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DaddyORe: Morrison, yes we have plenty of options. Also, you get the feeling that, assuming the club overall plays at a playoff team level, if neither Morrison or any of those options appear to be working, Jack would take needed steps to address the problem. By that I mean, if a lack of production at first base was proving to be an obstacle to a clear Mariners push to the playoffs, and if no in house candidates were stepping up, he would trade for what he needed.27 min 16 sec ago
SABR MattYes...I saw that article linked to the 30 team ranking and read it...there were a couple of important facts in there that I didn't even know...well worth the read. I flat out disagree with the comments on Morrison being a huge gamble, though. We have LOTS of other potential options at first base.2 hours 35 min ago
SpectatorWhole thing here: hours 2 min ago
SpectatorJonah Keri tidbits from his 2/20/15 Mariners analysis: Iwakuma got batters to swing at his splitter outside of the strike zone 46.4 percent of the time last season, more frequently than any other qualified pitcher in MLB.5 hours 2 min ago
SpectatorJonah Keri tidbits from his 2/20/15 Mariners analysis: Hernandez struck out 135 batters with his changeup last season ... Fourteen entire pitching staffs didn’t have that many strikeouts with changeups last year.5 hours 3 min ago
SpectatorJonah Keri tidbits from his 2/20/15 Mariners analysis: 23 of Cruz’s 40 home runs would’ve been homers if he’d hit them all to dead center at Safeco (401 feet)5 hours 5 min ago
SpectatorIn other words, Van Slyke made a big difference. Van Slyke + AJax made a very big difference.5 hours 5 min ago
SpectatorJonah Keri tidbits from his 2/20/15 Mariners analysis: on fly balls hit at least 250 feet that ended up in the field of play, the Mariners limited opponents to a .086 batting average — the third-stingiest mark in the AL. ... After trading for [Austin Jackson] last July, they allowed a .273 batting average on hard-hit balls to center field hit at least 250 feet and into the field of play — 23 points lower than the league average and 46 points lower than they’d allowed before the trade.5 hours 9 min ago
DaddyOTo expand on my example, if Ackley blossoms, do you really want him to be just a platoon player? I don't think so. And if at the same time Montero blossoms while LoMo is raking, one of either Montero or Weeks becomes redundant. Depending on just how productive Montero looks, you either move him or Weeks. Granted, Weeks has use as an uber-utility player, and as insurance against injury, so I'm not necessarily advocating any trade at all. But you certainly listen to opportunities that might present themselves.6 hours 6 min ago
DaddyOrjjunior, I think I understand what you mean, but I was referring to a situation where you end up with an obvious excess of productive players, with a productive player rotting on the bench. Then you might use your excess to upgrade some aspect of your roster. This happens all the time. For example, if (1) Ackley suddenly blossoms into the player we all wish he was, and (2) Montero likewise blossoms, and (3) Weeks shows he still has the mojo, you could keep them all. I'm not necessarily denying that. But it also presents the option of using one of them as trade bait precisely for the purpose of adding a player that will have an even bigger positive impact on your roster.6 hours 10 min ago
SABR Mattjust spend 2 hours painstakingly pre-valuing players for my uber-competitive fantasy draft. I missed the draft last year, and, against a talented group of guys, with six wrong-league players who cost 91 of my 260 dollars on my roster...and Mike Trout costing 65 dollars all by himself...I still managed to win the league and $350. Now that I've built a solid foundation through aggressive waiver wire snagging and trades...I have a lot less work to do in the draft...but I hope not to miss it this time! Woohoo! Baseball season begins March 15th for me. :D7 hours 48 min ago
rjjuniorIf multiple people are producing, you don't trade them, you add to them. That is what contenders do at the deadline.17 hours 2 min ago
DaddyOThe nice thing about it is, if multiple people are producing at multiple positions as you move into June/July, you have some real trade opportunities, either for prospects or to further upgrade a position, rotation spot, or bullpen slot.1 day 2 hours ago
DaddyOAs stated in numerous articles by beat reporters, this shows the M's are no longer primarily in prospect development mode. A platoon cannot be good for Ackley's development if indeed he is on the cusp of reaching his potential after last year's second half. But, IMO, this is a good thing. This far into his career it SHOULD be for Ackley and all the fellow "used to be young'uns": produce or sit. No more coddling here. Let Ackley and Weeks duke it out for LF PT, and settle for a platoon if it plays out that way. Let LoMo, Montero, and Weeks duke it out for 1B PT. Give Weeks a real shot to emerge as the preferred choice for either of those two positions. Count me in. And if Weeks doesn't earn PT, Weeks sit.1 day 2 hours ago
SABR MattSo we envisioned Weeks in precisely the role he will get, mostly LF/1B to give those guys days off against tough lefties. Sounds good to me.1 day 2 hours ago
GLSThe spam filter strikes again.1 day 3 hours ago
MtGrizzly@shannondrayer: McClendon says Ackley will play mostly vs rhp, Weeks lhp, all but confirms platoon. Also sees Weeks backing up at 1st ahead of Bloomquist.1 day 6 hours ago
SABR MattGood move...and an excellent excuse to let him hone it in AAA for a while and then call him up when someone is hurt later.2 days 4 hours ago
MtGrizzly@RyanDivish: Taijuan Walker has scrapped his cut fastball and begun throwing a slider. Feels the pitch will have better break and more depth.2 days 6 hours ago
DaddyOSome of the MLB coverage is delayed, but ROOT Sports is broadcasting live Wed/Thu of next week, and then three weekday games the following week.3 days 6 hours ago