out '12 as he BABIP'ed .401 that year. That was down to .260 in '13 then back up to .375 in '14! Weird, no? Anyway, I'm discounting '12 as his Figgins-outlier year and figuring we've got something between '13-'14. That might be something like .280-.333-.500 vL. He hit 11 homers in vL 213 AB's. He was ugly against RHP in '13 and competent in '14. Oh..he plays CF which Kivlehan and Romero don't. He gives us a RH homer presence vs LHP, which we sorely missed last year and the promise of not flailing vs. righties.3 months 2 weeks ago
moethedogHe most likely made us some better but there is a nother shoe to fall. It is possible that it is a 1B shoe as Morrison can survive in RF. Then your platoon is Morrison and Ruggiano. Unlikely, I it is easier to find the LH hitting OF than it is to find a regular 1B, unless we want Smoaky back.3 months 2 weeks ago
moethedogI could see Aoki on a one year contract...or Rasmus on a two. I'm betting that we're not yet making Miller a fulltime/platoon RF'er. BTW, a cheap LHB we could get to come here is a dude named Carp. Cheap spaghetti. I would love squeezing Nava out of Boston, btw: Switch hits to the tune of .293-.385-.428 vR for his career. A perfect bat add. Very wishful thinking.3 months 2 weeks ago
SABR MattI think we're out on Upton. I think we're now looking at guys like Nori Aoki3 months 2 weeks ago
John PierceGood call misterjonez. I am thinking B) and I like your analysis of Z&#039;s potential use of leverage. Man, would it not be nice if he was that sharp and devious?3 months 2 weeks ago
misterjonezIt does seem like Ruggiano is a platoon fit, which suggests that either A) Jack likes Miller just fine as a COF platoon partner (a stretch, to my mind, considering this is an 'all-in' type of year for the M's), or B) There is another move coming/simmering. I would *love* it if this was, as much as acquiring a 4th OF, a leverage move by Z in his discussions with ATL. The Braves have been trying to tack a few different players onto a J. Upton trade, and they're clearly not getting any takers. Seems like a good call on Z's part, but I might be seeing something that isn't really there.3 months 2 weeks ago
MtGrizzlyA good defensive LH OF with platoon issues should not be difficult to find. Be good insurance just in case Miller or Taylor stumble in ST, anyway. That's the minimum we should expect, I guess. Hoping for more.3 months 2 weeks ago
moethedogMust be one more add, Matt is right.3 months 2 weeks ago
SABR MattSo assuming we're set with Taylor at SS and Miller platooning with Cruz and Ackley platooning with Ruggiano and Montero or Ronero filling in...with the rest of the bench being Bloomquist and Sucre...was the Saunders maneuver worth it?3 months 2 weeks ago
moethedogSo it turns out that basically we had to top last year's 13th pick Trea Turner to get Souza, if we were ever interested (we should have been). We could have got there.3 months 2 weeks ago
merksThe Diamond Genius really did startup a furor last night. It's funny I like him a lot more on the radio than I do when he's writing or tweeting. I don't think Churchill would put information out there just for web hits but he's not a journalists per se where he needs to verify what his sources feed him. New Media/new rules.3 months 2 weeks ago
mojicianZduriencik has grown an expectation or two for Montero: If he can't be trusted with backup DH bench duties for lefty day, then he should probably be DFA'd3 months 2 weeks ago
SABR MattI said dh because against lefties, if we add no one else, Cruz plays right, Ruggiano plays left, and we need adh3 months 2 weeks ago
mojicianA right handed backup DH? The Boomstick doesn't approve of backups. :)P I hope they give Jesus Montero, Ji Man Choi and Kivlehan a chance this year as a revolving cast of first base benchies.3 months 2 weeks ago
SABR MattI don't hate Riggiano, but 2014 was an outlier offensively and, when tasked with starting, Ruggiano floundered. This cannot be our last add unless Z thinks highly enough of Taylor to move Miller off of short...and even then, we need to add a rhb dh3 months 2 weeks ago
jemanjiHey Lonnie of MC - long time no mosh. If you get a chance can you email me? jeffclarke238 with the server being comcast net -3 months 2 weeks ago
rick82OTOH, I think this means we won't see a flyer on Guti, which makes me sad. Ruggiano takes Guti's role.3 months 2 weeks ago
rick82Ruggiano has some very nice stats. Solid move here.3 months 2 weeks ago
moethedogExactly Lonnie, this is a Stars and Scrubs move.....with us acquiring a "scrub" with some decent pedigree. A complementary 3-position OF'er was always in need but Ruggiano doesn't fill the hole we have for a LHB in the OF. I'm not betting that it is Miller. I think we start with Miller/Taylor sharing the SS job and Miller getting the occasional 3B/2B start....and some in LF.3 months 2 weeks ago
Lonnie of MCI think everyone needs to lower their sights or else they are going to be sorely disappointed. The move this morning of Matt Brazis for Justin Ruggiano of the Cubbies was a nice move that will help bolster the team from the right side. Not a sexy move by any stretch, but Ruggs definitely has value. If anyone is interested, I've got something up on Ruggiano at MC.3 months 2 weeks ago
TaroYes, but I think Souza profiles similar or better from here on out. Rays are doing well selling high (low?) here.3 months 2 weeks ago
MtGrizzlyMyers was ROY in MLB at 22. Souza was in AAA at 25.3 months 2 weeks ago
TaroFrom early rumblings it sounds like the Rays are about rip off the Padres. Souza is a speedier and better defensive version of Myers, and it looks like the Rays want a lot more on top of that.3 months 2 weeks ago
MtGrizzlySo yeah, LoMo is with mojician3 months 2 weeks ago
MtGrizzly@CupOfLoMo: I heard my mom and her #BreakfastSamiches are in on the Wil Myers deal.3 months 2 weeks ago
mojicianDivish wrote that the new hitter would be better than Viciedo. While this sort of reporting is not as exciting as better than Upton, it has the virtue of being true. Ruggiano is far better than Viciedo. He plays all outfield positions, he's kind of fast, he's fit, and he rakes lefties. Viciedo is 240 lbs on paper (equals 240+ in real life), and doesn't hit lefties or righties particularly well and he runs and fields poorly.3 months 2 weeks ago
SABR MattAgreed that Churchill is wrong far too often when he's working the rumors3 months 2 weeks ago
Gordon GrossMoj is talking about Churchill's hysteria this morning. He was passing along info passed to him by "sources" but if their stuff doesn't pan out are they actually sources? Since Jason has a history of passing along Big Info that turns out to be much smaller. Can't tell if he's doing it for hits and retweets or not. His sources on these things do seem to be less reliable than other media types, so I tend to stick with the beat reporters for breaking news and Jason is more for editorial content rather than reporting.3 months 2 weeks ago
mojicianRuggiano came from Johns and Dutton, and Ruggiano. Done deal. Those tweets regarding Wil Myers, and regarding a player between Upton and Harper on the bash-o-meter were definitely false tweets. I like that term, "false tweet" it sounds like a misdemeanor.3 months 2 weeks ago
SABR MattIs Riggiano a false tweet? Our did that come from a reliable account3 months 2 weeks ago
mojicianI'm hearing rumblings that #mariners tweets not tweeted by Drayer, Dutton, Divish or Johns need to be regarded with deepest suspicion. #falsereport, #boywhocriedwolf, #fail.3 months 2 weeks ago
moethedogFlexibility is huge, King. That is true in terms of roster financial flexibility (which this still allows, as would two years of Smith) and roster/positional flexibility. A LHB COF add, as the finale, really allows that type of all-around flexibility.3 months 2 weeks ago
John PierceAckley has been pretty durable. The last three years, he has played in 153, 113 and 143 games. Plus he had a small power surge, last year, when he hit 14 HRs. With that said, Taro, are you expecting him to decline?3 months 2 weeks ago
KingCorranAnd by 2014, I mean 2016. *headdesk*3 months 2 weeks ago
moethedogIf we get Smith (w/o giving up something young and sweet), the Smith/Ruggiano pairing is as good as bet as Melky would be at less than 1/2 the cost. And with Melky we still needed to grab the 2nd CF. This is the type of early complementary move the Giants usually make.3 months 2 weeks ago
KingCorranI like that this doesn't block us from the 2014 OF FA market. If this is a chess match and we're thinking 4 moves ahead, there's a lot to be said for preserving flexibility for a no-prospect-cost move next offseason.3 months 2 weeks ago
Gordon GrossYep, Ruggiano cost us a fungible asset. I would have preferred a different reliever, but really: we can find relievers. We probably just drafted 2 more while I was typing this.3 months 2 weeks ago
TaroAckley probably needs to be platooned so you can still acquire either handed OF. We'll see, but I'm not holding my breath on an impact add.3 months 2 weeks ago
moethedogThat's a good description, Gordon. I would prefer Souza...but this guy comes essentially free. Brazis is certainly a promising MiLB relief arm, but we hove those guys in spades. Ruggiano is the classic 4th OF as he can play all three positions and he's got a nice .266-.329-.508 career split vL. He does K, certainly. He is a potential nice addition. Does this mean Miller is no longer a SS? Or at least not the primary one and Taylor gets the ball? With Seth Smith then we would have a neat 25-man. Bloomie would be gone...In that situation I would give Romero the nod over Montero as BU 1B just because he's way more flexable. Right now it would be Ackley-Jackson-Ruggiano-Miller-Taylor-Seager-Cano-Morrison-Zunino-Sucre-Cruz. That's 11. We need one more guy that can play 2B/3B and a RHB 1B. One of those guys should be able to play COF, too. Then we are filled and flexable. Smith and Romero would get all that done.3 months 2 weeks ago
Gordon GrossWe'll get more relievers, Spec, no doubt there. ;-) I just wanted Brazis available if we were gonna trade a major league reliever (like Medina). In fact, I would rather have traded Medina than Brazis. Now I assume the pen will stay relatively set (once we shake out the lefty thing, and find a place for Carson Smith... so maybe Medina is still in play after all).3 months 2 weeks ago
Gordon GrossAnd really: Saunders + Brazis + 5 million bucks to throw at another move, or Ruggiano + Happ? It only makes sense if you have a legit platoon in RF (something that Saunders wouldn't have been happy with) AND one that will outhit Saunders.3 months 2 weeks ago
SpectatorBrazis one of the unending spring-fed tap of RH relief guys that flow out of Jack&Mac's factory. Ruggiano's ISO 103 points higher vs. LHP (138 vs. 241!). But even tho he's 32, that's based on only 443 MLB PAs. So it's not carved in stone or anything. That being said, even Ruggiano's "bad" ISO (vs. RH) is an improvement over Denorfia and Endy.3 months 2 weeks ago
Gordon GrossYeah, that's my worry Taro: that Ruggiano is losing his usefulness. He struck out 28% of the time against righties in 2014... AND against lefties. When you're K-ing 30% of the time against the arms you need to hit - that it is your ONLY useful skill to hit - I get worried that the end may be nigh. It may not be, and we're betting it isn't. But that better not be the last move. A Ruggiano/Jones platoon would sorta terrify me.3 months 2 weeks ago
Gordon GrossSeth Smith is part 2 of that move, padna. I'll be pretty surprised if we don't now make that one.3 months 2 weeks ago
TaroExtreme platoon player, history of mashing LHs, below-average defensive OF, showed some signs of decline in the 2nd half of the season. Will either be semi-useful in a platoon role or is finished due to decreasing contact. Still need a starting RF.3 months 2 weeks ago
Gordon GrossThat said, if we'd traded Brazis for Souza I would have thought that was okay, so Ruggiano just needs to hit like his 2012 campaign and I'll be happy. ;-)3 months 2 weeks ago
SilentpadnaThis looks like a Beane-style move to me. Ruggiano would be nice plug and play 4th OF. I'm okay with this. A low-risk, moderate reward. Am hoping there's still something more and the Divish is wrong. "Rays working a 3-4 team deal" makes me wonder....3 months 2 weeks ago
Gordon GrossIMO, Matt Brazis was the best reliever we had left in our minors, and I had him ranked over Yarbrough. He was the next Dominic Leone and I expected him to "surprise" and make the pen in Spring Training (or at least be the first guy up). Cubs got a good one, IMO, in the vein of stealing Lord Farquhar. Hope Ruggiano can hit better than Denorfia.3 months 2 weeks ago
okdanI'm just happy that it's not Viciedo.3 months 2 weeks ago
Gordon GrossMATT BRAZIS??? ARGH!! I WILL USE MORE PUNCTUATION!!3 months 2 weeks ago
DaddyOAh the lot of the baseball fan. Wondering all night what trade was going down, only to find out it's Justin ^&*(% Ruggiano (with a tone similar to that of Tommy Lasorda in his famous Kurt Bevacqua rant). I'm sure Ruggiano is serviceable, though I don't really know.3 months 2 weeks ago
Gordon GrossYeah, I would now expect Seth Smith. A Smith/Ruggiano RF would be a .835 vs lefties / .840 vs RHP platoon for about 10 million bucks. It leaves room for the minors guys to step into an OF role while giving us guys who are used to platooning and pretty good at it to pin down the position. As long as we add a Smith-like bat, I'll be okay with that. Unless the early age curve hits either guy, in which case I'll cry into my cornflakes - and await Kivlehan (assuming he hasn't been traded for either dude... which would be pretty bad...)3 months 2 weeks ago
okdanOne more correction (sorry, lots of contradictions between Drayer and Divish). Matt Brazis is going to the Cubs and Bawcom was DFA'd3 months 2 weeks ago
okdanCorrection: Ruggiano for Brazis AND Logan Bawcom3 months 2 weeks ago
Gordon GrossRuggiano's the older version of Souza's mid-range, I guess. Let's hope we didn't just trade for Denorfia again, but he should be fine in the role. Question is: is that it, or is there another deal in motion?3 months 2 weeks ago
DaddyOMorosi confirms it's Ruggiano on Twitter. The guy's a late bloomer who still hasn't really bloomed? Platoon with MIller or Seth Smith?3 months 2 weeks ago
okdanDone deal: Ruggiano to the M's for RHP Matt Brazis3 months 2 weeks ago
okdanRuggiano in a platoon role with Miller is pretty "creative" wouldn't you say?3 months 2 weeks ago
okdanSounds like the Rays are trying to work lots of angles involving Myers.3 months 2 weeks ago
SpectatorRuggiano would fit the rumor profile, I guess. Souza now reported as part of Rays-Pods-Nats three-way discussions that Divish says M's are out of.3 months 2 weeks ago
SpectatorRuggiano at first glance: moderate power, strikes out a ton, looks like pretty good power vs. LHP (big platoon split in ISO), swiped some bags in the minors, but gets caught a lot in majors. Upgrade over Denorfia I guess but not much more. Kind of a RH version of the bad version of Saunders maybe. Never had a season with less than 23% K-rate. Share time with Miller spotted against LHP?3 months 2 weeks ago
moethedogI can't see the Pirates giving up Marte. And that would be fairly "major." Souza???3 months 2 weeks ago
drmDidn't Byrd take the M's off his no trade list? I'm not sure you can take Bryd off the list because of that. Now, I've just seen Rugglinono from the cubs? Is he any good?3 months 2 weeks ago
SpectatorMarte had an OPS of .808 with 30 steals and is signed to a mid-priced deal thru 2019 with 2 option years. Maybe he's too "major" to fit into what Divish has heard, and maybe he's not gettable without Taijuan or KPax. Just poking around ...3 months 2 weeks ago
mojicianI liked the "better than Upton but worse than Harper" parameter better.3 months 2 weeks ago
SpectatorDivish says not "major" but better than Vicideo. There aren't tons of guys who actually played OF in the majors that fit that description (assuming RH also). I wondering maybe Starling Marte of Pittsburgh? M's were linked to him at the deadline.3 months 2 weeks ago
Gordon GrossAll right people, I'm busy today - keep me informed via shouts about this whole mess. ;) I can't be scouring the web and twitter for updates. INFOTAIN ME!3 months 2 weeks ago
SpectatorLet's see ... Divish says flat out that M's not part of the Myers deal. Also says deal is less than "major" but not Byrd or Viciedo or the same names that have been recycling. No "big" prospects leaving. Interesting ...3 months 2 weeks ago
moethedogBTW, hot off the MLBTR press: TODAY: If a deal is close, Crasnick says (links to Twitter), it is not for Marlon Byrd of the Phillies, who has not been approached about waiving his no-trade protection against Seattle. Likewise, while the Red Sox have discussed Allen Craig with plenty of other teams, there is “nothing brewing” on him at the moment (and no particular link to the M’s).3 months 2 weeks ago
moethedogMyers is interesting: Young and exciting and we would probably give up Walker to get him, if that is the thing. His MILB #'s, btw, are no better than guys we have: Myers was .279-.369-.476 in AA. Kivlehan was .300-.374-.485 last year. In AAA Myers was .295-.372-.541, K'ing 26% of the time. Romero is .300-.347-.571 with 22% K's. Just putting him in perspective, mind you. Myers' dismal '14 was largely due to a weird vL crash/burn: .192-.259-..273. That can't occur again. Not possible. He's likely worth Walker, because he's a young long-term bat. I would do that deal. Gimme young bats if I'm giving up a young arm. But to tell you the truth, it's fairly likely we could get something like Myers by just plugging Kivlehan in out there. If we're trading for Myers, I'll bet you dollars to donuts we give up a young bat, too...and they add a piece. That would create the delay.3 months 2 weeks ago