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Funny how Jesus Montero's pitch calling is just fine when Jason Vargas or Felix Hernandez is out there able to execute the signs he puts down, isn't it?

Felix shook Montero off a ton, to which I can confidently say, who cares.  At worst, this shakeoff routine means that Olivo vs. Montero is 100% a non-issue with a good pitcher on the mound.  At best ... what?   Hmmmmm...  

Don't quote me, kiddies.  But watching Jesus Montero for several days, I'm getting a creeping suspicion that he is an overall better defensive catcher than Miguel Olivo.   To paraphrase my fave beat writer, I'll come on and debate anybody who wants to take the other side.  After I dust you off we can still be friends.


The coaches are locked into a micromanagement paradigm, like NCAA basketball coaches judging players by whether they set backscreens off the ball.  Wedge judges Montero by whether he is starting to do the specific small things that a 10-year catcher does.  If they shifted paradigms, they might notice that rookie catchers bring their own fresh perspectives to the game.  

Of course, Olivo is technically more sophisticated.  That does not resolve the larger issue.  There are basketball players who do not cut the right way off a triangle offense, but who win you games by hitting 35 points.  There are a whale of a lot of youth basketball coaches who lose games because they judge players by technical sophistication, and are completely blind to anything that cuts across that.

One year we co-coached a youth girls' soccer team that went 14-0.  That winter the other coach sat down and analyzed every player technically to a fare-thee-well; our star defensive stopper was 10 lbs too heavy, he "realized," and he put a bunch of players out there who would execute as he directed.  Eleven little puppets out there, extensions of the coach's will.  I politely withdrew as co-coach, and they went 6-8.

At 14-and-0, we were coaching to what each girl brought to the table, adapting our system to them.  At 6-and-8, the coach tried to teach each player to adapt to his system.


The CERA's going into last night:  Olivo 4.20, Montero 3.58.  That's before the shutout Saturday.  At this point you're sort of arguing that Nick Collison has a better technical shooting motion than Kobe Bryant; not exactly, but you know what I mean.  Maybe Collison is more technically proficient than Kobe.  At some point we're going to benefit from less Bobby Knight and more Jerry Tarkanian.

Point cheerfully conceded, there is some minimal level of competence required here.  You can't have Munenori Kawasaki call the pitches four times next week.  You needed to make sure that Montero wasn't Carlos Delgado behind the plate.

But Vargas and Felix just allowed 0 runs in back-to-back games.  "Minimal levels of competence" are not in question at this point, not with Montero's CERA leading the club by a wide margin.  Jesus Montero is not Carlos Delgado, and he's not Mike Napoli, either.

I'm a big Eric Wedge fan, and the Montero catching situation is going to shake itself out.  Montero has a month to prove himself or not.  This isn't the mythical 1980's NCAA football championship, where our debates change the shape of the world.  One month from now, people will know whether Jesus Montero is all right behind the plate; there will be a consensus on June 1.  

My prediction is that the consensus will be positive, come June 1, but I could be wrong (25% chance IMHO).

Tag onto this idea:  the Seattle Mariners have a cleanup hitting catcher!




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That's Monty's birthday. Of the Big 3, I think the one who share the same birthdate as him would be the first one to be called up. I believe that would be a first for a battery pair having the same birthdate (or at least the first battery rookies pair). That would be very neat.


I noticed Felix shaking off Olivo a ton in his last start with him. Or maybe it was the start before that. Or probably it was both.

With Felix not letting many guys on base, Olivo's arm advantage over Montero is moot. So in my estimation the biggest difference between Olivo and Montero is about 100 points in batting average and slugging and an open DH slot.


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SABR MattAnd I disagree that our adding a bopper in the OF would mean we had one OF too many. You need more than 3 outfielders to have a good outfield. Don't believe me? Ask the Dodgers.32 min 33 sec ago
SABR MattI think Ackley would bring back more than Jackson because of the club control years.33 min 15 sec ago
Tacoma RainI think we all agree that we need one more OF, and that player needs to be a stud with at least 25+ HR power... thus we have one too many OF's, so Jack will probably trade either Ackley, Saunders or Jackson... I think Jackson brings back the most, and I highly doubt Jackson signs in Seattle long term any way.2 hours 8 min ago
SABR MattI keep Jackson - his trade value is low right now (lower than it was when he was worth Nick Franklin...Nick Franklin isn't that much)...get his swing back a bit if you can...dump him if he struggles again. Jones can play second fiddle until he proves he can hit a curve ball.2 hours 39 min ago
rick82I'm not sure why you want Jackson over Jones in CF at his time. But...he's headed into a walk season. Lloyd says they can fix his swing. I wouldn't trade him, but I'd ride his motivation to do what he can to have a good season. Jones is a good backup option.2 hours 48 min ago
moethedogWould you consider trading Austin Jackson? He's going to run you about $8M+ next year and is a FA the year following. Assuming his 2012 year was an outlier, he's a 100 OPS bat (maybe). I saw nothing this year that made me lust after more of him, but his Seattle stint was particularly ugly for him, even with a .333 BABIP in the 2nd half. He's due a bounce back, for sure.....but is he worth more in what he can get us than he is in what he will give us? Is Seattle willing to go LT on him, following this season?3 hours 33 min ago
SABR MattSlomo is a better mental fit for this park...it happens3 hours 36 min ago
SABR MattYep...I think we've seen the last of Smoak. Now he'll go sign with Texas and hit .315 with 45 homers.3 hours 37 min ago
moethedogAccording to MLBTR: Justin Smoak‘s contract to avoid arbitration last year contained a rare club option, and Ryan Divish of the Seattle Times writes that it’s a virtual lock that the Mariners will buy out his $3.65MM option for $150K and non-tender the first baseman. Smoak, the centerpiece of an ill-fated Cliff Lee trade with the Rangers, hit just .202/.275/.339 and has failed to establish himself as a regular in four seasons with Seattle. Also from Divish’s piece, GM Jack Zduriencik called the decision to pick up Hisashi Iwakuma‘s $7MM option a “no-brainer,” which certainly isn’t surprising.3 hours 40 min ago
MtGrizzlyI just don't want an all-LA World Series.4 hours 50 min ago
DaddyODitto re: Giants. I so wanted Pittsburgh to break through to the World Series. I like to see perennially downtrodden franchises rise and make a name for themselves, probably because it give the Seattle Mariners hope of some day doing the same thing. Cardinals? Giants? Red Sox? Yankees? Rangers? Phillies? Fuggettaboutit. All have had multiple moments in the sun over the last decade or so.13 hours 17 min ago
SABR MattIf the Giants win the WS again...I'm gonna get irritated.13 hours 37 min ago
MtGrizzlyI'm in favor of the pitch clock. If I have to watch Yoeris Medina throw a pitch every 35 seconds through one more nine pitch AB, I'm gonna lose it.13 hours 54 min ago
mojicianReverend, Panda and Co. appear to be on one of their patented out of nowhere tears.14 hours 12 min ago
DaddyO"Heck, if you outlawed batting gloves you could probably shorten the game by 20 minutes." Now THAT is a funny line, and probably true!15 hours 18 min ago
Bat571And the HP ump can allow time after a WP, PB, or foul that the catcher removes his mask, so everybody can get resituated.15 hours 56 min ago
Bat571And the umps can grant time for fouls that hit one of the three of them (batter, catcher, ump) or after 5 pitches, but otherwise, the at-bat proceeds. Mound conferences with the catcher should be limited, probably twice per inning, plus once for a replaced pitcher but only if a runner gets to second, and if more attend than the catcher it should count as a coaching visit. Then just let the umps enforce it.16 hours 21 sec ago
Bat571I don't want to change the rules of the game (balls/strikes/fouls/pickoffs) - I just want the batter to get in the box and the pitcher to throw the ball. The step-outs and timeouts are out-of-hand. Starting with Hargrove and Garciaparra, it's degenerated. Once the batter steps in, he can't step out for the first 5 pitches, then every 3 pitches after, max time 5 seconds. If your gloves really are loose, you can tighten them in 5 seconds. But get in and hit. The pitch delivery rules are fine, if enforced. And again, make a rule that the crew chief can request a clock be displayed if a pitcher or hitter is dawdling, so the fans can get on him, but don't make it a regular feature. If Josh Beckett had the whole stadium counting down for him, he'd start doing it right, and it wouldn't be needed. 2 warnings from the HP ump and it goes up on the big screen for folks to sing along.16 hours 10 min ago
SABR Mattthe problem, of course, is that there's no way in hades that MLB can cut down the commercial breaks...all of their revenue deals assume those breaks16 hours 13 min ago
SABR Mattthe time out between half innings was, in the 80s, 90 seconds, and is now 125 seconds.16 hours 24 min ago