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We provide our community of websites to be a place to talk - and talk back. We call the hub of our community of websites klaT.com because klaT is talk spelled backwards! Our hundreds of unique websites provide original content that is shared - and customized to be relevant to each visitor. Our mission is to create new applications that enable large, close and efficient Internet communities worldwide; we do this by providing clear and appropriate content, and we do this each and every day.

"klaT" is based on our proprietary technology for implementing "Adaptive Forums" (US Patent #7,424,516). Our patented technology enables our blending online chat and forum content from across multiple websites to provide a stream of information relevant to each visitor.

Seattle, WA is home to klaT.com and our parent company Neongecko.com, Inc., which was formed in the year 2000.

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mojiciangg9 hours 1 min ago
SABR MattPWNED. :) Good game, moj.9 hours 15 min ago
mojicianI can't top that.9 hours 16 min ago
SABR MattDave Niehaus style: "My Oh My!! It just CON-TIN-UES!"9 hours 23 min ago
mojicianIndiana Jones style: "Matt, you chose wisely."9 hours 24 min ago
mojicianStar Wars style: "No one ever told Koji the power of the dark side."9 hours 26 min ago
SABR MattA side bonus - Uehara is probably not available for tomorrow's game after throwing 40 pitches tonight. Second side bonsu...I benched Uehara in my season-deciding final week in fantasy baseball to get an extra SP/RP into the line-up. Everything's comin' up Millhouse!9 hours 28 min ago
SABR MattHarry Potter style: Koji Uehara must not return to Fenway Park - Koji Uehara is in grave danger!9 hours 30 min ago
SABR MattLOL...you know the funny thing - we got that win while Uehara was THROWING WELL. His stuff looked fine. We just refused to swing at low pitches. Professional ABs all around that inning. Which...after the first eight innings, came as quite a surprise to all involved.9 hours 34 min ago
mojicianMessenger angel style: "His name shall be Austin Jackson, and he shall be clutch."9 hours 34 min ago
mojicianJ.R.R Tolkien style: "Go back to the shadow Koji. You shall not pass!"9 hours 35 min ago
mojicianEpic accounts of the game: Scott Boras style: "Trashing Koji: A Historical Perspective"9 hours 42 min ago
moethedogHey Hey Hey! How 'bout that win!!! BTW: In his last 20 Tacoma games Ty Kelly has 11 multi-hit efforts.9 hours 51 min ago
Bat571Krueger: "A season-changing win"10 hours 26 min ago
Bat571I knew Sacramento was going to change to being the Giants AAA team, but I thought the A's would then switch to the Fresno team. Nashville? So now do the Brewers go to Fresno, or are there more moves to come?10 hours 31 min ago
mojicianBOOOOM!!!!!!! Koji who?10 hours 43 min ago
mojicianOrcs switching the AAA affiliate from Sacramento River Cats to Nashville team. This seems like a weird move that would impede access to important players like the No. 6 and 7 Starters. Maybe the Orcs are trying to find a place where their enemies cannot scout their secret weapons. They should know by now that no ball game is played in Appalachia that Tom Macnamara does not see. (Evil laugh).12 hours 55 min ago
SABR MattTranslation: I made him pay his dues and earn his way here doing things my way. Mission accomplished.13 hours 24 min ago
rick82McLendon on Ramirez, from Shannon Dreyer's blog: "I think he's a big-league pitcher in waiting now," McClendon said. "Unfortunately we don't have that spot now but he's come back and pitched in two important games and the last one we won. Has he gotten better? Yeah, I have been very pleased with the work. I am very pleased with where he is now."14 hours 19 min ago
mojicianGoodness. The thing that is worrisome about an unknown player like Castillo, is what if there is a fatal flaw in his swing, as in, he can't hit sliders away, or a jam pitch or what have you? Jeff Clement looked good to the scouts too. $72 million is a little bit steep to take a flier on some one. Of course, if he was playing against guys like Roenis Elias, then the Red Sox have nothing to worry about.18 hours 35 min ago