The 10 Most Valuable Relief Pitchers of 2013

First of Two Pitching Lists

After ranking our Top 20 hitters of 2013 here and here, we’re back with two lists of pitchers.

Once again, this is just our “camera angle.”  We do not purport to have rendered all other baseball analysis obsolete, nor do we claim to “prove” that one player is better than another.  We are simply pointing out the interesting results that one gets when one examines the overlap of certain “non-random” results.

The philosophical background is here and here, and expounded upon here.

Relief pitchers are difficult to measure for a variety of reasons.  First, they don’t face a huge number of batters, so there isn’t as much data (some would call this “small sample size”; I don’t but that’s just me; I call it “small amount of data”).  Second, since the manager selects when they go into the game, they are more likely to pitch in situations that are favorable to their strengths.

So it’s not surprising that relief pitchers generally rank much higher than starters on our metrics, and these results don’t necessarily indicate that these pitchers would have the same level of success pitching as starters.

The minimum number of batters faced for ranking is 200.


10. Glen Perkins, Minnesota Twins


Full article at Mariner Brainstorm: here.


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Bat571I guess we see tomorrow, Rick, if Montero goes right back down when Kendrys arrives, or if it's Romero or Hart that is excess. Also, Milwaukee continues to look for 1B help - could two reunions grace this week? Is Hart at 1B a showcase move - a courtey look for the Brewers? Not sure if Milwaukee has anything useful (or if Hart is worth much based on his performance) but this could be a precursor to the next move(s). If Romero goes down, I'm guessing there's an OF still in the works. Based on Taylor coming up, I'm wondering if the reported Tampa cooling on Nick and asking for Miller is being showcased also. Taijuan+Taylor+Medina+Sanchez for Price and Zobrist or Price and Jennings?1 hour 13 min ago
mojicianIn the McGehee thread I was talking about Morales yesterday as a line drive hitter who was actually available and not just Heyman available :) SSI: Tomorrow's news today baby!1 hour 20 min ago
rick82I guess the Mariners don't hate Montero after all.1 hour 27 min ago
wufnersTip of the hat to you DaddyO. Always good to see you around. I'm like a Mariner exec these days. Checking stuff out, but rarely taking a part in the action.1 hour 30 min ago
bsrA's just dropped their failed $10M closer. Being off by one year on Morse doesn't bug me. That's the point of these type of deals, you roll the dice once and walk away from the table if it comes up snake eyes. Hart has come up snake eyes. If we decide to move on I won't be upset.1 hour 35 min ago
benihanaIf Jesus stays up, it is to replace Hart.1 hour 40 min ago
benihanaMorales played a full 3rd of his games for Minnesota at 1B. Without an error, and with identical range factors as career norms. He's also had a very, very long offseason to rest. No time like the present to play him in the field. He's not coming off injury like Hart. Plus, you can always make it a 3 to make 2 platoon. With Morrison playing 1b with Morales as DH against R. Morales at 1B, Hart at DH v. Left.1 hour 40 min ago
DaddyOWUFNERS!!! Welcome, mate! Missed my brother from another mother.1 hour 47 min ago
SABR MattLOL day isn't going to kill us...Montero DH tonight.1 hour 48 min ago
mojicianMariners Web site says Morales is not playing until Friday. What's wrong with right now? He can pack his stuff later, or someone else can pack his stuff who isn't in a pennant race. There are some Orioles that need to be crushed! Morales has already missed the Delta and Alaska Air flights for the afternoon, but its only a three hour and 20 minute flight from Minny to Seattle. This sort of situation calls for a private charter.1 hour 49 min ago
SABR Mattso what do we do with Jesus if he stays up. Morales hits both sides of the plate equally well so there's no reason to platoon him.1 hour 57 min ago
okdanSeveral people on twitter have pointed out that Montero might just be up for tonight's game, with Morales arriving tomorrow. Hope that's not the case though, and that it means a Hart DFA instead. I mean, if John BUCK got the axe for performance...1 hour 58 min ago
okdanTaylor and Montero called up, Bloomquist to the DL.1 hour 59 min ago
SABR Mattbeni...noooooooooo...just no...just...NOOOOOOOOOO...Morales is breakable, big, slow and clumsy...he is not a first base option. Morrison is a good fielder...if they're both i the line-up...Morrison is the 1B.2 hours 1 min ago
mojician:) "It wasn't me it was the one armed Man." "Sure Kendrys. One armed men don't DH. Get back to your spot on the bench."2 hours 5 min ago
rick82The one armed man is currently playing left field for us.2 hours 11 min ago
benihanaIf I'm the M's right now, I plug Kendrys in at 1B. Hart / Morrison platoon at DH.2 hours 12 min ago
wufnersSo mojician, what your saying is that Morales is basically Dr. Richard Kimble to the Mariners' Marshal Gerard. "I don't want to play for you!" "We don't care." I suppose if he ever wants to escape their relentless pursuit, he has to find the one-armed man. Who, presumably, stole the Mariners bats to replace his missing arm.2 hours 13 min ago
rick82That's because the Gutis and Condors keep breaking his heart.2 hours 16 min ago
phxterryGMZ loves him them slow, base-clogging 1B/DH types. We don't need no stinking outfielders!!!!2 hours 18 min ago