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moethedogAnd a BTW: I would have bet anything, when I heard of the deal, that the next would basically be Smoak for Rios...and that it would follow within the hour. I was wrong.42 min 19 sec ago
moethedogWas on the way to pick my youngest daughter up at basketball camp today, listening to MLB Radio, when they announced the Morales trade. They gave kudos to Jack for pulling it off, saying he had been at if for weeks. If this trade took weeks to work out something is amiss. They ask for ERam, we offer Pries, we meet in the middle with Pryor. This one should take 3 minutes.1 hour 30 sec ago
moethedogIf trading a 25 year old pitcher with 32 MLB innings for a guy signed for the next 55 games takes weeks then any complicated trade might take decades. It is time to release Hart and Endy, btw. Hart was a good/low cost roll of the dice...but one that crapped out. We've got more out of Endy than we could have expected. Remember the 70's line, "If you love something set it free!?" Let's free these guys. BTW (again) there must be a follow up move to the Morales/Pryor trade. This does nothing...nothing...for our gaping COF hole...unless you believe that Hart is a RF'er. At least Stubbs would be something...but he was available more than a month ago. I believe we vapor locked, focusing on the Rays so much.1 hour 1 min ago
phxterryRandom thoughts on tonight's game: 1) If Hart fields that hot shot cleanly in the third inning and turns a DP, Iwakuma gets out of the inning with only 2 runs against him instead of 4. IMO, both LoDog and the Smoakamotive field that ball and turn the DP. 2) I had no idea that Chen was such a good pitcher. Or maybe the M's just made him look good. 3) From the "How the Mighty Have Fallen File" - Endy freakin Chavez pinch hit for Hart tonight in the 9th inning. Can the end of the Hart era be far away? 4) M's officially behind both the Yankees and the Blue Jays for the second WC spot after tonight. 5) M's 12th shutout loss this year. 6) Are the M's the worst base-running team in the AL?1 hour 44 min ago
bsrGood thing we had our "lefty masher" Montero up for this game against a mediocre lefty. Unfortunately he's not a righty masher, so he had to sit in the 9th inning. Thankfully we had situational weapon LoMo on the bench, focused and ready to hit some weak foul balls then watch a 79 MPH pitch float by him for a called strike three to end the game.1 hour 45 min ago
bsrBut hey, he's got company. That's 12 shutouts against the M's in 102 games this year.1 hour 49 min ago
bsrHey now, Hector Noesi has thrown 9.2 shutout innings against us this year...1 hour 52 min ago
bsrEndy Chavez, pinch "hitting" for Corey Hart. Yeah, I think the Hart signing has not worked out as hoped.1 hour 57 min ago
tjmWow. PH Endy for Hart. What's that tell you about Hart? Why is he on the team if you're pinch-hitting him with one of the worst hitters in MLB?1 hour 58 min ago
SABR MattBrutal game. This team is a friggin' joke. And I don't get it.2 hours 7 min ago
MtGrizzlyFun gif for the Montero fans: hours 48 min ago
Gordon GrossHector's still got a 5+ ERA for the year, terry. He has those good games when he can keep guys off base. Giving up a .800+ OPS against EVERY hitter this year. He might get better, but one game does not a good season make. Halama threw a no-hitter AND a perfect game.3 hours 12 min ago
IcebreakerXHart is like a falling tree at first. And Kuma is having an awful night.3 hours 48 min ago
Bat571Cooper is some kind of pitching coach.3 hours 50 min ago
phxterryFrom "They Always Get Better After They Leave" File: Hector Noesi through 7 innings tonight against the Twinkies: 0 runs, 1 hit.4 hours 23 min ago
phxterryIsn't there general agreement in the latest ballball theory that Teams should bat their best player second in the line-up?? Kind of like how the Angels bat Mike Trout second? Well, the Angels have nothing on the M's. Tonight, playing right field for the M's and batting second is ........... (drum roll)..... Stefen Romero, he of the .199/.240/.317 2014 slash line. Hope Iwakuma is sharp tonight. Go M's.4 hours 46 min ago
IcebreakerXMy favorite comment on LL about this (slightly modified)... Howie: "You have proven your superior intellect and defeated the plans of Kendrys Morales. You do not need to defeat him again." Z: “He tasks me. He tasks me and I shall have him. I’ll chase him round the moons of Nibia and round the Antares Maelstrom and round Perdition’s Flames before I give him up!”5 hours 26 min ago
phxterryLatest rumor is that GMZ has traded a sore-armed reliever to KC for Rauuuuuuul, traded a used back-up catcher to SF for Michael Morse, and traded a PTBNL to ESPN for Eric Wedge. And that was before he finished his breakfast Wheaties. Go Jack!!!5 hours 27 min ago
tjmThis pathetic. Z: I have got to thank ownership for allowing us to do this. They have said all along if we get a chance where we think we are in it, then we are going to give you the resources, in this particular case they stepped up and this was great. I really, really appreciate it, we all appreciate it. My hat is off to them. I don't know what else will happen, we will continue conversations."5 hours 33 min ago
GLSI like Stubbs, but his production this year is all about Coors Field. On the road, he's Ackley.5 hours 33 min ago