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DaddyONew Yorkers and the media based there worship themselves and their local heroes above those of other locales. They SEEM to honestly think everybody in the country ought to be indoctrinated in their point of view. Jeter is their biggest hero. Everyone else in the country is just background scenery for their stage play.5 hours 50 min ago
IcebreakerXmojican: Haha!6 hours 3 min ago
mojicianYou are right about the Jeter thing. Other players don't have season long retirement drama, even players above Jeter's caliber. Will Ichiro have elaborate tribute seasons? Did Vlad Guerrero, Randy Johnson, Manny Ramirez or Pedro Martinez? What's the big draw?6 hours 5 min ago
mojicianJust kidding about that.6 hours 21 min ago
mojicianOh no Icebreaker: Three things you can't talk about at SSI: 1. Whether Kuma is better than Felix, 2. Derek Jeter, 3. That time Doc predicted the 49ers would beat the Hawks at C-Link.6 hours 57 min ago
IcebreakerXDoc, what are your feelings on the Derek Jeter Farewell Experience? It's two years in a row where there's been one of these for a Yank, but this one seems genuinely forced compared to Rivera's farewell tour last year. Frankly, it feels fake as A-Rod.7 hours 48 min ago
Gordon GrossYoung has to be done for the season. Even if we have an entire game that's a bullpen start - we have enough guys for that. Chris has been admirable, but we can't have another one of these.8 hours 5 min ago
IcebreakerXI acknowledge that Lloyd Pencil has gotten us here, but there are some seriously questionable moves too. Like today's lineup. And Morales constantly batting 4th. And seriously thinking Chris Young was the best option for today.8 hours 31 min ago
SABR Mattno...they're mostly bombs.9 hours 10 min ago
rick82Haven't seen the game much, are the homers shots Safeco would hold?9 hours 29 min ago
SABR MattThis game should signal the end of ever seeing Young start a game this season. Give the ball to Wilhelmson.9 hours 33 min ago
DaddyOChris Young...A game...Not.10 hours 26 min ago
SABR MattFreddy Galvis is my hero. 2-0 Phillies late.11 hours 50 min ago
SABR MattChris Young...if ever there was a time for you to have your A game...........12 hours 27 min ago
Gordon GrossRoyals lost to the Tigers again. We're tied with them pending the outcome of today's game. Boy could we use a win...12 hours 37 min ago
mojicianThe Phillies had better man up today.15 hours 56 min ago
SABR MattEspecially if King Felix gets that game. :)16 hours 5 min ago
Gordon GrossThe Mariners have the best road record in the AL, y'know, and the second-best in baseball to the mighty Dodgers. Think anybody's looking forward to having home field "advantage" over us if we make the Dance?19 hours 9 min ago
IcebreakerX#24 to #25... http://youtu.be/vKJORLjhSzM?list=UULTsfDOKrdzKMZ_KKjNGHOg -> Great to see Griffey in the limelight for Nike & Richard Sherman... It's been years since Seattle's been in frontline superstar territory.21 hours 36 min ago
DaddyOThe three primary Wild Card contenders, Seattle, Oakland, KC have all lost 6 of their last 10. Seattle has to hope the other two continue to play like they have been, while we play better than we have been. We definitely cannot afford to lost 2 of 3 to Houston. Get one of these next two, and we should be in acceptable shape heading to Toronto. I'd really like to be at least tied for one of the Wild Card spots going into next week.1 day 4 hours ago