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Definately tacoma...Noone else but those two are going.. and neither one of those will be snubbed.

11 hours 18 min ago
Tacoma Rain

So it is safe to assume that Nelson and Felix are the Mariners ONLY All-Stars this year? I know Lowe has had a great year, but no way does a reliever on the 4th place team in probably the worst division get 3 into the game does it?

12 hours 57 min ago

Hope that one was for Lloyd. Team really needs to get around him. I was hopi g he could light a fire around the team..but that didn't seem to be working out for him. Good W in a close game.

13 hours 7 min ago

Here comes the FRE.

14 hours 53 min ago


15 hours 56 min ago

I'm sure we'd all agree that if we were McClendon we wouldn't want to be there either.

16 hours 6 min ago

TR-pretty sure he is signed through next year. McLendon does not look like he wants to be there...

16 hours 45 min ago

Aside from the games I haven't been able to watch for some reason, in which games the Mariners explode as if on cue, watching the M's hit is NOT like watching paint dry. It's like watching DRIED paint peel.

16 hours 52 min ago
Tacoma Rain

When are Mariners going to re-sign Seth Smith? He always seems to have a quality at bat.

17 hours 6 min ago

Definately sad #News. Hope the best. Tough time for Lloyd in deed a very tough situation with his youngest sister.

17 hours 12 min ago