So, Where is Justin Smoak Right Now?

Triangulation, dept.


Q.  Smoak has an OPS up 'round 1.000 in September and he has the 5:7 EYE, the improved StrSw% rates, and every other number to back it up.  But what does the scouting eye say?

A.  :: blinks :: He suddenly realizes that he hadn't watched a Smoak at-bat since the callup ...

Ran off to eyeball Mr. E=M2Cliff Lee on the DVR.  Whaaaaaaa?  Differn't player here.  And when did he start keeping the top hand on the bat, by the way?  Did he hit the long homers with that swing? ... sho' nuff ... 


Q.  Well, so is it the swing or what?

A.  The swing isn't really the difference.  Well, it's a root cause of the difference, or a parallel cause of the difference at best ...

Wow, Smoak is letting the pitches drive realllly deep on him.  He's looking almost John Olerud'ish up there.  The pitcher lets the ball go, Smoak sort of tilts his head in a little, takes a good loooooonnnnnnng look, and then unleases a sudden, powerful swing starting from a long bat wrap.


Q.  So that would take the ball the other way?

A.  Surprisingly, he's letting the ball get much deeper and ... pulling it better, with more authority.  Here is his wimpy August spray chart and here is his authoritative September spray chart.   Notice too that his groundouts are higher in September as he gets on top of the ball better.   Check it out as he smashes the top half of a high Sheppers 94 fastball for a home run.

He's letting the ball come to him and then he is attacking it.  It's simply the difference between Rocky doing rope-a-dope, taking a beating, vs. his getting mad grrrrrrr and swinging back.  Smoak's longer HR's etc are simply his swinging with bad intentions.

Some things we say represent our personal opinion.  That isn't one of them.  Read between the lines on Wedge's comments and you'll get the same thing, as far as "doing something with it" when he lets the bat go.

Smoak's doing that now.


Q.  So he's ready to hit .358 / .414 / .547 now?

A.  Naaaahhhhh... the funny thing is, when a slider or change or curve comes in there on him, he can't see it.


Q.  Um, what.

A.  He hacks at bendy pitches and misses them by embarrassing margins.  We wondered about it and thought.... hm, okay, he's got his thoughts organized.  He's not confused now.  He has an idea up there.  He knows what he wants and he's going after it.

So why the ugly results on offspeed (in this particular game Sunday)?  Well..... that's what would happen if your pitch recognition were behind.  So we sauntered over to expecting to find that his swings and misses on fastballs were all real good, and that all of his swings and misses were on curves.

That is the case.

It's the case to a radical degree.  In September, he's seen 128 fastballs, swung at 65 of them, and missed the ball a grand total of 6 times.  Amazing.  In contradistinction, he misses 17% of all changeups thrown and 11% of all sliders.  He hasn't put a slider in play in September.  0.0%.  On the other hand, he puts 35% of all fastballs thrown into play.

It's just pitch recognition.


Q.  Leaving him where?

A.  Well, so if this interpretation be true ... Hang on one sec couldja.  



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Tacoma RainOK... I'm back from Black Friday. I made my hard choices, and I spent MY money. I know it was hard, but I spent MONEY. It's your turn Mather and Jack! Spend money. Make the hard choices and spend. You said you would - now DO IT! Earn your paycheck, and spend.2 hours 18 min ago
misterjonezYour point about geography is well taken, Gordon, but I think the FO needs to be proactive in the PR department. They don't have to say they outbid AZ for him, but they should make it clear that he was one of many players they were actively pursuing. As it is the silence is deafening, which is fine when the primo FA's are still on the board, but that is no longer the case. Things are getting tighter in the quest for a MOTO bat, for sure. As for the Betancourt aftermath...that point seems to have a bit more traction with me, Ice.19 hours 45 min ago
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Gordon GrossNot sure why people think he was willing to come here. The Ms may have been around the fringes because he wasted to go someplace warm, with a large Spanish speaking population for comfort. AZ provided both of those things. We're in southern Alaska, remember? Some deals you just can't make.23 hours 18 min ago
misterjonezI'm going to say we definitely should have gotten Tomas at that contract. $11-12mil/year for a right-handed power hitter, entering his prime, with professional experience and aplomb, who could play positions of need for this team, is too much to pass up. It doesn't take too much for him to earn that contract, even if he's DHing.1 day 35 min ago
diderotTomas: but can he run, field and throw like Cespedes? The market determined he was worth the contract he got. Hard to believe that everyone else was wrong...and the M&#039;s would have been wiser to outbid that market.1 day 19 hours ago
Gordon Gross12 miles per year ain't bad. He only has to hit like, well, cespedes I guess to be worth that chunk of change. Most people like him better than cespedes. Tomas off the market shrinks the bats further. One more musical chair down.2 days 4 hours ago
IcebreakerXTomas to D'Backs for 6/69 according to @JesseSanchezMLB2 days 5 hours ago
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GLSAny thoughts out there about Chris Davis? Little blurb in MLBTR that the Marlins may be looking at him. I know right-handed power is the flavor of the month around here, but Davis is one year removed from a 50 HR season, which is something I'm pretty sure I'd like to see on my club irrespective of handedness.2 days 7 hours ago
Gordon GrossI like our guys too, GLS - but we can't play everybody. Miller and Taylor play the same position, and neither can move anywhere else in the infield since those positions are blocked off, and if Miller goes to the OF then he's displacing one of Ackley or Saunders - assuming they aren't displaced by a free agent or trade. Plus DJ and Kivlehan are coming in a year or so, further crowding certain positions, and Marte REALLY can't play anywhere if the infield is full... some guys will have to go. Just get the best player back in any trade, and make sure it's for more than a year if ya can. Also, make sure to trade ONLY the lesser players from the bunch. ;-) Be psychic Jack!3 days 1 hour ago
moethedogMy bad. It was Divish I read3 days 1 hour ago
Bat571I said Grichuk, but meant Piscotty - Grichuk hasn't played 1B. Piscotty was a 3B switched to the OF. His speed and arm makes him right for RF, but he'd make a nice big target at 1B, too.3 days 1 hour ago
GLSI guess this makes me lame, but I can't get excited about trading any of our guys. Miller, Ackley, Taylor, Saunders - I like 'em all. I'd be a terrible GM.3 days 2 hours ago
Bat571I'm still hoping for Kemp + Gattis, but I also agree that a young backup 1B/OF type would be insurance against Morrison getting injured. Souza or Terdoslavich fit that bill, as does Randall Grichuk. Maybe Morban or Choi will surprise us, or Jesus can reconstruct (resurrect?) his career. But that's an area that still gives pause, especially if the Ms trade Ackley to get the RH power.3 days 2 hours ago
Bat571Divish's blog is interesting, but his saying the Dodgers are primarily looking for starters for Kemp may be a little off. They'd certainly take 'Kuma, but their pitching prospects, especially Zach Lee, Chris Reed, and Julio Urias, are as good as anyone's. They could be mildly interested in a depth piece like Erasmo (especially if he continues to pitch well in winter ball), but they're more interested in their infield issues, the depleted Farm, their bullpen, and getting a Catcher that can hit better than the .577 OPS Ellis put up last season. The last part they'll have to talk to the Yankees about, but Taylor, one of the M's NitroPenners, and some stock for their Farm should be of interest.3 days 2 hours ago
DaddyOmoe, where are you reading a Geoff Baker blog? I thought he didn't do M's stuff anymore for the Times.3 days 2 hours ago
DaddyOBold talk came from Kevin Mather and Jack Zduriencik right after the season ended. By now we're used to this schtick. The M's are looking for offense. Not one bat, two bats. Payroll's going up. We're serious this time. Really. Really? Then why have you put yourself in a loser of a musical chairs position, with only a couple o' chairs left and more than a couple of teams remain, all getting desperate just like you. The decisive teams, those skilled in offseason moves, those laser focused on getting what they needed, have all acted, have all locked in their chairs, are all laughing as you're left out again. They're used to it too.3 days 2 hours ago