This Debate Is Preposterous
And Dr. D is getting wayyyyy too ticked off about it :- )


HOT SEAT:  The Times hanging on every Erasmo Ramirez pitch as though he were an NPB import trying to show who he was.

DR D, in AUDIO MODE:  The human mind is a funny thing.  We have a wonderful capacity to re-set.  We have the ability to completely forget the problems of yesterday, and simply move on starting with a blank piece of paper.

This can be helpful, say, when you've caught your wife having an affair and she apologizes by bringing home a red negligee.  It's not as helpful when you have a young kid who is a demonstrated 1+ BB pitcher with three strikeout pitches, and you forget that he's good.

The Times, weirdly, is brushing off Ramirez' 2012 as a short sample.  My unrehearsed reaction to that?  "Yeah, Carter Capps only threw 99 MPH a few times too.  But it doesn't mean he has to throw 99 for another two years before we get it."

Ramirez demonstrated his plus-plus command and his 1+ BB rates.  You've got a pitcher who walks 1+ guys, the only question you've got left is whether he can put guys away with two strikes.  Blake Beavan was the counterexample.  Erasmo Ramirez is the very opposite end of that spectrum.

If your wonderful human capacity to forget has blanked your mind on Erasmo Ramirez, here are two quick SSI reads:

With Carter Capps, it's not about 40 saves before you understand the situation.  It's about knowing what a sidearm, easy 99 MPH means.

With Erasmo, it's not about 30 more Erasmo starts, to create a "large sample."  It's about understanding where that 1+ BB is coming from, and understanding the knockout weapons that he has to go with them.

This debate is absurd.  It's contrary to reason.  It's nonsensical.  It has no intelligible meaning.  The debate is a parody of itself.  You had a young starter come up and show you that he's terrific, and now you kick him to the curb over a 100 ERA+ meatball who might or might not be past his surgery.

The process here is wrong.  It's not often we say that.



ghost's picture

The Mariners are in fact the stupidest organization in major league baseball...even now.


Either the decision maker lacks wisdom and intelligence, or the reasons being communicated for the decision are not the real reasons.
I have no interest in trying to talk you out of your stance since I agree with you stance as stated, but Garland has not yet made the team instead of Erasmo, and I do not believe the criteria for the judgement have been communicated publicly. The discussion about M's decision making is no more forthright than Obama's state of the union or a John Boehner public statement about taxes. All these statements are political, at best designed to persuade, usually to distract -- these are no the spending cuts you are looking for -- and certainly not to open thoughtful debate.
So why would Jack consider bringing in Garland in the first place?
1) He doesn't give pitchers time in the bigs until they demonstrate consistency with the approach that they will implement in the bigs -- I believe this is why Beavan and Ramirez have gotten time in the bigs and Walker, Paxton, and Hultzen have not yet. While this doesn't explain Garland over Ramirez, it does significantly shorten the list of options that Jack appears ready to rely on in 2013.
2) This means Jack's list of candidates for the rotation that he trusts today is short. And he can't trust Iwakuma, Ramirez, Maurer, and Beavan to put up 200+ innings this year. So he would like options that he can trust more than Paxton, Hultzen, and Walker. That is why Maurer is still around, but he can't be trusted for big innings either. His delayed ascent as a gold plated prospect is a result of injury not talent (last year was the first fully healthy year he has had as a Mariner, I believe).
3) The young ones have options, Garland doesn't. Jack needs 7 or 8 options he can trust to throw strikes and get outs as MLB starters, because outside of Felix and Saunders, no one has a track record for tossing 200+ innings. What if Garland is his 6th or 7th best option, but option #5 (say Ramirez for arguments sake) can come up in June when someone has shoulder soreness but Garland cannot. If he goes with Ramirez in April and it is Ramirez that gets a sore shoulder, he can't stash Garland in Tacoma to be called up in June. This means he needs to be able to bank on Hultzen, Maurer, or Paxton being ready when a pitcher goes down -- what if they are not?
Me, I roll the dice that by June, I have a pitcher that looks ready to try the big leagues on for size. In fact, I think this is what Jack will decide as well, but we'll see.


We have lots of pitchers that "look ready to try the big leagues on for size." That's Doc's point. By your reasoning, The Cubs should have kept Greg Maddux down in he gave up a WHIP of 1.6, H/9 of 10.5, 4.3 BB's with 5.8 K's in his age 21 first go-around.
The next year he was at 1.2, 8.3, 2.9 & 5.1.
Then he became Greg Maddux. He came up about the same age as ERAM, btw. In 156 AAA innings, he gave up 8.3 hits/9 with 2.4 BB's and 5.0 K's. Man, ERam was way better than that as a major leaguer last year.
OK, I know...he's no Mad Dog.
But he's better than Garland...and has proved it.
If Morse and Morales are one year guys, we can hardly stand 10-13 Garland starts....when there are a BUNCH of better guys in AAA.
The fact that this thing has legs probably means that there is some sort of decent chance it happens. There is no way to defend it.
Garland was last better than ERam is right now in '05.
So there you go.


Garland does have some things to recommend him (if you look at his splits, he allows a .750ish OPS in most categories, which indicates that he rarely gives batters an opening to demolish him), but we also can't just assume Erasmo will out pitch him out of the gate. Consider Felix Hernandez's 2nd season after obliterating the AL in his first, or check out what Juan Nicasio did for the Rockies last season before getting hurt after a 2011 in which he outperformed Erasmo.
It is not unreasonable for Wedge to want more than 2 out of his 5 starring pitchers to have more than 200 ML innings pitched. It is not unreasonable to believe that Jon Garland or even Blake Beavan can be more valuable to the club early in the season because they have demonstrated the ability to adjust to the adjustments that Major League players make while Erasmo Ramirez needs to be told to not always throw strikes. Ramirez may well out pitch both, but what if last year's out performance of his minor league numbers was due to a lack of scouting on him? If he's a guy who will have an ERA around 4 while give up 9+ hits per 9, then he's not such a big improvement on Garland after all, and Garland might give the Mariners a 1% better chance to win this year, who knows.

bsr's picture

Organizational DNA from the top (JAPAN) down is risk averse in the worst way. Like a tight-passive poker player who bleeds to death from the blinds. It's like Doc says, when they (ownership) are trying to win...we'll know it. (You think it's Schneider and Carroll making the call on the last week of Hawks signings? Mr. Allen is the one cutting the checks.)
Here's what I don't get. If you throw E-Ram and Maurer out there, and one or both implode, and you've lost Jon Friggin Garland forever by cutting him in there not some other warmed over Vet you could trade one of your bajillion prospects for on short notice? Or give Hoss Millwood a call down on the ranch? Is this just not realistic?
Is JZ truly on the hot seat and needs .500 or bust? That's what I've always assumed about this year. Maybe that's the simplest explanation. Sigh. Can't wait to follow our epic quest for 82 wins.
Let's hope the kids break out and force their hands :)


... that being human BIAS.  :- ) As when fear overrides logic.  My worry is that Zduriencik and Wedge are suddenly losing their nerve.
It's one thing to want to make the safe play.  It's another thing when you fold a winning hand because you're panicking at the thought of an inside straight draw.  Erasmo is the percentage play.
But, absolutely.  Very possible that something is being lost in the translation ... I suspect that you and I would agree that SOMETHING is being misconstrued there.
I certainly hope so.  Erasmo shouldn't be competing for a job on any level.  This is one of those situations in which 12 IP in Arizona should not overturn the things we saw from Erasmo in 2012; I'm sure you agree with the level of weight that should (not) be put on Erasmo's spring.  You might as well start Jesus Montero or Tom Wilhelmsen from scratch this March...
If Erasmo is in spring training for ANY reason other than to show that he still has the clockwork mechanics, and normal velocity, then the M's bias toward "proven" MLB(TM) production is overriding their sense of reason.
Very interesting post, as always, Dr. K.


Dr K, your point about Z being nervous about #2, maybe even #3, and therefore wanting extra stability at #4-5, that's a point with legs.
Whether Jon Garland provides more risk avoidance than Erasmo Ramirez is another question.  I can certainly empathize with the idea that, standing 3' away from either of them on the grass, that Garland would FEEL less risky.  From a coolly detached standpoint, I'll argue that the real gamble is the other way.
Gimme the roto team with Erasmo 2013, over the one with Garland, any day.  But down on the grass I'm sure it doesn't feel like that.


You've pointed this factor out several times, and it's one of the best light bulbs you've installed here.  Keep reminding us.
G-Money has pointed out that other org's don't have this bias -- Oakland with Gio, LA with Kershaw, etc.  But obviously the M's do like for their pitchers to be near-finished products.
Maurer does seem to be that -- a near-finished product, from an execution standpoint -- and Erasmo is OBVIOUSLY that.  We'll see where it gets them.

Brent's picture

E-Ram said in an interview after the game he was throwing his slider to bust lefties inside and it wasn't breaking, just flattening out and staying over the middle of the plate. Said he was glad they stayed in the park. He pitched out of jams, which while you don't want to be in one in the first place it's good he can show he knows how to limit damage and get out of the inning.

Rob's picture

I still don't see the competition being Garland vs. Ramirez. I really think it's two separate battles: Garland vs. Bonderman, Beavan vs. Ramirez. I agree with the "veteran insurance" angle being put forth, but it's only for 1 spot, not two; hence, Gar vs. Bond. I think it is convoluting it to express it any other way.
I get that there are two spots and 4 guys, but I don't actually believe the roles are completely fungible in the minds of the brass. (For ex. there is NO way Gar and Bond both make the team. It's basically, "Can one of the old guys stick? Great. It's one young guy instead of two."


With what I know, I would start Erasmo and wouldn't have invited Garland to camp, but what I know is extremely limited compared to Jack and Eric. Does that make them right? Of course not, my only point was dismissing the decisions of others as crazy is a great recipe for stagnating and never learning anything new. I realize that Doc wasn't dismissing Jack and Eric, that is not his stye, but the level of frustration was unusual for Doc. So I just wondered to myself, are there reasons, rather than biases, that could explain the decision making? Basically, the whole story doesn't make sense to me, so I presumed I was missing something and hypothesized what it might be, that is all.


...but why didn't they trade a single blue chip prospect this Winter if that were true? You telling me they couldn't have done better than Garland with a trade of Paxton and Franklin, two players that aren't going to be on the big league roster?


The organization could be losing it's nerve, or frankly never had any. That makes more sense to me. The perplexing and confusing decision making is a sign of organizational disfunction.


but I don't run the team. As I said to Mo, if I run the team Garland isn't even in camp, but maybe that is foolish of me.


After Garland's last interview ("There are 29 other teams") vs. Erasmo's very cool quotes today (seriosly , check Baker's interview with him, it warms your heart), you have no choice but to root for Erasmo.


I like that insight too. Not sure I agree with it, assuming it is a correct assessment of the M's decision making, but it is defensible.


I grok'ked that first time 'round, but thanks for the PSA.
Your intent to get out to the control truck, check the monitors and cameras and replay angles that we hadn't yet looked at, that's the very spirit of SSI.  
And by the way, I feel a little less shrill, having seen the play from the reverse angle.  OOmmmmmmmmmm... .


Are the inconsistencies apparent or real? Will there a resolution of the situation compatible with design currents of the franchise, or is all this indicative of panic or confusion? A couple of months should make things clearer.


In that a Garland over ERam decision isn't "crazy" in hte real sense. It's somewhere in the neighborhood, however. :)
Your idea as ERam as the fallback position, which doesn't exist with Garland, is interesting. But were that Z & W's play, here, I wouldn't understand that either. Why wouldn't you fallback position on an ERam collapse just be Maurer or Hultzen? By then you would have probably saved a year with them.
I think it was Robert E. Lee that once said an army was a beautiful thing and a commander had to be careful about being reluctant to use that beautiful thing for what it was designed for. That's a liberal paraphrase, I'm sure.
We have built this beautiful thing of young talent and now we seem reluctant to roll it out into battle where some of it might be destroyed. Perhaps ERam implodes this won't be due to the fact that he didn't get 15 more AAA starts. On that, I am sure.
Ditto Hultzen, Maurer, Romero, etc.
Almost all young guys have some early struggles. Willie Mays went o'fer 24, or some such thing. I mentioned Maddux above. Harper had stretches of them last year. Man, it is part of the learning process. But that process exists whether a player is 22 or 25.
So roll them out early.
I appreciate your attempt to find a rational in the Garland over ERam issue. And perhaps the issue is all ours and not really something Wedge is contemplating. But if that is so, why wouldn't he just say, "Man, I'm really excited to see ERam in game 4! The kid looks great!"
I am quite sure we have the best stable of young starter-type arms in the game. Young arms aren't collectables, however. Their use isn't in polishing them and sitting them on the shelf for all to admire. Their true use is in trotting them out in Safeco and lfinding out what they've got. Tacoma is a nice place. But basically, it don't mean diddly in the development of a pitcher.
Sorry if I came across to aggressive in the last post. I do realize you had said you wouldn't walk down the Garland path were you the GM.

bsr's picture

Good read. Erasmo just sounds like a sharp guy (as folks around here have been saying).
Now Baker is talking about Garland needing a month to get up to game speed...accepting a couple bombs in April.
When you get down to it, seems like the team just doesn't agree with the good Doctor here on Erasmo's prognosis in 2013. The most charitable scenario is they want his 180 IP running into Sept/Oct. But then why the almost religious mantra about Garland's amazing 200 IP ability...sure doesn't sound like a stopgap.

Lonnie of MC's picture

...but, there is still another explanation, and most everyone isn't going to like it. Jack Zduriencik, for all of his baseball acumen has an aspect to him that we all just kind of gloss over, and that is that he is also a business man. Sometimes Jack has to approach a situation from the business, and it will make ZERO sense to those of us who look at the organization as purely a baseball team. Believe me, even if Jack is doing something from a business approach, he is doing it with the best interest of the team in his heart.
Out of pure dumb luck I've come across a piece of intel that I would love to write about and share with everyone, but I can't. I don't mean to be smarmy, I just can't share it right now.

Lonnie of MC's picture

...that is moldy and smelly with age. It is also wrong. Very wrong. Folks need to hop off of that "woe is me, my team is the worst team in the history of baseball" bandwagon because that is a ride that goes nowhere. Seriously, "not trying to win" is a sentiment that just like Chone Figgins, needs to go away.

glmuskie's picture

Bonderman and Garland both have dismal sound bites coming out of their mouths. 'If this doesn't work out, there are 29 other teams' - Garlands quote as you say. Bonderman's was something like, 'Well I've proven to myself I can still get big leaguers out. If they send me down to the minors, that's the business. I could just go home for the season instead, no big woop'
These are guys that made their millions and are making an effort to come back, but the burning desire to compete, the love for the game, it is not there. What's this Wedge is spouting about competition? Sounding more and more like lip service.

bsr's picture

It's shorthand oversimplification obviously. We all understand it as such. Maybe we are just snake bitten and it's going to turn around soon. Given total lack of successful RESULTS with the Ms...we fans are forced to become expert PROCESS watchers to have anything hopeful to root for. So when we see signs of a seemingly flawed is extra distressing.
I can appreciate that things look different at field level vs on the net. Hoping your secret scoop will see daylight're killing us here =D

Rob's picture

Except to be smarmy? ;) Incidently, is this the same bit of 'news' you referenced in the shoutbox a couple days back, or is this new, more juicy news?

misterjonez's picture

However, let me give a personal example of why it resonates with me fairly deeply.
In high school, I took up wrestling because I loved boxing with my brother, watching UFC as a kid and playing soccer. So physically, I was in great shape and used to athletics. I wasn't truly gifted physically until high school when I discovered that there were only a handful of seniors who were physically stronger than myself as a freshman. My high school had 1100 students my freshman year.
After a year of getting turned into burger by the team and coaches, I arrived in wrestling camp my sophomore year ready to compete, at least I thought. You know what I discovered? I wasn't mean enough. I was stronger than all but our returning AAA state champs, and I was better at takedowns and takedown defense than literally all but two of my teammates. I never got higher than 2nd string JV, and I wasn't behind anyone of note.
What I needed to be doing was IMPOSING MY WILL on my teammates ruthlessly and wihout consideration for their well-being or athletic careers. I didn't understand that it was a fight to total submission; I thought it was a friendly athletic exercise.
If I had gone on a tear, and broken arms, ribs and strained my teammates' will to compete with me, I would have been varsity easily. I'm not exaggerating, I was that good physically and technically, winning regional freestyle and takedown tournaments. I beleive that it was simply my lack ofanimalistic, testosterone-fuelled will to crush my enemies, see them driven before me and hear the lamentation of their women that did me in. I was too 'Yin'd' and not enough 'Yang'd'. I'm better now, but still not where I need to be, and that's after years of working to remedy the situation.
The M's are in PRECISELY the same situation, with major economic and geographic advantages over their opponents. The problem is,they don't go for the throat EVER. They think it's a friendly athletic exercise that might go their way eventually. Does anyone think that approach will work?
THAT is what I think people mean when they say the M's don't want to win. Of course they are high-powered executives, likely better at their jobs than any of us will ever be at ours. But relative to their true peers, like those across the street, they are woefully inadequate in Yang.

muddyfrogwater's picture

However, next year I expect to see 3 league minimum pitchers to start the season. A slow progression but moving ahead.

bsr's picture

+++ great story...thanks for sharing :) I think Z and Wedge have the requisite t-count to compete hard...the Ms weak link has always been ownership (and HowieChuck to an extent...but they are just the foot soldiers to the check writers). Look at our majority absentee maker of cutesy family fun shock that the team is run the way they are. The issue is fundamentally financial and business based. Anyway enough pessimism...let's hope Z has the magic touch to overcome his constraints...starting right about now!


This is really what we've learned from SSI. If things don't make any sense, it's somewhat likely that it's because we don't have all the information that the guys making the decisions have. Last year, we lamented Iwakuma's relegation to the bench early in the season but we didn't know (as Baker did know) that it was taking the guy three days to recover from throwing a couple of ST innings. There was literaly no way he could have started coming out of ST. If we had know what the club's coaches and trainers knew at the time, we would not have been so incredulous. And it appears that the club made the right call.
I don't know what is driving the "safe vets on one year contracts" thing in 2013 but something is. Risk aversion, talent readiness evaluation..something.


You bring in vets like Garland and Bonderman on minor league contracts, because in February you cannot be sure that everyone you "expect" in your rotation will be healthy. You also do not know in February just how your prospects will perform in the new year.
Noesi was the organization pick last year and performed well enough to get a spot out of ST. This year, he is apparently attempting to fix some of last year's problems and at the moment is a complete train wreck.
There was no guarantee that Hultzen or Paxton or Maurer (or Erasmo or Beavan) was going to impress in ST. So, you bring in extra bodies, "in case" you need them.
But, when you have a full rotation performing up to expectation ... your "stop loss" guys should not leap over them simply because they have multiple years of being mediocre.
My sense of things is Wedge (not Z) is likely the guy who wants Garland ... because my view of Wedge from early on is that he prefers any body that makes WEDGE's job easier. With Garland, Wedge just pencils in the name and any failure is on Garland - he's a vet, after all. But, if a Beavan or Erasmo or Noesi runs into trouble, it become's Wedge's job to figure out a solution to the problem.
I have no direct knowledge and admit this is pure speculation ... but my sense is that Wedge would rather have 4 vets and one prospect, simply because it means less work for Wedge than 3 vets and 2.

glmuskie's picture

FWIW, Divish guesses today on the radio that Ramirez and Beavan make the club; Garland gets released to try it with another team and Bonderman takes a AAA Tacoma assignment. That would be fine with me.

ghost's picture

Here's to hoping that Baker is just too close to the field on this one and is hearing Wedge heap praise on Garland to do him a favor when he tries with other clubs.

benihana's picture

I do love that we are getting all worked up about the 5th/6th starter and 5th/6th outfielder roster battles.
Certainly Wells vs. Bay has a lot less overall impact than Figgins over Seager. And how many, many, many years were we just looking for a live body to fill that fifth starter roll?
I love it when the biggest debates of camp are our 24th and 25th roster spots. Love it.
- Ben.


True, 'dat. The club that breaks camp in 2013 is going to be a LOT better than the one that broke camp in 2012. Morse over Ichiro in RF. Seagar over Figgins at 3B. Montero over Olivo at C and Morales over Montero at DH. Garland over Noesi at SP. Those are all pretty big upgrades. Add in Capps over Kelly and Pryor over Delabar and this team is markedly improved.

ghost's picture

Smoak over himself, Saunders over himself, Ackley over himself, Andino over Kawasaki, Ibanez over Peguero, Perez over the struggling version of Iwakuma, and Gutierrez back to full health.
Those are a LOT of upgrades.

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2015-06-29 12:25

Why not...they play like a farm team.

2015-06-29 12:05

Salt Lake is the Angels' farm team. The Mariners should not become the Angels' farm team.

2015-06-29 10:50

LOL Rick...just suggested Mormons because the problem with their front office is the lack of a clear direction (committee steering is like steering a herd of spiders)

2015-06-29 10:44

I dunno, Matt. What has BYU won recently?

2015-06-29 07:45

Ya. Maybe it's just too bad some had them for wschamps... high expectations can be the devil

2015-06-29 07:27

little bit snake bitten every year.

2015-06-29 06:27

Yesterday past ball.. day before cano overthrow goose egg....lil snake bitten this year

2015-06-29 05:48

Sean Kemp power dunks would help us forget

2015-06-29 05:47

Where's the super sonics ehen you need them?

2015-06-29 04:11

Maybe they should move to #Salt_Lake_City and benefit from some Mormon clarity of purpose.

2015-06-28 19:01

Maybe Paul Allen should buy the Mariners. Then he could trade for Russell Wilson, and sign him to a rich guaranteed MLB contract to avoid the NFL salary cap! Contract issues solved for the Hawks! Win forever. In all seriousness though having a unitary involved owner can't hurt.

2015-06-28 18:23

Swapping Bloomquist for Taylor and going back to the platoon at SS is the clearest path to better production at the position.

2015-06-28 18:11

Miller has the tools, but he needs to keep working and improving. I like the guy, but to me, he looks like a trade candidate when the new GM comes in and starts wheeling and dealing.

2015-06-28 16:34

Alas...the Mariners...are below average on life.

2015-06-28 16:33

He's above average on defense, DaddyO

2015-06-28 16:10

To each their opinion, but to me Miller is not doing fine for a bat-first shortstop. 87 OPS+. If he were a defensive whiz, then I'd say he was doing fine. But he's definitely NOT a defensive whiz. He has always been considered a bat-first shortstop whose offense will more than make up for his defensive lapses. Despite his occasional power, he's slugging .395. But I do admit he's not all the BIGGEST problems, which are Cano, Ackley, and Zunino. LoMo is more in the category of Miller, not doing enough of what each does well.

2015-06-28 13:47

Miller's doing fine for a SS. Not worried about him. Zunino is killing us. Cano is killing us. Morrison, for a first baseman, is killing us. Ackley killed us for a long time and is no longer an issue, for the most part - replaced by Trumbo the Dumbo.

2015-06-28 13:06

Yeah moe. The "it's still early" mantra has long since started to sound stale and unconvincing, despite the fact that technically there remains a small shred of truth to it. The way you put it is damning. A month since our last 3-game winning streak. For a team that needs to streak just to get to .500...OUCH! Personally, I don't think a managerial change will do the trick, though I admit it could and at some point you have to do something. What is truly sinking the M's is the combined plate work so far of Zunino, LoMo, Cano, Miller, and Ackley. Cano's troubles are in a different category, but we also needed some of those others to come through in a way that they simply have not done--- NONE of them. Is a managerial change going to fix that? I wonder. But I gotta agree, if we do nothing things are likely to just continue the way they have been going.

2015-06-28 11:01

OK, we're nearly 1/2 the way into the season.....will be after next Saturday's game. We're now 11th in the hunt for a WC with only 4 AL teams behind us...and each is barking at our heels. Our last 3-game win streak ended on May 27th, more than a month ago. We've had two 2-game win streaks since. That 3-game win streak last month concluded a 5 of 6 run. We've gone 13-19 since. Even including that 5-6 we're 18-20 over our last 38.

More of this is desperately terrible.

We've tried Weeks, Rugi, Jone and now Guti. Oh, we canned HoJo and brought in a legend, as well. We lost 4 of 6.

My goodness, isn't it time that we try to shake up things and go with a new manager. I like McClendon and I think the players likely do. Alas, he isn't punching many right buttons, assuming we have them.

We're in a rut and Lloyd isn't likely the answer. Let's hit the "redo" button for his spot.

With Cano DtD, we have the great opportunity of watching Bloomquist...or more likely Ackley at 2B a lot.

Sigh, I'm going fishing for a couple of days. I'm an optimistic guy, generally.......I need to raise a steelhead and get some good karma. Will bring it home for the M's.....I hope.

2015-06-28 09:29

Bennett holding out it looks like. May get imteresting

2015-06-28 08:50

Interesting which players will randomly find a way to screw over the team and cause more painful losses.

2015-06-27 21:16

interesting which hashtags get randomly applied to my shouts...

2015-06-27 20:54

Oh, I agree with those who suggest that much of Wilson's success to date has been due to Lynch's presence. I am not, however, of the opinion that taking Lynch's #Money and getting Dez Bryant, Jimmy Graham, or someone of their ability would fail to produce a commensurate increase in production, though it is beautiful to watch Lynch and Wilson bludgeon and slice opposing defenses in an endless alternation of power and precision. We'll find out if Wilson can benefit from a franchise receiver this season, though, since we've got both Lynch AND Graham ;)

2015-06-27 19:27

Mariner luck with him getting hit by overthrow... kidding me. Makes sense though., these guys been overthrowing all year

2015-06-27 19:12

How Bout cano day to day now. Shoulda rested him asap when it happened. Now day to day. Hope it doesn't get worse. All star break hurry

2015-06-27 19:09

He is lucky lynch is there though. Not sure how sucessful him...or the team would be without that workhorse beastmode

2015-06-27 18:37

I think there's a very real chance he'll end up with the highest AAV for the extension; Russell Wilson has more intrinsic, system-#Independent value more than *ANY* other quarterback in football. He deserves a huge contract, and while I'd prefer to retain the salary cap room afforded by a hometown discount, I'd gladly make him the highest paid player at his position. He's worth it to us, with our woeful pass-blocking O-line and proven ability to not only win, but dominate, in the NFL with him at the center of it all.

This is like the Randy Johnson situation. Don't overthink things, just pay the man and go work on your other problems; Wilson ain't one of them. I think Earl Thomas is the only guy I'd suggest is in the same zone of value for the team...I'd let Sherman walk if he'd wanted to outdo Revis' one year contracts; I'd definitely let Bennett sit out if he demanded $12mil/year; I'd have let Lynch go for ANY more than we ended up giving him; etc..

2015-06-27 17:32

No way Russell gets more than $21 million this year or next unless he gets Franchise tagged next year

2015-06-27 17:26

Sport switch football... Wilson approaching contract. Think he will be highest paid in NFL?

2015-06-27 17:08

On the bright side, we know that Rodney will not be blow a lead today

2015-06-27 16:26

Not the start we were looking for

2015-06-27 13:56

Last couple weeks they have Been able to keep leads.. that is for sure.

2015-06-27 13:09

Bullpen has been pretty great as soon as they replaced FRE with Smith... Oh well, hopefully Rodney is done blowing saves.

2015-06-27 12:25

Well the pen needs help. If Rodney is back smith coukd assist there

2015-06-27 10:59

Sigh....Carson Smith has been fantastic.

2015-06-27 10:27

It sucks that Rodney gets to just slide back into the closer role... Smith has TOTALLY earned it and thrived with it! I really hope they are just doing this to showcase that Rodney is back and pitching well so they can trade him... Surely a contender out there needs a closer or setup guy like FRE right?? I am glad that Taijuan is showing what an Ace he will be though! And Brad Miller, Cruz adn Cano all getting hot would be GREAT!

2015-06-27 09:54

Since I will not be watching the game this afternoon but enjoying some delayed Father's Day time with our kids, I predict the Mariners will explode for 23 runs and 29 hits today, belting 6, count 'em, SIX home runs. Of course, that may not provide enough of a lead for Rodney to protect.

2015-06-27 08:25

Yes.. and we all know he has that ability. Historically with closer spot it's a mental thing. I think he will get it back

2015-06-27 08:09

Lloyd doesn't think they can win pennant without a successful Rodney as closer. He may be right. Rodney needs to be solid then. Rock solid.

2015-06-27 07:56

My newest prediction is in... Trumbo goes yard vs old team. Mariners 6 LA 4

2015-06-27 07:07

I honestly feel this team has enough to make a run. Just hafta stop beating themselves

2015-06-27 06:44

As for Rodney Lloyd says hrs staying w him. He has #History of holding onto closers too long

2015-06-27 06:42

Ya ..and big ups for pen tonight as they have struggled

2015-06-26 21:55

Gotta credit Mac tonight for his use of the bullpen.

2015-06-26 21:35

Is Rodney returning to closer role tonight? Gulp. - Rick

2015-06-26 21:30

We kinda need Cano to carry this team for a while. He's been OPSing around 1.00 over the last week or so. - Rick

2015-06-26 21:19

Nice to see Cano jack one.

2015-06-26 21:15

Mariners 7th. How do you strategize your inning to get a runner on third with less than two out, presumably to be able to score a run with an out if necessary. Then with the bases loaded, #Austin #Jackson takes two pitches for strikes, one an inch off the outside corner and the other in the heart of the plate. Not even a swing, and he's down 0-2. I don't get it. If he's going to do that, why not have Zunino swing away instead of bunt. This team simply does NOT play sound fundamental baseball. It's a joke.

2015-06-26 18:17

We're restarting the system. Please log back in a minute. Thank you

2015-06-26 18:09

Test Richard on SSI

2015-06-26 17:01

For a good cause. Big Ms fan and epic sportscaster icon if you ask me. Plus twitter/ social media.. a klat dream

2015-06-26 16:31

Walker bouncing back nicely from rough start to year. Shoemaker been regressing. Hope we ain't the ones to get him back on track

2015-06-26 16:24

Just want to point out the match up shoemaker vs walker tonight :)

2015-06-26 15:08

Well sched about to get a little easier... kinda.,? WORSE records..BUT Long Time Away FROM home

2015-06-26 12:12

moe, nobody's asking for Zunino to be great offensively. The numbers I put up as what I considered a miminum for Zunino to not give away too much at the plate of what he gives with the glove and his work with the pitching staff, those numbers were .200+/.300/.400+. That's not great. That's bare minimum, and the only reason I put .400 slugging was because if Zunino hits .200 he WILL slug .400 or better. This is not a binary argument. The bottom line is that all...season...long...Zunino has been a constant escape hatch for opposing pitchers. The M's mount a rally, it seemingly always ends up with Zunino at the plate and two outs. 50% of the time the result is a strikeout, and 90% or thereabouts the result is an out of some kind. End of rally, and as it usually turns out end of Mariners chances to win that game. The accuracy of the exact percentages do not matter. What matters is the consistency of the phenomenon. We don't need Zunino to be great, but we can't tolerate the deep, dense black hole he has become. Recently, it seems, he has ameliorated that a TAD but only with the approach of a singles hitter, which negates his one strength as a hitter. We just need Mike to progress to the minimum levels I mention.

2015-06-26 11:56

Zunino can field, yes. But he's a little worse than "not a great bat"...he's an abjectly TERRIBLE one.

2015-06-26 11:48

Guys, Zunino is a + receiver. THAT isn't broken! If you look at all the tiemsa in the AL with Winning records and exclude McCann (NYY---lousy defense) and Martin (#Toronto) the average OPS is 78. Exclude the Guy in TBR and the average zoooms up to 86. Zunino isn't a great bat....but there aren't great bat great glove great receiving catchers laying around.

2015-06-26 11:27

All that being said... It may still be that Mike is in a nadir of that curve and soon he will be on an asymptotic rise to super stardom. My hope is that finding a calmer ki, taking a few more pitches, using a singles swing a little more as opposed to the 450 ft swing (especially with 2 strikes) will be the key for him, and so far in June we are seeing his first consistent attempts at that. My main point was to fight this rhetoric that a player can be "ruined" by being promoted to quickly... It is something we love to beat the drum about as fans, but I have never actually seen evidence to support it. It is just a convenient scapegoat for when one of our favorite players is not developing the way we hoped.

2015-06-26 11:20

I DO think that the inherent talent to hit in the major leagues is somewhat binary. Certainly it can be coached up, massaged, etc. Hot zones can be incrementally grown, cold zones shrunk, but I will never learn or train myself to hit a 95 mph inside fastball... It's just not in my DNA... I think eye can be learned a little more than pure hitting, but even then, when was the last time you saw a player fundamentally change his patience? Growth, development, coaching, learning they are all real, but the basic talent bases is what it is, and that learning and growth can happen in the majors just as easily as in the minors... all I was suggesting is that unless Zunino is very mentally weak, him being "rushed" did ruin him, it just moved his growth curve into his major league seasons, and it also doesn't limit or even slow that curve.
2015-06-26 11:16

Whatever "it" is, the Mariners don't have "it," they don't know what "it" looks like, and they don't seem to have any prospect of finding "it."

2015-06-26 11:15

I'm all for that, Griz. This franchise clearly needs not a minor transfusion of new blood, but a complete blood cleanse, top to bottom, with someone at the top who has demonstrated their ability build and organization from the ground up. The M's had what was at least a chance at that when they had Tony LaRussa interested in the job of club president last year, but they demurred and chose Mather instead. I'm not saying LaRussa would have been able to do what was needed from that position, but he'd be there right now, a year-plus under his belt, ready to step into the breach and clean house. I'd trust his choice of people to work under him way more than I trust #Lincoln, Mather or Zduriencik.

2015-06-26 10:44

I'm with you, Matt. But it runs far deeper than just the guys calling the shots with respect to player development. There was, to my recollection, a fairly complete turnover of those folks that came in the seasons after Jack was hired, with no real improvement. The minors are churning out pitchers, but then the M's minors have been pretty good at that for quite a while.

I would clean house in the organization, top to bottom. There is some kind of cancer gnawing at the bowels of this organization and it's going to be tough to get it out. It's not just Jack, just like it wan't just Bavasi. It's not just Mather just like it wasn't just Armstrong. It's not just #Lincoln. It's not just Gwynn. Some healthy flesh (ie good employees) will have to be sacrificed in order to get that cancer all out. Coaches, trainers, physical therapists, medical staff, marketers...I advocate a near complete purge. The trick, I suppose, is finding the person or persons to manage the organizational rebuild. People that can manage big organizational change are rare...and almost never the person you want running things in the long run.

2015-06-26 10:18

I also think we need to fire every single employee who has any role in the development of position players. Apparently, they are all terrible at what they do.

2015-06-26 10:00

OBF, it's possible you're right, but my problem with what you're saying is that you are assuming that the ability to hit in the major leagues exists as a binary condition, that the player either possesses the talent or he does not. I don't think that squares with what we know about any sort of talent or ability in any area of human endeavor.

2015-06-26 08:49

Agreed with OBF that it may simply be that Zunino was never going to hit. But the bottom line for me...we need a real catcher.

2015-06-26 03:14

If anything I find Zunino's June MORE encouraging than his May... The plan at the plate is MUCH better, the eye is improving, and the BB results are starting to show. He has also shown several times the ability to cut down his swing and lace a single somewhere instead of the asinine, I am going to close my eyes and swing as hard as I can and 2% of the time I will make contact with the ball and it will go 425 feet... Which comprised almost every swing of his entire career up until June...

2015-06-26 03:11

In other words... Zunino sucks at hitting right now, but I am totally unconvinced that an extra 3 months striking out OR mashing against almost major league pitching in AAA would have helped... Like Matt has been harping on lately... Does Romero destroying folks in Tacoma mean NOW he is ready??? I am beginning to wonder if Zunino is just Jeff Clement, but with supreme catching, pitch framing and leadership skills... He just has too many holes in his swing... 3 months in Tacoma or the summer leagues aint gonna fix it or help him stop swinging wildly at balls 18 inches off the plate...

2015-06-26 03:07

I am suspicious of the whole concept that a player can be "ruined" in the first place... At least by promoting them too fast... I think certain mechanical instruction can limit a player, especially on the pitching side (See Bleaven, Blake) and certainly harsh mistreatment is not good for humans (See Ramirez, Erasmo vs Mclenden, Lloyd), but just aggressive promotion??? I think the only thing you lose there is the performance and cost savings of a player going through his growth in leagues where results and service time don't count in the majors. If anything being with the best coaches and around other great players should accelerate ones learning... Take for example the "real world" in most professions I come in contact with the 4 years of college is more of a weed out and requirements building process, and real work knowledge is built on the job, and in fact especially in my area (Software Engineering) the BEST guys often did go to college because they just plain didn't need it and their talent so obvious that someone was willing to hire them without the passing of the college barrier to entry into the workforce... Unfortunately more and more even those folks are forced to go back and get some type of degree, just to check a box, or are looked down upon or paid less

2015-06-25 17:38

Bingo... most of all..24. Look at harpers first years. Well under played for the hype. Now look at this yr. Not saying Z is Harper, just saying the potential has a tendency to show itself with time

2015-06-25 17:31

The important point about Zunino a season-and-a-half into his (possibly premature) big league career is that we simply don't know if he's going to figure out how to hit a minimum of .200+/.300/.400+ (note the absence of the plus sign after the OBP) so as to not give back on offense too much of his defense, pitch calling, and pitcher handling. Some say he surely will, others think he might have been ruined. We don't know. But we can certainly say he hasn't yet established that he will meet this minimum standard on a regular basis. I marvel over his non-hitting contributions. I drool over his power potential. I am horrified by his plate approach.

2015-06-25 17:12

Anonymous you raise some good.points...but I know that doesn't mean he is doing as well as cano at the same time. Still think like any young guy he needs time.

2015-06-25 15:38

Heh, Zunino and Cano have identical WAR right now. Now, if I had told you that in March...#Rick
2015-06-25 15:34

Think he's trying to do too the ball. Seems like it to me

2015-06-25 15:32

That was #Rick below, as a few of you could probably guess.
2015-06-25 15:30

Mikey Z actually had a .775 OPS for May. Stung the ball pretty good, but his W/K rate was an abysmal 2/29. In June, he reverted to a low OPS and no power, but he's really working on his W/K rate and has it at 8/27 for the month. Like Romero in Tacoma, it's what he's working on, and as he works on it, like Romero, his production drops. He could be learning selectivity in Tacoma, or he can learn this stuff here with Edgar. I'll take him learning it here until and unless we get ourselves a more productive catcher. He's 24, and he's the best option we got by far. It's just too bad the Ackleys, Monteros and Smoaks of our world couldn't produce and forced us to spend our #Money for offense elsewhere. But I don't think we're breaking Zunino. We're just suffering through his growing pains.
2015-06-25 15:26

the avg is dreadful. Not many guys can stick around playing like that. Age is Def on his side though

2015-06-25 14:51

I wonder if the organization would consider asking Zunino to play winter ball somewhere, maybe as a DH.

2015-06-25 14:37

Calling up Zunino so quickly because he didn't have a better option is one of Zduriencik's biggest blunders. I guess we'll see what happens. But, if we get a new GM this offseason, I wouldn't be at all surprised to see something drastic happen, like Zunino spending next year in AAA or even getting traded.

2015-06-25 13:59

Pretty glad the team is off today, they need it. Honestly the all-star break couldn't come faster

2015-06-25 12:15

I share that fear, Matt. He probably needs a good stint in Tacoma away from the big league pressure to get his head cleared but there is no chance of that happening. Edgar may be his only hope and that's something pretty thin to hang onto.

2015-06-25 11:22

I fear that Zunino may be permanently broken at this point.

2015-06-25 11:19

It's going to be tough for the next GM to fix, too. They will go into the off season looking for at least an every day OF'r and a catcher. Maybe one more starter, since the depth will be taxed by the Kuma and Happ free agency. Plus a veteran or two for the bench. That's a rough #Shopping list for an org without a lot to trade, a bad reputation with players and a payroll that isn't likely to increase substantially. Be real nice to see Kivlehan turn it up in the second half.

2015-06-25 10:32

I actually did not assume progress from Zunino. I just thought I'd point out that I rather confidently predicted Zunino would hit for a lower BA than he did in 2014. And was laughed at.

2015-06-25 10:21

Once Cruz cooled off, as he was bound to do (he is NOT a .300 hitter, nor is he a .600 slugger), given that Cano is still hitting under .250 the Mariners lineup has not much else than Seager (who is pretty much a .270 / .450 guy) and Seth Smith vs. RHB's. There's just too many unreliable hitters who may get hot for a bit but inevitably fall back to their meager production levels. And there's several black holes as well. Preseason, we assumed a league average lineup at a minimum, and felt confident that #Seattle would be more than that. We, along with many pundits, wuz wrong. We assumed progress from Mike Zunino and Brad Miller. We assumed Dustin Ackley would build on the second half of 2014. We felt that Logan Morrison would be more consistent, and that if not we would see Jesus Montero step in and hit some. I don't fault us for being mystified. The real problem is that Jack Zduriencik is probably just as mystified, which is a state that seems to characterize his regime.

2015-06-25 18:40

I can't agree more with Grizzly. The issue is getting people on base...not hitting when they're on base. The latter is a myth; the former is a fact of life.

2015-06-25 09:52

Well, maybe that's just a symptom. The Royals got their runs because they were able to string together hits in sequence. The M's get a hit, maybe two in an inning. They rarely seem to string together innings with four or five hits plus a walk or two. Is that a RISP issue or is it more of an issue of only having five decent hitters in the lineup. I think that this lineup, once again, is pretty easy to pitch to most nights.

2015-06-25 09:43

Exactly right. You can get hits all day but when you can't with are screwed

2015-06-25 08:52

Here is the essential problem with the offense, and the difference between a playoff team and a loser... When i last looked at the boxscore in the 6th or 7th... Mariner... 9 baserunners... 2 runs, Royals... 11 baserunners... 8 runs... From the very first game this year hitting with RISP and efficiency has been the issue... After seeing this season and the abundance of NON clutch hitting, I am not sure how anyone could deny the existence of clutch... This mariners team has NONE.

2015-06-25 08:22

That's the thing Tick, Mcclendon needs to like get tossed from a game or snap out on the team..something, or anything to light a fire under these guys

2015-06-25 07:46

It looks like Edgard will have to buy a chick fillet franchise.

2015-06-25 07:45
2015-06-25 07:37

We don't have an identity, like we did last season. We're a collection of individuals, some veterans who had success elsewhere mostly, that plays against teams. If things happen to go well, we win. But we don't really jell. We don't assert our will on the field. We kinda just hope that things will work out, night after night.

2015-06-25 07:17

Every time this team engenders hope it promptly dashes it. To borrow from a much more serious situation, I quote the #Book of Revelation, "So, because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth" (3:16, ESV).

2015-06-25 03:38

They can't win em all......but winning that majority, or even half, would be nice.

2015-06-24 23:05

This team just seems...dysfunctional.

2015-06-24 20:22

That went bad in a hurry.

2015-06-24 20:17

think I'll go stab my cuticles with sawed-off razor blades...much more fun than this team.

2015-06-24 20:17

Well so much for continuing to watch the game tonight. Elias gives up 5 in the fourth inning. Make that 6 as I type this.

2015-06-24 20:17
2015-06-24 19:42

I can't believe Zunino got on top of that.

2015-06-24 19:37

Very good. I saw he tweaked his delivery when they put him in minors past month or so.. 24 pitches in first is Def great sign.

2015-06-24 19:37

Guti could have a Stan Javier kind of impact on this team. They need competent OF AB's something fierce.

2015-06-24 19:31

Duffy has GREAT stuff tonight...but Mariners worked him for 24 pitches in the first...good sign?

2015-06-24 19:17

Gotta know.. who has who in cws tonight. I'm shooting for Vandy

2015-06-24 18:48

Royals Duffy hasn't pitched in majors since mid may. Hope those bats can stay hot tonight

2015-06-24 17:07

HUUZZZAH!!! Finally, they get someone up here who can hit for the bench.

2015-06-24 16:23
2015-06-24 15:38

In 2014, to start the year, Kuma was out with a torn finger tendon. He was replaced by Hector Noesi, and Erasmo Ramirez was in the rotation, so you had Iwakuma injured and Noesi frazzing. Roenis Elias took over for Noesi on April 9, 2014, and there was a five day period where the PCC was violated, so the offense shut down and didn't score any runs for four games. Then On April 15, 2014, Blake Beaven took James Paxton's start. And on it went.

2015-06-24 15:30

The pitching calamity constant is an immutable rule of baseball, like the rule of two for the Sith. For example, when the Mariners started the year, Iwakuma and Walker were frazzing out. When Walker got his mojo back, James Paxton tweaked his finger and Iwakuma went on the DL.

2015-06-24 14:13

I think you got to be happy with the rotation at starting pitchers. Bullpen needs help...and need more offensive games like last night

2015-06-24 13:59

moj...that may be what they do (keep Happ in case of disaster)...but with both Paxton and Iwakuma back, their rotation goes 7 deep and 8 if you include emergency spot starts by Vidal Nuno.

2015-06-24 13:50

Trade Happ!@#$%^&. Here is a SABR formula to chaw: R=N-2, where R is the rotation, and N is the number of pitchers on hand, and 2 is the pitching calamity constant. It is written that at least two starters are ineffective or injured at any one time. So, if you wanted a rotation of 5, you would need 7 starters. This is Lloyd McClendon's formula. If you don't account for continual calamity, then the team will be continually understaffed. When (if) Paxton and Kuma come back, some other bad thing will probably happen.

2015-06-24 13:31

(and to allay your worries, Browns, yes...I did have a good time with last night's game. :) )

2015-06-24 13:30

There is zero chance that Romero ever does anything but hit .200 with an occasional dinger. Zero. Unless and until he gets his K rate down, he's the guy with four holes in his swing in my eyes.

2015-06-24 13:29

Happ is a nice piece, but I'd rather trade him if Kuma or Paxton makes progress before the deadline in exchange for an outfielder.

2015-06-24 13:27

For some players...AAA is a thousand miles from the big leagues. one of those players. AAAA all the way.

2015-06-24 13:02

Hey Matt, someone should see about getting Romero removed from the AAA Tacoma lineup, since that is as close as anyone's gonna get to the major leagues, and he shouldn't be even remotely close to them.
2015-06-24 12:38

OBF - They've got Seth for this season and next, so no big urgency in getting a deal done there. Happ is a FA but I need to see more of the 'first six weeks of the season' Happ before I would even think about an extension. Right now, it looks like he's the fifth best starter in #Seattle with Kuma and Paxton on the horizon. I'm not even sure that Happ is in the rotation a month from now.

2015-06-24 12:19

Well I hope you liked watching last night's game...

2015-06-24 12:18

I bet you enjoyed seeing your Fantasy Baseball stud spin a shutout last night, Matt!

2015-06-24 12:17

I would much, Much, MUCH rather see Romero take some cuts than ever see Ackley again, good game against Guthrie aside. We know what Ackley is, he is a bust. With Romero there is at least the chance that he refines his eye a little more and becomes a more power oriented Swiss army knife (he plays all four corners, and 2nd in a pinch).

Although being a big Beaver fan I admit I am biased toward Romero (OSU grad) and against the UNC punk ;)

2015-06-24 11:53

I sometimes forget why I even like baseball when watching the I watched the second half of the Jays/Rays game and had a great time watching my boy Marco Estrada run a no-hit bit into the 8th. Has been a fun game.

2015-06-24 11:52

I'll be annoyed if they cut Ackley and the guy they bring up is Romero. Guy belongs nowhere near anything remotely close to the major leagues.

2015-06-24 11:27

Ackley looked great with his TWO hits (or should have been...the other was an error, IMHO) but he was hitting against a guy who gets creamed by lefties. By my count our lefty guys were 8-16 against him, with two doubles and 2 BB's and the HR. I'm hoping it signifies an Ackley rebound, but I'm holding my chips for a while. OBF is right in that he gives you signs of life, brief ones, then long stretches of flatline.

2015-06-24 10:55

Ackley always does this, he always shows a tantalizing game or two, or heck a whole month... then nosedives for 60 days... I still say cut the bum and give Romero or Guti or Kiv or O'Malley or whoever a chance...

2015-06-24 10:53

Seth Smith and JA Happ... When do we sign them to contract extensions? Or do we have to wait for the offseason?

2015-06-24 10:47

At any rate, Kuma is coming back. . .. .for revenge.

2015-06-24 10:42

That's a brood of chickens. :). Who knows what Edgar is doing differently? Maybe he had Ackley's beard deloused, or maybe Ho Jo was too heavy handed with the hitters, or maybe Edgar has his own proprietary information that he's been holding out for all of these years. Or maybe, the Mariners just had a good game against a meatball. At any rate, the season isn't dead yet.

2015-06-24 05:53

JoBoo needs some rum...feels good to wake up after a 7-0 shutout.

2015-06-24 05:04

Maybe a whole flock?

2015-06-24 03:43

So I guess Edgar sacrificed some chickens?

2015-06-23 23:39

+2 amigo. LOL. Dangerously un-cheesy.

2015-06-23 23:26

I know the offense is still suspect, but when is it time to re-sign Seth Smith???

2015-06-23 23:05

Is it worth noting that AFTER #Montgomery hit the umpire in the head, he then retired the next 16 batters in a row??? Maybe Zunino needs to protect the umpires less

2015-06-23 22:42

I like #Montgomery because he just goes out there and does his job. I think there are some pitchers that really benefit from an extended stay in the minor leagues, prepping to start every 5 days, logging the innings pitched, dealing with situations with runners on, dealing with failure, and just learning their craft.

2015-06-23 22:36

So yeah, I guess Ackley has a #History with Guthrie, but still, both that hit in the second inning and the HR later in the game, the sound of the ball coming off the bat was not a sound I remember hearing from an Ackley hit. And, when they showed the slo-mo replay of the swing he put on both, he looked like a completely different hitter.

2015-06-23 22:03

#Montgomery really stepped up his game coming to the bigs. He didn't come close to pitching a game like this in AAA.

2015-06-23 21:50

Didn't they say that Guthrie was essentially the worst pitcher in the bigs vs. lefties this year? I love #Montgomery.....well at least tonight. The rest of the time I just have a pitcher crush on him.

2015-06-23 21:47

Matt: regarding Romero, it's 19/46, not 19/48, so we're talking .413 not .395. So, yeah, significant improvement over .341. 72 points. A definite trend in the right direction.

2015-06-23 21:41

Ackley has a long career of murdering Guthrie...good move to get him into the line-up tonight, McClendon. And yes...#Montgomery! Good thing I picked him up in fantasy in the middle of the second inning of his first Mariner start, ey? :D Just earned me 71 points. Mwahahaaaaaa

2015-06-23 21:08

I'm watching on my DVR. Ackley's hit in the 2nd was DIFFERENT!

2015-06-23 20:46

It is certainly amazing. his numbers v Guthrie compared to say.....any other pitcher in the bigs

2015-06-23 20:38

I support a new MLB rule, that whenever Dustin Ackley comes to the plate, Jeremy Guthrie must pitch, not matter what team he is with, no matter where in the country he is.

2015-06-23 20:37

Bout time they string together some hits. Few and far between this year. This should be the norm.

2015-06-23 20:26

Okay, okay, so Miller and Zunino redeemed themselves with the bases loaded next time they were up. We'll take it.

2015-06-23 20:08

#Montgomery pitching like he's got nothing to lose. Love that Elias #Style demeanor.

2015-06-23 20:02

That Miller / Zunino performance with one out and runners on second and third captures this entire season for the M's. Infield back, Miller can't even get us a ground ball.

2015-06-23 19:44

should we actually expect more out of Miller than we do of Cano?

2015-06-23 19:35

Time will tell. I see what you mean.. This ages hard throwers though.. look at the track record in last few years. Tommy John surgeries a plenty. I hope for the best but do fear the worse

2015-06-23 18:43

Paxton is a generational type of lefty flamethrower....I can't see how you trade that away this early. No No No.

2015-06-23 18:26

Well, he hasn't had shoulder or elbow troubles. No injury has repeated. Strained tendon in his middle finger. Strained forearm (after tripping over his own feet and falling). Strained lat muscle. Other than the current injury (finger), I don't see any surgery red flags.

2015-06-23 18:12

Ya. I don't mean just off the guy. Trade him to get something before you can't.. Just see surgery in his future..

2015-06-23 17:55

I'm not down with that, Browns. Paxton has something special that I don't see in any other M's starter other than Felix. #Montgomery is BOR cannon fodder to me. He's got some pitchability but is he really a guy you want to be relying on for critical starts? Not me.

I would definitely sit Paxton down and give him the "Montero" talk re off season conditioning.

2015-06-23 17:44

If #Montgomery can show the Mariners ANY hint of something... I say cut ties with Paxton.. he is a big injury ready to happen

2015-06-23 16:31

Um...19/48 is not "close to .50 eye"'s a .395 eye. And 30/88 is a .341 eye. That's not a significant difference.

2015-06-23 16:18

Gotta say I agree with Law's main point (though not all his particulars) with regard to his comments today about Jack Zduriencik being to blame for the dismal offensive performance of the Mariners during his regime. I don't see how anyone can conclude otherwise, though. It seems rather obvious. http://mynorthwest.c...

2015-06-23 15:54

Cruz to bat 4th. Hope this "hip" ain't something that's just a meter of time til it really goes bad. Otherwise put it down as another poor decision by the club.

2015-06-23 14:47

If quality starts was a real Stat the Mariners would be top 3 if not first. Baffling hitting woes. Edgar has his work cut out for him

2015-06-23 14:44

Worst part is #Montgomery has had 4 quality starts. Can't get any hits..and now who knows what's gunna go down with Cruz. Gotta be concerned with this whole pelvic deal.

2015-06-23 14:31

I'm not sure why you say that is "remarkably similar" Matt. Romero at 19/46 is close to walking nearly half as much as striking out this season, as opposed to three times as often, as he did in 2013. Yeah, last season in AAA he was 8/28, but he was also OPSing 1.055 instead of .779. If the M's told him "Look Stefan. If you want to get a call up, then you have to improve your BB:K ratio, because all that mashing ain't good enough," then I would say he's done so. His K rate is significantly better, and his OPS is still hovering near .900 at .878. Guti is 22/43 and Stefan is 19/46. Not sure I see a huge discrepancy here.
2015-06-23 14:11

#Montgomery has a shot to beat the team that originally signed him tonight. Before they gave up on him and he spent 7 yrs in the minors..

2015-06-23 14:04

Romero's K/BB in AAA this year is 19/46. Which is remarkably similar the 30/88 he had in 2013 or the 8/28 he had in 2014 before he got his call-up. He's the same hitter he always was. He failed in big leagues. Spectacularly failed.

2015-06-23 13:48

Kinda propelled them after the break. After that game yesterday I dunno.

2015-06-23 13:46

If my memory serves me correct the Mariners started a little win streak vs the Royals last year arou d this same time

2015-06-23 12:27

I have to say I have no idea what it means to dislocate your pelvic bone. It doesn't make sense medically. Perhaps he dislocated his pubic symphisis joint? Although I don't know how you do that playing baseball.

2015-06-23 10:39

That was me (Rick) below...
2015-06-23 10:39

I've been a Guti promoter around these parts, but I gotta say that Romero has earned a shot. He's put together a very solid season in AAA, again. In fact, interesting we have good depth in Tacoma for situations like this: Montero, Romero, Guti all deserve big league roster spots.O'Malley's got his pluses as well. Sure wish Montero could catch.
2015-06-23 10:36

Understood there Matt. I have no real problem with Guti coming up instead of Romero. I think Romero is more likely to do real mashing damage to LHP, but Guti has some track record; I can live with that. But really you have to go back to 2009 to find a Guti that was a real threat vs. LHP (Not counting 71 AB's in '12 where his BABIP was .458...his 1.160 vL that year was just as unreliable as his .397 vR was). It's been a while for him, certainly. Bloomquist is done done. I will continue to encourage an O'Malley call up. Noes and Bloomquist out then.....And a reminder, we're 71 games into this season, what is the chance that McClendon pushes the right buttons from here on out? If the answer is, "Not very high," then we ought to ship him out, too.

2015-06-23 09:36

The right man for the job is Gutierrez for one simple reason. Romero and O'Malley have never hit successfully in the big leagues and Gutierrez has. In our position, I go for the guy who has an established level of performance.

2015-06-23 08:57

Cruz is OPS'ing 1.044 in RF and .782 at DH. It is a trend (hitting better while playing the field) that extends back at least four seasons. I would play him in RF (as long as he's not tottly crippled-up) vs. RHP and DH (rest) him vs LHP, which means Trumbo is our 1B vs. LHP......which is a pretty good thing as LoMo is OPS'ing about .450 vs. lefties. Either way, it means that Jones goes back to Tacoma or Ackley goes elsewhere and you call up Romero or Guti.

If you are looking for a vL bat, tehn it's it or not. He's hitting .345-.380-.584 vL, Guti is OPS'ing .736 (although he is whacking a healthy 1.006 vR, compared to Romero's .825. They have very similar Eye numbers). Romero "can" play the IF, too.

And I keep reminding you guys, O'Malley can hit lefties: .351-.400 over the last 2 seasons with 13 xB hits in 168 AB's. Plus he switch hits. Plus he isn't terrible vs. RHP. Plus he plays everywhere. I don't understand why we hate guys like that. Sigh....

The weird thing about Ackley is that I don't think anybody assumes he's helping us this he's an anchor of sorts. Perhaps he will heat up like last year......perhaps.

Jones and Bloomie out, O'Malley and Romero (no argument with Guti, but he doesn't make us any more flexible) up. Ackley we keep...hoping for some Egar magic.....and and some Electric-Shave

2015-06-23 07:53

Pelvic bone POPPING OUT??? That ain't good...he needs to not be in the outfield...yikes. And yes...that will force us to DFA Ackley and call up Gutierrez IMHO

2015-06-23 07:48

If Cruz goes back to DH it means Trumbo in LF a bunch of the time. You could 1B him vL and bench LoMo, I suppose....but having Jones instead of Romero/Guti means you have no real other LF option vL. And you guys realize that as we get into the #Dog days then we're seeing a bunch more of WB at SS and 3B as Seager/Miller get some hot days off. A well structured lineup, Lloyd.

2015-06-23 06:56

Must be the real reason they brought in Edgar: "Hey, Nelson. DHing ain't bad. Sure, it'll keep you out of the Hall, but there's streets and restaurants and awards they'll name after you."

2015-06-23 06:28

Yo Lloyd - stop playing your DH in RF.

2015-06-23 06:26

@RyanDivish: McClendon said the hope is that Cruz's injury isn't serious. He mentioned issues with his pelvic bone popping out of place.

2015-06-22 21:12

Yeah...Ackley looks like a dead man up there.

2015-06-22 21:10

Is it just me or does Ackley have zero emotion left? Body language of a guy who has given up.

2015-06-22 20:43

Either way. The Voting System Is flawed.. Then again, IT WORKED Fairly Well for A Long time.

2015-06-22 20:38

Ya. I am sure there are people out there doing that.. but I think you have that probably with any team in terms of fans. I still think something is fishy about it. I mean never.., has it been so one sided.

2015-06-22 20:10

they just made an important point about KC vote-getting for the AS game...what do we think of the possibility of fraud? Of people getting 20 email addresses and voting 35 times with each of them? I think the voting stinks of bologna, but is that just me?

2015-06-22 19:55

wow...heads up play by Zunino there!

2015-06-22 19:48

Felix is mushy today. Everything is higher than he means it to be.

2015-06-22 19:42

And those are the mistakes being made weekly if not daily, which will end up sending mcclendon to the unemployment line

2015-06-22 19:35

#Jackson throwing home cost us a run. Just ridiculous. He didn't overthrow him, he just wanted to throw home and air it out for no reason. It wasn't gonna be close. Throw it to second and the game is still tied. Stupid baseball play. Think out there. Sheesh.

2015-06-22 19:33

Bad fundamental baseball. A-Jack overthrows the cutoff man and it ends up costing the M's a second run.

2015-06-22 19:32

It's not what we gave up for Trumbo. Trumbo's fine I guess. He just doesn't matter that much.

2015-06-22 19:26

Yeaaahh buddy... really need him to start coming on strong

2015-06-22 19:21
2015-06-22 19:03

Ya. Just a reliever and prospects right.. hopefully no future stars in those prospects. Short term I think it's fine..but like most of the lineup...these guys need to get on the base pads.

2015-06-22 18:10

I have no problem with the Trumbo trade. We gave up nothing of value and it's not a long term commitment.

2015-06-22 17:57

He still hit better earlier in career. I mean many would be happy w a younger trumbo i think. Get older with him... and for what a world series push? I think that ship may have sailed

2015-06-22 17:42

Well, he's never gotten on base all that much in his career, so I wouldn't hold out too much hope for that. Basically, his presence in the lineup turns a black hole into something less than a black hole, at the cost of defense (if he's playing the field rather than DH) and baserunning.

2015-06-22 17:34

Trumbo is better than Ackley but not as good as Seth Smith. It won't take too many runs for Trumbo to sweep us off our feet.

2015-06-22 17:28

Ya that sounds like the overall impression I get. Hopefully it will pay off.. and he can start getting on base more.

2015-06-22 17:22

I'm not a huge fan of the Trumbo trade. I suppose it's a net positive, but overall he's a very limited player with very little upside. He provides some power but not much else.

2015-06-22 17:12

I didn't really see everyone's thoughts on Trumbo trade? I know he came up big the other day but....guy moves around alot for a reason

2015-06-22 16:53

If walker and Elias can stay gotta feel pretty good about rotation.

2015-06-22 13:56
Taijuan's 38:3 control rampage … whether he gets too much of the plate or not, that is one #Whale of a stat. Thanks Grizz. #jemanji
2015-06-22 13:30
Walker's located fastball … with that kind of location (last two games) he is a *called-strike knee-high changeup* away from being special right now. Much more possible after that. #jemanji
2015-06-22 13:10
DaddyO: beautifully stated. :: peter o'toole :: #jemanji
2015-06-22 13:04
Appreciate the kind words, Doc. I just wanted to register with our new friend that he's not the only one that gets carried away from time to time. And when I thought about it, it IS true that when we do so some peoples' valuable shouts get scrolled quickly out of view, and a lot of readers might never see them. Shouts = good. Three shouts in a row by one person = okay. Six shouts in a row = less than fair to others. It made me think -- and doggone it that's an accomplishment in itself! #DaddyO
2015-06-22 12:16
re: number of shouts -- everybody's totally cool. Just a friendly bit of intel for our newest bro'. The thought that Daddy-O should write less on the SSI website? That's even more preposterous than delaying Hisashi Iwakuma in favor of Mike #Montgomery ... #jemanji
2015-06-22 09:39
As for Walker...he's not an ace yet...not until he gets a wipeout offspeed pitch going and proves he can throw it every time out...but the arm is definitely golden and even if he isn't an ace...he can pitch for me.
2015-06-22 09:38
Here is a fun article from a couple years ago to get you all psyched for Felix Day :) #OBF
2015-06-22 09:37
Happ may just be a pitcher that has to get loose before he can throw hard. The longer he throws in a season, the more he runs smooth and throws hard? Three straight seasons now his velo has inceased with time.
2015-06-22 09:30
Went to my Dad's for father's day and watched the Mariners live. Live baseball is a little too stressful for me. I prefer SSI shtick, Lloyd McClendon quotes, statistics, Youtube and highlights. The angst y'all have been carrying on about for the last couple of months suddenly makes sense. It was hard to sit three hours hoping for that big jonron that never came. Especially after they chased Velasquez so early.
2015-06-22 09:11
Totally agree, G, on both counts.... We were all on the ledge with Taijuan for a month or so, but I am back to thinking of him as Ace in the making, the media just needs to catch up... Amazing how fast they laud you and then how fast they forget you. They'll be slobbering all over him soon enough. As much as I love winning series, we needs some sweeps if we want to actually get back into the playoff picture... BTW, admins, shouts would be a lot more readable if they at least kept the whitespace formatting we pit in (like this was supposed to be 3 paragraphs) #OBF
2015-06-22 09:07
Happ was throwing 94-95 consistently yesterday! Miller booted a cookie otherwise his line would have looked much better. The Saunders / Happ trade just looks better and better, it would be nice if he could get back to going a little deeper in games as well... When do you start talking extension with JA? Or do we just go the Qualifying Offer route? Seems like a QO is pretty much a garuntee to NOT have a player on your team next year... and is a crapshot at a draft pick, I would rather negotiate a contract I think... #OBF
2015-06-22 09:06
Wish we could have swept the 'Stros. Gotta get on a roll soon. "In a couple weeks" will be too late a few weeks from now. Needing a nice little 9-of-11 winning streak if y'all don't mind. #G_Money
2015-06-22 09:04
Dan Szymborski put up a Top-25 pitchers under 25 list on ESPN. Taijuan Walker is not on it. Apparently he hasn't watched Walker since the middle of May, because if you ever liked Walker's future and you've seen his last month (even with the dingers) I don't see how you leave him off for some minor league guys who haven't been challenged yet. #G_Money
2015-06-22 08:12
As baseball fans, we would probably love to see our Chatting Averages posted, along with PPD's (posts per day). If we could get community ratings of posts (range one star to five), then we could have the Shout equivalent of Slugging Percentages (total stars divided by total shouts). This has real possibilities. Cue Horshack from Welcome Back Kotter ( ). Just kidding, of course. But I know I get carried away with shouts sometimes, and it's probably to the detriment of other peoples' shouts getting "air time," since they get scrolled off the viewed page so quickly. #DaddyO
2015-06-19 18:33
I have no heard too much about #Seattle coach. US he really kinda hated locally #Browns8625
2015-06-19 15:13
Can the site developers explain what this line means? Interests: SportsWild #Monkey #Food #Career (177121) It seems like some sort of #Strange secret code. Generally not good to put any information on a page that is not explained or self-explanatory. #SABR_Matt
2015-06-19 14:36
Agree - not many players in any sport leave voluntarily. I've often wondered why so many fans seem to think that Willie would be a good manager or coach. What are they basing that on? I've even seen people advocating to fire Lloyd and install Willie as manager, despite no experience. Weird. #MtGrizzly
2015-06-19 13:22's hard to say goodbye, moj. Many great players hang on too long and go on to be fine coaches. Bloomy probably doesn't think of himself as butchering anything...hard to be objective about yourself. #SABR_Matt
2015-06-19 12:16
If Bloomquist is okay with butchering shortstop, and demoralizing the pitching staff, and is okay with taking the place of Chris Taylor, then I don't get the sentiment that he would make a good coach. The necessary managerial move is retiring himself. Of course the baseball player's union strongly frowns on a pay cut, and Bloomquist doesn't put himself at short. #mojician
2015-06-19 11:20
I will never, ever understand the man-crush that many in and surrounding the Mariners' organization have for Willie Bloomquist. There was a little bit of hype around his first September callup, but it was our misfortune that happened to hit out of his mind in that initial MLB cup o' joe. From then on, he was christened the champion of the Everyman baseball player. If he did something ordinary, it was trumpeted as if it were extraordinary. If he did something less than ordinary, it was excused. His "grit" was said to bring something special and intangible to the ball club. In truth, in his early days his baserunning was his one plus, but that was long since left behind with his youth. Versatility is only useful so long as a player brings a certain basic, minimal competence and skill set to the positions he can man. That minimal competence no longer exists. I don't mean to pick on Willie. He didn't create this ridiculous situation. It's not his fault. He's just Willie being Willie. On the other hand, one wonders if in the mind of his fanboys he is Willie being Rick Rizzzzzzz, or Willie being Dave Sims. I really don't get the equal fanboy attitude of former MLB-ers like Mike Blowers, Dave Valle, etc. Truly Willie Bloomquist is the Teacher's Pet of the #Seattle Mariners. #DaddyO
2015-06-19 10:50
It's not like Willie is Omar or something, a defensive wizard who can still give a little on that end even at the end of his #Career. He was never a good middle infielder, let alone a plus SS. He was minus most years, at most defensive positions. At the end of his road he's not getting any better. Let it go. #G_Money
2015-06-19 10:48
I would think it was sabotage... but c'mon: who would look at this offense and think, "Man, we need to find some way to slow them down..." #G_Money
2015-06-19 10:26
Totally agree on bloomquist.. not like first is a super skill position. Time to cut ties. #Browns8625
2015-06-19 08:27
UUUUUUGGGH...what the heck did they EAT? Someone manning the buffet in the clubhouse should get fired. #SABR_Matt
2015-06-19 08:21
Drawer says that Cruz also has #Food poisoning and shouldn't have played yesterday. Throwing up before the game. Seager had to get an IV. What's this offense look like without Cano, Cruz and Seager? If my bouts with #Food poisoning are any indication, we may find out. #MtGrizzly
2015-06-19 06:30
well it's definitely time to cut Bloomquist. He's terrible at everything...can't play defense at all other than in first base (who cares) and can't hit, run the bases, or get on base. So...why is he still here? #SABR_Matt
2015-06-19 03:43
I won't say I told you so when we brought up Jones rather than O'Mally...or somebody who could play IF. He's a way better thitter who plays a ton of positions fairly well. But I guess he doesn't steal bases. Sure could have used one of them last night, right........? #moethedog
2015-06-18 22:27
The truly unfortunate part of this game is that #Montgomery should have had zero runs scored against him, but the DEFENSE let him down. There is NO WAY the Mariners win this Astro series. #Tacoma_Rain
2015-06-18 22:00
Take Seager and Cano (diminished as he has been) out of this lineup and it's every bit as bad as any we've seen in a Mariner uniform. #MtGrizzly
2015-06-18 21:55
The Giants are making outs on purpose now. They know the Mariners can't score a run even when given a couple runners to start #Tacoma_Rain
2015-06-18 20:48
Makes you really miss Edgar and Griffen in the good old days. Felix helps as the best on the planet but dang.. #Browns8625
2015-06-18 20:31
Mariners hitters make 4.50 ERA pitchers put up stat lines that make them look like All-Stars. They've been doing it now for SIX YEARS, since 2010. #DaddyO
2015-06-18 19:41
contact-heavy team like San Fran making him pay for the lack of swing-miss stuff. #SABR_Matt
2015-06-18 19:36
big knock on #Montgomery is that he doesn't have a wipeout pitch. #SABR_Matt
2015-06-18 19:17
Good thing we did that E-Ram trade. #SABR_Matt
2015-06-18 19:15
If #Montgomery pitches 6 innings giving up 2 runs or less, he is our new number 2. #Tacoma_Rain
2015-06-18 19:03
Is it bad that I've taken to calling him Mike #Monkey because of #Monkey Ward (what everyone called that old department store)? #SABR_Matt
2015-06-18 18:24
2015-06-18 18:16
I can see it being punishable by the team..but I don't like it if it was the league #Browns8625
2015-06-18 18:08
Wow. Panda was tearing it up too. Dude really can get around the bases for a big guy #Browns8625
2015-06-18 17:59
umm...why is that a punishable thing? #SABR_Matt
2015-06-18 17:45
In the 'what the heck' file: Pablo Sandoval has been suspended for Instagramming *during a game*. #MtGrizzly
2015-06-18 17:23
Definately agree mt. Subpar record or not. Team has to think long term. #Browns8625
2015-06-18 17:09
Re: Felix, I would be tempted to DL him once Paxton and Kuma are back, just to heal that ankle if nothing else. Missing two starts won't kill the man. #MtGrizzly
2015-06-18 17:05
Alex #Jackson is evidently on the field pre-game in #Everett. Be nice to see him healthy. #MtGrizzly
2015-06-18 15:40
What do you make of this split line for King Felix: APR: 2.48 MAY: 3.98 JUN: 2.88 JUL: 2.62 AUG: 3.06 SEP: 3.40 It looks to me like Felix has a dead arm around mid/late May every year and it screws up his command of the fastball/change-up combo. Hopefully he is now back on track and will rip off another 17 UQS streak. #SABR_Matt
2015-06-18 15:11
alas, Paxton is still feeling pain in that finger. He's probably at least two months away, realistically. #SABR_Matt
2015-06-18 11:29
I'd stick with #Montgomery as long as he throws well...Happ is less sharp right now...but we have time to get more of a reading. I'd seriously consider an interrupted 6-man rotation (Felix pitching every five days, everyone else filling in the gaps in order). I'd also seriously consider piggy-backing guys from the pen to the rotation and back. Pair #Montgomery with Walker, Iwakuma with Elias or Happ, let Felix, Paxton and Happ/Elias pitch normally. #SABR_Matt
2015-06-18 09:05
From the Times: "Hisashi Iwakuma (strained lat) is still on schedule to pitch in his first rehab start on Saturday in #Everett with the AquaSox. But how many rehab starts will he need before being ready? There is no set number, according to manager Lloyd McClendon. It will likely be two or three starts. It will depend on how Iwakuma performs, his command and velocity. And if it isn’t where the Mariners want it after three, he could make a fourth start." So who goes when he and Paxton are read? #Montgomery is an easy choice but the second will be an interesting decision. If Happ turns in another couple of stinkers while Walker and Elias keep pitching well, would they push him to the pen? #MtGrizzly
2015-06-17 21:39
Oh yeah, CMB, I had forgotten about that. That could be a major factor in a down season. Thanks for the reminder. #DaddyO
2015-06-17 21:37
That was a fabulous game by Felix and the Furbush/Carson tandem in the 9th. Doesn't mean a thing in the long run unless #Seattle starts putting together a lo-o-o-ng stretch of much better than .500 baseball. For one night, we can enjoy a win over MadBum. Kudo's to Maxwell distracting Pagan on #Jackson's "triple." #DaddyO
2015-06-17 21:36
just relieved that there's nothing wrong with Felix. #SABR_Matt
2015-06-17 21:33
Just glad it wasn't aces #Wild. King Felix's ELO rating goes way up...Bumgarner's ELO rating goes way down. Mwahahahaa #SABR_Matt
2015-06-17 21:20
Great to see that Aces can be high or low in this game too #Tacoma_Rain
2015-06-17 21:14
His grandfather did pass away right before the season. Sounds like he was more of a father figure. #CMB
2015-06-17 21:01
I'm sure his mistakes are frustrating to Cano, but it's as if his mind is on something else. I wonder if it's possible he's suffering from some malady that makes is challenging to maintain focus. I only say that because I have had that problem constantly since my heart attack, and it's got nothing to do with a lack of concern to do so. #DaddyO
2015-06-17 20:59
I certainly hope the kangaroo court will give him a huge fine ($10,000) and a severe scolding #Tacoma_Rain
2015-06-17 20:55
I'm serious...I would incur the wrath of the players union to make a point for my team. The fines would be escalating in severity. Firs ttime you do something stupid like that, 1000, second time 10000, third time 100000, fourth time, benched with a fine sufficient to erase your pay for the duration of your benching. #SABR_Matt
2015-06-17 20:52
Only the Mariners can get your juices flowing and then remind you suddenly why they have not been very good this season. Cano gets a big RBI double, then gets caught wandering off second base. Even Dave Sims is wondering aloud what in the world is wrong with Cano and his baserunning blunders. #DaddyO
2015-06-17 20:51
Tacoma Rain...the one correlation of which I'm aware is that hard hit balls tend to mostly be low line drives and grounders, believe it or not. I don't think there is a directional bias other than perhaps more balls pulled. #SABR_Matt
2015-06-17 20:50
Well...I'll take that lead, but if I were managing, Cano would be fined 100,000 dollars every time he got picked off like that. #SABR_Matt
2015-06-17 20:35
Matt, I hope this makes sense to you... since the Mariners are consistently the leaders in hitting the ball hard, but are also consistently hitting the ball at players... is there some correlation between where hard hit balls normally go on the field versus balls not hit so well and their placement on the field #Tacoma_Rain
2015-06-17 19:52
It could be another one of those nights... Montero 1-1 Triple 2 RBI's... #Leon Landry hits his 5th HR in Tacoma!?! in 30 games!?! When did #Leon develop power? #Tacoma_Rain
2015-06-17 19:46
TR, looks like SF is full of hitters who keep the bat in the zone for awhile. Duffy the only guy I've seen swing hard against Felix through 2. But yeah, feels like never ago. #CMB
2015-06-17 19:35
When was the last time the Mariners got 2 broken bat hits in a game, let alone an inning??? #Tacoma_Rain
2015-06-17 19:29
I struggle. I struggle with feelings. I struggle with feelings about watching the Mariners on TV. When I do, I consider wearing a paper bag over my head in my own TV room. It's a simple matter of self-respect. #DaddyO
2015-06-17 19:25
I don't know why I'm even bothering to watch this game. #SABR_Matt
2015-06-17 17:22
was thinking about that yesterday...I'd take a shot at Black if I were the Mariners. #SABR_Matt
2015-06-17 16:10
Padres fired Bud Black. Let's see where this goes. #IcebreakerX
2015-06-17 10:50
2015-06-17 10:39
In the Rushmore article comments I suggested that Griffey shouldn't be on it... Get in there and tear me apart! :) #OBF