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Gordon GrossTyler Smith is getting coal in his stocking from me for that throw. So, so sad for Choi. I'm hoping it's the sort of fracture that can be healed in a couple months, but lower leg fractures are tricky. I'm really hoping Choi is more Rendon than Snelling - dude has to stay on the field to take advantage of all that talent. Poor kid. Heal fast and come back strong.13 min 38 sec ago
MtGrizzly@StoneLarry: Ji-Man Choi fractured his right fibula in a play at first in the eighth.1 hour 42 min ago
Lonnie of MCToo bad about Choi.1 hour 48 min ago
Gordon GrossYeah, I was wondering if Lara found any dynamism in his swing - he did not. So he'll need to have a good eye and make really solid contact on what he swings at. Not sure that he can do that against more advanced breaking balls, but we'll get to find out.2 hours 55 min ago
MtGrizzlyLara is burnt toast with that swing.3 hours 3 min ago
MtGrizzly@shannondrayer: Walker on throwing new slider-"I'm fighting for that 5th spot so I'm going after them throwing everything-I'm not working on anything".3 hours 14 min ago
Gordon GrossNext group of guys: Choi gets hit by a pitch, Lara has a powerful but slow swing, long fly ball. Kivlehan had a very professional AB and hit a single the other way behind the runner. I really can't help but love that kid.3 hours 23 min ago
okdanLara, Choi, and Kivlehan in the game now...3 hours 28 min ago
Gordon GrossJones gets a hit off a diving glove, but tweaks his ankle a little and gets replaced by a PR.3 hours 44 min ago
Gordon GrossMarte's still holding his hands at face level, with the bat up like an Olympic torch, and swinging down at the ball. I really want to be more sold on that kid - guess I'm waiting for the adjustments that will help him be more than a singles hitter who never walks. Hard to be Ichiro and succeed that way.3 hours 56 min ago
Gordon GrossSam G. looks awfully comfortable out there. Hope he's just as comfortable once the hitters have their timing - that could be fun.4 hours 4 min ago
Gordon GrossFunny seeing Woodward as a coach out there. Isn't he still a spring chicken? I'm getting old.4 hours 12 min ago
Gordon GrossTwo plate appearances, two nice singles for Montero.4 hours 14 min ago
Gordon GrossMontero has a seriously different body. Splits to snag a ball at first? Yikes. Let's hope he has seriously different plate results too.4 hours 20 min ago
Gordon GrossMark Lowe gets a shot today later maybe. Gaviglio is up now. Taijuan is done @ 2 innings.4 hours 23 min ago
Gordon GrossJames Jones is keeping his hands much lower than he did last year. Will hopefully swing over less stuff.4 hours 26 min ago
Gordon GrossNote on those Cruz forearms: strongest guy in camp with either hand in the grip test, apparently. Mike Zunino is right up there too.4 hours 27 min ago
mojician¿El tío Taijuan puede yo por favor vuelva al dugout?4 hours 32 min ago
Gordon GrossPitchers are usually ahead of hitters for the first week or two of Spring Training. They should be, since they got started earlier. That's why I like seeing DJ locked in for that first at-bat. Pretty sweet. :)4 hours 32 min ago
Gordon GrossHe clocked it sharply, too. That body lean while he keeps the bat locked in really does remind me of Gar. It's creepy - in a good way.4 hours 34 min ago