So, Where is Justin Smoak Right Now?

Triangulation, dept.


Q.  Smoak has an OPS up 'round 1.000 in September and he has the 5:7 EYE, the improved StrSw% rates, and every other number to back it up.  But what does the scouting eye say?

A.  :: blinks :: He suddenly realizes that he hadn't watched a Smoak at-bat since the callup ...

Ran off to eyeball Mr. E=M2Cliff Lee on the DVR.  Whaaaaaaa?  Differn't player here.  And when did he start keeping the top hand on the bat, by the way?  Did he hit the long homers with that swing? ... sho' nuff ... 


Q.  Well, so is it the swing or what?

A.  The swing isn't really the difference.  Well, it's a root cause of the difference, or a parallel cause of the difference at best ...

Wow, Smoak is letting the pitches drive realllly deep on him.  He's looking almost John Olerud'ish up there.  The pitcher lets the ball go, Smoak sort of tilts his head in a little, takes a good loooooonnnnnnng look, and then unleases a sudden, powerful swing starting from a long bat wrap.


Q.  So that would take the ball the other way?

A.  Surprisingly, he's letting the ball get much deeper and ... pulling it better, with more authority.  Here is his wimpy August spray chart and here is his authoritative September spray chart.   Notice too that his groundouts are higher in September as he gets on top of the ball better.   Check it out as he smashes the top half of a high Sheppers 94 fastball for a home run.

He's letting the ball come to him and then he is attacking it.  It's simply the difference between Rocky doing rope-a-dope, taking a beating, vs. his getting mad grrrrrrr and swinging back.  Smoak's longer HR's etc are simply his swinging with bad intentions.

Some things we say represent our personal opinion.  That isn't one of them.  Read between the lines on Wedge's comments and you'll get the same thing, as far as "doing something with it" when he lets the bat go.

Smoak's doing that now.


Q.  So he's ready to hit .358 / .414 / .547 now?

A.  Naaaahhhhh... the funny thing is, when a slider or change or curve comes in there on him, he can't see it.


Q.  Um, what.

A.  He hacks at bendy pitches and misses them by embarrassing margins.  We wondered about it and thought.... hm, okay, he's got his thoughts organized.  He's not confused now.  He has an idea up there.  He knows what he wants and he's going after it.

So why the ugly results on offspeed (in this particular game Sunday)?  Well..... that's what would happen if your pitch recognition were behind.  So we sauntered over to expecting to find that his swings and misses on fastballs were all real good, and that all of his swings and misses were on curves.

That is the case.

It's the case to a radical degree.  In September, he's seen 128 fastballs, swung at 65 of them, and missed the ball a grand total of 6 times.  Amazing.  In contradistinction, he misses 17% of all changeups thrown and 11% of all sliders.  He hasn't put a slider in play in September.  0.0%.  On the other hand, he puts 35% of all fastballs thrown into play.

It's just pitch recognition.


Q.  Leaving him where?

A.  Well, so if this interpretation be true ... Hang on one sec couldja.  



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SABR MattThe good news is that Z has rarely fouled up a pick of significant value...that Hultzen pick still chaps my hide though.15 min 2 sec ago
Gordon GrossLOL of course there's a list somewhere. Guess I should have looked.1 hour 14 min ago
Gordon GrossThe Ms have several genetics-guys Seager (with his raft-full of brothers in the pros), Gaby Guerrero, Schiraldi, heck Robinson Cano is a 2nd gen player. And who can forget our greatest selection, Michael Garciaparra, younger brother of Nomar (and basically a useless soccer player with a glove on his hand for some reason). We took him in the supplemental first round - two picks ahead of the high school player I was hoping for, some dude named David Wright. I have thrown things 4 times on draft day. Once for Mike G, once for Jeff Clement (wanted Tulo), once for Denny Almonte (2nd round, but instead of fellow high-schooler Giancarlo Stanton) and once for Hultzen instead of Rendon. Okay, maybe twice on Rendon - I was very invested in that pick. Bloodlines don't always pay off, I guess was my original point. Grr... Almonte... LOL.1 hour 17 min ago
SpectatorJose Cano and Diego Segui were pitchers whose position-player sons turned out OK ... as Rick suggested.1 hour 21 min ago
SpectatorM's also had Chance Ruffin, whose dad Bruce was an MLB pitcher. That didn't end up working out too well.1 hour 33 min ago
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SpectatorMariners have RHP Lukas Schiraldi, whose dad Calvin was a middling MLB pitcher best known for his blown save in the ill-fated "Bill Buckner" game (though it was Bob Stanley who gave up the slow roller that Buckner missed). So there's that.1 hour 48 min ago
Gordon GrossYeah, far as I know Vlad's supposed to go to the Jays. That could always change, but the Yankees can only sign scrubs this year after last year's bonanza, so I dunno who else is gonna blow through their pool and eat all the penalties for going over. Though it ooks like several teams are thinking of doing that this year - maybe because they're not doing so well in the domestic draft. I've said before that I'd rather sign international pitching and domestic hitting. After blowing millions upon millions on international hitters who can't even get to AA, it's hard for me to get excited about the top-paid bats. Gaby Guerrero signed for $400k, for instance - much better deal. Hopefully Brayan Hernandez breaks the big-money curse on IFAs for us.2 hours 8 min ago
OBFLooks like Edgar has a son... I wonder what he's up to...2 hours 18 min ago
OBFThere is DEFINITELY something to do with genetics in finding good baseball players, blood lines definitely mean something... Is it too early to sign Felix JR to a future contract? Also... how old are Griffeys kids now? What about Bonds'? As an aside, as a big Beaver fan, it is very gratifying to see this work ing basketball as well... Gary Payton Jr was AMAZING this year for the beavs... gives us beaver fans some hope!2 hours 19 min ago
rick82Well, so long as we get Felix Jr. - which leads me to wonder how many successful Father-Son pitching combos there have been. I can't think of any - pitchers whose kids go on to play baseball tend to see them become position players.2 hours 21 min ago
OBFHmmm... never mind I guess? After googling around looks like he already has an agreement with the Blue Jays? too bad...2 hours 27 min ago
OBFDang, the Vlads sound intense... could you imagine an american kid quitting school at age 7 to concentrate on baseball? I mean it was a big deal when Bryce Harper got his GED to skip his senior year of HS! Still... I would LOVE to sign Vlad Jr... does anyone think Seattle can win the bidding war? Does having Gabby help our hurt our chances?2 hours 31 min ago
SABR MattI am going to envision some Orc fan getting his day ruined every time Rodney shoots that arrow into the sky this year.3 hours 56 min ago
SABR Mattinteresting5 hours 53 min ago
MtGrizzlyVlad Jr: gonna be a bidding war to ink him. hours 7 sec ago
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