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SABR MattA shame that homer by Seager in the first didn't stay fair.18 min 1 sec ago
Bat571LaRoche WAS FRAMED ! (very nicely by Zunino - nice job, Mike!)28 min 53 sec ago
SABR MattI am reminded of 2007. The whole pitching staff looks out of gas. We're in trouble.33 min 28 sec ago
merksRendooon!1 hour 56 min ago
rick82Two frustrated guys who probably want to be higher up in the system.5 hours 28 min ago
SABR MattYeah...I don't think this says one darned thing about Zduriencik. I think this scout probably had a fight with his wife or found out he didn't get approved for a home loan and vented on a player who he didn't like.5 hours 39 min ago
rick82Seems like a lot of folks think this says something about Jack's dysfunctional regime. But wow, talk about a mountain out of a molehill. They both work for the Mariners? This is simple. You bring the 52 year old scout and the 24 year old prospect into the room, and you talk it out, have them apologize where necessary and shake hands, and make sure something like this doesn't happen again. And, yeah, if the story is true, the scout is taken to a back room by Jack and read the riot act for being an idiot, because he sure as heck is supposed to know better.5 hours 46 min ago
MtGrizzlyWe should probably wait to pass judgement until all the facts come out.7 hours 7 min ago
csiemsButch Baccala, national cross-checker. Here's his story: and here is a blog he used to run when he was with the Reds (they made him stop): hours 11 min ago
SpectatorBut I don't know what the crosschecker was thinking either. Don't think he's getting paid to be a semi-clever motivator. Just strange all the way around.9 hours 47 min ago
SpectatorI would guess that Montero's long strange trip to Marinerland is done.10 hours 1 sec ago
phxterryMontero incident now a news item on ESPN - wonder what Montero's trade value is right now? Who would have ever thunk that the best part of the Montero-Pinada trade for the M's would be Hector Noesi, who has cracked the White Sox rotation and is starting every 5 days.10 hours 17 min ago
csiemsAn M's cross-checker screams vaguely racist taunts at a player and then sends him an ice cream: A) This isn't some nobody, he oversees a region of the US and chances are we've heard of this guy. B) WTF? Fire that guy immediately. I think Montero is justified. C) How low is morale in this organization right now that a staff member is actively rooting against his player? If this is how the organization is run, it's no wonder that the team has developed so few hitters.11 hours 28 min ago
MtGrizzlyWow, Montero. Comedic points to the guy that bought an ice cream sandwich and sent it to him in the dugout.14 hours 17 sec ago
Gordon GrossWell , As Cab is a good hitter. Not our hitter, but a decent one.15 hours 7 sec ago
Gordon GrossAlso TR, Torres is a nice bonus to squeeze in this ifa season. When the Yankees signed basically everyone and will pay a 15 million dollar fine or whatever for doing so, we got some bodies. Wish we'd gotten more pitching tho. I don't trust 16 year old bats. All our latin success is arms.15 hours 57 sec ago
Gordon Gross hours 4 min ago
Gordon GrossJesus Montero just had his Ryan leaf moment. An Ms cross checker yelled at him to hustle off the field, then ordered an ice cream sandwich and sent it to him in the dugout. Montero tried to go into the stands after him with a bat. Not good... and someone is getting fired.15 hours 5 min ago
GLSI like Chris Young, but he's a bit smoke and mirrors.21 hours 56 min ago