Ten Big Decisions

It's a very simple problem, from the GM chair


=== Eyes Slideways ===

[COMIC PANEL ONE] You kiddies are desperately hoping for something to occur that might distract SSI, and cause it to talk about something other than soldiers killing people and breaking things.  

[COMIC PANEL TWO] Hector Noesi occurs today.  

[COMIC PANEL THREE]  ::crickets::  :: Dr D thrashes about for a punch line ::

Where is Jeff Sullivan when you really need him?


The infield battles are not very interesting.  Well, it's interesting to see whether the M's will keep only two catchers, and whether they can find room for Alex Liddi or Nick Franklin.  But 1B-2B-SS-3B are set.

The 5-man outfield rotation is kind of interesting.  However, all of the outfielders other than Morse and possibly Saunders are of roughly equal talent.  Whether the M's give time to Casper Wells or Jason Bay is unlikely to swing the balance of power in the West.

The M's are loaded in the bullpen.  That's not a battle; it's an impending bloodbath.  For the other teams.  I know a couple of pricey AL West teams who had better get their leads by the 6th inning.  


However, the starting rotation battle is both (1) fascinating and (2) a pivot point for the M's presumed future domination of hardball as we know it.

Cinderella teams occur, and usually they occur because Billy Beane finds five starting pitchers who lock you down.  The M's cleanest path to a big season is by getting a surprise rotation going.  It could like totally happen.  It is most heinously the job of the shot-callers to MAKE it happen.  They can't afford to be feebleminds on their rotation calls.

Capt Jack and Sgt Wedge can afford to indulge their biases on Robert Andino or Jason Bay or Raul Ibanez or three catchers.  They gotta get the rotation right.


Bill James learned, once he got inside baseball, that Theo Epstein's GM seasons depended on 10 or 12 mammoth decisions he made each season, and whether those turned out to be the right calls.  HERE is where they gotta get it right.  

If you look back from November 2013, and the Mariners turned out to have a great season, it says here it will probably have been -- primarily -- because they made the right calls in the rotation.



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DaddyORe: "That's an actual batting order," yes, but will they do it? Is this plan D of four plans, the first three of which simply didn't pan out? Or is it step one in plan A or B?1 min 55 sec ago
DaddyO21 DP's with the M's in 2013. That's Joe Torre territory. Cano average nearly 20 per season. That's a prorated 40 DP per season duo in the middle of your order. You've gotta do a LOT of slugging to counteract that.5 min 25 sec ago
DaddyODid Kendrys even WANT to come here? This move is perplexing. The M's showed some interest but played salary games with him late in the offseason before letting him slip away over what amounted to peanuts. They showed no interest before Minnesota signed him. The same problems that exist today existed then. Imagine what our record would be if they had signed him in April or May. Plus 3 or 4 from what we have now? He's a legit bat, just not a big one.7 min 57 sec ago
SABR MattSay they get Kemp for Franklin and Walker and the Dodgers cough up 40% of his remaining salary...and then say they add McGehee on the cheap (won't cost that much to get I don't think)...this line-up: CF) Jones LF) McGehee 2B) Cano RF) Kemp 3B) Seager DH) Morales 1B) Morrison C) Zunino SS) Miller - that's an actual batting order.8 min 28 sec ago
SABR MattIf they now go and get Kemp, for example, which...rumors persist.............11 min 45 sec ago
DaddyOIf the M's follow this up with another bat, an even better bat, to man RF and hit behind Cano (Seager should hit 5th), then this looks better. It definitely solves our DH black hole IF (!) Morales hits in line with his capability.14 min 33 sec ago
SABR MattAgreed DaddyO...they can't stop at Morales. I think he does help...so I'm glad he's here...but if this is all they get this July...they failed and I'll be upset.15 min 27 sec ago
DaddyOMatt, I thought you were KIDDING! You GOTTA be kidding me, but I see you're not. I don't like this move AT ALL. It's the kind of move that, if done, should have been done a month ago, or at least two weeks ago. Morales is a Band-Aid move, a low risk-moderate reward move. If it ends up that the Mariners consider this a check-off-the-box-we-did-something move, this is precisely what I was concerned they would do.16 min 52 sec ago
SABR MattGUYS!!! We acquired a bat...stop the moping for a sec to talk about it. :) Kendrys doesn't solve our problems...but I think he'll help some. And hey...there's still time to get more than just Kendrys19 min 31 sec ago
SABR MattMorales seems to be popping the ball up too much in Minny...line drives are dropping, but his plate discipline numbers aren't getting worse apart from a slight increase in Sw-S%. My guess...he's just rusty from having no ST and he'll eventually hit. But...he is very...very...slow.20 min 42 sec ago
DaddyOSo... long, Wi...ld Card. All of the nights we waited to score 'til dawn... I never thought I'd wait, so long....so long. Offseason may come and trade deadlines may go and never change your point of view. When I run dry, I pine away and think of you...20 min 46 sec ago
SABR MattMariners acquire Kendrys Morales for Stephen Pryor. LOL!!!29 min 8 sec ago
bsrTerry - let's just hope the M's get to the end of that great song and we can all say "Amen and Hallelujah!" Because, you know I don't find this stuff amusing anymore.35 min 16 sec ago
SpectatorActually, if you go just by Pythagorean record, 3rd best. By playoff percentage chance, 5th best.59 min 5 sec ago
rick82And you trade your Taijuan Walker...and I my Justin Smoak. Oh who am I kidding? That last line is a joke.1 hour 12 min ago
rick82What's that you say, Mr. Mattingly? Clobbering Kemp has left and gone away? Hey hey hey1 hour 14 min ago
SpectatorLike a bridge over troubled water, Pythagorean analysis still says the M's are firmly the 5th best team in the AL.1 hour 16 min ago
SpectatorWhere have you gone, Matt Kemp of 2011? Our nation turns its lonely eyes to you.1 hour 18 min ago
rick82If our budget is cast in stone, and all we have in currency is prospects, we gotta be real careful in how we cash them in. Sucks for this season, but if we play our cards right, we will be killer in the next couple years. And we can still win this season. I continue to re-iterate the Dodgers won 97 games in '65 with worse pitching and hitting than we have. We don't do the little things they do, but we do have better pitching and hitting (ERA+ 121 to 116, hitting 92 to 89). Jack has probably been told by Lincoln that he will not tolerate giving away Choo, Cabrera and Jones for a chance to go from suck to super suck.1 hour 50 min ago
phxterryDaddyO - "Slip slidn away" -- good call -- that tune has been bouncing around my head for the last 2 weeks. Paul Simon is my hero for coining my favorite line "All along along there were incidents and accidents; There were hints and allegations". The M's are all about hints and allegations, not substance. Read more at http://www.songlyrics.com/paul-simon/you-can-call-me-al-lyrics/#Spictsgup9pLD9yF.992 hours 10 min ago