The 10 Most Valuable Relief Pitchers of 2013

First of Two Pitching Lists

After ranking our Top 20 hitters of 2013 here and here, we’re back with two lists of pitchers.

Once again, this is just our “camera angle.”  We do not purport to have rendered all other baseball analysis obsolete, nor do we claim to “prove” that one player is better than another.  We are simply pointing out the interesting results that one gets when one examines the overlap of certain “non-random” results.

The philosophical background is here and here, and expounded upon here.

Relief pitchers are difficult to measure for a variety of reasons.  First, they don’t face a huge number of batters, so there isn’t as much data (some would call this “small sample size”; I don’t but that’s just me; I call it “small amount of data”).  Second, since the manager selects when they go into the game, they are more likely to pitch in situations that are favorable to their strengths.

So it’s not surprising that relief pitchers generally rank much higher than starters on our metrics, and these results don’t necessarily indicate that these pitchers would have the same level of success pitching as starters.

The minimum number of batters faced for ranking is 200.


10. Glen Perkins, Minnesota Twins


Full article at Mariner Brainstorm: here.


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okdanKivelhan's throw to 2B was a missile.16 hours 37 min ago
Gordon GrossKiv in LF and DJ at first is a nice preview of the 2016 Ms17 hours 22 min ago
Gordon GrossKivlehan showing off his strong and accurate arm today in LF17 hours 24 min ago
Gordon Grossif you didn't hear shannon drayer:gareth morgan and austin wilson got the only two hits off felix in his simulated game. and joe decarlo was on felix's team and hit a monster homer... just foul. good to hear joe's name in that class.18 hours 27 min ago
SABR MattStarting to seem like Sanchez has long odds to even survive. Really disheartening.21 hours 17 min ago
MtGrizzly@bvenezolano: #Mariners RHP Victor Sanchez remains in a coma, in ICU, no reaction yet. Still in critical situation. 1 month ago today he was hit by a boat1 day 1 hour ago
jemanjiMarte has remarkable quickness with the bat and obvious ability to cover the ball, but I'm wondering how they see pop beyond Endy Chavez'1 day 17 hours ago
jemanji's all good chief1 day 17 hours ago
okdanApologies, Doc1 day 18 hours ago
SABR MattThat crop circle may be the coolest and geekiest thing I've ever seen. ..quite a trick1 day 18 hours ago
SABR MattKeel Marte is more Cesar Izturis II than José Reyes II, IMHO1 day 18 hours ago
SABR MattI have not...and now I'm gonna have to look that up1 day 18 hours ago
jemanjiThat's a great catch on 3.1415. Have you seen the Pi crop circle? :- )1 day 18 hours ago
SABR MattOoooooooh...that really...really sucks.1 day 18 hours ago
jemanjiLanguage guys. That's twice. ;- ) Yeah, could that have happened to a less deserving player? That really stings you as a fan. :: moan :: … bright side: it does force the M's into the decision that I was hoping for - and could conceivably give us more intel on Jose Reyes II -1 day 18 hours ago
okdanDamn. Chris Taylor fractured his wrist. Out 4-6 weeks. Big loss for the team, but feel awful for the kid after the hot start he's had.1 day 19 hours ago
SABR MattHappy pi day, everyone! 3/14/15, 9:26:53 enjoy some pie. :)2 days 2 hours ago
SpectatorWilson had the best SLG of any prospect who didn't play at High Desert, but he grades out as strong BA and OBP guy too. And he looks like Megatron. And he went to Stanford for the academics (both his parents have Ph.D.s). What's not to like?2 days 16 hours ago
Gordon GrossWilson can run, though. He's one of my most anticipated minor leaguers this season. His swing is looking good and compact, especially for a big man. If he's healthy, I wanna see if he can take a Winfield-sized step forward into harnessing all those tools.2 days 17 hours ago