Stephen Pryor Scouting Report 6.2.12 - Physical Attributes


=== Core Exercises, Dept. ===

The M's being obsessed with core strength and whatnot, you'd think they'd be giddy over stumbling into baseball's Ultimate Core Specimen with Stephen Pryor.  Oh, wait.  Maybe Jay-Z and Tommie Mac drafted Pyror BECAUSE he's got the core power of a Van Helsing monster?

Pryor is not fat, but his waist and abdomen are almost freakishly wide.  Would be nice to hear Gordon or Dr. Grumpy or somebody explain what is occurring when a male is wider than he is tall.  Is this an over-development of obliques, or is it a wide pelvis, or are all the organs proportionately larger, or what happens when a person has a shape like Pryor's?


=== Horsepower, Dept. ===

Pryor looks scary, as much as he throws scary.  Pryor was visibly hyperventilating when Wedge threw him into the fire on June 2, but after one pitch it was (we kid you not) the Chicago White Sox who were frightened.  A single invisible 100-MPH from this Van Helsing monster, and Paul Konerko had his eyebrows up, blinking fast, mouth open, jittery hands, every aspect of his expression radiating genuine alarm.

That was the way with each White Sox hitter following.  Even Viciedo, early in the at-bat, radiated panic.  Pryor did him a favor and dialed it down to 88 MPH, but the effect was palpable.

This is going to sound funny, but even around the locker room it will take some doing for Pryor to truly fit in.  You're in a closed space with somebody like that, you've got to figure out a comfort zone.  That dude is seriously unnerving.


The Seattle Seahawks won the NFL championship in 2005, but ..... long before that, the milestone was passed at which nobody in the NFL wanted to play the Seahawks.  

In 2004 and during the reg season of 2005, you knew that your right defensive end was going to be engulfed and emasculated by Walter Jones - whoever your right end was.  You knew that Steve Hutchison was going to hurt somebody on your team, maybe a few people, maybe a lot of people.  You knew that the Seahawks were going to throw for 250 yards and were going to run for first downs whenever they felt like it.

Long before a Mariners team wins a championship, you're going to feel like you want the Yankees in here to take their medicine.

Stephen Pryor is going to be part of that.  Y'feel me?



=== Durability ===

Pryor has a Clemens-, Gossage-like ability to drive a fastball from his keister first.  This of course takes the pressure off his arm; Clemens and Gossage (among many others) threw effortlessly until they were 40 years old.

Ordinarily you'd think, put him in the rotation and let him throw his 250 innings per.

In Pryor's specific case, though, there is a point of accelerated returns once the fastball hits 97, 98, 99 MPH.  If you let him go one (1) inning, tell him to get in there and throw 15 pitches at 99 miles an hour, you've got a superstar.

The M's can exploit Pryor's natural power, but they may want to exploit it by letting him throw 90 innings per year for 15-20 years.  All pretty much one inning, or 1.1 innings, at a time.

Looks like a Longoria-Moore contract candidate to Dr. D.



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moethedogWhat with the teams we are chasing losing both last night, our dismal performance may be one of the M's biggest regular-season losses ever. Not panicking, mind you, but moving ahead of KC and even with the Orcs would have been pretty large. Denorfia is hitting .129 over the last 28 days. He's made his living vL, but is only hitting .222 vs. lefties this year and slugging .285, w/ no homers. I'm not sure I play him anymore. Hart had two singles, I would still never play him. To get him in to the lineup you have to move Morales to 1B, which is a defensive dent in the armor AND then you have to move LoMo to the OF, which hurts even more. I would rather we play Smoak right now, over Hart. And did Ackley need to rest his ankles....the night after hitting two homers?1 hour 44 min ago
IcebreakerXDaddyO: The oddity isn't just NY media though... Deadspin had an interesting angle on the Gatorade commercial, pointing out that the commercial basically paid for itself by having the entire sports journalism machine essentially peddle A COMMERCIAL to 3 million views on YouTube by decreeing it 'gave the chills', etc. Meanwhile, Jeter basically says it was 30 minutes of ho-hum commercial filming in the Bronx (in other words, he was paid to do it). If this were A-Rod, they'd point out the cynicism all day long! Anyways, I simply don't understand this level of worship considering Jeter. Marketing, yes it is all.... But I even respect Griffey more for just ditching the M's when he was a bag of suck. THAT was 'My Way'.4 hours 24 min ago
DaddyONew Yorkers and the media based there worship themselves and their local heroes above those of other locales. They SEEM to honestly think everybody in the country ought to be indoctrinated in their point of view. Jeter is their biggest hero. Everyone else in the country is just background scenery for their stage play.11 hours 53 min ago
IcebreakerXmojican: Haha!12 hours 5 min ago
mojicianYou are right about the Jeter thing. Other players don't have season long retirement drama, even players above Jeter's caliber. Will Ichiro have elaborate tribute seasons? Did Vlad Guerrero, Randy Johnson, Manny Ramirez or Pedro Martinez? What's the big draw?12 hours 8 min ago
mojicianJust kidding about that.12 hours 23 min ago
mojicianOh no Icebreaker: Three things you can't talk about at SSI: 1. Whether Kuma is better than Felix, 2. Derek Jeter, 3. That time Doc predicted the 49ers would beat the Hawks at C-Link.12 hours 59 min ago
IcebreakerXDoc, what are your feelings on the Derek Jeter Farewell Experience? It's two years in a row where there's been one of these for a Yank, but this one seems genuinely forced compared to Rivera's farewell tour last year. Frankly, it feels fake as A-Rod.13 hours 50 min ago
Gordon GrossYoung has to be done for the season. Even if we have an entire game that's a bullpen start - we have enough guys for that. Chris has been admirable, but we can't have another one of these.14 hours 8 min ago
IcebreakerXI acknowledge that Lloyd Pencil has gotten us here, but there are some seriously questionable moves too. Like today's lineup. And Morales constantly batting 4th. And seriously thinking Chris Young was the best option for today.14 hours 34 min ago
SABR Mattno...they're mostly bombs.15 hours 13 min ago
rick82Haven't seen the game much, are the homers shots Safeco would hold?15 hours 32 min ago
SABR MattThis game should signal the end of ever seeing Young start a game this season. Give the ball to Wilhelmson.15 hours 35 min ago
DaddyOChris Young...A game...Not.16 hours 28 min ago
SABR MattFreddy Galvis is my hero. 2-0 Phillies late.17 hours 52 min ago
SABR MattChris Young...if ever there was a time for you to have your A game...........18 hours 29 min ago
Gordon GrossRoyals lost to the Tigers again. We're tied with them pending the outcome of today's game. Boy could we use a win...18 hours 40 min ago
mojicianThe Phillies had better man up today.21 hours 58 min ago
SABR MattEspecially if King Felix gets that game. :)22 hours 7 min ago
Gordon GrossThe Mariners have the best road record in the AL, y'know, and the second-best in baseball to the mighty Dodgers. Think anybody's looking forward to having home field "advantage" over us if we make the Dance?1 day 1 hour ago