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SABR MattAnyone here know Python REALLY well? Preferably in Windows? :)8 hours 49 min ago
SABR Mattwhat happened to Leone today.14 hours 54 min ago
Gordon GrossBrad Miller is just tomahawking the ball around the field this spring. And out of the field.15 hours 57 min ago
SABR MattOh yeah!! Jimmy Graham is one of the top TEs in the game...that is a GREAT thing to give a creative, playmaking QB and beastmode.16 hours 34 min ago
SpectatorWe're all anxious to start playing in our new sandbox, Ben!17 hours 6 min ago
benihanaOh holy hell. Jimmy Graham a Seahawk????17 hours 13 min ago
benihanaI'm not gonna judge Marte's ability to play short by a few spring training errors. The kid has to be amp'd up playing with his idol Cano and getting his first real taste of big league action. Let's see how he conducts himself, how he handles AAA, and beyond.17 hours 15 min ago
SpectatorAs it happens, there's a rising shortstop I like better than Marte and a slap hitter with speed who barely ever strikes out I like better than Marte. That's two spoilers.17 hours 31 min ago
Gordon GrossMaybe I'll do a Cousino vs. Marte post, with gifs and all. Verdict: I'd like a third option. Oh wait, I think that's a spoiler...17 hours 47 min ago
Gordon GrossCousino has a slow swing, no doubt. Chone Figgins always looked like he was hitting off a practice tee at the 14th green too though. Cousino looks like that kind of player to me. I don't think there's a lot more you can do with that swing. Considering Chone was a 20+ WAR player after a ridiculously unspectacular minor league career, there are worse outcomes to be aimed at. Problem is, if he's NOT a Figgins type in CF, then I don't know how he makes it.17 hours 51 min ago
SABR MattBTW...having seen Cousino take a few hacks this spring...I am not impressed. His swing is he's swinging through water.19 hours 14 min ago
SABR MattMarte isn't exactly my Ketel of fish...but I suspect he would get a lot more valuable to us as a CF stopgap if we can't find one in FA next off-season or as trade bait under the heading "athletic CF with high stoploss offensively" yes...make it so.19 hours 15 min ago
OBFDang... We have 3 SS that ALL want to be on the major league roster! I Luuuuuuuve eeettttt! :)19 hours 22 min ago
SpectatorMaybe they're finding that there's not as much trade interest in Marte as they thought so they're looking at keeping him and finding a utility role for him? Maybe other GMs concur with Gordon and some of us that he's overhyped?19 hours 40 min ago
Gordon GrossMarte can't play SS anyway. How many errors does he have in the first week of Spring? And he's never playing 2nd for us. And he doesn't hit enough for third. He's an athletic guy - CF would be a good place for him. He'd be like Adam Jones without power (and half the Ks). That's still an 85-90 OPS+ player at a glove position, which is survivable. Find some swing tweaks and who knows? We do have a giant hole there too after this year - can't put it all on Cousino. I think they should move him to center. It would buy him some more time with us to figure out whether he has a future here, at the very least.21 hours 41 min ago
SABR MattNow THAT would make Marte interssting22 hours 52 min ago
moethedogJeff, I'm very good on that move. We haven't seen Miller in CF/LF this spring, which I was hoping to see....but recognizing that SS is stacked above Marte, it makes sense to give him a look-see in CF.22 hours 53 min ago
MtGrizzlyChurchill mentions the possibility of the club moving Marte to CF.23 hours 49 min ago
Tacoma RainI just hope that Bat is right about the Erasmo for Rollins trade1 day 7 hours ago