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Gordon GrossHector's still got a 5+ ERA for the year, terry. He has those good games when he can keep guys off base. Giving up a .800+ OPS against EVERY hitter this year. He might get better, but one game does not a good season make. Halama threw a no-hitter AND a perfect game.9 min 31 sec ago
IcebreakerXHart is like a falling tree at first. And Kuma is having an awful night.45 min 27 sec ago
Bat571Cooper is some kind of pitching coach.47 min 47 sec ago
phxterryFrom "They Always Get Better After They Leave" File: Hector Noesi through 7 innings tonight against the Twinkies: 0 runs, 1 hit.1 hour 20 min ago
phxterryIsn't there general agreement in the latest ballball theory that Teams should bat their best player second in the line-up?? Kind of like how the Angels bat Mike Trout second? Well, the Angels have nothing on the M's. Tonight, playing right field for the M's and batting second is ........... (drum roll)..... Stefen Romero, he of the .199/.240/.317 2014 slash line. Hope Iwakuma is sharp tonight. Go M's.1 hour 43 min ago
IcebreakerXMy favorite comment on LL about this (slightly modified)... Howie: "You have proven your superior intellect and defeated the plans of Kendrys Morales. You do not need to defeat him again." Z: “He tasks me. He tasks me and I shall have him. I’ll chase him round the moons of Nibia and round the Antares Maelstrom and round Perdition’s Flames before I give him up!”2 hours 23 min ago
phxterryLatest rumor is that GMZ has traded a sore-armed reliever to KC for Rauuuuuuul, traded a used back-up catcher to SF for Michael Morse, and traded a PTBNL to ESPN for Eric Wedge. And that was before he finished his breakfast Wheaties. Go Jack!!!2 hours 23 min ago
tjmThis pathetic. Z: I have got to thank ownership for allowing us to do this. They have said all along if we get a chance where we think we are in it, then we are going to give you the resources, in this particular case they stepped up and this was great. I really, really appreciate it, we all appreciate it. My hat is off to them. I don't know what else will happen, we will continue conversations."2 hours 30 min ago
GLSI like Stubbs, but his production this year is all about Coors Field. On the road, he's Ackley.2 hours 30 min ago
rick82LOL, Gordon.2 hours 58 min ago
SABR Mattand we'll do it again. and again... and again!...and we'll make him love us! Someday he'll love us!!! hahahahahaaaaaahahahaaaahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa3 hours 39 min ago
Gordon GrossYou cannot escape Safeco, Kendrys. "Just when I thought I was out... they pull me back in..."3 hours 43 min ago
BilboStubbs, Rios, Byrd are all potentially getable outfielders that would improve this team immensely. This doesn't include the Zoebrist, Kemp, Jennings types that may or may not be available. Would love to see the Ms get Stubbs and move JJ to a 4th OF/platoon position and move on from Endy.3 hours 52 min ago
IcebreakerXI wish I said this when Morales signed with the Twins, but my smarmy feeling at the time was that the M's were just going to trade for him.4 hours 4 min ago
IcebreakerXWhoa. wufners.4 hours 8 min ago
Gordon GrossJust hope Kendrys is done being rusty. If he gets back to his career norms for the second half, we'll be in great shape. Or at least far BETTER shape.4 hours 27 min ago
Gordon GrossSee, I now don't have access to the web at work all day, and what do I miss? Montero is not the righty bat we need (he's a hundred OPS points better as a lefty in his career) but his .727 OPS career against LHP is better than anybody but Zunino and Cano on this team (Seager's about the same as Kendrys). There are worse things. Now give me a plus righty hitter in a week and let's go chase a playoff berth. And since Morales cost us basically nothing (a bullpen arm off the 40-man with injury woes who was being passed by several other internal options) we still have plenty of ammo to go GET that next hitter. Kendrys is a 3 month rental, but maybe the next guy won't be.4 hours 33 min ago
Bat571I guess we see tomorrow, Rick, if Montero goes right back down when Kendrys arrives, or if it's Romero or Hart that is excess. Also, Milwaukee continues to look for 1B help - could two reunions grace this week? Is Hart at 1B a showcase move - a courtey look for the Brewers? Not sure if Milwaukee has anything useful (or if Hart is worth much based on his performance) but this could be a precursor to the next move(s). If Romero goes down, I'm guessing there's an OF still in the works. Based on Taylor coming up, I'm wondering if the reported Tampa cooling on Nick and asking for Miller is being showcased also. Taijuan+Taylor+Medina+Sanchez for Price and Zobrist or Price and Jennings?5 hours 56 min ago
mojicianIn the McGehee thread I was talking about Morales yesterday as a line drive hitter who was actually available and not just Heyman available :) SSI: Tomorrow's news today baby!6 hours 3 min ago
rick82I guess the Mariners don't hate Montero after all.6 hours 9 min ago