Mike Zunino, C, Florida - SSI pre-draft $0.02


=== What's Lame About 'Im? ===

His bat could be less than a sure thing.  At least as far as his being a 1-1 overall pick.  He's hitting .240 in his conference, he's got skeptics among pro scouts, and Dr. D would agree that he most definitely does not have an Ackley-, Rendon-level presence at the plate.  SSI envisions a .250 average in the bigs; that's just a first impression off a few vids, of course.


Dr. D hates, hates, double-hates the fact that Zunino plays the catcher position.  The cliche is that you don't draft with respect to the big league team... there is no general principle that should be applied indiscriminately.

Let's take the reductio ad absurdum here.  Suppose that you just signed Buster Posey to a $100M contract?  And suppose that you had Brian McCann behind him, playing C/DH and he was making $10M per year, and suppose Matt Weiters was on your team playing 1B/C/DH?  Do you then go out and sign Alex Avila if he's half price?

You see the point.  There does come a time at which you say, no, we've got Ortiz at DH and Manny out of position in LF, we don't want any more stinkin' DH's.  And there comes a point at which you say we have invested a whale of a lot in Jesus Montero, we don't want another #1 catcher.

At a certain point, some of the Seattle zeal for Zunino becomes a way for amigos to recoup their false predictions on Montero being a DH, like when Michael Pineda was doing the Godzilla Stomp on the AL and bloggers were proposing all sorts of ways to trade his fanny out of here.  

Jesus Montero is not a DH; he's a .500-.600 slugging catcher.  We got one of those.


Take Zunino out of the catching position, move him to 1B, and his bat isn't* worth a 1-1 overall pick.

*unless Jay-Z says so.


=== Point Counterpoint Dept. ===

The New York Yankees had two great catchers from 1956 to 1962, those being Yogi Berra and Elston Howard.  They won the pennant 6 times in those 7 years.

If you were super coherent about using Montero and Zunino like the Yankees did their catchers, both always in the lineup, then sure.


=== Dr. D's Vibe ===

See the comment about Jay-Z's and Tommy Mac's grandmaster intuition.  This is precisely where it is needed; these are razor-thin calls and you gotta get 'em right.  Dr. D claims no ability to make these particular calls.

That said, it looks from here like Zunino is going to wind up with BB's and HR's at the plate, if not AVG.  Guess here is that by year 3-4, you'd have a Jason Varitek -- .250, good OBP, with 20-25 homers and him being the team captain.

Zunino seems to be unusually intelligent, he catches intelligently, and he hits intelligently.  Inside Pitch always looks for this quality; it gives a player a great chance to continue improving.

This pick would be redundant against Montero, and redundancy means lost value, by definition.  But if there were a coherent Berra-Howard plan over there at Royal Brougham, one that emphasizes two catchers, yeah.

I think I'd sign John Jaso as my second catcher, five year deal type thing, and avoid losing any of the C value that I currently possess. But it's possible that Mike Zunino is head-and-shoulders the surest thing in the draft.


My $0.01,

Dr D




Same (sub) text, even.
Zunino gives us a good college hitter.  Not great, not spectacular (though he could always become that) but good. But he duplicates Montero in every way possible.
1) Both righty, so they can't platoon.
2) Neither will play another position (RH 1B are meh, too slow for the OF), so DH is their only remaining option
3) Zunino is not a HS catcher, so it's not like he'll be arriving when Montero is getting too pricey.  He'll be here when Montero finally gets the gig for himself.
4) which will make Montero angry, since he very much wants to catch.
That's an awful lot of trouble.  We did it for A-Rod when we kicked lil Omar to the curb, but that was for 600+ HR A-Rod.  Zunino is not the HS bat of the decade and a shoe-in HOFer at 21.
We have other options.  Just stay away from the first round college hitters all together, please.


The draft is less then a week away yet there hasn't been much talk here about it. I'm interested in your opinion on Correa.
On Zunino, I have no problem taking him. Having two great catchers on your team is absolutely not a bad thing. Catchers need regular days off, they get worn down over time, and they often get hurt. So if both Montero and Zunino are healthy, you can always have a great catcher in the game with out overworking either. And if Montero gets injured and misses a month or a year (which should be expected) you won't miss a beat.
Further, when you have two catchers in your lineup each day, you essentially have an extra roster spot to work with. So while having to great catchers might be sub-optimal in some ways, it would be a big help in others. Overall, the issue is not worth taking an inferior player over, especially when Zunino is so safe.
Also, Montero hasn't established himself as a star yet. He has shown flashes of potential but so did Jose Lopez. Assuming that a Yuniesky Betancourt makes an Asdrubal Cabrera expendable before he actually hits consistently is a big mistake. Getting Zunino would just about guarantee that we have a star behind the plate, which isn't assured right now.
And why would you lock up John Jaso for five years instead? He's 28 and under club control for the next 3 years. You would really rather have Jaso's age 32 and 33 seasons than Zunino's prime years?
Finally, I really would be careful underselling his bat. People say he's hitting .250 in the SEC this season, but what has he hit in previous years and what is his slugging percentage? I wouldn't downgrade a guy just because his BA drops over a month or two. Albert Pujols sometimes bats .250 for short periods of time. What I see overall is a guy who has one of the very best slugging percentages in the country among players in a major conference. That suggests he could be at least an average hitter at first base. It would take a lot to scare me away from a guy slugging near .700 with the new bats.

Lonnie of MC's picture

... to being in Zunino's camp, and have been so for the past two months. I loved what I saw last year (tore up the SEC and ripped all of the playoff opponents a new one).
Just out of curiosity, am I the only one who remembers when San Diego had both Benito Santiago and Sandy Alomar at the same time? Do you folks remember what happened?
Back in both 1988 and 1989, Sandy Alomar was the Baseball America Minor League Player of the Year. He was pounding on the door to become an everyday catcher at the MLB level. Alomar's biggest problem was that Benito Santiago, the 1987 Rookie of the Year was firmly entrenched behind the plate for the Padres. During the off-season after the '89 season, San Diego traded Sandy Alomar, Carlos Baerga, and Chris James to Cleveland in exchange for Joe Carter. The effectiveness of the trade is moot, but the point is that the Padres, at the time of the trade, got one of the most feared offensive threats of the era.
Can you imagine what Zunino might bring back in a trade after a highly successful cup of joe during the September call-ups in 2013? Can you imagine how nice it would be if Montero falls flat on his face and washes out as a catcher? I mean, wouldn't it make things easier to mover Montero to firstbase or full-time DH if you have a top-flight receiver waiting in the wings?
This is probably all smoke-dreams since the M's are going to take Carlos Correa with the 3rd overall pick anyway...


I read somewhere that Zunio was OPSing ~.950 against the higher level pitching (eg the college teams no 1 starters) in 58 ABs. I assume that stat was from this year. Can't find the link right now.
Oh, wait here it is: at the Stalk of course:
BA also has cool stats for college hitters from Friday games only. If you know college baseball, you know that teams start their #1 starters on Friday at the start of weekend series. So, to get an idea of how the top guys do against the pitchers likely to be moving on to the pros, BA send an intern off to figure it all up.
Zunino: .310/.354/.603 in 58 ABs.


Hot commodity. Just because the Mariners might be near cornering the market in this regard does not mean that we shouldn't take another one. Debeers directors do not sit around and say to each other "I think we should invest in coffee farms, we already have enough diamonds to last a lifetime".  No, they say to each other, "Let's hoard some more, and set the market.  Then we'll put up hotels on Boardwalk and Park Place."  Quotes one capitalist luminary:

"Greed is good".
Being sour on Zunino because we have too many hard hitting catchers is like being in a zombie movie and complaining about having too many guns.  Get that guy in AAA, and let him build some hype, and someone who has gas, shelter or food will want to talk.


Then you'd trade down to #7 and take Dahl, and you'd get some lower-round picks to add depth.
But it's not.
So you have to "trade down" after the draft, when, as Lonnie said, you've got Santiago and Alomar being mutually exclusive.
I've got some more stuff up at The Stalk.


They'll have to deal with all of those four issues, in order to do a Howard/Berra or Santiago/Alomar thang...
Is Zunino as slow as Montero?  Montero's feet call into question even his ability to play first base, and left field is completely out of the question for him.


Justin Smoak hit .400/.500/.750 as a senior, quite a bit better than (say) Evan Longoria ... not to pronounce Smoak dead, but you could find any number of NCAA hitters who were insane in college and who were less than impact in the majors.  Conversely, you could find current MLB stars who were not sensational in college; Seager's a mini-example of this.
Zunino's stats in college do not rule out his being a star with the bat in the bigs.  And the point is 100% conceded as to his .250 AVG in the conference this year.  That's just what the scouts say; my bad for tossing it along...
On the videos, Mike Zunino swings through a lot of pitches badly, suggesting (?) that maybe he's not a .300 hitter in the bigs.
And it's not like he has light-tower power to compensate.
That said, Zunino has not demonstrated a ceiling.  Agreed.  He could be a better hitter than people think.


As Cool Papa notes, Jesus Montero's 40 homers are far from established, so you certainly could spend 2-3 years figuring out which catcher was really going to be your horse.  
And deal the other one... how's about for a fixed-up Michael Pineda?


And use the extra million to draft another great prospect in the 3rd. But you'd have to be sure he'd sign for cheaper. There was the rumor that the Ms went "cheap" with Franklin and Baron to be able to afford Ackley's demands, but both guys signed for slot or over, so that didn't pan out if it was indeed the plan. Like you said, the only way to "trade down" may actually be to draft with the idea of trading later.
The "Draft Zunino" plan is basically what the Reds did with Grandal after they already had Devin Mesoraco in house.
Mesoraco was the 15th pick in the 2007 draft, Grandal the 12th in 2010. They stated that they loved Mesoraco but Grandal was the best talent available and they weren't passing him over for a lesser player. I wanted Grandal badly (he was my choice if we were gonna trade Fister last year) and after the Reds traded him to the Padres for Mat Latos, Yasmani has looked GREAT in AAA. Latos...not so much.
The difference in that draft scenario is that the Reds were simply accumulating pieces because they didn't know if Mesoraco would work out, and they could trade whomever they didn't want. We traded Pineda for Montero and we plan to have him in our MOTO for several years to come, so Montero's not going anywhere.
If you make it clear to Montero that his job's not at stake, okay, but that still seems like a lot of hassle. If you're drafting a #3 pick just to trade him, I guess I don't see that as a good strategy. Why aren't we talking about trading Ackley if that's how we want to operate? After all, Seager is hitting better and plays 2nd better too.
"The Plan" hasn't worked out yet for the Reds, though it's very early. If they'd just drafted Chris Sale (taken with the pick right after Grandal) then they wouldn't have had excess depth and a lack of pitching and could have fixed their problem with a guy who looks like a better pitcher than the one they traded for anyway.
Going through all the hassle and expense of drafting a player, rolling the dice that he'll work out, then having him work out only to trade him to someone ELSE (who hopefully matches you need-for-need) in the hopes that what you get back also works out...seems like a ton of work when you could just draft somebody different and go through half that hassle.
Two step plan:
A) draft Dahl/Correa/Buxton


You want to keep your relationship with Montero as sound as a dollar... oh, wait...
If you do not, then you are creating serious redundancy, and redundancy is waste of resources by definition.  Old chessplayer talking here.  You have three pieces all hitting the same square, you lose the game.
It's one thing to multiply resources, another thing to have your resources covering a wide array of responsibilities.
Zunino WILL cost you Montero value that you CURRENTLY own.

M-Pops's picture

This report has Dahl as an easy top-10 pick. I wonder what the thoughts on Dahl (Youtube vids are plentiful) are around here, and how recently a team reached by 6 or 7 spots to get their guy.
The report I linked has Dahl as more of a corner OF with average solid speed, so his bat would have to be special to justify a #3 selection.


I don't know how college stats translate, but Smoak would not have slugged .750 with the current bats. The only players doing anything like that this year are in the weak conferences. Statistically, at least, Zunino is one of the very best hitters in college. His numbers aren't just good for a catcher, they are good for anybody. That's why I'm comfortable having Zunino along with Montero, because his bat would likely to be at least decent for a first baseman. It wouldn't be like having Miguel Olivo DH.


Or DH. Right-handed first basemen are disliked for a reason, and a RH, intermediate-power 1B in Safeco is not what any doctor ordered.
If Zunino had a guaranteed major-league 1B bat AND was catching, I'd be all up over that. He's far more like a Charles Johnson hopeful to me. Which is nothing to sneeze at by any means - Johnson was a 20+ WAR player for his career - but I wouldn't let him play first. It would require him to get to all kinds of upside with the lumber, and if I think his upside is Johnson then that means taking a risk that he slots in at something like Rod Barajas if he doesn't hit that upside. I think Zunino will catch a while in the bigs, that's not it - I just don't see him as a Posey-level hitter.
CJ Cron was a C/1B, and a righty, but nobody wanted to draft him first overall (went 17th to the Angels). Comparing dead-bat numbers:
Cron 2011: .434/.517/.803, 1.5 batting eye
Zunino 2012: .323/.394/.664, .6 batting eye
Cron is trying to OPS .800 in the hitter-friendly Cal League right now. Yes, Zunino played in the harder conference, but I'm not thinking of first base as an option for Zunino, nor really DH. He's gotta catch, and he should be able to.
Just not for us, is my hope.


Then he isn't worth drafting third even if we didn't have Montero. So that doesn't really say anything about the value of having two great catchers because we wouldn't have two great catchers.


Charles Johnson, career: .245/.330/.430
Matt Wieters, through 1500 ML ABs: .260/.325/.415
Matt Wieters, last year: .260/.330/.450
Matt Wieters, WAR last year: FIVE
I'd take five WAR from my catcher. The problem is the slide from CJ to a Rod Barajas type (part timer, .235/.285/.415) is not much. Either way, Zunino should play a while in this league, but the only two catchers in the last decade I've believed would be offensive forces and were drafted top half of the first were Mauer and Posey. I wasn't totally sold on Wieters either, but I was more behind him than I am Zunino.
On the Clement Scale Of Disaster Zunino isn't a Richter 9 or anything, because I believe he's absolutely a catcher, and will be a good one. But a good catcher does not mean a good hitter overall, and I don't see Zunino being the hitter that Posey is, or that Montero should turn into. He hopes to be Wieters, but I don't want to spend the pick on that hope.
Even if a(nother?) 5 WAR catcher would be great.


I've tried to check out most of the videos on these guys. I think I'm most impressed with Dahl out of all of them. He mashes. He uses the whole field. He can fly around the bases.
I like the look of Buxton over Correa. I like the motion of Appel. I would be happy with Zunino.
But I think I like Dahl's bat best of all.
But what do I know. I was about to take the paddles off Smoak's chest and proclaim him DOA.

M's Watcher's picture

Sign me up for either of these catching combos. Of course Berra/Howard did it before the DH, so it could be even easier with Montero/Zunino. Of course, I like what Jaso has been doing once he got the chance. I hope also that we manage to shed Olivo by the deadline and free ourselves of his lazy catching.

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2015-07-03 16:34

robinwilliamsmovietitle...quite sweet. It's #Independence Day, it's hot, and clearly my brain is a little addled this afternoon.

2015-07-03 15:34

Rollins has been looking dominant in Tacoma. Decisions, decisions.

2015-07-03 10:59

On Taijuan, edit to add that he looked terrif after 76 pitches but the NL strategy played in to it. And so happened to pay off in a full nickels bin, as it were ...

2015-07-03 10:57

DaddyO … but how sweet is it to have the Taylor/Logo combo in, and Willie out … got to give it up that the M's ate the contract. Politically it's not easy either; you make a decision to give a "reach" contract and then next midseason you admit it was a reach. Very tough to do in a boardroom.

2015-07-03 10:56

Kazmir would have shut out any lineup in the majors on Thursday … not to say our offense doesn't have problemos but Kazmir could not miss the glove, even with his curve ball. If it were bowling he'd have scored 301.

2015-07-03 10:55

Taijuan gets quick hooks in lieu of / in addition to an IP count. Probably has its benefits. The last 10-20% of your reps cost as much wear-and-tear as the first 80-90% ...

2015-07-03 10:24

I question the quick hook on Taijuan more than Felix... 72 pitches and done? Did he look that bad after so few pitches?

2015-07-03 07:02

#Jordan Pries needed 33 pitches to get one out in the 1st w/Tacoma last night. 5 ER's, 2 BB's, 3 hits and two homers. Rollins, now on rehab, threw two innings of zero run ball. 1 hit and 4 K's. Beimel is likely gone soon.

2015-07-03 06:51

Yup zERO consistency.. they we're going for their first 3 game shutout in 7 years. Honestly.. where is the all star break

2015-07-03 06:07

This team is just sad.

2015-07-03 00:05

The Mariners are incapable of winning streaks. Losing streaks maybe, but not winning ones.

2015-07-02 21:04

The worst part of tonight... Billy Beane will now get more for Kazmir when he trades him, so today's lack luster game will haunt us for years to come.

2015-07-02 18:40

As expected, the first five minutes of the pregame show were spent gushing about Willie Bloomquist and what a shame it is His Belovedness has to move on. And my worst fear was realized. They opined about how once he hangs 'em up, perhaps he might come back and join the M's media team. Again, he's probably a nice guy. But I don't wanna see him. To me he represents all that is wrong with the Mariners.

2015-07-02 17:21

I think we, and alot of people, just expect so much of Felix. It was a rare game overall for him. Def disapointing, and he got hit up early. He will need a big bounce back that's for sure. I think alot of it is the high expectations any elite pitcher, or player in any sport,faces

2015-07-02 16:32

Thank you Matt. I feel better now.

2015-07-02 15:10

The change: his Pitches per inning ratio has dropped from 15.2 in 2009 to 14.5 in 2014. He's actually having a bit of an off year in 2015 overall, but that is largely due to getting absolutely shellacked twice at random.

2015-07-02 15:03

As for your question regarding pitch counts over time...Felix isn't losing 120 pitch games because he doesn't care to pitch deep into games and risk injury or because he's getting soft-shoed by the Mariners. He's losing 120+ pitch games because he's pitching more efficiently. His IP counts per season are steady and among the best in baseball.

2015-07-02 15:01

Neither, Tacoma. Felix was pulled from that game because he was visibly laboring late...throwing a TON of pitches and limping a bit on his bad ankle after having to field his position in the 6th. They yanked him because a laboring Felix who's struggling with his command can actually get really terrible really fast.

2015-07-02 14:48

I know I'm stomping on hallowed ground, but... is anyone else bothered by the last Felix start? Yeah, I know it was a no runs, 1 hit masterpiece in 100+ temperatures BUT.... leaving after 6 innings after throwing 96 pitches against a division rival in a game the Mariners really needed to win.
I realize the bullpen was fairly well rested, and Lloyd really mis-managed the bullpen to lose the game... BUT 96 pitches? And this highlights the fact that Felix has not thrown more than 120 in close to two years. Aren't aces / kings supposed to be horses that occasionally throw 130 pitches when it is needed?
Is Lloyd / Mariner's coaching treating Felix with kid gloves too much? Or has Felix decided that pitching another 7 to 10 years is more important than giving max effort this year?

2015-07-02 14:36

If he bombs like that Matt....in some extended trial....then I'm good with that.

2015-07-02 14:32

He'll at least get a September call-up. No reason not to.

2015-07-02 14:30

I am sure Guti gets at least 80 at bats before they cut ties with him... and based on the fact he can not play back to back days... that is easily well into August. I agree that Romero SHOULD get another significant look, but I doubt it happens until August... and possibly September.

2015-07-02 14:30

Most AAAA players get two shots at least. I'm sure Romero will too. And when he's finished hitting .198 with 5 HR and 100 K, hopefully we won't extend a third audition.

2015-07-02 14:00

Looks like the M's could get a young RHB who hit .352-.391-.599 at A+/AA and .321-.365-.559 at AAA. Well....I'm loading the dice. That's Stefen Romero, of course. And I dropped his first AAA year '13, which wasn't a disaster. In '13 Romero, in 411 Tacoma PA's hit .277-.331-.448 with 11 homers. Over 444 '14-'15 Tacoma PA's, he's hit .321-.365-.559 with 21 homers. Matt, I know you hate Romero based on the fact that he doesn't walk much and fizzled in #Seattle last year, but the guy has upped his game to the next level and can slug. If Guti doesn't hit, Romero should get a shot.

2015-07-02 13:20

The timing on this is weird just because it didn't make any sense to send him down lat time, but it is driven by this fact: Miller is hitting .143-.176-.153 vL this year, approx. .160-.215-.250 over the last two and .206-.260-.296 for his career. He's a hard hitting SS vs. RHP, but needs the vL help. Taylor isn't ripping up Tacoma right now (.701 over the last 28 days),but he's at .308-.370-.418 vL for the year, including his #Seattle stint. It doesn't make up a lot more flexible, but it helps us some.

2015-07-02 13:09

It had to be done. Taylor was hitting again in AAA, and we need someone who can actually play short up here to bench Miller against tough lefties.

2015-07-02 12:41

Oh no. They'll probably make Wille B the new manager, and all he'll want to do is talk about grit. jk. At least I won't have to listen any more to the incessant fanboy talk from the M's announcers and commentators.

I'm sure WIllie is a fine man personally. I'm just relieved to no longer be afflicted with his presence as a player taking the spot of someone who can contribute more.

I imagine there is a funereal atmosphere in the front office, where WIllie seemed to symbolize everything Fanboy Mariner-- overhyped and overrated.

2015-07-02 11:40

The end of Boom Boom. About...a year and a half too late

2015-07-02 11:33

Willie Bloomquist DFA'd and Chris Taylor brought up. Maybe some winning will break out.

2015-07-02 11:23

Take Luis Gohara for instance. He's now in #Everett kicking off his 3rd minor league season. It seems like he's been in the org forever, but he's only 18 years old. How he performs for the next 10 weeks or so in #Everett and then next year in full season ball is what will tell us if we actually have something of value.

2015-07-02 11:16

Vargas is a big, strong 16-year old. He's a $1.7 million lottery ticket. We'll see first if he can even play and progress in the minors. Probably, we won't even know if he's a prospect for at least two, if not three, years. It's a lottery ticket, a draw at the deck.

2015-07-02 11:05

Who gets booted really depends on how well Elias does today

2015-07-02 11:04

Another big athlete with unorthodox swing with contact issues. Chances high he moves to the OF, where he may not have enough hand-eye skills to succeed.

2015-07-02 11:03

Iwakuma: 1 R in 5.2 IP in AAA, with 6 punchies. Got a blister (says that happens every year when he starts throwing after a long hiatus) and expects to make his next start...soooooo....who do you send out of this rotation when Iwakuma arrives? I'm gonna be TICKED if they boot #Montgomery, the way he's pitching...but that is probably what they'll do, since he has options.

2015-07-02 11:00

Mariners sign Carlos Vargas (Dominican) to 1.7 M bonus. Thoughts?

2015-07-02 10:58

That would be very nice...but even if Bloomy doesn't retire, DFA'ing him can achieve the same result. But if you take Rollins off the DL, he has to be called up or sent back to his club that very moment. Who in the current bullpen leaves for Rollins? (I'd send out Beimel)

2015-07-02 10:27

Best case scenario? Bloomquist retires, Rollins onto the 40 man, Taylor in #Seattle.

2015-07-02 10:25

that would also be fine with me (Bloomquist DFA)

2015-07-02 10:23

@shannondrayer: Chris Taylor on his way up. Mariners could have another move Sat. as they must make a decision on Rollins by then.

2015-07-02 09:56

More likely WFB.

2015-07-02 09:47

Sounds like the club has come up with a miraculous, imaginary Ackley injury to get him off the roster and get Taylor up...I hope that is what happens here.

2015-07-02 09:24

I was driving in to work a little while ago and on the radio Salk mentioned something about Ackley being overweight and injured. Is that true? Maybe there's an injury, but he's never looked overweight to me.

2015-07-02 09:02

@ProspectInsider: Not hearing anything about a trade involving #Seattle. Taylor's call-up appears to be about an option, DFA or injury.

2015-07-02 08:24

Taylor apparently called up

2015-07-02 06:49

I noticed the Pizzano absence, too...GLS> He was removed mid-game a while back and hasn't been back. Drats. I want him in Tacoma. I did not watch Walker throw yesterday as I was listening to the game while tying flies....but I'm assuming he's still on that Buehrle-like rhythm where he gets a sign and throws. Little has been mentioned of that since the first game he did that....which was the game that began this streak.

2015-07-02 04:16

WOW...that...is some serious data-oriented managing. It explains why they yanked him after six today, as well. They must be watching the radar gun closely with him...looking for signs of the sort of fatigue that can lead to micro-tears.

2015-07-02 04:10

Lloyd came running out of the dugout with the trainer for apparently no reason to check Taijuan's #Health; even Taijuan was confused. Later, cameras showed that he scapula-shrugged twice on the mound, as if annoyed at a pain, and later later, Brooks showed it was three pitches into a little velo drop on the graph. (I don't support or not support him more or less but) Lloyd has a V-E-R-Y sharp in-game eye. Even sharper than Piniella's, looks like.

2015-07-02 04:05

Taijuan's command continues to spiral upward universes away from his first several starts. *Reminded* you even more today of the young Curt Schilling template, using the fastball alone to totally dominate. … also, his spikeball was the best it has ever been for him, absolutely the best ever, and yet he threw it only 2x per inning. ?!

2015-07-02 04:01

Quick reminder guys: no language at all, including *#@#$ marks. Thanks :- )